Biofuel enzymes market global industry size, market share


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2012 - 2018 || Biofuel Enzymes Market - Global Industry Size, Market Share

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Biofuel enzymes market global industry size, market share

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  3. 3. SummaryThis report is an effort to identify the performance of biofuel enzymes in theglobal scenario. The report is segmented by type, application and geographyin terms of revenue estimated from 2010 and forecasted till 2018. Themarket by types is segmented by amylases, industrial lipases and others.The market for amylases enzymes is further sub divided into cellulase andindustrial proteases. In terms of application the market includes biodiesel,corn/starch based ethanol, lignocellulosic ethanol and others. The report provides comprehensive analysis of economies such as NorthAmerica, Europe, Asia Pacific, and RoW in terms of revenue from 2010 to2018. This report also includes competitive analysis providing companymarket share by enzymes and biofuel enzymes, market attractiveness byapplication defined by low, medium and high parameters and Porters fiveforces model including degree of competition, bargaining power ofsuppliers and buyers and threat from substitutes and new entrants.
  4. 4. Global biofuel enzymes market, by typesAmylasesCellulaseIndustrial ProteasesIndustrial LipasesOthersGlobal biofuel enzymes market, by applicationsBiodieselStarch/corn based ethanolLignocellulosic ethanol/biofuelsOthers
  5. 5. Table of Contents :CHAPTER 1 PREFACE1.1 REPORT DESCRIPTION1.2 RESEARCH METHODOLOGYCHAPTER 2 EXECUTIVE SUMMARYCHAPTER 3 MARKET OVERVIEW3.1 INTRODUCTION3.2 VALUE CHAIN ANALYSIS3.3 MARKET DYNAMICS3.3.1 MARKET DRIVES3.3.1.1 Growing demand for bio-alcohols3.3.1.2 Rapidly growing demand for biodiesel3.3.1.3 Growing environmental concerns3.3.2 MARKET RESTRAINTS3.3.2.1 Enzyme cost in the production of lignocellulosic biofuel3.3.2.2 Limitations on the use of food crops as a feedstock3.3.3 OPPORTUNISTS3.3.3.1 Commercialization of lignocellulosic ethanol……………
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