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Internet of Things: Current Trends & Future Directions in Malaysia


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'Fingerprint' to trace the adaptation of IoT in Malaysia. Point of view expressed based on the lower physical (PHY) & network layers, feedback from industries, general reading & current ongoing research projects

Published in: Engineering
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Internet of Things: Current Trends & Future Directions in Malaysia

  1. 1.     Ir.  Dr.  Rosdiadee  Nordin   Faculty  of  Engineering  and  Built  Environment   Universi<  Kebangsaan  Malaysia          Internet  of  Things:  Current  Trends  &  Future   Direc6ons  in  Malaysia   :     :    hDps://   :    hDp://­‐nordin  
  2. 2. Innova<on  in  electronic  fabrica<ons,  affordable  Internet-­‐connected  sensors,   improvement  in  Internet  connec<vity  and  adop<on  of  smart  devices  are  four   key  elements  that  are  driving  the  explosion  of  the  Internet  of  Things  (IoT).  By   2020,  it  is  expected  that  33  billion  of  objects  will  be  connected  via  the   Internet  (ra<o  of  1  user  :  4.12  objects)  and  brings  $14  trillion  of  economic   benefit  globally.  The  total  data  generated  is  forecasted  at  40  zeDabytes,   which  is  five  <mes  bigger  than  the  data  we  generated  in  2015.  It  is  obvious   that  IoT  will  bring  a  significant  impact  by  transforming  our  daily  rou<ne  and   business  into  the  digital  world.  Currently,  IoT  technologies  adop<on  is   immature.  In  Malaysia,  72.2%  of  the  popula<on  can  have  Internet  access  in   2015.  Despite  this  immaturity,  there  is  a  posi<ve  indica<on  across  a  wide   range  of  applica<ons  starts  to  take  place  in  Malaysia.  The  main  aim  of  this   talk  is  to  explore  the  emerging  trends  in  IoT  deployment  with  focus  on   techno-­‐business  and  quality  of  life  improvement.  Recent  advances  around   the  world  and  Malaysia  will  be  highlighted  from  the  selected  case  studies.   Poten<al  IoT  applica<ons  in  Malaysia  will  be  suggested  based  on  the   preliminary  research  findings.  The  talk  will  be  concluded  with  open  issues   and  future  direc<ons  of  IoT  in  Malaysia.  
  3. 3. Internet  of  Toaster  (IoT) •  Born  at  US  conference,    1989  when  John  Romkey  challenged  to  build   Internet-­‐ready  toaster     •  Debut  same  conference  a  year  later,  robo<c  arm  added  a  year  later   •  Def.:  Connec<ng  devices  over  the  Internet  &  talk  to  each  other   •  Term  Internet  of  Things  introduced  by  a  senior  exec  at  P&G,  Kevin   Ashton  in  1999  
  4. 4. Percentage of Households with Internet, Developing Countries, 2014 % OF HOUSEHOLDS WITH INTERNET 5 Singapore 88.0 10 Brunei 79.2 16 Malaysia 65.5 49 Thailand 33.8 53 Indonesia 29.1   [ITU,  ‘The  State  of  Broadband  2015’,  Sept  2015]  
  5. 5. Phone  to  Environments   Case   Studies   Drones   Smart  Grid     Sports  &   Well  Beings     Internet  of   Vehicles     Smart   Village  
