A Buffyverse Bachelor Challenge: Chapter One


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A Buffyverse Bachelor Challenge: Chapter One

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A Buffyverse Bachelor Challenge: Chapter One

  1. 1. A Buffyverse Bachelor Challenge: Part OneBy RoseFyreSo. Here is the actual BC. Um, I warn you, things get a bit…crazy? Enjoy!Also, as a lot of the pictures were taken during the actual playing, please ignore any speech/thought bubbles and suchthings.Oh, also, going to give a blanket warning here for language. This BC has Rissa Chandler in it, people. There will be cursing.---Still don’t own Joss, the Buffyverse, or anything that comes from that…or even most of the sims in this!
  2. 2. “A Bachelor Challenge? You want me to participate in a Bachelor Challenge?”“As the bachelor, not one of the contestants.”“But…a Bachelor Challenge?”
  3. 3. Rose nervously brushed a stray hair behind her ear. “You’ve talked about how you want to find love. And, well, Iconsidered just trying to set you up with someone, but…I didn’t think you would take that well. A BachelorChallenge would give you the ability to choose.”“But aren’t there rules? About getting married at the end? What if I don’t like any of the girls?”Rose shook her head. “You have to choose one girl as the winner, yes, but you don’t have to get married. Iwouldn’t force you into that.”Liam sighed. “I suppose you already have the girls lined up.”She blushed. “Possibly?”He sighed again. “Alright, hit me with it.”
  4. 4. Rose took seven pieces of paper out of her bag and placed them on the table. “These are the seven girls, thoughthere’s a couple people I could ask if any of them don’t work.”Liam nodded, then began reading the files. He read each of them, lingering on two. “You have got to be kiddingme.”“What?”He shoved the two files across the table. “These two!”“Liam, I assure you, I was very careful in picking all of the girls–”
  5. 5. “Daddy!”Both of them looked down at the interruption.“Hey Kathy. What are you doing down here?”She babbled something incomprehensible and raised her arms in an obvious plea to be picked up. Liam obliged.
  6. 6. “Sorry. She wanted her daddy and wasn’t about to take no for an answer.” Elle came into the room, followed byStuart and their son Caleb.“It’s okay. We were about to get into an argument anyway.”“What about?” Stuart asked. He grabbed a xylophone from the bookshelf and put it – and Caleb – on the ground.Once Kathy saw Caleb’s new toy, she immediately made it clear that she wanted one too. Luckily, they had another,and soon both toddlers were happily banging away.
  7. 7. Elle and Stuart joined Liam and Rose at the table. “What were you two discussing?” Elle asked.Liam swiftly summarized their decision up to that point. “It’s not a terrible idea,” he conceded. “I’m worried abouthow long it would take, though. I don’t want to be away from Kathy for too long.”“That part isn’t a problem,” Rose interjected. “Time manipulation is well within my powers. So while a week wouldpass for you – and the seven women – only an afternoon would pass here. You’ve been away from Kathy for thatlong before.”“Yes, for work. Not for something like this.”
  8. 8. “It does sound like it might be a good thing for you, Liam,” Stuart said. “It has been obvious that you are lonely.”Liam looked away. “I have you guys and Kathy.” The other three exchanged glances. “I – yeah. Sometimes I’mjealous of you. Not – I’m not in love with Elle or anything. But what you guys have.”Stuart nodded. “You want a partner. A Bachelor Challenge, especially without a forced marriage at the end, mightnot be a bad way to find that person.”“Especially if Rose did a good job of picking the girls,” Elle said.Liam frowned and shoved the papers at Elle. She read each one, passing them to Stuart when she was done.“All of them look like they could be good choices,” she said, “though obviously it’s up to you. And what works onpaper doesn’t always work in the real world.”
