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USMC REPORT 2009 [Feature]


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SPRING 2009 REUNION SAT, MAY 30, SUN MAY 31, 2009 ~ USMC SPRING 09 REUNION WITH SPECIAL FEATURE GUEST ROSEMARY N DE CAIRES ~ A Look At A Honorary Gradutand Of The Class Of '99 & '02 ~ Discovery Of USMC Spring 2004 1st Reunion for the Class Of '99 by Rosemary N. DeCaires

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USMC REPORT 2009 [Feature]

  1. 1. SPRING 2009 REUNION RESULTS SAT, MAY 30, 2009 USMC SPRING 2009 REUNION WITH SPECIAL FEATURE GUEST ROSEMARY N DE CAIRES A LOOK AT ONE HONOURARY GRADUTAND OF THE CLASS OF '99 & '02 DISCOVERY OF USMC SPRING 2004 1ST REUNION FOR THE CLASS OF '99 Rosemary DeCaires, an Honorary Graduate of the Class of '99 & '02 and voted most popular President of SJCS of the Class of '95, presented a first time appearance motion at Toronto on March 12, 2009 two weeks before she appeared ten years later at the University Of Toronto on May 30, 2009. By chance or luck, she drew the first slot following a cocktail reception outside a white tie cocktail reception at Brennan Hall University Of St. Michael's College on May 30, 2009. Her appearance motion, on May 12, 2009, was a tribute to the Class of '99 & '02, and most of all discovery toward the outcome of USMC Spring Reunion 2004 for Honorary Graduates inclusive the class of 1999. She calls for: The Standing Committee on Human Resources, Skills and Social Development for the National Student Loans Service Centre on the Status of Persons with Disabilities shall be instructed to consider the introduction in Canada of a national voluntary service policy for young people by analyzing existing programs at its point of departure; by holding public hearings; and by presenting a report to the court no later than June 2009 that would contain among other things a review of similar policies and a summary of the evidence heard. The motion was presented on May 12, 2009at 2:30 p.m. She gave a 10-minute speech,outside Brennan Hall USMC yesterday May 30, 2009 9:30 p.m., which was followed by a a presentation series, and photo series followed by a one hour discussion period with music on May 30, 2009. Yesterday afternoon at the USMC Sunday Mass & Luncheon, when she appeared she spoke on a similar theme, saying quot;I realize that the price of tuition is higher than ever, which is why policy and programs must make sure that higher education is affordable.quot; And to encourage a renewed spirit of national service for this and future generations.quot; For details about the status of spring 2009Judicial review check back with us before July 02, 2009 for the status of the next running limitation period for fall 2009. Rosemary DeCaires USMC Honorary Gradutand '99, '02 SJCS President '05