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We’re Here for the Humans (Bob Schwartz at Enterprise UX 2017)


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Bob Schwartz: "We’re Here for the Humans"
Enterprise UX 2017 • June 8-9, 2017 • San Francisco, CA, USA

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We’re Here for the Humans (Bob Schwartz at Enterprise UX 2017)

  1. 1. Breathe
  2. 2. Reflect
  3. 3. Stories
  4. 4. Differences
  5. 5. Reality
  6. 6. Feel
  7. 7. Choices
  8. 8. Connect
  9. 9. Personal
  10. 10. =
  11. 11. 15
  12. 12. Design was the last decoration station on the way to market (You know the story….) If you can’t measure it, it doesn’t count Only functional performance wins in the marketplace Advertising and R&D are investments. Design is an expense Design decisions are made by managers with no expertise or experience
  13. 13. Flying the plane while building it… at the dawn of the modern design thinking movement This ride is for those who thrive in environments where its not all figured out The model is constantly evolving
  14. 14. Understanding how the place is wired A relationship based culture
  15. 15. How big, how fast and where to play? Vision, Mastery Development, Growth
  16. 16. Designers need inspirational work spaces
  17. 17. Transforming the culture Getting Design into the DNA of the Company Teaching, educating, networking, benchmarking
  18. 18. Being a great designer is not enough Companies need architects and visionaries of brands and human experiences who think and act as strategic business people in the context of their discipline Designers need to learn the language of business
  19. 19. Design & Research Mapping: • Empathy & Emotion = Why • Function & Outcomes = What • Technology & Form = How Understanding & Sharing our User’s Goals … • AI & Machine Learning • Cloud-Grid-Distributed Computing • Virtual-Augmented-Mixed Reality • Mobile-Wearable-Embedded • Analytics & Insight • Product & Service Design Informs & Focuses Our Decisions… So we avoid ending up at the wrong destination. Or following false signals. Global Design & UX Map Makers to Integrated Experiences Desired Future • Design Thinking • Contextual & Ethnographic Research • Visualization & Prototyping • Design Development How? Integrated Design Activities
  20. 20. A Focus on Pediatric Patient Experiences… The Anxiety Journey “How am I going to get my child through this?” Refocusing Anxiety Child Development Stages Clarify… Educate Create an Adventure What is Medical Play? Flying past the “Threshold” Transitioning the Experience from Waiting Environment to Procedure Ease Separation Anxiety Communication – Child, Parent, Clinician Good bye strategy Clarify & Close Experience Show & Tell… Hero Award Communicate Next Steps
  21. 21. 49© 2013 General Electric Company. All rights reserved. GEHC Global Design
  22. 22. 50
  23. 23. 51
  24. 24. Sichuan Provincial People's Hospital
  25. 25. Make it about everybody else Recruit the army you don’t control Be subversive with goodness in your heart Combine functional features with emotional benefits Show up as a business person in the context of your discipline
  26. 26. Thank You