  9. 9. “Two of them are from Apocalypses.”“I’m from an Apocalypse, Liam.”“But I’m not looking to date you!”“If that’s going to be a serious issue, I could probably find replacements,” Rose said. “Ori said she might havesomeone, and I could probably ask Lauri or Pen…”Elle placed her hand on Liam’s arm. “Don’t hold it against them, Liam. They can’t help their backgrounds anymorethan we can.”He knew she was right. “Alright. I’ll try not to.”
  10. 10. “Are we all set to go, then?” Rose asked. She gathered the papers into a pile and put them back in her bag.“I guess, but – when are we going to do this? And I know there’s stuff I have to do, how will I know what andwhen?”“I was thinking tomorrow, if that’s okay.”“I don’t have work tomorrow, that could work.” He turned to Elle and Stuart. “If one of you could watch Kathy forthe afternoon.”“Certainly,” Stuart said. “Neither of us has work tomorrow; we can watch Caleb and Kathy easily.”
  11. 11. “As for the other stuff, there will be a computer in one of the rooms – I’ll email you the instructions. You’ll get thereearlier than the girls, so you’ll have time to read them. And if you have any questions, I’ll be watching. Just askwhatever you need and I’ll tell you.”“You’ll be watching? Everything?”“Pretty much, though not the bathrooms or your bedroom. I’ll mostly be there to make sure nothing goes horriblywrong, or in case you need anything. I won’t interfere, Liam. This is your choice.”He closed his eyes for a second. “Alright. But you had better keep that promise about the bathrooms.”“Don’t worry about that.” Rose looked around. “Would it make you feel better if Elle and Stuart were there to makesure I don’t go overboard?”
  12. 12. Liam turned to the couple. “Would you?”“Of course,” Elle said. Stuart nodded in agreement.“Then yes.”“Okay then,” Rose said, clapping her hands together. “We’ll meet tomorrow at noon at my house.”“Why not here?”“It’s easier for me to control things at my lot.”“Alright. See you tomorrow, then.” ***
  13. 13. The next afternoon, Liam, Elle, Stuart, Kathy, and Caleb all arrived at Rose’s house.“Your house looks like mine did when I was growing up,” Liam said once they were inside.Rose blushed. “I built it to comply with Apocalypse restrictions and never really changed that – though I have addedsome of the stuff that wasn’t allowed at the beginning. I live by myself. I don’t really need more space than this.”Liam nodded. “Alright. Let’s get this started.” He kissed Kathy and put her on the floor. “I’ll see you in a fewhours, sweetie.”
  14. 14. Rose took a deep breath. “Liam,” she said firmly. He turned to look at her. “Promise me that you’ll at least try tohave a good time. I won’t force you into anything, but I want you to keep your mind open.”He nodded solemnly. “I promise.”She smiled. “Thanks.”
  15. 15. Then Rose waved her hand and Liam disappeared.Kathy looked up. “Daddy?”Elle knelt next to her. “Your daddy will be home in a few hours, sweetie. Why don’t you and Caleb play for a bit?”“Okay!” Kathy pulled Caleb into a hug. “Love Daddy. Love Caleb too.”Luckily for Caleb, Rose had gotten an activity table, which distracted Kathy from choking him to death. Bothtoddlers quickly made their way to it as the three adults sat on the couch.
  16. 16. Rose adjusted some things and turned on the TV. “Great,” she said, “looks like that’s all ready to–”She was interrupted by the doorbell ringing.Rose went to answer the door. “Xander! What are you doing here?”“Liam said something about a Bachelor Challenge and how you were watching, and that he wanted people he trustedwatching as well.”She rolled her eyes, but smiled. “Well, you’re welcome. Come on in.”
  17. 17. “So,” Xander asked, “how does this work?”“Well, I’ve set Liam up in a house – it’s actually based on my friend Cait’s house, though not exact – with all of thethings that will be needed for the week. Once he’s settled in and has the instructions for the week, I’ll put the sevengirls there. Then there are some scheduled activities and some free time, and by the end of the week, he has tochoose a girl.”“Right. Who are the girls?”“Glad you asked.” Rose pressed a button on the remote and a picture came up on the screen.
