A Buffyverse Bachelor Challenge: Chapter Four


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A Buffyverse Bachelor Challenge: Chapter Four

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A Buffyverse Bachelor Challenge: Chapter Four

  1. 1. A Buffyverse Bachelor Challenge: Part FourBy RoseFyreI…have nothing to say here. So let’s just move on, shall we?---Still don’t own Joss, the Buffyverse, or anything that comes from that…or even most of the sims in this!
  2. 2. “So what’s on the schedule for today?” Xander asked.“The usual,” Rose said, “hot tubs, chatting – sharing interests this time.”“And tomorrow morning?”“More flirting. Kissing’s not until he’s down to three girls.”
  3. 3. Elle hesitated, deciding to speak after a minute. “When do you think he’ll tell them about Kathy?”Stuart nodded. “They should know, should they choose to become involved in a relationship with him.”“You’re right. They should know about Liam having a daughter,” Rose said. She stood up. “I’ll email him, but I’mnot going to force him into telling. It needs to be his choice on when and how – but, yeah, anyone who gets intothat sort of a relationship should know about the other person’s children. So I’ll just tell him that he should tellthem, but not how or exactly when.”“Just point out that if he were entering a relationship with someone with kids, that he’d probably rather know,”Xander said. “And that the women are likely to as well.”
  4. 4. Rose nodded. “I’ll do that. Here.” She picked up the remote and unpaused the TV. “You guys start watching. I’llbe back down in a few minutes.” ***
  5. 5. After sending Keira home, Liam left the girls on the back porch and climbed into the hot tub.He had to admit, he was somewhat glad Keira was gone. He’d liked her a bit, but her habit of hottubbing naked wasfrankly unnerving.He wondered who would make it into his hot tub that day.
  6. 6. That question was soon answered, as first Lydia, then Cassie, and finally Rissa climbed into the tub with him, leavingCroissant to sit by herself in the other tub.
  7. 7. Cassie started the conversation by asking about kissing. “Kissing?” Liam said. “Well, of course I want to kiss you.But you know it’s not in the schedule for two more days.”Cassie pouted. “I wish it were sooner.”Rissa rolled her eyes and elbowed her. “He’s said that already, y’know.”
  8. 8. Lydia smiled at Cassie. It was not a very nice smile. “I’m sure you’ll quite enjoy the kissing. If you last that long,of course.”
  9. 9. Then she turned to Liam “Why don’t you have a TV in the house, Liam? We don’t have them back in Simshire, butI’ve heard enough that I’d like to try one.”He frowned as he looked at her; he hadn’t loved the tone she’d used with Cassie, who had just as much of a right tobe there as Lydia. “I didn’t set up the house,” he said. “I was shown to it and told that it was the house I’d be usingfor the Bachelor Challenge.” He shrugged. “I don’t think we need a TV, though. I’m fine with what we have.”
  10. 10. While Lydia and Rissa got into a discussion about the merits of various activities – Lydia was a fan of the pool table,while Rissa preferred the chess table – Cassie leaned in close to Liam again. “I do hope I get to stay for the kissing.”“Just…ignore Lydia. She’s not always the nicest person.”Cassie shook her head. “I will.”
  11. 11. That’s when Liam realized that the conversation on the other side of the hot tub had turned into a discussion abouthis attractiveness.He blushed a bit, then broke in.
  12. 12. “So I’m attractive, then?”Lydia smiled. “When you’re not being a broody bastard, yes.”He smiled back. “That’s good enough, I suppose.”
  13. 13. As he had in the days before, Liam opened the buffet table after he got out of the hot tub. It was early for dinner,but he was always hungry by that point, having not eaten since breakfast.
  14. 14. Unsurprisingly, all of the girls joined him, grabbing jello or salad as they wanted. Apparently, no one was in themood for turkey that day.
  15. 15. Liam didn’t usually mind sitting next to Croissant, but to be completely honest, her eating habits were disgusting.He tried not to wince when she burped in his face, but he couldn’t quite stop himself.He shared a glance with Rissa, down at the other end of the table. Her raised eyebrow showed that she thoughtexactly as he did about Croissant’s eating habits. Cassie’s smile was looking rather fixed, as well.
