A Buffyverse Apocalypse: Chapter Two


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A Buffyverse Apocalypse: Chapter Two

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A Buffyverse Apocalypse: Chapter Two

  1. 1. A Buffyverse Apocalypse: Chapter Two By RoseFyre If you haven't read the Prologue or Chapter One, I suggest you go back and read them, or you'll have no idea who these lovely young ladies on my cover are. I apologize in advance for any walls-down photos; it's incredibly difficult to take pictures in rooms as small as those in my (or, really, any) Apocalypse house. While I have done my best, when sims are facing the walls, occasionally walls- down photos have been necessary. --- As always, I don't own Joss or any of the Buffy/Angel characters.
  2. 2. After Buffy and Cordy became teenagers, they sat down for dinner with their parents. "So, Mom, Dad, are we going to have a chance to meet anyone new anytime soon?" Cordy was the one to ask the question, but Buffy nodded her head in agreement. Their parents exchanged pained glances.
  3. 3. "Unfortunately, I'm not certain." Buffy looked at her mother in shock. "What?" Joss took a deep breath. "Well, there's no school for teenagers. And the roads aren't safe. We can't leave the house, except for work." He avoided looking at his daughters.
  4. 4. Buffy's eyes widened. "You mean we can't leave the house at all?" "Well, you could get a job." "No way! I'm in way too bad a mood to get a job!" Cordy's lip quivered. "If I can't meet anyone new, how will I get married?"
  5. 5. Instead of answering, Joss went up to the roof to stargaze. "Are you sure only one of them can get married, Rose?" "Yeah," I said quietly. "I'm sorry." "And are you going to choose which one will?" His voice was bitter. "No. That's up to you, and Eloise. I have my suspicions on who you'll choose, but...do what you can to make them happy."
  6. 6. As Joss thought about who he would choose, life went on. Buffy maxed her logic,
  7. 7. Cordy (somewhat unsuccessfully) cooked her first meal,
  8. 8. Buffy learned what happened when the sinks were used too much,
  9. 9. Cordy tried to get her first kiss from Derek,
  10. 10. and Buffy realized that she was interested in girls. Specifically, Tosha Go. "Are you certain about this? Tosha's a bit..." "Of course, Eloise," I said. "Besides, it isn't a permanent relationship. Oh, congrats on getting a job in Law Enforcement!" "I might actually make my Lifetime Want!" I looked at the family's stats and muttered under my breath. "Pity neither of your daughters' is so easy."
  11. 11. "So, why is Dad being all moody?" "Because your father has to choose one of you to be his heir. Unfortunately, neither of you can move out of the house, but only one of you can get married." "He's really making a production out of it," Buffy pointed out. "It is a big deal, sweetie."
  12. 12. "There's not a lot of opportunity for you two to meet people. He doesn't want to have to choose which of you will marry, or who you'll marry." Cordy was starting to realize the full truth of what her parents were talking about. Only one of them would be able to get married. What would she do if she couldn't get married?
  13. 13. "Lots of people come by, and he has lots of friends," Buffy pointed out. "We could meet them." "You know it's hard to get a phone line out. And your dad's having trouble staying close to his friends." "So?"
  14. 14. "So it may not be as easy as you think."
  15. 15. Cordy tried to act normal around her dad, but she was very aware that only one of she and Buffy could get married. And she desperately wanted it to be her.
  16. 16. When Buffy couldn't find a person to talk to, she talked to the stray animals who wandered by. Actually, she found she mostly preferred the animals. Sometimes, she could be shy around other people, but with animals, she never was.
  17. 17. "Is Dad watching me?" "No, he's not paying any attention." "Good." "Secret thoughts?" "I really want to get married, Rose. I don't what I'll do if I can't." I didn't say anything. It wasn't my decision to make.
  18. 18. "I saw you playing with one of the dogs outside our house." "Yeah. Grace. She's really sweet." "You like animals, then?" "A lot. Really a lot. I want to be friends with a lot of them."
