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Graduate Life: Sharing of Experiences


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National Graduate Seminar (NGS 2011), University of Petronas, Sept. 2011. Panelist for session 'Graduate Life: Sharing of Experiences'

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Graduate Life: Sharing of Experiences

  1. 1. NGS 2011 UTPGraduate Life: Share of Experience 18/09/2011 University of Petronas Dr. Rosdiadee Nordin
  2. 2. Selecting and Managing Supervisor• Why supervisor is important?• PhD is about you and supervisor – marriage, father and son, etc• Choice of Uni – is it important?• Selection criteria and registration process
  3. 3. Selecting and Managing Supervisor• Student expectation on the supervisor• Some cases, supervisor don’t have clear idea about your research• Co-supervision: mutual agreement among students and supervisor(s)• Progress meeting : do we have to meet them often?• Supervisor style: different people with ‘unique’ personality
  4. 4. Selecting and Managing Supervisor• How to handle conflict with supervisors?• Balancing between research and supervisors expectation• ‘Hobby research’ – not your actual/ core research• Publications – expectation between developing and developed nation
  5. 5. