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The Messenger - Moses


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The Serpent of God
Bit the left side of my chest, left a huge wound ... this wound never closed. Its poison entrenched my life, I've felt weaker, often didn't know what I felt, I knew it was something that had to pass, trying, finding a way out. A being who didn't deserve to be there, stealing my moment of distraction, being the vedete [pt], calling the attention.
In the stage scenes, I was, I am, I will always be the main actor. I will not be a mere supporting role. A rest, flurry, I'm more than that, I am eternal, infinite, I am immortal in this theater of life. I am what this animal does not reach. I did not die of its poison, I've survived the fatal bite: I've found an antidote, the secret of the infernal creature: its bite doesn't kill, only causes some harm.

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The Messenger - Moses

  1. 1. 1
  2. 2. 2 The Messenger it’s one of my most ancient works. I was writing stories and, the big most of them was turned to the understanding of the World [Eu escrevia histórias e a maioria delas era voltada para o entendimento do Mundo]. As it was already said and explained in many of my works, it’s that the artist it’s massively influenced by things that he unknows, and many of them you adopt as your literary principles, your observations, the gift, the ToM, the color, the edges and the values are always mixed up in a conception. Moses was a work that I took 12 months to do it, what’s being edited here it’s just the intro. And I did a merge of technologies, graphics, digitals, pencils… Since little, I had heard the story of Moses, the basic, and, on writing it, I’ve perceived details of a strange relation: God and the man: and the question of the messenger: the responsibility of that whom needs to listen, understand and translate a message: in artists, this is something very common, because most of the artists already find themselves God, paramount his sensibility. After I’ve finished the story, I went read the Bible… and I’ve founded many points in common with the story that I had written… and many strange things had happened, there were many other stories in parallel with that… and I refused myself to accept the Exodus, as much as I didn’t accept the Genesis, and later, the Gospels: there was something strange with the Biblical characters, I didn’t like of the profiles: and wanted to change them: wanted to do something fun: wanted that they had a life independent of the Book, that they could be more expressive, be more honest and truly with their emotions, somehow, rid them of the terror: they were out of phase [defasados] in the time. Years later, I had watched that movie Year One [of Jack Black], and I thought that that was more accordingly, there was a lot of formality in Moses... . And few by few, the story went scaping of my hands, to become a story that did not happened. But, I had perceived something: no one controls the story, the story it’s something uncontrollable: and I questioned myself about something quite simple, and well-known: the Script. And along with Moses in the desert, I asked: ‘what’s the direction that you’re following..?’, and he said, ‘the north’, and I asked, ‘and where’s the north..?’, and he said, ‘in the Golan Heights..’, and I asked, ‘and where’s Golan’, and he, ‘in the north’.. : and I asked myself, ‘Golan’? ‘Heights’? he doesn’t knows where he’s going to…what names are these, what was it ‘a night in the desert’… and the story went staying fun: an incredible character appeared, Buriel, a young man, of 18 years, that had left the love of his life, an Egyptian, of name Nymphet, he was also a Jew-Egyptian, and would flow in the story as son of Moses: and later, I would discover that Moses would have a son indeed, Zipporah, his wife, reminded Víbora, and Moses had abandoned his son,.. I mean, he didn’t accompany him in the desert. And in middle courts [tribunais], campfires and conversations with Jamaicans, Tutehk-Ah More and Tutehk-Ah Less, which explained how was the Paradise, and the motives which leaded them to run-away from there… that didn’t beat with the story of the Jews, neither lesser yet with the Torah: And in middle to paramount confusion, and funny characters, a strange relation went birthing between Buriel and Moses, to the point of Moses deliver the destiny of his people, to the so now not so young but almost 60 years, Buriel : the years were irrelevant, because, Buriel continued young.. and Moses, continued old… and whether both didn’t accept each other, one had understood the other: and to me, that was my understanding of peace. God passed to persecute Buriel, to the point of judging him, and Moses defended him. Maybe one day I publish this Trial, it was incredible: Moses defending the enemy, using all his jurisprudence to favorize the evil: and my understanding was that he had failed as a father, and that was a form of compensation. The story it’s incredible in its behavioral latu sensu: I had involved drugs in the story: cannabis, alcohol and cocaine: and related them psychologically to their characters: it’s the latu sensu of the Staff: the power of the nature in the hand of the man: what was it the power, and what was it the use: God was a known one, and the nature, something that I had forgotten, and at the
  3. 3. 3 same time, something that I had misunderstood: the history of the humanity had taken the front of something: I was trying to understand what I was writing, much more than the story that was being written: where was that me, and where was that the escrita [writing]: to the point of rationalizing being impossible: And I adopted the system of not altering, of not lapidate, and conserve the thoughts in their brute- state, by more imbecile or desconexo [disconnected], by more stupid that it was, not changing that which was written. I understood as something personal, and the intention wasn’t publishing them, in mode that, in this initial phase, it wasn’t indeed a Biblical contextualizing of the events, something more spontaneous, no sense, the mysticism was something that never had a relevance in nothing that I do or already did, in mode that the stories were free of qualquer [any] formatting, except the few knowledges that I had about the event. Buriel had got to arrive until Canaan, and encountered Nymphet, with 15 sons: she as well had left the Egypt... Buriel had had a son with Nymphet, and this, more important yet in Biblical terms. The sex had stayed on the outside, but, it was my beginning of the Biblical understanding. The story of Jah it’s looked-alike as the one of Noé [Noah]. And I asked myself, ‘where will this story take me to..?’ … if the story has the capacity of taking someone [de levar alguém]… or if someone has to take the story [ou se alguém tem que levar a história]: and it was something that I passed to question myself: what the messenger is, whom is the messenger , or what is a messenger, much more than the message.
  4. 4. 4 Meanwhile, in some mountain in the vicinity of Egypt ...A tree on fire speaks –Moseees ... Moses –far from the Egypt, far from my own people... me and my flock.. finally, I feel free… a beautiful retirement to a man of forty....forty years I’ve waited for this… forty it’s the number of my flock... forty it’s the time that I passed in the earth…of the crazies… forty...are the Gods of the Egyptians…forty it’s mine number of lucky.. God – .... forty will be the time that thou shall pass in the desert..! Moses –who said this? Talk now or deal with the fury of mine staff! God –how did you got this staff, Moses, if it wasn’t I who gave you…? Moses –who wants to know? Moses –who calls me? God– I am, the flame ... Moses –what flame? I don't know any flame ...
