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Rise up!


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Rise up!

  1. 1. RISE UP!<br />Poor Picasso<br />
  2. 2. Concept!<br />
  3. 3. POOR PICASSO<br />Rise Up is a song by a local band called Poor Picasso who have been together since 2009 last year. The lead singer being Hana with a unique voice and with 3 other band members playing guitar, drums and bass guitar bringing the genre of rock in their music that they performed and recorded.<br />The song being used for the video is called ‘Rise Up’ and the basic meaning of the song is standing up for what you believe in and not letting anyone else control and change who you are.<br />The image the band are portraying in this video is the traditional rock image with wearing mostly black and other dull and dark colours. Also the lead singer is going to wear dark make-up and with the dull lighting setting the overall rocker image. This image will add to their appeal because the image goes with the genre of music being played in this video.<br />
  4. 4. VIDEO!<br />This is the idea and overall aim the video will be portrayed to the audience:<br />The video shows a nice girl being pulled down and controlled by the other people in her life like her boyfriend and towards the end of the video she starts to stand up against the relationship and her boyfriend himself.<br />The target audience for this video are mainly teenage girls from the ages of 12-19 but can also relate to boys of this age because these ages are when a stereotypical teenager finds their identity and when someone is most emotional which happens mostly through high school.<br />The aim for this video is to give across a message to the target audience in a serious way but with some comical balance added to make the video more appealing.<br />
  5. 5. TREATMENT!<br />
  6. 6. VIDEO!<br />This video is going to be mostly narrative based showing the story of one girl but there will also be some performance scene from the band to add more of a balance to the overall video.<br />For my video in terms of Freytag’s pyramid the narrative structure starts with the Exposition which is the setting of the overall video like introducing the characters and the narrative of the video. The next stage of the pyramid is the rising action which is the audience being shown that her boyfriend is controlling her The third action in the pyramid is the climax which is the turning point and peak of the story which in my video will be when she starts to ‘rise Up’ against him. The next action as shown on the image below is the falling action where the conflicts and goal of the video will begin to be resolved and is starting to conclude the video and will set up the conclusion of the video.<br />Freytag’s Pyramid <br />
  7. 7. Shots<br />The main shots that will be used in my video will be mid shots, wide shots and close ups because all of these shots emphasise what is happening in a scene like with close ups they help show emotion in the characters faces clearly to the audience, wide shows show what is happening in the whole of a scene and mid shots can show what is going on between characters or performance. There will also be unusual shots that may have not been scene in other videos that will be placed at different angles to make the video more interesting and project the feel of the video to the audience.<br />Setting<br />The setting for the narrative of my video will be located at my high school in different locations and by setting the video here it will mean that it will appeal to the target audience of the video being mostly teenagers. The performance section of the video will also be set in the high school because it will link well with the overall video but will be set in a small practice room so that there is a separation between the performance and narrative sections.<br />Props <br />The props that I will be using in this video consist of instruments such as a guitar, drum kit and a microphone to complete the performance section of the video and these props have been seen in other videos that include performance based sections. Other props that I will use will be small objects that will complete each of the narrative scenes like mobile phones and bags. <br />Shots, Setting and Props <br />
  8. 8. Tone<br />By using the conventions in the previous slide it will mean that I can portray the tone of the music video to the target audiences. The tone of my video will be mostly rebellious because this is the tone that will best fit the song that I will be using for the video which is called ‘Rise Up’ and the tone of the song is to stand up for what you believe and not let other control you which is what I am going to portray in the video.<br />To create the rebellious tone in the video I will use the effects of lighting which will be dark in most places of the video, I will also use costume will be dark colours like black or grey and all of these conventions will help create the tone of the video for the audience. <br />
  9. 9. JUSTIFICATION!<br />
  10. 10. Selling the Video<br />The target audience again for my video are 12-25 year old girls and I have targeted this audience by having the main character and singer in the video both girls and have included situations that girls this age my experience. The approach for this video is the best way to sell the song and the band because people from the ages 12-25 are the main target audience in the current music industry. By using the theme that I have used in the video it will help target this audience because they may be able to relate to the narrative.<br />
  11. 11. Challenges<br />One of the main challenges in the production process of my music video will be making sure that all the actors/actresses can perform as scheduled. There could be times when wanting to film my video when the actors/actresses may be unable to film that day for various reasons which means that the schedule will be put back and could mean that other deadlines aren't met therefore the delay of finished production. To make sure that deadlines are met and filming is completed I will produce a production schedule before I start the filming so I can book equipment and arrange with actors/actresses in advance so there are less delays.<br />Another challenge with the production of the video is the making sure that there are no continuity errors with clothing, lighting and other aspects of a shot. Continuity errors can occur easily and can be edited in the video being unnoticed which then makes the video look less professional. To ensure that there are as less continuity errors as possible I will ensure analyse each set before shooting so that there aren’t any unwanted props or objects that isn’t wanted in a shot and will shoot as much in one day as possible so as to keep the weather conditions the same in the chosen shots.<br />
  12. 12. Costs and Time constraints<br />The only costs for the production of this video is purchasing the tapes that will hold the footage of the video because all the other items such as equipment and costumes will be supplied by others.<br />The main time constraints that could occur with the creation of this video are again the liaisons with the actors and actresses in the video because some may not be able to do certain times when needing to film and they could also be off sick and are unable to film on a certain date on the production schedule which means the it could delay production and therefore the finishing of the video. These constraints will be addressed by making sure that the schedule is set up for the filming dates in advance with the actors and actresses that will be needed for my video so that the dates are set and if one is off sick have another date set or gain another actor to fill in the place.<br />Another time constraint could be the software and whether it freezes or is slow uploading footage which again will delay the finishing deadline of the video but this will be addressed by making sure that other tasks are completed if this these constraints occur.<br />