  19. 19. "More than people?" "Yeah." Joss hesitated a moment before asking. "Do you want kids, Buffy?"
  20. 20. Buffy tilted her head. "I don't really feel a need for them."
  21. 21. Joss continued the conversation, even though he wasn't sure he should be having it with both of his daughters at once. "What about marriage?"
  22. 22. Buffy shrugged. "Whatever."
  23. 23. Joss took a bite of his burger. He knew Cordy wanted children. Buffy didn't seem to care. While he still wasn't completely certain, he was pretty sure Cordy would be his heir.
  24. 24. "Decided, Joss?" "I'm leaning towards Cordy. She wants kids. Buffy doesn't seem to care, and I know Cordy will be extremely upset if she can't get married." "I think she'll be a great heir."
  25. 25. "So, has Joss decided yet?" "Probably Cordy." "That's what I was thinking." "You didn't get involved?" "I told him it was his choice. Besides, I really need another body point so I can get my Lifetime Want." "Well, you're doing well." "Thanks."
  26. 26. Late that evening, Eloise woke up, knowing she was getting close to being too old to have another child. Joss was six days from aging. She only had two more. And, as the sun rose, they tried once more for a baby. Soon after, Joss woke up, starving. He headed downstairs to make that day's hamburgers.
  27. 27. But before he could finish his cooking, he felt pangs in his stomach. He didn't just feel like he was dying. He truly was dying.
  28. 28. "I hate cases like this." I couldn't say anything, but could only watch as the Grim Reaper came to collect my founder.
  29. 29. Eloise knew immediately that something was wrong, and she ran down the stairs to find her husband's urn. I sadly watched her mourn.
  30. 30. The girls found out in the morning, and Cordy couldn't stop crying.
  31. 31. Buffy waited until she had some privacy before breaking down in tears.
  32. 32. She was also the one who brought up the issue of heirship over a game of chess later that afternoon, though she started a bit circumspectly. "I really want some best friends." "Oh?" Cordy looked down at her pieces, though she was having trouble concentrating on them. "Pet best friends. 20 of them. At the same time." Cordy looked up at her sister. "That's what you want in life?" "Yeah." Buffy looked down at the board. "Neither of us is able to concentrate. Let's go finish the burgers."
  33. 33. When they sat down at the table, Cordy turned to her sister. "I really want kids. Three of them. And...and they should graduate from college." "If there is a college by the time kids are old enough." "I think maybe I can go into Education. Open up the schools."
  34. 34. "That's a great goal for when you grow up, Cordy." Buffy hesitated for a second. "So your kids can graduate from college." "My kids?" "I think you should be the one to get married, Cordy. And have kids. I don't want them all that much. I know you do." Cordy hesitated for a second. "Are you sure?" Buffy knew exactly what she was giving up, but she also knew that it wasn't something that really interested her. She wanted pets, and friends, and maybe some skills, but a husband and children weren't her goals. They were Cordy's. Besides, she was pretty sure she was more interested in girls, anyway. "Yes."
  35. 35. Cordy stood up and impulsively hugged her sister. "Thank you." "You're welcome."
  36. 36. Eloise came downstairs then (she'd been feeling sick all day) and realized that her woohoo with Joss had been productive. She was a bit terrified of raising a child without her husband, but she knew her daughters would help.
  37. 37. After drinking the last bit of Elixir, she came downstairs and found Buffy waiting for her. "I told Cordy she should be heir, Mom." "I'm proud of you." Buffy's face crumpled a bit, until she forced it not to. "I miss Dad." "We all do." Eloise barely managed to stop herself from crying, but she knew she had to be strong for her daughters, and for her unborn child.
  38. 38. "Shhh. It'll be all right." "I miss him, Mom. I don't know if I can live up to what he would have wanted. Buffy said it'd better be me, but I just don't know." "I think you'll do a wonderful job, Cordy." She sniffled. "Thanks."