  16. 16. While taking a break from shoveling food into her mouth, Croissant turned to Lydia. “Do you want to play catchagain this afternoon? I really liked playing catch - it’s quite a lot of fun, though I didn’t think it would be anywherenear as much fun as it is.”Lydia glanced at Liam and shook her head. “No, I don’t think so.”Croissant shrugged. “Oh, well, alright. I guess we’re supposed to be chatting and stuff. What’s on the scheduleanyway?”“Just chats tonight. Sharing interests,” Liam said.
  17. 17. Croissant grinned as she finished her jello, then picked up the plate. “Sounds like fun!”
  18. 18. As Croissant was the first one done with dinner, she was unsurprisingly the first to join Liam for chats.“What are you interested in?” Liam asked Croissant. “I’m not entirely certain what to say here.”Croissant smiled. “Lots of things, really. I like my family and games and arts and crafts and puppies and eating andhaving fun and–” She continued, listing item after item.Liam blinked. “Is there anything in particular that’s your favorite?”
  19. 19. “Well, I love being outside. Outside is great. I like wandering around, but not hiking. Hiking requires too muchenergy.”“Isn’t it dirty out there?”“Getting dirty is half the point!”Liam shook his head. “Right.”
  20. 20. Next he moved on to Rissa.“So,” he said, “we’re supposed to talk about interests. What are your interests?”“Science. I’ve always liked science, from the time I was a kid. It’s awesome to figure somethin’ out in anexperiment, y’know? And explosions. Explosions are always good…long as no one gets hurt, I s’pose.”“It’s generally not a good idea to hurt someone, no.”
  21. 21. Rissa laughed. “I like your sense of humor. Pity I didn’t know you in high school. I bet you woulda been awesomeat pranks.”“You were a prankster?”“Only when I got bored. Which was a lot.”He smiled and shook his head. “I wouldn’t have had the guts to prank anyone.”“I bet I coulda convinced you.”He looked at her. “I bet you could’ve.”
  22. 22. “Interests?” Lydia asked when Liam came up to her when he was done talking to Rissa. “I like games quite a lot –pool tables are great. Sports are also good.”“So you did have fun hanging out with Croissant, then?”“I did. She’s insane, but fun.”
  23. 23. “Then why didn’t you want to play catch with her tonight?”“We’re here for you, you idiot. I didn’t want to be distracted and leave you to Cassie and Rissa.”“You didn’t have a problem doing that the first day.”“I didn’t like you the first day. And I didn’t want to get involved in whatever the hell was happening between youand Lirael.”“…Can’t blame you for that.”
  24. 24. “Hey, Liam,” Cassie said when he finally made his way over to her. “I guess I’m last.”He shrugged. “You didn’t search me out as quickly as the others. So, interests. What are you interested in?”“I’m really interested in science. I told you about being part-alien; I guess some of that must have stuck with me. Ijust like knowing things, I guess.”“Me too,” Liam said. “It’s nice to know why.”“Exactly,” Cassie said. “I like to know why things happen, and science is the best way of finding that out.”
  25. 25. “So, any other interests?”Cassie shrugged. “Just my family and friends and such. I have my parents and siblings, and quite a lot of cousins.They’re all great. Especially the kids.”Liam smiled. “Kids are great, aren’t they?”
  26. 26. “So you want a family, then?” Cassie asked.“I do. Growing up, I wasn’t that close to my sisters – they were just so much older than me. I want any kids ofmine to have siblings, or at least cousins or close friends, to be close to.”She put a hand on his shoulder. “I definitely agree with you there.”
  27. 27. At that point, Cassie offered Liam another backrub, which he happily accepted.They weren’t left alone for long, though; Rissa came over soon after, since the chats were done.
  28. 28. She most definitely wasn’t about to allow someone else to monopolize the bachelor, and she proved that with a hug.“What’s this for?” he asked.“What, I can’t just want to hug you?”He raised his eyebrows. “If you say so.” He certainly wasn’t arguing with the hug itself; Rissa felt wonderful in hisarms.
  29. 29. Cassie, who was just as against anyone else monopolizing the bachelor as Rissa was, felt just as good.