  6. 6. Case  Study  1:  Drones   •  Department  of  Civil  Engineering,  Uni.  of  Illinois   •  Construc<on  work  monitoring  by  Drones   •  Capture  video  footage  of  monitored  area   •  Update  the  work  plan  for  future  extension   Will  Knight,  "New  Boss  on  Construc<on  Sites  Is  a  Drone",  MIT   Technology  Review,  August  26,  2015  [  Online]   “Nokia  Networks,  du  first  in  UAE  to  use  telco  drones  for  beDer   network  planning  &  faster  op<miza<on”,  July,  2015  [Online]   “Nokia  Networks  is  exploring  the  poten<al  uses  of  drones   in  the  telecoms  industry  and,  at  Mobile  World  Congress   2015,  triggered  the  discussion  on  mul<ple  use  cases   including  tower  inspec<on,  network  op<miza<on,  LoS  and   radio  planning  with  drones”  
  7. 7. Case  Study  1:  Drones  
  8. 8. Case  Study  2:  Smart  Grid   TNB  Smart  Grid  Projects  Starts  June  2014   TNB  chief  corporate  officer  Datuk  Roslan  Ab  Rahman  said   the   ini<a<ve   will   see   the   instalment   of   1,000   smart   grid   advance  meters  both  in  Putrajaya  and  Malacca  throughout   the  one-­‐year  period  of  the  pilot  project.     “Currently   we   are   conduc<ng   preliminary   studies   and   prepara<ons  on  the  scheme  as  to  when  we  can  announced   it  this  June,  the  implementa<on  and  the  monitoring  part  of   the  project  will  be  smooth,”  he  told  a  news  conference  at   the   Energy   Efficiency   for   Sustainable   Business   Seminar   2014  in  Putrajaya  yesterday.   [Metering  Interna<onal,    April  24,  2014  ]  
  9. 9. Case  Study  3:  Wearables
  10. 10. Case  Study  3:  Wearables
  11. 11. Case  Study  3:  Wireless  Bicycle  Sensors First  Wireless  Cyclocomputer,  early   90s     First  Patent  on  Mechanical   Cyclocomputer,  1895     IEEE  802.11:  1997   IEEE  802.15  WPAN:  2002   IEEE  802.15.4:  2003   Sadik  Gharghan,  Rosdiadee  Nordin  and  Mahamod  Ismail,  "A   Survey  on  Energy  Efficient  Wireless  Sensor  Networks  for   Bicycle  Performance  Monitoring  Applica<on",  Journal  of   Sensors,  2014  
  12. 12. Speed,  cadence  &  torque  real-­‐Fme   measurements  @  Cheras  Velodrome Xbee S1 coordinator node during measurements Xbee S1 router node during measurements RF module (Xbee S1) Dout USB cable Coach laptop Coordinator node Speed and cadence sensor node +3.7 V Router node Tx Regulator +3.3V Arduino nano Atmega 328p RF module (Xbee pro s1) DinDout Rx Schematic diagram level 1 meter 32 - 64 meters Hardware level Torque sensor node Torque measurement Speed and cadence measurement
  13. 13. Speed,  cadence,  torque  measurements  in  real   Fme Sadik   Kamel   Gharghan,   Rosdiadee   Nordin,   Mahamod   Ismail,   "An   Ultra-­‐ Low   Power   Wireless   Sensor   Network   for   Bicycle   Torque   Performance   Measurements",  Sensors,  2015,  15(5):  11741-­‐11768     Sadik  Kamel  Gharghan,  Rosdiadee  Nordin,  Mahamod  Ismail,  "Energy-­‐Efficient   ZigBee-­‐based  Wireless  Sensor  Network  for  Track  Bicycle  Performance   Monitoring",  Sensors,  2014;  14(8):15573-­‐15592     0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 1 13 25 37 49 61 73 85 97 109 121 133 145 157 169 181 193 205 217 229 241 253 265 277 289 301 313 Speed(km/h) Cadence(RPM) Time (seconds) Cadence without RCD algorithm Cadence of SRM Speed without RCD algorithm Speed of SRM 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 0 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 400 450 Power(watt) Torque(N.m) Time (seconds) Measured torque SRM torque Measured power SRM power