  18. 18. “I think we’ll introduce them in alphabetical order by first name, to be fair.First we have Cassiopeia – or Cassie – Pleasant, who comes from the town of Familiarity. She’s the alien daughter ofElsie Pleasant, one of a set of twins, and connected to the Familiars – the main family of that town – through Elsie’shusband Ezra Capp and her two half-brothers.She’s a Virgo Family Sim, with the personality of 10/3/10/2/3.”Elle looked confused. “What does that mean? The numbers, not the rest of it.”Rose smiled. “It’s a personality description. Trust me, it makes sense to me.”“Right,” Xander said.
  19. 19. “Okay, moving on. Next is Rissa Chandler–”“I thought you were going in alphabetical order?” Stuart interjected.“Her full name is Clarissa, but she goes by Rissa. She’s the heir to the Chandler family in Veronaville – or I shouldsay heiress. The Chandlers are matriarchal. Rissa is the youngest of three children by a large amount, as hersiblings were already in college when she was born.She’s a Virgo Knowledge/Romance Sim, with the personality of 10/2/10/1/3.”
  20. 20. “Third is Croissant Leive, a cousin of the Munster family from Chocolate Falls.”“…Croissant?” Xander asked, blinking.“Yes, that branch of the family are all named after pastries. Her mother is Cupcake, her uncle is Biscuit, her olderbrother and sister are Bagel and Muffin, and her cousins are Tim and Tam.”The three watchers blinked. “What is her personality?” Stuart finally asked.“Oh, right. She’s an Aquarius Family Sim, with a personality of 2/4/4/10/6.”
  21. 21. “After that is Keira Doran, who comes from Belladonna Cove. She’s a cousin of the main branch of Dorans, ratherthan actually part of the family, which is just as well – the main line Dorans don’t tend to have happy lives. She isnot directly related to the Morgans, the main family in Belladonna Cove, but she is related to the main simself ofBelladonna Cove, as well as the Fitzhugh family. Which means she’s a distant cousin of yours, Elle.”“I haven’t met her.”“Not in this incarnation, no. She’s the middle of three children, with an older brother and a younger brother. She’san Aries Family Sim, with a personality of 6/10/9/5/1.”
  22. 22. “Fifth is Koriand’r Doran, who–”“Any relation to Keira?” Xander asked.Rose had to think for a moment. “I believe they’re…let’s see. Second cousins, as Keira is Ed’s granddaughter andKori – she prefers to be called Kori – is Xavier’s granddaughter, and Ed and Xavier are brothers. Kori is also notfrom the main branch of the Doran Family, but instead from Veronaville–”“Isn’t Rissa from Veronaville?” Elle asked.“Different Veronaville. It’s…complicated. Anyway, Kori’s Veronaville is a neighborhood undergoing an Apocalypse.Her grandfather Xavier was the founder, and she is the heiress of her generation.Kori is the middle of three girls, a Virgo Family/Romance Sim with a personality of 10/5/7/4/9.”
  23. 23. “After that is Lirael Stark, who comes from the town of Winterfell, which is also undergoing an Apocalypse. She ispart of the main family, one of four girls, who are split into two sets of twins. She is the younger twin of theyounger pair. The heirship of her generation has not yet been decided, so it is possible that Lirael will be heiress.”“How far into their Apocalypses are both of these girls?” Elle asked.“Kori is from the third generation, Lirael is from the fifth. Anyway, Lirael is a Cancer Knowledge Sim with apersonality of 9/5/7/7/6.”
  24. 24. “And finally, we have Lydia Legacy, who comes from Simshire, where she is a cousin of the main family in thatneighborhood, the Austens.” Rose looked at Stuart. “She’s also your cousin, as her grandfather is Stanley Legacy ofRegalton.”Stuart raised an eyebrow. “I do not know her.”“No, you wouldn’t. Anyway, she’s the youngest of four children, all of whom have names beginning with L. She’s aScorpio Family/Knowledge Sim, with a personality of 8/6/10/10/1.” Rose took a deep breath. “And so,” she said,“those are the contestants.”
  25. 25. Rose flipped channels again and peered at the TV. “Looks like Liam is about ready to start. Shall we watch?”Xander smiled. “Sure.”She sat down again, pulling up a chair as Xander had taken the third seat on the couch. “You know, it’s probably forthe best that you guys didn’t tell Liam that you knew about this before he did.”Elle smiled. “Probably. He would’ve felt cornered.”“Yeah, not a good thing. Not a good thing at all.” ***
  26. 26. Meanwhile, at the Bachelor Challenge house, Liam had read the instructions, leaving the email in his inbox – so hecould check each day for what he had to do. The first day looked pretty easy: meet the girls and do whatever hewanted. It didn’t get more complicated until the second day.He looked up at the ceiling. “Alright,” he said, “send them in.”Then he headed outside.
  27. 27. When Liam got outside, he saw seven girls standing and chatting.He took a deep breath, then turned to face them.
  28. 28. “Hi, I’m Kori,” the redhead said. “You’re cute.”Liam was a bit shocked at her forwardness. “Well, uh, thanks,” he said. “You’re a bit forward.”“Is that a bad thing?”He backed away without saying anything and went to look for someone else to talk to.
  29. 29. The next couple of girls also started flirting immediately, making Liam wonder why Rose had picked girls whoseemed so forward.Were they all here to stalk him? He wasn’t sure he quite liked that much attention, no matter how pretty all of thewomen were.And they were all pretty, he’d noticed that.
  30. 30. A couple of minutes later, Kori came up to him again. “I’m sorry we got off on the wrong foot. I do think you’reattractive, but I’d also like to get to know you.”“Thanks,” Liam said. He still wasn’t sure about her, but he didn’t want to be rude this early.Cassie turned to him then. “Want to play catch?”“Sure.”
  31. 31. “You throw pretty hard.” That ball had hurt when he’d caught it.Cassie shrugged. “All’s fair in love and catch.”Liam grinned. “Only if you can take it as well as you give it.”“Try me.”“Oh, I will.”
  32. 32. “Thanks for playing,” Cassie said quietly when they’d finished.Liam smiled. “Of course.”“I guess I should let you spend some time with the others, huh?”He looked around, noticing a few girls lurking in the background. “It would be fair, I suppose. But we can hang outmore later.”She smiled broadly. “I’d love that.”
  33. 33. Cassie wandered off, and Liam found himself talking to one of the girls he hadn’t met yet.“So you’re the bachelor, huh?”“Yes. I’m Liam.”“Rissa. Not sure what I’m doin’ here, but Rose and Fire thought it would be a good idea, so I figured why not.”“Well, thanks for coming, I guess.”
  34. 34. Rissa wandered off to go talk to someone else, and Kori found him again. “You have something on your shirt,” shesaid as she brushed it off. “I think it’s a leaf.”“…Thanks.”“No problem.”As she wandered off again, Liam frowned thoughtfully.
  35. 35. Then he wandered inside and opened the buffet, setting out plates of turkey, salad, and jello. He knew that the girlsmight not be hungry, and neither was he, but he figured if he put the food out now, it would be ready wheneveranyone wanted it.Then he headed back outside.
  36. 36. Once outside, he found himself chatting with Rissa again. It was kind of refreshing that she wasn’t flirting with him.And even though she was snarky, he liked her sense of humor.
  37. 37. While he and Rissa chatted, the other girls occupiedthemselves, getting to know each other, exploring the house,and finally going for the food.
