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This is the marketing plan I made on behalf of mine and Hermione's music video

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Marketing plan

  1. 1. Marketing plan for Zombie love The music video ‘zombie love’ features a unique song called ‘Haunted house’ by Axe girl, a music artist recently within the market. She writes her own songs and performs at various gigs. There are other members in her group who play the backing music, but they are unknown to the public. Axe girl is the star. She is not very well known to the public, but hopes to become more and more famous. She imports her music videos on blogs such as MySpace and YouTube. She hopes that this will help to increase her fame as more viewers watch them. It was my partner Hermione who discovered Axe girl. She listened to the ‘Haunted house’ song on Axe girls MySpace page. The song did not have a video. Hermione contacted Axe girl in order to get permission to use the song. Axe girl replied saying that if the music video we made suited the song, she will think about using it for the song. Zombie love is a fun, thrilling and unique music video. Hermione and I have aimed the music video at a teenage audience. However, it presents romance, horror and comedy, so we feel it will appeal to almost anyone. It’s an extraordinarily different kind of music video. The story in the music video is based upon two zombies. What makes it so diverse is that’s the zombies are good and not bad. In the past, zombies have been represented as evil, human eating characters. For instance in films such as ‘dead set’ and ‘28 days later’. These two zombies are kind and don’t want to interact with humans. We do not know anyone who has done this before. Basically in the music video, the zombies are represented in their home, the graveyard. They are in love and are living happily together. The zombies end up in a surgery where they are experimented on by an evil mad scientist and two surgeons. They end up back in their home living happily ever after. The music video can be seen in many different concepts. We want to be appreciated with a sense of imagination. Hermione and I have even compared the music video with some of Lady gaga’s videos. Both are similar due to fast the movement; imaginative characters and costumes and not making total sense. It’s fun and unusual. Axe girl even though just being a small artist has released several very unique, upbeat songs. She is a fun, creative and stylish artist in her 20s. Being young and having this kind of personality helps to appeal to a young audience (teens) who we are aiming the video at. Although she is only a small artist, she is beginning to grow and becoming better know to the public. By releasing her songs on MySpace, she is becoming better known to the British youth culture. She is an inspiration to young people, not afraid to present her own exclusive style.