Lubricant industry to 2015 surge


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Lubricant industry to 2015 surge

  1. 1. announces, The Latest market research report is available inits vast collection:Lubricant Industry to 2015 - Surge in the Automotive Marketin Emerging Economies Driving Demand report, “Lubricants Industry to 2015 – Surge in Automotive Market inEmerging Economies Driving Demand”, provides an in-depth analysis of the GlobalLubricant Industry and highlights the various concerns, shifting trends and concernsaround the globe. The report provides forecasts for the Lubricant Industry to 2015.The report also provides forecasts of Global Lubricant Demand to 2015 by Region,by Market, by formulation and by Product. The report gives the SWOT analysis ofvarious major players of the Lubricant Market. The report is built using data andinformation sourced from proprietary databases, primary and secondary researchand in-house analysis by team of industry experts. The global automotive industry isback on the growth path after the setback caused by the financial crisis of 2009. Theindustry is now actively pursuing innovative new technologies, production andbusiness techniques. Although it is on a growth path, the fact remains that it willtake a long time for it to recover.ScopeThe report provides in-depth analysis on the Global Lubricant Market. Its scopeincludes:Overview of lubricant Industry, Refining and Blending and Formulation of Lubricantand various classifications of the lubricant such as general classification based onAdditives and based on Application.Global lubricant Industry demand and Market Size forecast to 2015
  2. 2. Key trends and Challenges in the industry , Global Motor Vehicle outlook andIndustry outlook and how they are affecting the lubricant IndustryTable of contents:131.1 List of Tables 51.2 List of Figures 62 Lubricant Industry to 2015 – Surge in Automotive Market in Emerging EconomiesDriving Demand 72.1 Report Guidance 73 Overview of the Lubricant Industry 83.1 Lubricants 83.2 Refining and Blending – Formulation of Lubricants 83.2.1 Refining of Crude Petroleum 93.2.2 Desirable Properties of Lubrication Oils 113.2.3 Blending with Additives 113.3 Lubricants Classification and Industry Definitions 123.3.1 General Classification of Lubricants 123.3.2 Classification of lubricants by application 133.3.3 Classification of lubricants by additives 133.3.4 Base oils 143.4 Industry Structure 143.5 Industry Composition 153.6 Marketing 164 Global Lubricant Industry – Key Trends and Challenges 174.1 Chinese and Indian Automobile Sector Driving Lubricant Demand 174.2 Oil Majors Facing Global Competition from National Oil Companies 184.3 Brazil, Russia, India and China Building Demand After Recession 184.4 Metalworking Fluids Market Faltered due to Recession 184.5 Lubricants in China and India Leapfrog Quality Levels 195 Global Lubricant Demand to 2015 205.1 Global Lubricant Demand to 2015 205.2 Global Lubricant Market Size to 2015 225.3 Relationship Between Lubricant Demand Per Capita and GDP Per Capita 235.4 Global Motor Vehicle Outlook 24
  3. 3. List of FiguresList of Tables are also include.For more DISCOUNT related Reports Plz follow The link:Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) and Floating Storage andOffloading (FSO) Industry to 2016 - Rise of Deepwater Hydrocarbon ProductionLeading to Industry GrowthRefining Industry to 2016 - Increasing Margins and Rise in Product Demand Set toDrive Capacity Expansions in Asia and Middle EastOil and Gas Enhanced Production Services Industry to 2015 - Enhanced Oil RecoveryProving to be a Key Solution for Tapping Uncoventional Reservoirs and DepletingOil FieldsThermal Power Maintenance Market to 2020 - Rising Electricity Demand and NewInstallations Stimulate Asia Pacific and Middle East MarketsLubricant Industry to 2015 - Surge in the Automotive Market in EmergingEconomies Driving DemandSearch More Reports Related to This Category :Energy
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