  38. 38. Lirael found him after Rissa headed off for a bit. She put a hand on his shoulder. “So, Lily said that you’re from anApocalypse neighborhood. How is that going?”“It’s over, thank God,” Liam said. He looked at her hand on his shoulder and moved so that it would fall off, as hewas not yet comfortable with that level of familiarity. “I have no interest in going back to that again.”She stiffened slightly. “Do you have a problem with Apocalypses?”“Yes, actually. Why?”
  39. 39. Lirael pulled back. “I’m from an Apocalypse. Does that mean you have a problem with me?”“A small one, yes. I’m trying not to let it influence me.”“If I had known I wouldn’t have a chance I wouldn’t have let Lily and Lyra convince me to come.”Liam sighed. “I am trying.”“Great. Thanks.”
  40. 40. “Look,” he said, “I’m trying to be nice. I had a pretty sucky life in the Apocalypse that I grew up in, and yes, it mademe who I am. And who I am doesn’t like Apocalypses. But I’m trying not to be prejudiced, and that’s the best thatI can do.”“Don’t poke me.”“Fine. I won’t. I’ll go talk to someone else.”“You do that.”
  41. 41. Neither of them was happy with the way their conversation had gone – or with each other.Liam knew he was being biased, but he also thought he was justified, and that Lirael didn’t have a right to tell himwhat to or not to think.At least some of the other girls seemed nice.
  42. 42. Though at least one of them was too nice.Liam wasn’t quite sure what to make of Kori – she seemed almost desperate for him to like her, which made himmore nervous around her.And her smiles were slightly creepy.
  43. 43. At least she was paying attention, though. Some of the other bachelorettes hadn’t even stopped to talk to him, nomatter that he was the bachelor and supposedly the focus of the whole thing.
  44. 44. And she wasn’t being nearly as violent as Lirael.“Look, Mister Biased-Against-Apocalypses, I can’t help where I come from. It’s not my fault I’m from an Apocalypse,and it’s not my fault I might be heiress. You’re the one with an issue here.”“You’re the one poking me!”“You’re the one who poked me first!”
  45. 45. Liam shook his head and walked inside. There was no way he and Lirael were ever going to get along.
  46. 46. Unfortunately, Lirael followed him, leading to yet another argument.The day was quickly turning into a disaster, and if it hadn’t been for Cassie and Rissa, Liam probably would have quitright then. There was one girl who was coming on way too strong, one girl who couldn’t seem to stand him, andthree who had pretty much completely ignored him so far.But he’d promised Rose that he would at least try, so he did.
  47. 47. That didn’t stop him from being upset, and it didn’t stop everyone from noticing.
  48. 48. “You know, you don’t deserve her being such a bitch.”“You think so?”“Don’t let her get to you. Just do your thing. Worst case, you can send her home tomorrow.”Liam smiled. “Thanks.” He looked to the side, where a stereo was playing. “Hey, do you want to dance?”
  49. 49. He spent a while dancing with Rissa, which brought him out of the funk he’d been in.
  50. 50. And then he danced some with Cassie, which was just as nice.
  51. 51. And then, when he was about to switch back to Rissa, Lirael came over and poked him again, which put him rightback into it.
  52. 52. While Liam headed off to go get dinner (and avoid Lirael in the process), Rissa pulled Lirael to the side and punchedher in the shoulder. “You’re being a fuckin’ bitch. If you don’t like him, just leave him alone. Don’t ruin the wholegoddamn thing for everyone else.”“He decided to be a jerk first.”“And you’re the one who’s kept it going. What, did your mother raise you to be an ass or somethin’?”Lirael glared back at Rissa, rubbing her arm. “My mother raised me perfectly well, thank you very much. You do notinsult my mother.”“Then shut the hell up or I’ll kick your ass back to whatever shithole you came from.”
  53. 53. Liam brooded over his dinner. He needed to push through this – he could send Lirael home at noon. That meantonly another seventeen or so hours with her, and some of that time would be spent asleep.However, if tomorrow wasn’t better, he was going home, no matter what Rose wanted.
  54. 54. Eventually he was joined by a number of the bachelorettes, including Lirael.Kori managed to keep Lirael occupied with discussion about their respective Apocalypses while Liam continued tobrood, only giving short answers to direct questions. At least Lirael wasn’t poking him at the table.
  55. 55. Once again, it was Rissa who managed to pull him out of his funk once dinner was over. “So what’s on the schedulefor tomorrow?”“Nothing until noon. Then there’s hot tubs and chatting.”“No flirting?”“Not tomorrow. The next day.”“Too bad. I wouldn’t mind flirtin’ with you.”Liam grinned. “I wouldn’t mind flirting with you either.”
  56. 56. Cassie came over then. “I’m headed for bed, but…would you mind a hug first?”Liam smiled. “Not at all.” He held his arms open and Cassie leaned in. They hugged lightly, then she smiled andslipped out of the room, headed to the girls’ bedroom.
  57. 57. However, when Kori came over, hoping for a hug before bed as well, Liam leaned back. “Sleep well,” he said.“I – thanks.”Then he headed for his bedroom. Kori bit her lip nervously as she watched him go.
  58. 58. As he climbed into bed, he really hoped that the next day would be better.At least a few good things had happened, despite the issues.
  59. 59. The next morning, Liam woke early, feeling pretty good.He stretched, then showered and dressed for the day.Today was going to be better. He would make it be better.
  60. 60. He wasn’t the only one up early, though, unlike Liam, a number of the girls didn’t bother getting dressed beforebreakfast.In fact, they didn’t even bother waiting for Liam to refill the buffet, choosing instead to ignore the turkey and salad,which were both going bad, instead heading straight for the jello.
  61. 61. He refilled it anyway; he rather wanted some fresh food himself.
  62. 62. He didn’t have time to get a plate before Lirael came into the kitchen, which led to yet another argument.“If you weren’t such a self-centered–”“Damn it, Lirael! I’m not the one who arranged this thing! I’m not the one who picked the contestants!”She poked him again. “You’re still being a jerk.”“I’m trying to do my best. And it doesn’t look like my best is ever going to be good enough for you.”“Only because you started out biased against me.”“I’m not having this conversation any more. I need breakfast.” He turned to the buffet, ignoring Lirael’s pointed glare.
  63. 63. Yet again, he was interrupted in his quest for food.“I saw what happened,” Kori said. “If you need any help…”Liam leaned back. “Look, just leave me alone. I need to eat.”
  64. 64. Food did help a bit, as did a bit of chatting with Cassie.“So I saw you cleaning the bathroom this morning.”“I hope you don’t mind, it was, well, it wasn’t that messy. But it was messy enough.”“I understand what you mean completely.”“Then you don’t mind?”“Not at all. Just invite me next time.”“I will.”
  65. 65. It was just as well that Liam had had a good conversation with Cassie, or what happened next would have made himgo home.Lirael slapped him in the face. Hard.“Just because you think you’re done doesn’t mean you are. I wasn’t finished having this argument!”“Well I was, and I am!” He raised his hand to slap her back but checked himself at the last minute. Hitting a girlwasn’t polite, though he was almost to the point of not caring. He let his hand drop. “We’re not going to get along.Let’s just ignore each other until you can go home.”
  66. 66. “You must be stressed,” Cassie said then, pulling him away from Lirael. “Do you want a backrub?”“That would be great, thanks.”As she rubbed his back, Liam began to relax again. The backrub felt very good, and it was clear that Cassie knewwhat she was doing. He smiled, and she smiled too as she felt him relax.
  67. 67. When the backrub was done, Cassie turned to leave. Liam stopped her. “Thank you,” he said. “I needed that.”“It was no problem. None at all.”