  39. 39. After Eloise reassured both of her daughters that they'd made the right choice, she realized how exhausted she was. She couldn't bear to sleep in the bed she'd shared with Joss, so she went up to the third floor, and took Cordy's empty bed.
  40. 40. When Cordy went to go to bed later that night, she realized her mother was in her bed. Or, rather, what had been her bed. "I guess this is my bed now," she said, quietly, as she climbed into the bed her parents had shared.
  41. 41. The next day, Eloise popped into her second trimester after a morning of meditation on the front lawn.
  42. 42. "Do you think Dad will be a ghost?" "Are ghosts even real?"
  43. 43. "Well, magic is real." "I'm not sure of that," Eloise answered. "Oh, come on, if Elixir and the Energizer aren't magic, I don't know what they are." Eloise opened her mouth to protest that they were science, but she really wasn't certain.
  44. 44. On Monday, Eloise went into labor, and delivered a healthy baby boy. She decided to continue her husband's tradition of naming their descendents after his characters, and named her son Liam Angel Whedon. Both of her daughters were very excited. --- I wanted kids named after Angel and Spike, but wasn't really willing to use either name for a boy. So here we have Liam Angel, and eventually there will (probably) be a William Spike.
  45. 45. Unfortunately, if she didn't want to lose her job, she had to go to work pretty soon after Liam was born.
  46. 46. However, Cordy and Buffy took very good care of their little brother.
  47. 47. And they had some help.
  48. 48. On Monday evening, after Eloise got back from work, I called their house. I hadn't heard from them in a while, after all. "You'd better come over when you can," Eloise said, her voice thick. "Did something happen?" "Joss died." Then she hung up.
  49. 49. Joss was dead? I broke down in tears.
  50. 50. When I looked up, I found his ghost standing behind me. "You'd better be watching my daughters!" "Ahhhh!" "And make sure Cordy marries a good man!"
  51. 51. On Tuesday, I came over. "Hi, Rose," Cordy said quietly. "Hi, Cordy."
  52. 52. She flung herself into my arms. "I miss him." "I know." I stepped back and put my hands on her shoulders. "But you'll be a great heir, Cordy. I believe in you." I left her, then, letting her think about what I'd said.
  53. 53. Another guest who stopped by was Joss's old friend Martin Davis, a General in the Military. Cordy found herself liking him immediately, though he spent most of the evening talking with her mother. --- I'd intended to move Martin in that Tuesday, but the only person who had a high enough relationship with him was Buffy...and apparently teens can't ask adults to move in. I wasn't able to get him to a high enough lifetime relationship with Eloise quickly enough for her to ask him to move in, unfortunately.
  54. 54. The next couple of days were pretty boring. When they weren't taking care of Liam, the three women did various other things. Buffy meditated, and learned how to teleport.
  55. 55. Cordy found herself following her dad's habit of stargazing throughout the night.
  56. 56. And Eloise managed to max her body skill. "This is painful, you know!"
  57. 57. On Thursday evening, Buffy helped Liam become a toddler. "He looks a lot like Dad," Buffy said. "And that's the kind of shirt Dad would have liked." "Your father wore pretty much that same outfit when he was in college, you know." "No, I didn't know."
  58. 58. She got Liam his bottle, then took some time to think about her father.
  59. 59. Which meant that Liam had the opportunity to make straight for the toilet.
  60. 60. Another of Joss's old friends, Arthur Carpenter, stopped by the next morning. He was clearly very keen on the idea of joining the family. "I'm a Gas Station Attendant, it's a great job." 'Buffy, please save me,' Cordy thought. --- Gas Station Attendant = level two in Slacker. No.
  61. 61. However, Buffy was busy teaching their brother to talk. "Teddy, Liam." "Teddy," Liam repeated.
  62. 62. However, Joss eventually came to Cordy's rescue, and Arthur Carpenter left right after he made a puddle on the floor.
  63. 63. Buffy also taught Liam to walk, as she was in the best mood when he wanted to learn, and none of them rolled the want.