  5. 5. 5 God–This fire behind you, idiot! I mean, son of Abraham ... Moses –Abraham?! I Don't know any Abraham ... God–Abraham, father of Jacob ... Moses –Jacob? Isn’t it Isaac? God–well, I’ve just ended up confusing the names... Moses –who is thou? I mean, who are you? ..Are you a tree?! God– No, I am the flame ..! Moses –I do not know anyone called flame, I told you already... God–I am thy God.. Moses–well, there you’ve caught me, because ...I, really ... I'm confused ...I was raised in Egypt ... confusion into reality: I want you to go to Egypt toGod–I know, so I came, to transform this free your people. Moses–my people?! I was expelled from Egypt. God–I'm speaking of the Hebrews ... Moses–they don't give a shit about what happened to me! God–I am your God! And Abraham’s! And Jacob’s! Moses–how do I know if you are the same God?! God–I'm a tree and I'm on fire ... Moses–Yes, but want something more ..substantial. God–why doubts me, Abraham ...I mean, Moses?!..I had a lot of work also with this guy.. I’ve made him rise at the 80’s… . Moses–how so, "made him rise at the 80’s"…? God–he laid with Sarah for the first time at the 80’s ... Moses– oooh, so is it true?! God –it's true… Moses–Lord, I went down at 40's ... God–actually, you will go down at the 40’s ... Moses–no, Sir, I already went down at the 40’s ... we're not talking about this fall ...Why can't I rise anymore? God–because you must go down... Moses–that's not fair! Why Abraham rose at 80’s?! God–because your mission is not rising, is going down ...
  6. 6. 6 Moses–damn! why me?! Why you came after me ...a man who doesn't rise anymore?! God–you already went up what you had to go up must go down in my name: go seek thy people and say that I am the only living God, the God of all, the number 1! Moses–how so?! I didn't understand ...are you the God of the Egyptians too?! God–no, Abraham, the God of the Hebrews ... Moses–Lord, I'm Moses ..., because you Lord said, "to everyone", and I thought that ... God–you’ve deduced what?! I'm talking of us here, I, you and they ... have I, by chance, made a Pact with another race?! Moses–uh-uhm… No.. God–of course not! I am the God of the Jews! Moses–good.. but this doesn't clear up I.. God–what have you? Moses–why I was chosen? God–Oh, my ... ..!! Moses–what is it, Sir?! God–you're seeing if you can carve at a penalty.. forgetting that it is I the judge of your actions.. for this, don’t try to deviate .. God – Surrender is forbidden! You go down, speak to the Pharaoh, in his face, look in the eye and say ... : free my people, or I will detonate with Egypt! Moses–But, Lord ... God–Lord, what, man?! Cut the chuckles! You're old but you're not dead! And you go with the strength of the Lord! Moses–good, now it's better! God–but don't you try to take advantage, use it only to the divine purposes. Pay attention: there are ten plagues, both directed to ten Egyptian gods. Moses–Lord, but the gods are very strong ... God–Ra, Osiris, Seth, Isis and the rest are all in a meeting for 15 days, there will be no fighting, got it?! The Egypt is ours!! Moses–but, and when they return!? God–you'll be away already, they won't notice anything, I'll make sure it looks like a natural disaster. Moses–you Lord is very smart ... God –of course… that's why I chose thy people. Now, as to you,.. I have here my doubts.. I must work hard,.. you're not able to be alone, nor even ... don’t you untune with me, no, ok, Moses..? I didn't set you free from the alligator for nothing, no, okay?! God– I had a lot of work putting you in that Palace, so that you, unfortunately, giving one of valent-guy, eventually ended up killing that Egyptian. I know that was unintentionally, you will not be judged by that. Our path is arduous, and we have much ground ahead, much the same ground. Sinai is waaaay to distant...!
  7. 7. 7 God –…Thinking about it, I brought a gift for you. Moses–this here is a sandal ... God–I know, Moses, is a protection also don't pay attention where you step have to turn yourself on more, Moses ... After a whole afternoon, Moses and God managed to find the perfect sequence: And in the end, the Lord spoke: God –Take a note somewhere ... the next time we'll do that in a stone. Return to Egypt It was almost morning in Egypt when Moses appeared. A gray cloud also appeared, and a lightning struck the Palace of Pharaoh. For some, this could be a bad omen: The Pharaoh was sure. Moses could have passed unperceived, but something strange happened: a snake appeared on his way, a serpent of the Nile. As if it was not enough of these amazing things, the snake bit him. Moses didn’t even perceive what happened.
  8. 8. 8 But, mysteriously, the snake became the staff once again. But Moses understood that it was a hallucination: that that wasn’t a manifestation of God: a strange sentiment of not wanting to enter there: of having left the mountains, that he didn’t want to do the mission: But Moses went ahead, understanding being this the will of God: and that this should be his will, also, as well as of his staff.
  9. 9. 9 Moses–brothers, I bring good news! Moses got the Jews unaware... and while he entered, he waited for them to finish negotiating..
  10. 10. 10 Moses entered determined, even seemed like Chuck Norris, while the Jews looked admired at him, “isn’t that Moses over there…?” : as if it was a deserter.. Many judged him dead, inclusive himself: but now he seemed rebirthed…: and they stopped to listen to him: hear his story, that, which didn’t happen.
  11. 11. 11 Moses –I and the Lord founded a perfect place for us to live! I mean, we ... I say us here ... People–Yes, what conversation is this, Moses?
