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MyEventApps Conference Deck


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Let us help you get your event or conference mobile

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MyEventApps Conference Deck

  1. 1. let’s get you out there and mobile AN OVERVIEW FOR CONFERENCES
  2. 2. The Mobile App-splosion MOBILE IS THE CLOSEST THAT YOU CAN GET TO YOUR ATTENDEES … PERIOD! ๏ no other device is as present, personal and as social ๏ no other medium can connect you with the right attendee, at the right time, in the right place … unrivaled immediacy and convenience ๏ strategic Mobile deployment has quickly become a Marketing necessity … audiences of all demographics now expect to be offered quality and relevant mobile apps ๏ it is essential that you don’t lose your hard-earned momentum & market position … maintain and heighten your conference event awareness
  3. 3. The Mobile App-splosion MOBILE CONTENT IS NOW AN EXPECTANCY ๏ providing value to your attendees is of paramount importance … easily provide event location details, scheduling details and simplified communication and social sharing ๏ Mobile, although it is the new kid on the block, is a highly effective marketing, branding, outreach and call-to-action partner ๏ we understand that new technology and its new media and marketing approaches can sometimes be confusing ๏ allow the experts at MyEventApps to provide mobile event clarity by partnering your growth and success moving forward continued
  4. 4. Mobile App-splosion Metrics I
  5. 5. Mobile App-splosion Metrics II
  6. 6. Your Mobile Future YOUR MOBILE FUTURE WITH FAVEQUEST IS, INDEED, VERY BRIGHT what you want & what you need are all on hand at MyEventApps MyEventApps, powered by FaveQuest, is an established Mobile Event App company we at FaveQuest are more than proud to have developed hundreds of mobile apps for over 100 happy event-based organizations conferences, festivals, bia’s, charities and sponsorships … we know them all! … we provide strategic and customized Mobile Apps for any Event we love making our event clients happy!
  7. 7. Your Mobile Future YOUR MOBILE FUTURE WITH FAVEQUEST IS, INDEED, VERY BRIGHT we offer a fully customizable app experience that is affordable, effective and reliable … we know that no two conferences are ever the same don’t wait to seize your opportunity … take action now, and open up a whole new world of prospects and success let’s leverage this vast, dynamic and receptive audience … together! MobileEventApps … easy to use, fun, engaging, social and affordable Mobile Event Apps … it’s what we do! continued
  8. 8. Some Of Our Happy CONFERENCE Clients ๏ visit our customer page at: mitel canadian paediatric association aboriginal financial officers association ontario business improvement area association community cultural impresarios (cci – ontario presenting network) ontario council of folk festivals tedx burlington canadian association of fairs & exhibitions
  9. 9. MyEventApps Unique Features AFFORDABLE … featuring fixed pricing and yearly licenses DON’T LIFT A FINGER … we take care of it all! At MyEventApps we get you mobile by providing high quality, feature rich solutions that are affordable, easy to deploy, manage and measure. MULTI-LANGUAGE … simply means more convenience, more downloads and more reach PREMIUM NATIVE APPS … customized and individual apps for all mobile devices SPONSORSHIP SUPPORT … a whole new world of opportunity
  10. 10. The MyEventApps Difference DON’T LIFT A FINGER … we take care of it all! ๏ we handle all the graphics, data entry, and uploading of your app(s) ๏ we operate as your Marketing Partner, providing advice and assisting with sponsorship ๏ you’re never on your own … we’re there every step of the way AFFORDABLE … featuring fixed pricing and yearly licenses ๏ you receive no unwanted surprises! PREMIUM NATIVE APPS … customized and individual apps for all mobile devices ๏ for iOS, Android, Blackberry and mobile web MULTI-LANGUAGE … simply means more convenience, more downloads and more reach ๏ support in French, English and Spanish SPONSORSHIP INTEGRATION & SUPPORT … a whole new world of opportunity ๏ generate new revenue streams and strategic partnerships ๏ at MyEventApps we understand that you expect the best ๏ we operate as your marketing partner and we take this opportunity very seriously ๏ we know events & apps … you know your business … let’s maximize our strengths
  12. 12. MyEventApps ‘Native’ App Advantages integrate conference schedule with iCal share & win! Where I am push notifications location based services SPLASH PAGE
  13. 13. MyEventApps ‘Native’ App Advantages conference details integrated camera general informationsite map SPLASH PAGE continued
  14. 14. The MyEventApps Dashboard ๏ you'll love our very easy-to-use online dashboard where you can modify your conference entries, graphics, ad banners and all other app info whenever you want ๏ this way, your attendees will always have access to the latest information and any last-minute changes ๏ you can also use the dashboard to view your app’s usage statistics and monitor its performance
  15. 15. The MyEventApps Dashboard ๏ a simple online dashboard to create and manage your app … it really is as easy as filling in a form! ๏ you have the option to have MyEventApps take care of your initial data entry ๏ free set-up and app store submission is included in package price continued
  16. 16. MyEventApps Features & Capabilities BASIC CONFERENCE FEATURES & CAPABILITIES native apps high quality native apps for iPhone, Android, Blackberry & Mobile Web event calendar full event listing capability (time, date & location), plus event detail page with multimedia (photo & video), social media sharing & add to ‘my calendar’ feature social media all events & info can easily be shared to your Facebook & Twitter streams integration rotating banners dynamic, clickable banners on most pages for sponsors & announcements ticketing link to any 3rd. party ticketing service from your events page info pages miscellaneous information pages for speakers, exhibitors, etc. maps GPS based map with directions & site map frameIT integrated photo tool with souvenir frame & sharing to Facebook & Twitter & is ideal for ‘photo contesting’ alerts broadcast messages to anybody who has downloaded the app (push notifications)
  17. 17. MyEventApps Features & Capabilities ADVANCED CONFERENCE FEATURES & CAPABILITIES CONFERENCE features ideal for conferences, conventions & corporate events … ๏ delegate connect: click star to add delegate contact to phone contacts ๏ notes: add your notes for any event & share by email ๏ survey integration: utilize your online surveys to drive early feedback (SurveyMonkey, FluidSurveys, KwikSurveys, etc.) MARKETING support SILVER & Up: app promo page with app screenshots & links to app stores on GOLD: promotional app graphic for your website & print-ready poster design PLATINUM: GOLD, plus 50 printed posters, 250 (4” x 6”) hand out postcards & an hour of marketing consultation SPONSORSHIP support collateral & professional advice to assist you in acquiring sponsorship support & revenue. eg. MyEventApps created a video for a client that rendered a $5,000 app sponsorship continued
  18. 18. MyEventApps Knows Sponsorship SPONSORSHIP BENEFITS ๏ reach a wide audience that represents the high end of the income demographic ๏ visibility to an audience that otherwise could not be reached … nearly 30% of all internet users are online exclusively on Mobile! ๏ demonstrate innovation and learn about the new mobile marketing frontier, further separate yourself from your competitors! ๏ associate your brand with events people genuinely care about … engage with and endear yourself to this receptive, willing and captive audience during events ๏ easily integrate call to action: coupons, contests, sharing, registration, request for information … ๏ a world of sponsorship opportunities awaits ๏ spending is on the up ๏ sponsors love engaged and captive audiences ๏ sponsors love ‘the different’ ๏ sponsors love category exclusivity and access to content ๏ awareness, visibility, brand loyalty, reinforced image and a call to action are all on a sponsor’s shopping list
  19. 19. MyEventApps Sponsorship Example THE NEW GLASGOW JUBILEE ๏ the local Sobeys stores near New Glasgow, Nova Scotia are sponsoring the mobile app for the very popular annual Jubilee ๏ they are integrated in the app and are showing their support for the community while still generating interest for their business
  20. 20. MyEventApps Key Sponsorship Elements your eventplaces on map dedicated corporate page social media banner advertising souvenir cam - photo frame souvenir cam - photo contesting ANY GIVEN SPONSOR CAN ENGAGE A CAPTIVE AUDIENCE LIKE NEVER BEFORE branding on all collateral awareness visibility brand loyalty reinforced image logo on all collateral happy sponsor!
  21. 21. MyEventApps Knows Surveys SURVEY AS A VALUABLE TOOL ๏ surveys are an indispensable tool when participating in or planning a conference event or seminar ๏ seminars assist you in collecting relevant information & data prior to, during, & post-event ๏ when implemented correctly, surveys can assist in assuring that your event is a success by enabling you to gauge expectation, understand participant reaction during the event, & measure the overall effectiveness of your message(s) long after your conference is over ๏ gathering and analyzing information before, during, and after an event is fast, effective, & affordable ๏ maximize your return on investment for all your conference event activities
  22. 22. MyEventApps Survey Benefits SURVEY BENEFITS ๏ MyEventApps can either create your survey for you or we can integrate an existing survey tool such as SurveyMonkey ๏ additionally we can divide the surveys into convenient & helpful smaller elements, eg. a survey a day that includes schedule reminders, to make the surveys themselves easier to complete whilst on the move ๏ our push notification feature enables messages to the attendees to link directly to your survey ๏ session ratings is another very valuable & useful feature. Star ratings between 1 & 5 allow for instant feedback & valuable data. Your results are entirely private & only available to yourself by means of our event management dashboard ๏ easily share delegate & exhibitor information or vendor lists complete with descriptions & contact information ๏ similarly share event maps and sponsor pages with all of your delegates
  23. 23. MyEventApps Key Survey Elements push notifications ratings via private dashboard survey size & delivery options create a new survey … or … integrate an existing survey TAKE ADVANTAGE OF WHAT STRATEGIC SURVEYS CAN DO FOR YOU information sharing data expectation effectiveness affordable return on investment
  24. 24. Featured App Example ๏ GOLD MyEventApps Package ๏ sponsorship banner integration (extensive sponsor integration) ๏ full conference schedule ๏ conference information & details ๏ speakers section ๏ sponsors section ๏ interactive calendar including ‘push to phone calendar’ ๏ push notifications ๏ Google map with multiple locations ๏ conference site map ๏ location based services ๏ BPCcam & photo contest ๏ links to ticketing (available TicketPro integration) ๏ integrated social media & sharing MITEL BUSINESS PARTNER COFERENCE
  25. 25. Featured App Examplecontinued
  26. 26. MyEventApps Specific Features ๏ the screen when your app is first launched ๏ fully customizable … create your own or have us do it for you ๏ a great opportunity to include a sponsor SPLASH PAGE ๏ your event listings can be configured as you chose … either alphabetically or chronologically ๏ sharing of events to Facebook and Twitter ๏ adding of events to personal calendar (iCal, Google Calendar …) ๏ integrate rich media (videos, photos, links …) ๏ link to ticketing or call-to-action EVENTS
  27. 27. MyEventApps Specific Features SOCIAL SHARING MAPS ๏ you control the message ๏ one button to access all directions and maps ๏ written directions ๏ Google map with GPS directions ๏ zoomable illustrated site map
  28. 28. MyEventApps Specific Features ๏ get real-time walking, driving and public transit directions to event locations ๏ browse locations on map or in list view ๏ sponsor opportunity … map-vertising GPS MAP ๏ identifies key locations such as parking, restrooms, stages, tents, VIP area, merchandise, etc. ๏ click on location to access more information ๏ configuration is simple and dynamic (can make changes on the fly) SITE MAP
  29. 29. MyEventApps Specific Features ๏ link to any online ticketing provider ๏ include phone number so users can call box office directly ๏ provide important admission-related information (eg. special deals, packages, etc.) ๏ API level integration with TicketPro TICKETING ๏ integrated camera feature which adds a custom frame to photos ๏ share it to Facebook, Twitter or by Email ๏ great sponsor opportunity ๏ easy to create a photo contest FRAMEIT CAM
  30. 30. MyEventApps Specific Features PHOTO CONTESTING ๏ you control the rules & the messaging
  31. 31. MyEventApps Specific Features ๏ generate revenue by promoting sponsors or use sponsors to communicate special announcements ๏ available on most major pages ๏ have one or several in rotation ๏ link to any URL / web site (eg. website, coupon, video, downloads, etc.) BANNER ADS
  32. 32. MyEventApps Key Conference Elements fully customizable- customize your graphics, icons and content thanks to our easy-to-use online dashboard affordable - from only $2,500 per year easy - just fill in the forms & you’re live within days ENGAGE YOUR CONFERENCE AUDIENCE LIKE NEVER BEFORE integrated calendar - add events to delegate’s phone calendars showcase exhibitors - provide detailed information such as a description, contact Information … & even videos make money from your sponsors - dynamic banner & other sponsor placement features universal - native iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android & Blackberry support + HTML5 Mobile Website + drop in web widget integrated surveys - get feedback from your attendees delegate notes - take notes for each Conference event & send / share by email contact sharing - browse list of attendees & push contact information straight to the phone with one button interactive map - custom site map denoting key location info such as registration, booths & rooms A SUMMARY
  33. 33. MyEventApps Mobile Packages ๏ visit our pricing page at:
  34. 34. Additional Resources ๏ MyEventApps - Blog ๏ MyEventApps - FAQ ๏ Mobile 101 Guide ๏ Sponsor Proposal Template ๏ Twitter ๏ Facebook
  35. 35. For more info, I can be reached at: Rosemary Vaughan +1 (613) 301-7117 all you need to get out there and mobile