  64. 64. Eloise, however, was the first one to become best friends with Liam. "You're a lot like your daddy, aren't you, Liam?" "Daddy?" Eloise smiled sadly. "Daddy's dead, sweetie." "Dead? What dead?" "He's not coming back." Liam took a moment to process that. "Oh. Tickle now?" "Tickle now."
  65. 65. The next day, Buffy sat playing chess with Herman Mann, when she felt the urge to grow up.
  66. 66. She stood up from the chess table, and spun into a new outfit. --- I was surprised at how decent her clothing was.
  67. 67. Outside, Cordy immediately followed, growing up into a definitely much worse outfit.
  68. 68. The next day, while Liam slept, Buffy turned to her mother. "I think Liam's about ready to grow up." "So am I." Cordy turned her head to her mother. "You are?" "I'm older than I should be. I've added six days to my life with Elixir. I'm ready to age, and to rest."
  69. 69. That night, after Eloise changed his diaper one last time, Liam grew up into spaceship pajamas.
  70. 70. Then he went to bed, in the third floor bedroom.
  71. 71. "I want to have kids, Rose." "You will, Cordy. After you get married." "When can I get married?" "Tuesday." "Only two days. I can wait."
  72. 72. "I'll just max my logic instead!"
  73. 73. When Liam came down, he looked at his sisters meditating in the main room, then at the urn on the floor. "So this is Dad? Doesn't look like much."
  74. 74. Sunday was pretty boring, though Buffy got an entry-level job in the Law field. It wasn't her ideal (or mine), but it would do until she could get something better. At least they fed her there.
  75. 75. On Monday, Liam went to school for the first time. "I have homework!" "I know you can do it, Liam." He looked up at me. "Oh. Hi. You're Rose, right?" "Yes." "Mom mentioned you. I think you should've saved Dad." "Even I can't do everything, Liam. And no one can plead with the Reaper right now." He glared in my general direction, then trudged upstairs to do his homework.
  76. 76. That evening, Eloise grew up, still wearing her gym clothes.
  77. 77. She looked on as Liam did his homework, Joss's urn standing quietly in the background. He hadn't haunted since scaring Arthur Carpenter.
  78. 78. "Rose, the fridge is blocked!" "It's blocked on purpose. You can only cook one meal a day, you know." "I'm hungry!" "You're not starving yet. Besides, you'll get fed at work." She glared at me, then stomped off.
  79. 79. On Tuesday, Liam came home with his first A plus. "I made it!" "Congrats." He looked around. "Where is everybody?" "Your mother and Buffy are at work. Cordy's on the phone." "So no one's going to cheer for my A plus?" I bit my lip. "No. I'm sorry."
  80. 80. When Eloise came home from work, she found out that she'd been promoted to Captain Hero, making her (finally) permaplat.
  81. 81. She then did some tai chi, and headed towards the house. "You're not going to let my son marry that hussy, are you?" "Probably not. But Buffy and Cordy need friends for promotions." "Humph." Meanwhile, Cordy meditated by the stairs as she waited for her special guest to arrive.
  82. 82. When he did, she took him to one of the few empty places in the house; the old nursery.
  83. 83. And, before she could lose her nerve, she kissed him shyly.
  84. 84. "Dance with me, Cordelia?" She blushed, but stepped into his arms anyway. "Everyone calls me Cordy, you know." "I do. But if we're going to be together, I'd like to have a special name for you." She looked down. "Are you sure you're all right with being with me?" He smiled. "I liked your kiss, Cordy. And you're everything I want in a woman. But I think we should take a day to be sure. I'll stay here, of course." "Thanks," she said quietly.
  85. 85. When they stopped dancing, they found that they were best friends. Martin smiled at Cordelia and went upstairs, to one of the single beds. She got into the bed that would soon be theirs and smiled.
  86. 86. In the middle of the night, as the rest of the house slept, Eloise took a spongebath. She'd felt stinky all day, and really needed to get clean. "This is much better than that constant handwashing, Rose." "If you say so, Eloise."