  12. 12. 12 Moses–a place that the Lord revealed to me, there will be happy, in a place where, finally, we will find peace! The best place in the world to live! A place where you finally will be well received! People–and where is it?!?! Moses–the Palestine! But I can't reveal the plan of God, because God's plan is a plan full of details, such small details that make a huge difference. If I Forget some, although I feel able to execute it, I feel pressured to not comment on it, could invoke his wrath, and even, I don't want to hurt him, getting Him to think that I didn't pay attention, that I’ve forgot something, that I’ve made soft body, that I’ve tried to untune, tried to avoid it... No, mates! I’ve accepted the mission!! I’ve accepted because I trust in the Lord! Haaa, I believe it!! All together the song that Abraham taught us! People–Haaa!!I belieeeeve it!!! Moses–He spoke one more thing. People–what? Moses–spoke to be careful with a person ... He gave me a date: 20th century and the number 43. I think that is one year, during a war. Said that we'll be humiliated and suffer a lot .. in the hand of an enemy... People–whom?! Moses–Petkovic [X] ..!! but we should not worry about it now ... what God meant with this it’s that we will be saved in the last minute… he’ll mark a penalty in our favor, and it is I who’ll hit this penalty. You guys understood, the game is ours. We're all gathered to celebrate the Alliance with God. God chose us, chose us because we are specials, we are equal in his image and resemblance ...We have the gift ...the divine gift of accepting the mission, of honoring commitments and charging, we know how to charge like nobody else ... . We should all celebrate this Union, highly advantageous. As proof of His intention, He will set us free from the Egyptians, and will guide us to a place where there will be no more suffering… Our old problem, after taking count of the local economy, we must leave in a humiliating way. People–but, how to do this? We are stuck in Egypt ... I mean, in fact, we have nowhere to go ... Despite the sacrifice, we are stabilized here ... and, Moses, how does it stay our goods, properties, business ... ? we cannot leave like this.
  13. 13. 13 Moses–I don't know yet, the Lord was not clear, He spoke very basically, a curse that He will throw over the Egypt ... He didn't give me details yet ... People–but if hits Egypt, it will hit us too,..! Moses–no, the Lord already took care of that too. The plague will only get the Egyptians ... People–how can we know if this is true?! Moses–because He told me ... People–but why didn't He speak with us? Moses–because He doesn't speak with everyone, just with some, the special ones ... The people looks unbeliever... –we want a proof! Moses–but how can I prove it? Moses looks to his feet, and... –Well, He gave me this sandal ... People–yes, but this doesn't rid you of the cobra ..! We want a proof , really.. . Bring Him up here. Moses–but this is impossible, the Lord does not appear in crowds. People–and why? Moses–don't know, it's his way. People–then, we will wait for a signal. Moses–I think so we're precipitating ...the Lord didn’t come after me to tell his plan for nothing ...look at me, aren’t you seeing that I was the chosen one?! You people are thinking that I'm drunk ...that I’ve invented this story, that I'm freaked out… People–your eyes are yellow ... Moses–I've already spoken.. Was the fucking cobra! ... People–where's the snake?! Yeah! We want to see your cobra! Moses–here it is!!! ... it was a snake, but became a staff. People–that's just a wood-staff, this isn’t a snake.. we want to see your cobra! Moses–my snake people–ooooooooooooooooohhhhh!!!! This cobra there doesn’t bite anyone. We want to see the snake who bit you ...! People–we don't know, no, Moses.. you're all weird, you're talking weird, we think that you will end up getting everyone into a stolen sh**..! You don’t have how to prove nothing of what you say.. . Moses–right, I'll talk with God again, I want us to reunite here tomorrow early, to finally decide our destiny.
  14. 14. 14 At Night in the Mountain The night it’s calm, starry… Moses, is seated in front of a campfire, on the mountain... Moses–Lord my people it’s afraid... God–‘thy people it’s afraid’... What's the scolding now? Moses–is that they ...They claim ...They claim ... God–what, Moses? that you don’t have the capacity to guide them? Moises–Lord, why that instead of 10 plagues, you Sir don't throw one only.. then gives more time for.. God–for what? to the Pharaoh? Moses–no, to my people ... God–what conversation is this, Moses? Thou want to give thy people a time to choose ... ? If I let you choose, Moses, you wouldn't go out of Egypt, you guys would spend more 400 years ... didn't you understand that Egypt cannot turn into a pasture? This is not the Earth that I chose for you. I didn't ask you to go out of Canaan. You did it because you choose what is best for you, you’ve disrespected my voices, my Will.. .
  15. 15. 15 God –what happened to your leg? Did you step in a crocodile? It seems to me that you need more accurate glasses than sandal ... Can't you walk alone anymore? where's your staff? Moses–...My staff ...I don't know ... mysteriously disappeared, was here a little while ago ... God –I know, I know ... ...This is the excuse of your race, ‘I had forgotten’...justifications, always difficulties ...always something on the way ...and the most interesting is that this something always sees you first and ...almost incidentally, is something that I never understood as well, you end up stepping on it. And then, here you come back to me and.. kind of not wanting counter me up, or ...say that I'm wrong, but, comes propose me something. Moses–why don’t you darken things up, the 9th plague, kind of, a minor sign, instead of darkening the waters of the Nile ... ? This would leave the Pharaoh with fear and.. would give to my people ... ... God –The certainty ...wanting to choose ... Thy people want to go, but wants to stay, then comes the doubt ...The curse of predicting the future… You cannot do this. I also have my defects.. I’ve stayed like this, since a serpent bitted me. Unlike you, I don't use any staff. I don't need help. I like to enjoy myself sometimes… when you say, "this was a slutty!!" I wouldn't call this a profane word, to me, sounds like a scream of goal. Huuuuummmmm...An almost human pleasure...If it weren't divine. I provoked the drought in Canaan ...To test your obedience, see if you had learned something from Abraham. God fades off the bonfire…
  16. 16. 16 God –your time is up, Moses. Look for these stars in the sky, see that night so beautiful, can you count how many stars there is? If I give you one, what would you do with it? Save it to use in the future? ...Or leave it there to shine? ...This Heaven is all yours… you don't need to pick up any ... When they turn off, you will no longer have what to look for in darkness ...sleep, Moses ...dream… tell thy people, that I don't negotiate anymore: you cannot change my will. Tell the Pharaoh that Egypt will be repaired again, as soon as you leave... Had there not had an earthquake or a tsunami, or a hurricane, nor fire of heaven, because my intention was never destroying them. In fact, I took the plague off the Egypt. Their gods were caught by surprise. For that race, they're the bests. You don't dance, you don't sing, you enjoy life very little, this bothers me a little ...I will make you more theatrical, just to please me. Moses ...I know that you're already asleep, but I speak to your subconscious, maybe it'll listen ... free yourself of this this staff ... Free yourself from evil and I'll set you free from the evils. I'm seeing that the arrival of my son is a must. The doubt shall only be resolved with faith.
  17. 17. 17 It's dawning in the mountain ... and Moses sees that his staff it’s spotted where he had left. He grabs it and goes down the mountain. It looked like a repeated scene: Rises the Second Day in the Tavern
  18. 18. 18 Moses –I had a dream..!