  14. 14. Proposed  system  to    transfer  data  from  sensors  to  the   anchor  node  (outdoor  and  indoor  velodromes) 150m 315m 65m235m 320m 333m 10m 20m 30m 40m 50m 60m 70m 80m 90m 110m 100m 120m 130m140m160m170m 180m 190m 200m 210m 220m 230m 240m 250m 260m 280m 270m 290m 300m 310m Pursuit line 32m32m 65m65m 64m Run-off 1m wide Safety zone 3.5m wide Track 7m wide Mobile node Coordinator node (anchor node 1) Pursuit line 64m Anchor node 2 Anchor node 3 Second halfFirst half Router AN1(coach) Main door Side door Route node 34 m 36m 46.5 m Fitness hall Exit doorGym room SeatsSeats AN3 AN2 16m 25m O.5m 1m 1m AN4 1m 1m 5m O.5m AN5 10m AN6 1m 1m 5m 10m 15m 20m 25m 30m 32m 33.2m 37.6m 40m 43.8m
  15. 15. Measurement  accuracy 1.0E-5 1.0E-4 1.0E-3 1.0E-2 1.0E-1 1.0E+0 1.0E+1 1.0E+2 1.0E+3 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 55 60 65 RMSE,logscale Distance (m) outdoor LNSM Indoor LNSM Outdoor PSO-ANN Indoor PSO-ANN RMSE based on LNSM and Hybrid PSO-ANN 17.55 9.102 0.5 0.087 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 LNSM (indoor) LNSM (outdoor) Hybrid PSO_ANN (indoor) Hybrid PSO_ANN (outdoor) RMSEinmeters Sadik  Kamel  Gharghan,  Rosdiadee  Nordin,  Mahamod  Ismail,  "Accurate  Wireless  Sensor  Localiza<on  Technique  based  on  Hybrid  PSO-­‐ ANN  Algorithm  for  Indoor  and  Outdoor  Track  Cycling",  IEEE  Sensors  Journal  [  In  Press]  
  16. 16. IF  Akyildiz,  JM  Jornet,  “The  Internet  of  nano-­‐things”,   IEEE  Wireless  Communica>ons,  2010,  17(6):  58-­‐63   Cited  by  123  ar<cles     Future  in  Healthcare  
  17. 17. Case  Study  4:  Internet  of  Vehicles   •  Google  done  trials  at  various  loca<ons  around  the  world     •  Summer  2015  clocked  1  million  miles   •  14  minor  crashes,  human  fault!  
  18. 18. Case  Study  4:  Internet  of  Vehicles   •  Apple  aims  to  release  its  first  car  in   2019  [Wall  Street  Journal]   •  Project  Titan,  600  staff  (&   increasing)   •  Durable  baDeries!  Will  be  years   before  the  Apple  or  Google  cars   avail   •  As  the  technology  progress,  smart   cars  will     •  Check  oil,  water,  tyre  pressure,  etc   •  Contact  workshop  for  service  or   repairs  (<ming  belt)   •  Access  to  diary  for  service  (at  <me   suits  you)  
  19. 19. Case  Study  4:  Internet  of  Vehicles   Gateless  gantry  system  on  trial  at  TPM  Bukit  Jalil,  to  be   deployed  by  2018  [  ]    
  20. 20. Case  Study  4:  Vehicle  to  Infrastructure  (V2I)   CommunicaFon     •  Offers  different  type  of   applica<ons:   •  Safety  applica<on   •  Traffic  efficiency  applica<on   •  Informa<on/entertainment   (Infotainment)  applica<on   •  Efficient  mobility  management  is   required     •  unique  vehicular  environment     characteris<cs  (e.g.,  high  velocity   and  traffic  density)   Mohammed  Balfaqih,  Mahamod  Ismail,  Rosdiadee  Nordin,  Zain  Balfaqih,  "Proxy  Mobile   IPv6  Handover  Management  in  Vehicular  Networks:  State  of  the  Art,  Taxonomy  and   Direc<ons  for  Future  Research",  Wireless  Personal  Communica>ons,  2015,  84(2):  1509-­‐1534  
  21. 21. Predic6ve   Movement  Detec<on   Next  AR  Predica<on   Network  Ini<ated   Distributed   Par<ally  Distributed   Fully  Distributed   Proac6ve   Binding  Registra<on   Tunnel  Establishment   Traffic  Buffering   802.21 MIH Function Protocol and Device Hardware Applications Connection Management 802.11p LTE-Advanced WiMAX L2 Triggers and Events Information Service Distributed Mobility Management Smart Triggers Information Service Handover Messages Handover Management Handover Policy Handover Messages IEEE802.21IETF Fast  handover  Distributed  Mobility  Management  Solu<on    (FDMM)   Case  Study  4:  Vehicle  to  Infrastructure  (V2I)   CommunicaFon    
  22. 22. Case  Study  4:  Vehicle  to  Infrastructure  (V2I)   CommunicaFon     Mohammed  Balfaqih,  Mahamod  Ismail,  Rosdiadee  Nordin,  Abd  Alrazak  Rahem,  Zain  Balfaqih,  "Fast  Handover  Solu<on  for  Network-­‐Based  Distributed  Mobility   Management  in  Intelligent  Transporta<on  Systems”,  Ad-­‐Hoc  Networks  [Under  Review]  
  23. 23. OpportuniFes:  FiQh   GeneraFon  Network [  Huawei,  “5G:  A  Technology  Vision”  ]    
  24. 24. OpportuniFes:  FiQh  GeneraFon  Network  
  25. 25. Malaysia  5G  CommiRee  Members   OpportuniFes:  FiQh  GeneraFon  Network  
  26. 26. The  World  in  2025:  8  PredicFons  for  the  Next   10  Years  (1/3)   •  A  $1,000  Human  Brain   •  Computer  able  to  calculate  at  10,000  trillion  cycles/sec,  equiv  processing   speed  of  human  brain   •  A  Trillion-­‐Sensor  Economy   •  Cisco  es<mates  $19  trillion  will  be  generated       •  Perfect  Knowledge   •  Data  everywhere!   The  World  in  2025:  8  Predic<ons  for  the  Next  10  Years,  By  Peter  Diamandis  ON  May  11,  2015,  SingularityHUB  [Online]  
  27. 27. The  World  in  2025:  8  PredicFons  for  the  Next   10  Years  (2/3)   •  8  Billion  Hyper-­‐Connected  People   •  Facebook  (,  SpaceX,  Google  (Project   Loon),  Qualcomm  and  Virgin  (OneWeb):  global   connec<vity  at  1  Mbps   •  Disrup<on  of  Healthcare   •  $3.8  trillion,  new  business  dematerialize,   demone<ze  &  democra<ze  today’s  bureaucra<c   &  inefficient  system   •  Augmented  and  Virtual  Reality   •  Facebook  (Oculus),  Google  (Magic  Leap),   Microsoy  (Hololens),  Sony,  Qualcomm,  HTC   The  World  in  2025:  8  Predic<ons  for  the  Next  10  Years,  By  Peter  Diamandis  ON  May  11,  2015,  SingularityHUB  [Online]  
  28. 28. The  World  in  2025:  8  PredicFons  for  the  Next   10  Years  (3/3)   •  Early  Days  of  JARVIS   •  Next-­‐genera<on  AI  systems  to  listen  to  conversa<ons,  read  emails  &  bio  data   •  Cryptocurrency   •  BitCoin   The  World  in  2025:  8  Predic<ons  for  the  Next  10  Years,  By  Peter  Diamandis  ON  May  11,  2015,  SingularityHUB  [Online]  
  29. 29. Takeaway…     •  Progress  on  IoT  at  global  level  with  specific  focus  to  Malaysia     •  Adapta<on  at  infancy       •  Opportuni<es  &  challenges  at  physical  media  &  network   infrastructure     •  Future  poten<als  &  applica<ons    
  30. 30. Thank  you!   Ques<ons?    
  31. 31. Sequels… •  Opportuni<es,  challenges  and  future  direc<ons  in  TV  White  Space   •  World  TV  White  Space  Technology  &  Digital  Inclusion  Conference  2015   •  Organizer:  WhiteSpace  Alliance  &  Dynamic  Spectrum  Alliance   •  Date:  29th  October  2015     •  Venue:  Lebua  at  State  Tower,  Bangkok,  Thailand   •  Energy  Efficient  Cellular  Base  Sta<ons  based  on  the  Characteris<cs  of  Malaysia’s   Solar  Radia<on  Exposure   •  Organizer:  Ins<tu<on  of  Engineers  Malaysia  (IEM)   •  Date:  12th  November  2015   •  Venue:  Wisma  IEM