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Andrew Sandiford, Bishop Fleming - Rewarding Employee Engagement


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Keynote speaker presentation at the Bristol Business School ‘Unlocking Performance through Employee Engagement' Conference.

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Andrew Sandiford, Bishop Fleming - Rewarding Employee Engagement

  1. 1. Rewarding employee engagement Andrew Sandiford Managing Partner, Bishop Fleming 25 June 2019
  2. 2. Our firm
  3. 3. Our ambition Our ambition is to be the most rewarding accountancy firm in the UK for our clients, our people and our communities
  4. 4. What rewarding means to us Rewarding to our: Clients Satisfaction, value for money, service excellence, a sense of partnership People Challenging roles, fulfilling and stimulating work, vibrant and agile working, quality of life Firm Engagement, commitment, loyalty, productivity, strong culture of feeling valued Communities Giving back, fundraising, volunteering, sport and social, positions of influence
  5. 5. A new culture… • Adults not children • Fewer rules • Agile working • Flexible working • Consistency • Diversity & inclusion
  6. 6. Underpinned by five new values We think client We put relationships at the heart We have the courage to be different We do the right thing We work as one team
  7. 7. Our brand proposition …that brings it together It’s what we bring together that sets us apart
  8. 8. Our centenary
  9. 9. Giving something back…
  10. 10. Our recognition
  11. 11. But that doesn’t mean we’re perfect…
  12. 12. A few personal tips • Refer to staff as people • Break down the parent child culture approach to management • Abandon more rules in favour of common sense • Use your next business anniversary to engage your people • Create a weekly internal blog to connect with your people
  13. 13. Thank you