  19. 19. 19 The crowded Tavern, all apprehensive about Moses' conversation with God: Moses didn’t know what to say and he speaks: … Moses–…I had a dream, and in this dream, the Lord told me "Moses, are you seeing that stars in the sky? Grab as many as you want, they are all yours": And I think I understood what He meant: We can't pick them all up at once: Nobody will steal them from us, they're ours, He gave us. Well, this story that we're the smarter ones, the most skilled ones ... it is true ...We shouldn't lie. But..! These other stories that we conspire ...that there exists a corporation among us ...intentions almost evil, ... We're compared even to ...the serpent. It's not true: We don't use our talents to enjoy advantages .. the fact that we're all gathered here, it’s fruit of… a coincidence, we like to meet, because, in the reality, we form a team. So, I take this opportunity ... I don't know if we'll have another, so that, in future, we do this more often, we'll create the home ... No, the temple.. of the divine purposes…: where we'll discuss the relevant issues of common interests: Ours and of God , of course. We'll Do. ... The people cries–Moses, what did God say??
  20. 20. 20 People –yeah, Moses, we want to know what God spoke! Moses –what God spoke..? Moses forgot the conversation he had with God… Moses – ehr... I see that many of you are confused about leaving Egypt.. you guys remind me myself.. I was also like that. People –what the f***, Moses, what did God spoke?! Moses –what God spoke..?! he's holding the staff and looking to the snake that's distracting him, moving itself with the tongue out, with its eyes jumping, as if it was hypnotizing him... Moses –..the pharaoh owes us money, now it's time to charge him. I propose to everyone, on behalf of our generosity, don't charge monetary interests from the pharaoh. Whoever agrees, stand up the arms. No one did. People –is this a proposal of God too? Moses –no, brothers, I, now, thought... I'm trying to help, in case of something goes wrong... People –what do you mean, Moses? Wasn't everything right?!?! Moses –yeah, but... People –No, no, no, no!!!No, wait a minute!! Moses –this complicates things a little, I can't arrive like this, face to face with the pharaoh, and say "save my people"..! ya'll gotta understand my side..! what about we refinance the pharaohs debt, giving more time and accumulating more interest? People –agreed. Moses –well, at least we agree on something... I don't know, I'm going to speak with the pharaoh. But I'm not feeling you guys firmness... you guys are too pessimist’s.. this isn't nice... this morning I was like this, and the Lord told me something...he said: yes, we can!
  21. 21. 21 Moses –this phrase was from pharaoh Ozahma, who threw a bomb in Sodom and Gomorrah... He said: God –keep your eyes opened, Moses... some sinister things are going to happen... the world will enter in clouds filled with lightnings in the future.. I hope none of it falls over thy people's head... Moses –I think I understood what he meant: faith!! we need to have faith!! People –faith?! what's this? Moses –we need a new partnership. A stronger partnership which leads us to a land more fertile. In Egypt we cannot raise cattle, nor increaseour After theflocks. plagues, it'll become inviable. The pharaoh will chase everyone who remains, he will blame our God for having provoked the ire of theirs.. ever since the Hyksos left, it stayed a resentment for we've become their friends… People –they were our commercial partners, that's all.. Moses –the truth is that the pharaoh never liked this, for this way of ours in dealing with the question, we’re tendentious to take it personal everything, as if everybody was against us… .. People –and aren’t them, Moses? Moses –no, no, of course not..! I mean, yes...! everybody’s against God... you guys too are against God..! People –did you drink again, Moses..? People –it was the cobra once again... hahahhahaha!
  22. 22. 22 Moses – no, it wasn’t the cobra, it was God, God spoke into my ears, for that those who have ears, listen: it’s God who’s speaking, it’s not I ..! Ora, what do you guys want to know more about my respect, aren’t you people happy nor even in seeing me?! don’t you perceive that I am your salvation?!!?!? That you’ve became inoffensive stones, as the ones of the Pyramids?!?! That not even of the place you are?! You were stolen from another place, just to embellish the nature! A bare ostentation of the Egyptian Gods, who impose their rules and their values, to the point of we accepting this condition of slaves!!! It was us who’ve helped construct the Egypt, and we are not even treated as citizens, we are constantly humiliated by the enemy, as if they were the chosen ones! I didn’t escape because they were going to kill me, I ran-away because I wasn’t standing this anymore! I wasn’t standing my wife and my son anymore! Zipporah was a víbora! And Gerson played in the Botafogo team! Ora! They didn’t really want me to be father! But I forgot all this, because, this is all past! I am talking of the future, of a new beginning! Of this sentence that persecutes us, of being always recommencing, and, in this new tomorrow my friends, it won’t lack floor! I am talking of a long, a wonderful way back home! Moses –I know, it's a hard decision.. but we've to think as our ancestors: when the land exhausts, we have to look for new markets.. I mean, new lands… . Do what the Lord asked: grow thee and multiply thee. The partnership with God is necessary. This is having faith. And Before leaving the A Lahm Bic III tavern, towards the Pharaoh Palace, Moses speaks –I'll be back! People –what's this, Moses? God spoke it too??! Moses –no.. it was Schwarzenegger! On the contrary of Cleopatra, I won't fail! While the serpent was speaking lowly…: Serpent—I did not fail… People –so, what did He say? Moses –He spoke.. He spoke.. I was sleeping when He spoke. He spoke in dream...! wait! You guys need to believe in me.. this is serious... it's the future of our people, after the decision that we will take. It’s you guys that will choose the future of the humanity... if we will succumb to the sands of the Egypt, or if it will be us who’ll build the city. If I could choose, I’s stay in the mountain with the flock that I myself chose, that I myself created, that I myself fecundated, I mean, that I myself educated: because they, yes, recognize me as their Lord: are my sheep! Moses –they're not from another aprisco! They carry my semen in their blood, I mean, my blood in their veins..!I mean, that I didn’t rob them! The nature gave me… I mean, it was God who gave me. People --this is just your cobra..!
  23. 23. 23 Moses –the Egyptians are different… became too dark…what are these creatures..? Tutehk-Ah Less –what do you want, stranger…? Moses –I, stranger..? what are you guys, Africans..? Tutehk-Ah More –we’re from Jah-Maica… I’m Jah, and he’s Careh…Jah-Careh it’s our God… Moses –hahahahaha this is impossible…! Jacaré cannot be two, jacaré it’s one animal only… Tutehk-Ah Less –no, Jah-Careh it’s two Moses –hahaha… you guys are funny.. it doesn’t exist two.. there exists only one… Tutehk-Ah More –Jah-Careh it’s two.. show him, Careh… They show their symbol… Moses –haha, this creature doesn’t exist… this is a blasphemy… it’s like a snake of two heads, it won’t work out, because each one will want to follow a different direction… Moses –and where is it Jah-Maica…? Tutehk-Ah More –Jah-Maica it’s in the Paradise… Moses—in the Paradise…? You must be wrong.. .Jah-Maica isn’t the Paradise…. It makes sense you guys story, but it’s an error of interpretation. How is it the Jah-Maica..? .. I am Moses… I’d like to talk to the Pharaoh…it's something about Egypt...something terrible it’s going to happen... Tutehk-Ah Less –you're with a strange conversation man.. ye..hun.. ohhh..hoho... his eyes...are yellow..oh yea..he's hiiigh,man..hahahaha!! Moses -no, you're mistaken.. it was a serpent that bit me early today.. -he shows off the staff -I bring good news to the pharaoh. Tutehk-Ah More -this is good news..?
  24. 24. 24 Moses -no..this is a serpent..I mean.. staff.. The guard smells the staff and: Tutehk-Ah More -ohho... this is no snake..! Quickly the staff turns into serpent and bites Tutehk-Ah More, then quickly turns into staff again. Tutehk-Ah More takes a scare, the staff falls in the floor… Tutehk-Ah More –mamba cannabis.. -his eyes gets yellow... -but Moses don't see what happened. The guard start speaking slowly... Moses -mamba what?? Tutehk-Ah More -nile serpent.. leaves the eyes yellow.. He then gets the staff from the floor, and shows it to Tutehk-Ah Less. The serpent does the same bite rite with Tutehk-Ah Less. Tutehk-Ah Less –good stuff this ... Tutehk-Ah More's been a while I don't see such a good stuff..! Moses -nooo..! ya'll wrong...this is the Lord's serpent. Tutehk-Ah More –the pharaoh's serpent? Moses -no, my Lord's. Moses keeps looking to the strange amulet in the guard’s neck... Moses -is this Sobek, the Crocodile God? Tutehk-Ah More –no, this is Jah....Careh. Moses -Ja-ca-reh is the god of yours? Tutehk-Ah More –Jah is...Careh isn't anymore. Moses -but isn't it the same thing? Tutehk-Ah More -no, they're different things.. Moses -I didn't understand.. Tutehk-Ah More -ye, ye.. It all started in Jah Maikha..the Paradise.. Moses -Jah-Maikha.. is it a place? Tutehk-Ah More -oh yea.. the best place there is for planting... Tutehk-Ah Less -and to harvesting too.. Moses -oh, yea?! it too far from here?..kind of, to arrive on foot, I mean, walking, how many years, sort of..? Tutehk-Ah More -oh, it stays...waaay too has to cross the red sea and...cross aaaallll the desert. Then you've gotta swim..swim a lot...and then you'll arrive in paradise.. Moses (realizes) -yea...mewed .. !this one won't give, I can't swim. Tutehk-Ah More -hoho! you learn it.. the big god Jah teaches you. Tutehk-Ah Less -oh yeah, if you find the big god Jah in the way, you learn how to swim, real fast..because.. otherwise he eats all of you.. isn't it, Tutehk-Ah More? This was way that we've learned to swim.. Moses -wow?! so y'all from Jamaica, then?! Tutehk-Ah More -we left there when I was little. Moses -but why did you guys left the paradise?..if it's so hard to get there.. Tutehk-Ah More -A big totokawa.. Moses -what's this..? a tootow..?!?! Tutehk-Ah More -a big shit..! a huge cloud darkened Jah-Maikha..for three days.. no one saw the sun and.. when the cloud passed, everyone passed ten days laughing... the eyes of everyone got red and, as no one worked.. because.. everybody was lazy.. the food ended.. much disease.. people sick.
  25. 25. 25 Moses takes a little piece of paper from his pocket (the one he used to take note of God's words), and reads…: Moses -red eyes.. three days.. darkened.. was there any locust cloud? anyone died? Tutehk-Ah More –no.. everybody was asleep.. Moses -no locusts...frogs.. wounds in the skin..? Tutehk-Ah More -no, no, no...don't know because.. ran.. Tutehk-Ah Less—Marley furious.. Moses -Marley?? Tutehk-Ah More -Marley's Jah-Maikha's pharaoh.. owner of all the plantation Tutehk-Ah More -he's our God Plant - he shows off a plant amulet he carries with him… Moses -how did it all started? Tutehk-Ah Less -Marley angry.. -shows the amulet -tried to get Tutehk-Ah More...Tutehk-Ah More, without wanting to, burned all of Jah's plantation. And we came to here
  26. 26. 26 .
  27. 27. 27 Moses - I see, I see..a cloud, fire..ten days smiling...this totokawa..all the food ended up… I mean, is this plant kind of wheat, is it something that one eats..? or that one drinks, kind of barley..? for me it was a Lord's plague. Tutehk-Ah More -the plant has nothing to do with the hunger, no… it was no Lord's plague, it was Jah's plague.. in Jah-Maikha.. everybody stressed, everybody worked a lot.. no one taking vacations.. ..Jah's plague doesn't kill, leaves everybody smiling.. Moses -well.. I already have my promised land.. and it isn’t equal to JahMaikha Tutehk-Ah More -all right.. that's it, my brother.. One day we'll return to paradise… Tutehk-Ah More -..good stuff this one, hein..? Tutehk-Ah Less- I put faith on it, Tutehk-Ah More.. but it's not better than Jamba Negra… Tutehk-Ah More –The pharaoh's cornflake isn’t better than Marley’s plant.. Moses -cornflake?? Tutehk-Ah More -..Yea.. Jah's serpent's way much better than the Lord's one.. okay, stranger of one God only… you can go …we will take you to the presence of the Pharaoh Moses –of certain that yes… he will stay very glad of seeing me once again… we have already been brothers one day, we were one only. He wanted to transform me into servant, but I did not accepted.. .is he sleeping..? I don’t want to bother… Tutehk-Ah More –….. the Pharaoh doesn’t sleep has been six months… Moses gets his staff back, and enters in the pharaoh's palace … Pharaoh –was it you who wanted to be the king..? so your people would love you..? or couldn’t you be the king of the Egyptians as well..? you have many interpretations about me… I try to understand you, and you.. tries to judge me… . Why did you come back, and what do you want..? the crown of Emperor..? even though I separated thy people of mine, you would continue separating yourselves, for you are a unity functioning, as grains of the desert's sand, for more that you occupy the earth, you wouldn’t cease to be a grain: the cursed seed, the putrefied wheat that came to stop by in Egypt… If you people want to, you can go away, and take everything with you. You don’t need motives to run away, neither an explanation of the why you were sent away. In all our years of history, only the invaders were expelled.