  87. 87. Afterwards, she tucked Liam in. "Are we doing right by him?" "What do you mean?" "He's so like his father. And as much as I loved Joss, I never really understood him." "I think...I think you're doing the best you can." She smiled halfway at me. "Thanks, but you're not sure either." "You've gotten more perceptive in your old age." "Thanks."
  88. 88. "Wasn't meant to be a compliment." "I'll take it as one anyway."
  89. 89. On Wednesday, Martin went to his military job.
  90. 90. And Cordelia started her first day as a University Guest Lecturer. --- I sent both girls to the computer on Tuesday evening; Cordy took a job in Education, and Buffy took one in Culinary.
  91. 91. When Martin got home (his job ended about an hour after hers did), Cordy greeted him with a kiss. "Hey." "Hey, Lia." She smiled. "That's what you're going to call me?" He smiled back. "It is."
  92. 92. "Then I have a question for you. Martin Davis," she said, as she got down on one knee, "will you marry me?"
  93. 93. "I love you, you know," Cordy said, as she caressed his cheek, and snuck her hand into her pocket.
  94. 94. She placed a second ring on his finger, then handed him the other ring. "I love you too," he answered, sealing the deal. He placed the second ring on her finger. "Well, that's settled," Eloise said. "Now I need some grandbabies!" She didn't know it, but both her daughter and her son-in-law heartily agreed with that sentiment. --- Turn the page for more info!
  95. 95. I accidentally saved while Joss's ghost was out (and got him stuck in the chair), so I resurrected and rekilled him at my simself's lot, then summoned Eloise and put the grave in her Inventory. When she got home, I placed it in the exact spot it had been - in front of the counter next to the fridge. Yes, Joss managed to woohoo himself to death. Eloise finally started rolling up wants to do with Joss, so I let them flirt and stuff, and then she rolled up the want to woohoo. I decided to let them try for a baby, since he was 6 days from elder and she was 8, even though I'd forgotten I had to (I haven't lifted Medical, so no birth control), and even though his needs were pretty low. Well, by the time they finished and I sent him to go make dinner...he starved to death right after getting the burgers out. *sigh*
  96. 96. Yeah, both girls rolled the want to do homework while they were teens. Anything to get aspiration up, seriously. I chose Cordy as the heir based on aspiration and lifetime wants - Cordy is a Family Sim who wants three children to graduate from college; Buffy is a Popularity Sim who wants twenty simultaneous pet best friends. Honestly, the chances of either getting fulfilled are not high. However, Buffy tends to roll a lot of friends/best friends wants, and fairly regular "get a skill point" wants (I'd give her Knowledge as a secondary if they made Free Time for Macs), and she never rolled the want for a first kiss or to fall in love, or for anything else romantic.
  97. 97. Cordy, meanwhile, immediately rolled the want for a first kiss, and kept it throughout her teenhood. She also rolled the want to fall in love, the want to flirt, and the want to buy love potion after Derek rejected her. She obviously wasn't going to be happy unless she got married and had kids. Therefore, I chose Cordy to be heir, and Martin as her spouse, as Military is extremely important, and necessary if we're going to have any chance of fulfilling her lifetime want. Also, as a Cancer Family Sim, they'd probably have good chemistry. I didn't realize until I moved him in that his lifetime want is to marry off six children. *headdesk* (Yes, I got rid of the easel after Joss died.)
  98. 98. Liam is an...interesting child. Yes, he grew up into the same shirt his dad wore in college. Yes, he looks a lot like his dad. And, um, his personality? Virgo 10/3/4/0/8. Yes, that's Joss's exact personality. Oh, and don't forget that his conception led to his father's death. I sense plot.
  99. 99. Current Restrictions Lifted: Hopelessness - Joss Music - Joss (no longer suppressing Artist since he died) Science - Eloise Military - Martin
  100. 100. And everyone should go to boolprop.com, home to a wonderful community, and lots of great Legacies and Apocalypses!