  30. 30. He tried to keep from hurting any girl’s feelings by flirting with another in front of her, but it was hard when it cameto Rissa and Cassie. He liked them both so much – but that also made him not want to hurt either of them.
  31. 31. Though they didn’t seem to have any problem hurting each other. At least they weren’t punching too hard.
  32. 32. After they all hung out for a bit, it was time for bed. Liam went to his own room while the girls went to their sharedone.
  33. 33. The next morning, Liam woke up at his usual time. He made his bed, took a shower, and got dressed for the day.
  34. 34. Then he got on the computer to check the schedule for that day.This morning was flirts, then a move out at noon. After he sent someone home, there was more hot tub time and akiss with each girl. He grinned at reading that.There was also a note that he could replace the hot tub with something else if he wanted. He considered that idea,but decided he’d decide for certain when the time came.
  35. 35. After he checked the schedule, he looked at the rest of his email. He frowned as he read Rose’s email, even thoughhe knew she was right.He’d tell the final three, he decided. That would give them some time to decide if they couldn’t accept Kathy.
  36. 36. Then he opened the door and waited for someone to join him.
  37. 37. “You’re actually dressed today,” Liam said as he took Lydia’s hands.“Is that a bad thing?” Her voice was challenging.“What? No. No, I meant, just…you’ve come in in your underwear every day so far.”“I was up earlier than normal. I took a shower.”
  38. 38. He brushed her cheek with his hand. “No wonder your skin feels so soft.”She giggled. “I do spend time maintaining my complexion.”
  39. 39. He leaned in. “Maybe I might be able to touch some other of your skin some time.” He winced. “Oh God that cameout wrong.”She raised her eyebrows. “You’d better keep me here if you expect to get anywhere near that lucky. And don’tbother even thinking about that until I’m your only girlfriend.”“I know,” he said quietly. “I wouldn’t, I mean – I know it’s awkward. It’s awkward for me too, though not as muchas for you guys, I guess. I wouldn’t ask, not seriously, not now.”
  40. 40. Lydia pulled back. “I know.”Then she left the room.
  41. 41. Croissant was the next one into the room. “I just saw Lydia walk by, does that mean it’s my turn?”“I guess so!”She grinned. “So how are you going to compliment me today?”“Am I that predictable?”“Isn’t that what we’re supposed to do now? Come into this room and flirt with you for a bit, then leave and letsomeone else do the same? You’re very nice about being nice to all of us, at least. I wouldn’t like this if you weremean.”
  42. 42. “I’m not always good at that nice thing, Croissant. You’re far nicer than I am. I like that about you.”“I don’t think you’re so mean.”His lips quirked. “I used to be a lot meaner. I’ve had the chance to change.”“But you did change. That’s the important thing.”
  43. 43. “Thank you for making me feel good about myself. I like talking to you.”“Of course.” She smiled at him as he touched her face. “I like this too.”“I’m glad you do.”
  44. 44. “How are you doing today, Cassie?” Liam asked when Cassie came in. She didn’t look great, though he had enoughtact not to say so.“I’m good. Just a bit tired. I’m not used to sharing a room with so many other girls.”“And you were up late last night.”“We were, a bit. It was fun, though.”“It was.”
  45. 45. “I always have fun with you, Cassie. You’re a good friend.”“Just a friend?”He took her hands. “Maybe. Maybe more. I do like you a lot.”“It would be nice to be more.”“I can’t promise you anything. Not yet.”
  46. 46. She nodded. “I know. But when you can, I’ll be here.”He smiled. “That’s good to know.”
  47. 47. Last into the room was Rissa.“You’re looking good today,” she said.Liam raised an eyebrow. “So you’re flirting with me?”“Were you gonna come onto me if I didn’t?”“I’d have gotten there. Eventually.”
  48. 48. “You’re amazing, Rissa, but I can’t promise anything. Not until this is over.”“We’ve only known each other four days. Takin’ another two to be sure ain’t a bad idea.”“True.”
  49. 49. He brushed her hair with the back of his hand. “Your hair will never become less enchanting, however.”“Even if I dyed it puce?”“You wouldn’t do that.”“Nah. Puce is worse than pink, and that’s sayin’ something.”
  50. 50. He laughed. “Pink isn’t so bad – my sister Cordelia loves it – but it’s not you.”“Definitely not.”