  28. 28. 28 The freedom of our Gods it’s beyond the comprehension of yours. You may go away if you want to go: and I will understand as a favor. Moses –you don’t understand the cattle, the goat, the sheep, neither the donkey .. they are not your gods.. the camel it’s unproductive. The Egypt needs of a new order. Pharaoh -and the new order it's you .. ha..! if you have an exchange for me.. you help me reconstruct the Egypt, and I let you people go.. we don't need to arrive to so much, Moses.. I threaten thy people for you.. what do you've got for me..? give me something that I like.. and that I don't need to pay for it.. what's this mysterious staff of yours, with whom you talk and look at, so much..? it looks like a serpent of the Nile, for me.. Moses –no.. . it is a Jewish serpent… Pharaoh –I thought there didn’t exist this animal in your rationalism… Moses –this is something that appeared, and it’s mine, I don’t give to anyone. Moses --It is magical, obeys to mine commands, I am its lord..!
  29. 29. 29 Pharaoh –it isn’t yours… Moses –it’s mine, it’s all mine.e..! Pharaoh –the staff wants me. give it to me right now. Let me hold it. It belongs to the power of the Egyptian Gods. Muitch-Akahna –careful, lord, it may be dangerous… Pharaoh –I like poison…. And this seems to be a special poison…
  30. 30. 30 Pharaoh –ouch! She bit me..!
  31. 31. 31 Pharaoh -what're you doing here, Moses? why have you returned? Moses -I didn't come in my name, I came in name of the Lord. Pharaoh -in my name? Moses -no, in the name of the Supreme Lord. Pharaoh -it's what I said, you're talking about me ..translation: I. Moses -I'm talking about the Highest one, the biggest of all. Pharaoh -so, yeah, it's me...why insists on talking about me? what happened to your eyes? why are they so yellow? Moses -well, this morning.. .
  32. 32. 32 Pharaoh –I understood… the poison of the snake… this is a sativa snake…fucking good stuff this shit, huhn!! Where did you got this one, Moses…?
  33. 33. 33 Pharaoh –tell me, Moses, how much does it costs 1000 units of this one? Moses doesn't really understands what's the pharaoh referring to. Moses -I-I .. I don't know.. I've found it occasionally... this belongs to the Lord.. the pharaoh claps twice, calling Muitch-Akahna. Muitch-Akahna -yes, your majes... Pharaoh -what the fucking majesty what?! I'm you fucking pharaoh! Muitch-Akahna -yes, your highn.. Pharaoh -don't fucking "highness" me, I'm not your fucking king, no.. Muitch-Akahna -yes, your divinity... Pharaoh -it's beeeeetter... Muitch-Akahna, this man is Moses.. Muitch-Akahna -Oh...the one of the little basket..? Pharaoh -he's working for the Lord, do you know him? Muitch-Akahna -I do...
  34. 34. 34 Pharaoh -and who is it?it Muitch-Akahna -you, Sir.. -pointing at the Pharaoh. Pharaoh -no, no, not this Lord...the other one. Muitch-Akahna -that I know there's no other, it only exists one.. Pharaoh -ye, Moses, who's this other Lord..? Moses -it's my Lord.Lo Pharaoh -so you recognize that I'm your Lord? Moses -no, my Lord is another.. Pharaoh -so there are two of me!! -(hideous constatation) Muitch-Akahna -no, pharaoh, the Lord is just one..on Moses -there's only one Lord of MINE! Pharaoh -it's what I said, it's me.. Pharaoh –listen Moses, I don't know what your pretensions are, but, whatever it is, it's all negotiable, if you understand what I mean.. what do you think of bringing your Lord to my presence, so that we can have a man conversation? Moses -sir... I don't think I'll be able to do this.. ..the pharaoh grabs his sword and put it in Moses neck Pharaoh -you're trying to say that he cannot come in my presence?!?!? I want his presence here!! The pharaoh walks back, puts down the sword, seeing that Moses is shaking the head saying so.. they look to each other. .Moses shakes the head, saying " yes" to the pharaoh.. the pharaoh going back, yet, with the sword still in hand, looking at him...: the scene was the common sense that ‘your god won’t impose over mine’. Pharaoh -how dare you defy the emperor!? The pharaoh looks to Muitch-Akahna... - Pharaoh --... it's the convivence!! And he looks back to Moses. Then he puts up the sword and seats in his chair Pharaoh -you're a brave man, Moses, I like that. I don't like false and tricky persons.. cowards who hide.. behind the curtains.. The pharaoh looks at Muitch-Akahna... Pharaoh -make me an offer.. tell me, what's your price? Moses -I don't want money, Majesty.. Pharaoh (putting the hand on the forehead) -every man has a price, tell me yours, what do you want in exchange? We've got flour.. the Pharaoh's cornflakes's the best of the Egypt.. even better than California's. Moses -I want the freedom of my people! Pharaoh -but you all are free already, just cannot leave...well, this is a complicated complication.. it's a complication that involves more than 1000 units of this.. your people's a complicated people.. have been bringing me a lot of problem, since you all appeared here.. the Egypt..I feel something has modified, I feel that.. we received a sinister influence.. It's sinister, bro, sinister..!.. a superstition…
  35. 35. 35 Pharaoh --the macabre… the enemy…the contrary.. . These adorations of yours, these songs of praise.. ya know, like, something.. iaaaooouuuiii- aiiieeuuuususaiuueaiaiiuuauu-eeeellllIIIIee eiiaaaauu-, looks like you all crying, look like emo's... on the other side, you all have behaved, you all pay your taxes in days, are not of createconfusions...we've got used to you all here. I want 100000. A hundred thousand units of this. And I free your people. In this moment, the pharaoh's wife enters --Ramses!! big.. a tragedy, Sir.. Tutehk-Ah Minus.. died.. the lightning of this morning.. he was just in the Cilus.. Pharoh -noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!! he panics Moses- the ten plagues.. Pharaoh -what are you talking about?!?!?! Moses feels really unsafe now, because the plagues got inverted. Moses -this is what I came to tell you.. the good news, remember?... This is the notice I bring.. Pharaoh -the good news is the death of Tutehk-Ah Minus!?! And where's Tutehk-Ah-Dminus?! Slave -it's in the room with his mother.. Pharaoh -and where's Tutehk-Ah Bigger?! Slave -in the room with his other mother.. Pharaoh -and where's Tutehk-Ah-Toomuch? Slave -I don't know my Lord.. Pharaoh -I'm a cursed I only have 149 children!! cut the fucking chitchat, Moses, what're talking about, what the Lord told you!? Moses thinks with himself: God -take a note, I can see you're gonna end up mixing things up.. - Moses desperately looks for the paper and realizes it's the 10th plague. Moses -he said... that he was gonna throw 10 plagues in Egypt if you don't free my people.. I mean, our people, mine and his.. unfortunately, you sir is not part of it, actually, you all are not part of it, that's why the plague will only fall over you people. Pharaoh -what's up with this "plague" conversation"?!?! Moses -My Lord looked for me early today, he appeared in the shape of a tree on fire, and said he'll throw the ten plagues if you don't free my people. Pharaoh -I see, and why would I give freedom for your people, just because a tree on fire talked to you…? You could have spoken with Phoenix and misunderstood it… Moses -it was not a tree.. if you don't free my people, thy people will be punished. Pharaoh -you ignore my Gods, thinks that I don't have any protection, thinks my Gods will watch silently your threats.. why do you think I should believe in your God and not in mine? Moses -because mine's the one and only truth..
  36. 36. 36 Pharaoh -Enough!! Enough of blasphemy! -and puts the sword on Moses's neck. Pharaoh -what happened, your god abandoned you?! Moses -my God would never abandon me. Pharaoh -and why fears? Moses -I don't fear for me, but for my people.. Pharaoh -your people don't care for you, they don't even believe you're able to save them.. Moses -my people's tired, without hopes.. Pharaoh -and what do you hope? Moses -it's part of our ideas, are things we believe, this keeps us united.. Pharaoh -it's true, you all look like a lost flock, vacating through the desert, creating confusion everywhere you pass.. Moses -one day we'll arrive in the promised land.. Pharaoh -that's what your god promised you? a land just for you all? Moses -yes.. Pharaoh -and perhaps this land wasn't Egypt? Moses -no... Pharaoh -then, why didn't your people leave when they could? Moses -somethings happened... Pharaoh -I see.. and now you come to ask me to free your people, so then you can guide them to a place that God indicated you? Moses -exactly. Pharaoh -do you really believe you speak with God? Moses -yes.. he has the shape of a tree on fire, that one I told you.. Pharaoh -tree.? ..would it be Isis, Muitch-Akahna? Muitch-Akahna -I don't think so, he spoke in Hebrew.. Moses -it's his official language. Pharaoh -and why didn't he come after me? it would be easier than look for an old man.. Moses -because you're not Hebrew... and I'm not that old. Pharaoh -our nation has three thousand years, we're the mother of all civilization, you think Osiris, Ra, Isis, Seth and the others are no match for your God? It's sixteen against one! Moses -but mine fights better, he has a plan, won't confront all of them at once. Pharaoh -Gods are not cowards...! Pharaoh -and what're the plans of your God? Moses -he didn't tell me how the fight will be, all I know it's that will be ten plagues, one for each god. And in the end I'll cross the Red Sea through thewaters Pharaoh -so it's all settled.. and I'll fuck myself...? Moses -well, the word's not quite this, but... That’s it. Pharaoh -and when will that be? Moses -tomorrow, with the blood in the Nile Pharaoh -very well, so be it. You'll see that your God is not even for the Gods of Egypt. Moses -please, my Lord, we don't want to cause you no harm, free my people and we'll go in peace.. Pharaoh -you should've thought about this before entering here. Peace??!’s this what you people look for..? was the Egypt the peace to you..? Moses –no…
  37. 37. 37 Pharaoh –maybe the desert be… . I don’t talk of the Pyramids, neither of its gain, but of the river, of the sun.. of the soil and of the wind… of that which’s beyond your thoughts… of the earth that isn’t yours, and will never be. You like of prophesying, of threatening with your occurrence and of what you’re able to cause: and this is the prophecy that I do, of the Egyptian Gods, to thy people: you will never get out of the desert: and just as the bones of your bodies, wherever you go, along with your God, you will be taking the desert. Moses -it's not my people's fault.. Pharaoh -fault!? The fault was never beyond thy people … . Moses delivers the paper to the Pharaoh and leaves the room… The Ten Plagues : 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Water to blood Frogs Gnats or Lice Flies Livestock diseased Boils Thunder and hail Locusts Darkness Death of the Firstborn After reading that... Pharaoh -I don't know, I feel a bad premonition... Muitch-Akahna -My Lord, this old man's crazy.. he must've taken some booze.. he's talking a lot of shit.. locusts, darkness, blood in the water.. he'll pass through a big shame tomorrow ..something tells me that it's that staff that he carries.. it must have magical powers..
  38. 38. 38 Rises the Third Day... Pharaoh -Muitch-Akahna, the waters got red!! Muitch-Akahna -must be a trick.. he probably threw dyeing in the waters.. Pharaoh -command call Moses. Muitch-Akana –crazy old man… what did you guys thought of him..? Jah –he doesn’t know swimming… Careh -Jacaré teaches to swim..
