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The us used car market outlook 2016 driven by late


Published on announces Latest report -The us used car market outlook 2016 driven by late

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The us used car market outlook 2016 driven by late

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  2. 2. CategoryOur More Latest Reports: UAE Apparel and Textile Industry Outlook 2016 - Focus on Re-Exports and Emerging High-End Retail SectorThe US Used Car Market Outlook 2016 - Driven by Late Model Used CarsIndia Agricultural Equipment Market Outlook to 2017 - High LaborScarcity and Government Subsidies Driving Agricultural MechanizationIndia Logistics & Warehousing Industry Outlook to 2016 - Focus onCold Storage ChainsIndia Lubricants Industry Outlook to 2017 - Focus on AutomotiveLubricants and Transforming Channel from Retail PSUs to BazaarTrade
  3. 3. 2013 || The US Used Car Market Outlook 2016 -Driven by Late || Aarkstore.in
  4. 4. Report prizeThe US Used Car Market Outlook 2016 - Driven by Late ModelUsed CarsPublished Date : January 2013Pages : 75$ 800 - PDF $ 1100 - Hard Copy $ 1450 - Enterprise License
  5. 5. SummaryThe report titled “The US Used Car Market Outlook 2016 – Driven by LateModel Used Cars” provides a comprehensive analysis of the various aspectssuch as market size of the used car market along with the overview offranchised used car dealers and independent used car dealers. The report alsocovers the market share of the leading players of the used car dealers in theUS. The used car market in the US is matured with a large retailer base anddemanding consumers with major emphasis on the quality of the productsthey purchase. The used car industry of the US was valued at USD ~ million in2011 which declined at a CAGR of 1.8% in the wake of the recession and theautomotive industry crisis. The used car sales declined considerably by 0.5%, 14.0% in 2007 and 2008respectively and recorded sales revenue of USD ~ million and USD ~ million in2007 and 2008 correspondingly…………………..
  6. 6. Table of ContentsThe US Used Car Industry Introduction2. The US Used Car Market Size, 2006-20112.1. By Revenue, 2006-20112.2. By Units Sold, 2006-20112.3. By Late Model Sales, 2006-20113. The US Used Car Industry Segmentation, 2007-20113.1. Unit Sales By Product Categories, 2007-20114. The US Used Car Industry Trends and Developments4.1. Changing Consumer Preference for Used Cars Models in 20124.2. New Car vs Used Car (Converging Prices)4.3. Car Allowance Rebate System (C.A.R.S.): Cash for clunkers program4.4. Influence of Online Portals on Used Car Buyers4.5. Volatile Movements in Depreciation of Used Cars…………….. More…………….
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