Rosemont Reclamation Plan July 2007


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Rosemont Copper gave this presentation on the Rosemont Reclamation Plan dated July 2007. The presentation was given to the Forest Service and their contractors during a meeting in May 2010.

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Rosemont Reclamation Plan July 2007

  1. 1. Reclamation Plan July 2007Presented May 17, 2010
  2. 2. Reclamation Standards !   Forest Service Requirements !   Arizona Mined Land Reclamation Requirements !   Aquifer Protection Permit Requirements
  3. 3. Forest Service Standards “Reclamation objectives and requirements and the resulting standards are developed through the NEPA analysis and implemented by inclusion in the approved POO.”!  The “standards” address the issues!  Rosemont Reclamation Plan developed to address issues!  Applicable standards addressed
  4. 4. Forest Service Issues List!   Interim Operations !   Stability and Maintenance ! Revegetation!   Hazmat !   Mitigation!   Demolition !   Monitoring/!   Facility Design Maintenance!   Water Quality !   Safety!   Landform !   Permitting !   Financial Assurance
  5. 5. Arizona State Requirements!  Pubic Safety Standards!  Erosion Control and Topographic Contouring!  Roads! Revegetation!  Soil Conservation!  Financial Assurance
  6. 6. Rosemont Post-Mining Land Uses!  Recreation!  Ranching!  Wildlife Habitat
  7. 7. Aquifer Protection Permit Requirements!  Closure Strategy!  Complete Closure Plan include specific elements!  Clean Closure or Post-Closure Monitoring Maintenance!  Financial Assurance
  8. 8. Rosemont Plan Elements!   Begin with the End in Mind!   Construct Outer Buttress!   Concurrent Reclamation!   Blend into Existing Topography!   Constrain to Barrel Canyon!   Minimize Hydrologic Disturbance!   Minimize Environmental Impacts!   Salvage Soil and Vegetation Resources!   Closure Costing
  9. 9. Forest Service Issues!  Interim Operations and Maintenance “Controls necessary to ensure the integrity of the facilities at Rosemont whose failure could potential endanger human health and the environment.” •  Facilities designed to be more robust than regulatory requirements •  Layout keeps facilities internal to buttresses
  10. 10. Interim Operations and Maintenance
  11. 11. Interim Operations and Maintenance
  12. 12. Forest Service Issues!  Hazmat “Isolation, removal, treatment, or control of hazardous or toxic materials.” •  Solutions managed in appropriate containments during operations •  Bulk chemical delivery •  At closure materials are sold or disposed off-site
  13. 13. Hazmat Management at Closure!  Petroleum – return to vendors/sale!  Sulfuric acid – return to vendors/sale!  Leaching solutions – evaporation/sale!  Filter water – evaporation!  Blasting agents – return to contractor!  Lab wastes – disposal!  Facility/equipment mtce - disposal
  14. 14. Forest Service Issues!  Demolition “Removal/disposal of non-contaminated facilities, equipment and materials (buildings, concrete foundations, etc.)” •  Constructed facilities removed •  Some necessary facilities remain in place (i.e. culverts, ponds, diversions, etc.)
  15. 15. Forest Service Issues!  Facility Design “Facilities remaining have design standards so that facilities will perform as designed over the long term to protect human health and the environment. (i.e. covers, caps, liners, diversions, etc.)” •  Facilities designed to meet or exceed required standards •  Storms, stability, diversion, cover, etc.
  16. 16. Forest Service Issues!  Water Quality “Water quality standards (federal and state) which should be met by project discharges.” •  Requirement to maintain groundwater quality – APP permit •  No degredation standard for surface water - AZPES
  17. 17. Water Quality!  Meet or exceed Arizona BADCT standards to protect groundwater!  Liners or double liners with leak detection!  Stormwater capture to maintain quality!  No exposed process solutions/areas!  Pit contained!  Waste rock shell over all
  18. 18. Forest Service Issues!  Landform “Acceptable post-mining land slopes, drainages and contours.” •  Slopes are set at 3:1 (18°) •  Dendritic (ridge and valley) pattern •  Intermittent areas to hold water - riparian •  Variable slopes covers including talus slopes to present habitat mosaic
  19. 19. LandformJuly 2007 March 2010
  20. 20. Forest Service Issues!  Stability “Standards for physical and chemical stability of project components.” •  Geotechnical investigations •  Facility stability meets AZ standards (1.5 static and 1.1 dynamic) •  Geochemical investigations •  NNP is positive (acid consuming)
  21. 21. Forest Service Issues! Revegetation “Acceptable vegetative communities and ground cover requirements.” •  Greenhouse Tests •  Reclamation Test Plots •  Agave Salvage
  22. 22. Revegetation Area 3 – Upper Test Plot
  23. 23. Forest Service Issues!  Mitigation “Mitigation compensates for damage that cannot be avioded this involves construction techniques related to stream channels, wildlife habitat, recreation, cultural or other resources.” •  Planned for full development during the NEPA process. •  Included diversions, dendritic patterns, roadway replacement, slopes, trails, etc.
  24. 24. Forest Service Issues!  Monitoring/Maintenance “Reclamation protection and monitoring requirements.” •  Concurrent reclamation allows for early management of facilities •  Water sampling required by APP •  Strategic access to facilities for repair
  25. 25. Forest Service Issues!  Safety “Includes all public related safety requirements including fencing, signs, berms, adit closures, etc.” •  Fencing and signage of the open pit •  Facility removal •  Stable landform at 3:1 or flatter
  26. 26. Forest Service Issues!  Permitting “Forest Service responsibility to meet state or federal requirements if forced to assume reclamation and closure responsibilities.” •  Permits will be in place
  27. 27. Forest Service!  Financial Assurance “The direct cost of reclamation is based upon the details of the closure and reclamation work outlined in the approved POO.” •  Rosemont estimated bond based on MPO •  Bids, Davis-Bacon Wage Scales, Cat Handbook, etc. used to determine amounts
  28. 28. Financial Assurance!  Rosemont estimate •  Annual estimate for 20 year operating period as well as closure •  Walk-away scenario as well as regular operations scenario •  Roadways not addressed pending NEPA determinations •  Modeled after other bonding calculations in Arizona for the FS
  29. 29. Rosemont Documents!  Mine Plan of Operations!  Reclamation Plan!  Supplemented by: •  Geotechnical Reports •  Geochemical Reports •  Aquifer Protection Permit Application •  Facility Design Reports •  Groundwater Protection Plan •  Soil Salvage Reports •  Reclamation Concept Update •  Site Water Management Plan and Update