  39. 39. 39 Moses returns. Pharaoh -very well, Moses, how did you transform water in wine?! Moses -it wasn't me, it was my Lord, I told you, it's the first plague.. Pharaoh -all right, make him stop. Moses -I can't, you must free my people. Pharaoh -are you fucking crazy?! There's money rolling in there man, I don't need to pay no one's salary, why would I fuckin' free them? It wasn’t I whom slavered thy people: you people already arrived here slaves. Get out! I'll take providence. Moses -yes.. -and gets out. Pharaoh -we need to talk to Mun-Ra! Muitch-Akahna -It's Ra, Sir... Pharaoh -Call him now!! Muitch-Akahna -sir, did you forget that our gods don't speak? Pharaoh -and why don't they speak? Muitch-Akahna -I mean, actually they do, it's just that we don't listen.. Pharaoh -it gives in pretty much the same.. Muitch-Akahna -well, actually they don't listen.. Pharaoh -cut the idiocy, and order Mun-Ra to clean Nile's water now!!!!! Muitch-Akahna -sir, I can't command the gods.. Pharaoh -so you ask, then.. Muitch-Akahna -but sir.. we don't ask nothing to the gods, we just love them, worship, sing and dance for them... Pharaoh -and what about the offerings, rituals.. statues, the pyramids..?! Muitch-Akahna -my Lord, it's only to reverence them, we don't want anything in exchange. Pharaoh -but.. what now?!?! Don't they see what's happening..?!?!..They'll keep in silence, watching us being screwed up, fuck ourselves, what the fuck is this?!?!?!?! Muitch-Akahna -Sir, you're stressed.. Moses didn’t happen in the Egypt.. he happened to his people… Pharaoh -I don't know.. I think their system seems more interesting.. one God only, personalized attendance, efficient, immediate result... Pharaoh - ... guarantees, commitments... a bilateral agreement where the parts feel mutually obliged... It's a system of those that I want to implant here in Egypt.. what is it worth a crocodile god?!?!?!? Muitch-Akahna -you sir are scared with the happening….. Pharaoh -okay, I am blaspheming! But because they forgot us! Muitch-Akahna -they didn't forget.. we were never remembrance of them… Pharaoh –and we’re what for them…? Muitch-Akahna -we are not slaves… and neither without land, neither famine ones… they didn’t abandon us.. Muitch-Akahna –they are as plagues… but just as the plagues appear, they disappear, in the nature… The Pharaoh breathes… Pharaoh -but this is very serious! We need to do something.. order to call Moses again. Maybe their God have tricked our Gods also.. he spoke that his God had a plan, this people are clever, their God must very well want to deceive ours, really… Our Gods don’t speak his word..
  40. 40. 40 Pharaoh –what will we do, then..? Muitch-Akahna –wait that they get out, and find what they're looking for, far from Egypt. If the Egypt be destroyed as he prophesized there won’t be food anymore, and there won’t be motive for them to stay anymore. Maybe our Gods understand that this be the natural way of solving things up: By the food they came, and by the food they will go: because the hunger it’s their god. Who else would destroy the waters of the earth to show his power…? The Escape… Moses –forces of the nature…! I in my name..! wind, water, earth and air…! I command!! … God –Moses… ..[!] I didn’t know that you controlled the forces of the nature.. you forgot of the fire.. Moses –no, my Lord, it’s in thy name that I've invoked the nature.. God –thy concordance continues wrong…and in this way, you’ll not get to separate the waters.. . Moses –I didn’t understand, it was in thy name that I did the action.. God –no, the action that you did was in the name of the nature.. you didn’t wait for my command.. It was I whom obeyed to yours… by count of this, I will leave you alone with thy command Moses –but what do I do now..? God –give it your way to separate the waters… isn’t it you whom controls the staff..?..
  41. 41. 41 Moses –step away… I don’t know what will happen, but I’m able of doing it , in His name. everything I can in that whom gave me the capacity of imagining an impossible escape… People –careful with this, Moses, this may be radioactive…! Moses - what now, in the sea or in the earth..?!
  42. 42. 42 Moses –step-away..! I am learning to control the staff.. . you guys are behaving equal as in the tavern.. the fire will guide us at night, and the clouds will guide us in the day.
  43. 43. 43 God -what're you doing, Moses??!? -pissed off already. Moses -I'm trying, but I can't... -still fighting the staff, hitting it on the contrary with it in the floor, instead of hitting with the tale, he hits with the head. Then a bomb explodes in the form of a huge mushroom on the other side of the Red Sea. God (thinks) -I hope that it didn't hit another city... -.-'! God -Moses, raise this staff right!!!! -calling his attention. Moses raises the staff, but he moves it up and down too many times and ends up standing a huge tsunami. All the Hebrews run back, and part of the Pharaoh's army as well -some were already close; the guards Tutehk-Ah More and Tutehk-Ah Less came along- all afraid of the big wave that's forming close to the beach where they are. People –run-away!!!! Let’s go back to the Egypt!!!! God -but what's going on??! Hit this staff on the floor!! Now!!! Moses -but the sea, Sir?! And as the wave approaches, God interferes once again and sends the wave away. Moses, determined, looks to the staff and, in the time he's gonna make it, the staff turns into snake and enters in the sea. Moses -Guards, get my snake!!
  44. 44. 44 Guards -what?!?!?! --are you crazy, old man..?! you brought us here to kill us..?! Moses -grab my stick, in the name of the Lord!! Guards -okay.. -and squeezes Moses's balls. Moses falls in the earth on his knees. God -what happened, Moses, what're you doing? Moses -help meeeee...! God –what happened, Moses..? what are you doing..? Moses [laid on the floor, holding his balls] – I've lost my stick..(!)
  45. 45. 45
  46. 46. 46 God -Oh..! it doesn't serve for anything, never really did..! it seems thatI'll have toopenthisseaalone.. andthen,the Lord says- Alakazahmm!! -and the sea opens God --go on, Moses, save thy people. Moses –sir, I do not control the nature… what can I do in thy name..? why that everything that you teach me has to be through suffering..? why did you adopted the repentance as the form of life of thy people..? God –I didn’t give you the Egypt, because none father would take off from a son to give to another: unless the father was giving that which wasn’t His [a menos que o pai desse aquilo que não fosse dele]. The desert was the place that I chose to you people: it was from where you came, to where you will come back. It was what I promised to your fathers, and this will be your story: you will teach to all your generations, everything that you’ve learned with the nature of the place: for that they think on what will they do, when they invade the land of other people, as if the entire earth were yours.
  47. 47. 47 The Serpent of God Bit the left side of my chest, left a huge wound ... this wound never closed. Its poison entrenched my life, I've felt weaker, often didn't know what I felt, I knew it was something that had to pass, trying, finding a way out. A being who didn't deserve to be there, stealing my moment of distraction, being the vedete [pt], calling the attention. In the stage scenes, I was, I am, I will always be the main actor. I will not be a mere supporting role. A rest, flurry, I'm more than that, I am eternal, infinite, I am immortal in this theater of life. I am what this animal does not reach. I did not die of its poison, I've survived the fatal bite: I’ve found an antidote, the secret of the infernal creature: its bite doesn't kill, only causes some harm. Serpent –venomous, I…?