  68. 68. Then he and Cassie sat down for breakfast. Both of them chose to have jello, even though the other options wereavailable – something light sounded like a good start to the day.It was a breakfast full of good conversation, leaving both of them feeling refreshed and ready to start the day – eventhough the day had already started hours before.
  69. 69. Unfortunately, the calm from breakfast didn’t last very long. Lirael – who had just taken a shower – was waitingwhen Liam got up from the table, and this time he didn’t hold back.
  70. 70. And neither did she.
  71. 71. “Oh dear,” Kori whispered, as she watched them fight. “I don’t think this was planned.”Croissant shook her head. “No, I’m going to guess that it really really wasn’t.”Keira and Lydia, meanwhile, happily cheered for the fighters. Neither of them particularly cared who won, but bothfound it very fun to watch.
  72. 72. When the fight ended, Lirael stood victorious.Liam shook his head. “This has got to end.”
  73. 73. Kori, ever the peacemaker, quickly pulled Lirael into a chat, while Croissant distracted Liam. “You know, I think youhandled that really well. I mean, I don’t think she was the right choice for a bachelor challenge at all, you know?Though she seems kind of nice otherwise. Maybe she has guy issues. Anyway, I don’t think it’s your fault, at leastnot totally.”“Uh, thanks. I think.”
  74. 74. Luckily, soon after that, it was noon, and everyone quickly got organized on the back porch.“So I don’t think this is going to surprise anyone,” Liam said, “but Lirael, it’s time for you to go. We’re only going tofight more if you stay, and, frankly, I’m not going to let you ruin this for me. I promised that I would try to getalong with everyone, but this isn’t going to work.”
  75. 75. Lirael stood up. “Fine. I’ll go. And I’m never letting anyone talk me into participating in one of these again.”
  76. 76. And with that parting shot, she headed into the computer room and moved out of the house. ***
  77. 77. Back on The Hellmouth, the four watchers were all completely stunned.“How,” Rose said, putting her head in her hands, “did he mess that up so fucking badly?”Elle shook her head. “We shouldn’t have forced him to include girls from Apocalypses.”“We didn’t force him.”“Convinced. Close enough. Either way, it was a bad idea.”
  78. 78. Xander shook his head. “I don’t think it was entirely your fault, or even Liam’s. If Lirael had just ignored him, theywould have ended up, well, not friends, but not like this.”“It wasn’t all her fault either, though,” Rose said. “He pushed it too.”“She pushed it more.”She shook her head. “What am I going to tell Lily?”He shrugged. “You tried your best?”She rubbed her forehead. “Like that’s going to help.”
  79. 79. Stuart leaned forward. “Perhaps the second day will be better.”“I hope so,” Rose answered. “I really really hope so. Because that? Was pretty much the definition of a disaster.” ***
  80. 80. So, uh, scores!Cassie: 64/19 = 83, friendsRissa: 54/22 = 76Lydia: 0/0 = 0Keira: 0/0 = 0Croissant: 0/-4 = -4Kori: -11/1 = -10Lirael: -97/-98 = -195, mutual enemiesThis picture pretty much sums up Liam and Lirael’s relationship. They found each other very attractive, but foughtconstantly. But it wasn’t quite the argue-and-woohoo relationships some sims have. It was just…argue-and-heartfart?
  81. 81. Thanks go to everyone who I have borrowed sims from!Cassiopeia Pleasant – Familiar Faces by NdainyeClarissa Chandler – The Absolutely Crazy Matriarchy by thefireeternalCroissant Leive – The Munster Legacy by HurriKatyKeira Doran – The Morgan Legacy by fireflower314Koriand’r Doran – The Bass-ackwards Apocalypse by ladylarkruneLirael Stark – An Apocalypse of Ice by cobaltazureLydia Legacy – The Regacy by RegacyLadyElle Fitzhugh – A Villainous Apocalypse by smoothiequeen87Stuart Legacy – A Victorian Legacy by Dicreasy