  51. 51. When the flirting was done, Liam went into the dining room for breakfast. Someone had already opened the buffetbefore he’d gotten there, which was nice.He looked down at his plate. “I’m not sure what I think of turkey for breakfast.”“It is getting rather old, isn’t it?” Lydia asked. “That’s why I have jello today.”Cassie shook her head. “I’m more sick of the jello than the turkey.”“I guess it’s better than cooking, though,” Liam said. “I’ve been busy all week, with all the assigned activities. I’mnot sure I’d have time to cook. And I wouldn’t want to make you guys do it.”
  52. 52. “I’m glad you wouldn’t,” Cassie said. “It would take away our time with you.”“It’s not just that,” Liam said, as Lydia got up to wash her dish and Croissant took her place, “I do like cooking. Iwould love to cook for any of you. It’s just the time issue.”“What do you like to cook?” Croissant asked.“All sorts of things. I’m best at burgers and hot dogs, but I have a particular fondness for salads.”
  53. 53. “Salad?” Croissant asked through a mouthful of food. Liam and Cassie tried not to wince. “Salad is okay. Turkey ismuch better, though!”
  54. 54. “Well,” Liam said when he was done eating, “I’m going to go think for a bit, maybe pay the bills. We’ve got timebefore elimination, and I need to consider.”Both girls nodded, wondering if they might be the one to go that day.
  55. 55. Then they wandered off for other activities.“Not so hard! Not so hard!”
  56. 56. “Did you have to throw so hard?” Liam asked Rissa. He’d seen the game while on his way to the mailbox.Rissa shrugged. “If she can’t handle it, she shouldn’t play catch.”“I guess. Look, can you get everyone to the back porch?”“Elimination time?”“Yeah. I’ll be there in a minute. I need some thinking time.”“Alright.”
  57. 57. After Rissa was gone, headed into the house, Liam closed his eyes and thought. Which girl could he afford to partwith?Which girls couldn’t he?Cassie, Croissant, Lydia, and Rissa. Who needed to stay?Decision made, he headed through the house. He knew who was leaving.
  58. 58. Cassie was a bit worried by the time she sat down. “I hope I’m not going home.”Rissa shrugged. “I think we’re both safe. He spends more time with you or me than either of them.” She gesturedat the madly gesturing Croissant and the relatively sedate Lydia. “I’m gonna bet on Lydia.”“You could be wrong.”“Maybe. Still don’t think it’s you or me, though.”
  59. 59. At that point, Liam came outside, joining the girls on their two benches.He immediately had everyone’s attention.
  60. 60. “I’ve thought about it, and while I do like all four of you, somebody has to go. The person I’m most willing to partwith…I’m sorry, Croissant. I think we’re better as friends.”She smiled up at him, but it wasn’t as brilliant as her normal smiles. “That’s alright. I hope we can stay friends?”“I hope so too.”
  61. 61. As Croissant headed inside to call a taxi, Liam looked at the other three girls. “I think we’re going to do somethingnew instead of the hot tub today, since there’s only four of us left. Give me about half an hour to set up, then meetme back out here.”“Of course,” Cassie said. Lydia and Rissa nodded in agreement. ***
  62. 62. “Looks like your suggestion didn’t go over too badly,” Elle said.Rose nodded. “He’s not rejecting it just cause it came from me, and he didn’t throw a fit. That’s progress, anyway.”“Do you think he’ll tell them?” Xander asked. He’d picked up Kathy and was bouncing her on his knee. Shesquealed and clapped, smiling at her father’s image on the TV screen.“I hope so. I really hope so.” ***
  63. 63. Scores!Cassiopeia: 100/73 = 173, best friends, mutual loveRissa: 100/70 = 170, best friends, mutual loveLydia: 76/31 = 107, friends, mutual crush (79/30 = 109)Croissant: 77/30 = 107, friends, crush (68/26 = 94)Lydia and Croissant were neck and neck in Liam’s opinion, but Lydia liked him a bit better, so she got to stay.Considering that they spent as much time friend-stalking each other (they’re BFFs, I kid you not) as either of themspent stalking Liam, I am somehow not surprised that they were the two in contention to go home.