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Pricing and reimbursement of the healthcare system in india


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30% Off | || Pricing and reimbursement of the healthcare system in india

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Pricing and reimbursement of the healthcare system in india

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  2. 2. Published Date : 31 March 2012Pages : 57PDF - $ 3500 | Site Licence - $ 7000 $ | Enterprise License - $10500 | Discounted price - $ 2450Company announces 30% discount on this report.Discount till 30th Nov. 2012
  3. 3. SummaryCompany, the leading business intelligence provider, has released its latestresearch Pricing and Reimbursement of the Healthcare System in India - LowLevels of Drug Reimbursement Lead to a High Out-Of-Pocket Expenditure”. Itprovides a comprehensive overview of the healthcare system, and pricing andreimbursement process in India with a detailed analysis of the differentregulatory mechanisms used in India. The report closely scrutinizes the majorchanges in pharmaceuticals related pricing and reimbursement in the recentpast, and the impact these changes will have in the future. The health insuranceis responsible for facilitating demand by making high-cost prescription drugsmore affordable. Although the per capita income is rising in India, the modestincome of most of the population keeps the high cost drugs and medicines out ofreach of the majority of the population. Drugs would become more expensivewith the enforcement of product patents and so the sales of the expensive drugsdepend on the growth and the maturity of the health insurance sector. If thehealth insurance industry does not mature, the market for patented drugswould experience adverse effects. The next three to five years will see asignificant growth and change in the Indian health insurance industry as newinsurance players and insurance products respond to the increased demand.
  4. 4. Scope- Detailed study of the healthcare systems and roles of the key insurance players inthe drug reimbursement process- Analysis of the major pricing and reimbursement mechanisms in India.- Key trends that follow from the recent changes brought about in the pricing andreimbursement mechanism.- Build an understanding of the possible major challenges brought about by theenactment of changes in the pricing and reimbursement scene in India.Reasons to buy- Build understanding of the pharmaceuticals related key pricing and reimbursementmechanisms in India and also specifically in some states of India.- Optimize your investment through the identification and understanding of thechanges in the pharmaceuticals regulatory mechanism in the Indian economy.- Develop effective business strategies related to new drug launches through theanalytical insight gained from key trends in the pricing and reimbursement scene ofIndia.
  5. 5. Table of Contents :1.1 List of Tables 51.2 List of Figures 52 Pricing and Reimbursement in India - Introduction 62.1 GBI Research Report Guidance 63 Pricing and Reimbursement in India - Overview 73.1 Introduction to Healthcare System in India 73.1.1 Healthcare Expenditure Highly Correlated with GDP 73.1.2 Estimated Public Health Spending as a Percentage of GDP 93.1.3 Health Expenditure per Capita 93.1.4 Out-of-Pocket Health Expenditure as a Percentage of PrivateExpenditure on Health 103.1.5 Demographics by Age 103.2 Public Healthcare System 113.2.1 Drug Distribution in the Public Sector 123.3 Private Healthcare System 123.4 Rationale for Drug Use in the Healthcare Facilities 13………..
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