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Offshore drilling industry to 2016 rapidly rising demand


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2012 | 15% less cost || Offshore Drilling Industry to 2016 - Rapidly Rising ||

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Offshore drilling industry to 2016 rapidly rising demand

  1. 1. announces, The Latest market research report is available in its vastcollection:Offshore Drilling Industry to 2016 - Rapidly Rising Demand forHydrocarbons Expected to Boost Offshore Drilling in Ultra-Deepwaterand Harsh-weather EnvironmentsYou can also request for sample page of above mention reports onsample@aarkstore.comSummaryCompany, a leading business intelligence provider, has released its latest research,“Offshore Drilling Industry to 2016 - Rapidly Rising Demand for HydrocarbonsExpected to Boost Offshore Drilling in Ultra-Deepwater and Harsh-weatherEnvironments”. The study, which is an offering from the company’s Energy ResearchGroup, provides an in-depth analysis of the global offshore drilling industry andhighlights various concerns, key trends and challenges, along with major companiesin the industry. The report provides forecasts for the offshore drilling industry to2016. It also provides offshore drilling forecasts worldwide by individual region,and provides comprehensive statistics and key data such as break-up of the offshore
  2. 2. drilling expenditure, by water depth. The report also provides in-depth statisticsand details on the current offshore rig deployment scenario worldwide, byindividual rig name, for every major rig type. The report also provides informationon the major offshore drilling companies operating worldwide. The report is builtusing data and information sourced from proprietary databases, primary andsecondary research, and in-house analysis by Company’s team of industry experts.ScopeThe report provides in-depth analysis of the major factors affecting the offshoredrilling industry worldwide. Its scope includes -- Global and Regional Industry Overview- Key trends, drivers, and challenges for the global offshore drilling industry to 2016- Analysis of the historical offshore drilling expenditure and forecasts to 2016 forthe global offshore drilling industryTable of contents:1.1 List of Tables 81.2 List of Figures 82 Offshore Drilling Industry to 2016 92.1 GBI Research Report Guidance 93 Introduction to the Offshore Drilling Industry 103.1 Significance of Offshore Drilling and Major Offshore Areas Worldwide 113.2 Impact of the Offshore Exploration Business on the Offshore Drilling Business 113.3 Importance of Various Local Governmental and Private Regulations Influencingthe Offshore Exploration and Drilling Business 123.4 Offshore Drilling Business Development and Key Bid Evaluation Criteria (BEC)123.4.1 Technical Suitability 123.4.2 Price 123.4.3 Availability 123.5 The Offshore Drilling Industry and Its Role as Part of the Upstream Oil and GasIndustry Value Chain 133.6 Types of Rigs and Support Services 13
  3. 3. 3.6.1 Mobile Bottom-supported Rigs 133.6.2 Floating Rigs 143.6.3 Key Technologies Used as Supporting Mechanisms in Floating Rigs 143.6.4 Subsea Production and Processing Systems 153.7 Offshore Drilling Technology Concepts 153.7.1 Exploratory Wells 153.7.2 Appraisal Wells 153.7.3 Development Wells 153.7.4 Deepwater Drilling 153.7.5 Rotary Drilling Procedures 153.8 Key Allied Segments Supplementing the Core Offshore Drilling Business 173.8.1 Oilfield Services 173.8.2 Geo-scientific Support Services 173.8.3 Rig Support Services 173.8.4 Engineering and Equipment Support Services 17List of FiguresList of Tables are also include.For more Discounted Reports Plz follow The link:Offshore Drilling Industry to 2016 - Rapidly Rising Demand for HydrocarbonsExpected to Boost Offshore Drilling in Ultra-Deepwater and Harsh-weatherEnvironmentsEthylene Vinyl Acetate Market (EVA) Global Market To 2015 - PhotovoltaicEncapsulants To Drive EVA Demand In FutureAcrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) Global Market to 2020 - Growth of HouseholdAppliances and Electrical and Electronics Sectors in Asia-Pacific Boosts GlobalDemand
  4. 4. Oilfield Services Industry to 2016 - Technological Advancements, UnconventionalPlays, and Deepwater Activity to Drive the MarketSearch More Reports Related to This Category :Oil & gas &gas&PubId=&pagenum=1Oil and Gas Enhanced Production Services Industry to 2016 - Enhanced Oil Recovery(EOR) Driving E&P Activity in Depleting Hydrocarbon ReservoirsOffshore Rig Construction Market to 2015 and Current Rig Deployment Scenario -Acquisition of Rivals a Prominent Strategic OptionFor More details Plz do contact :Aarkstore EnterpriseLavanyaPhone:08149852585Email: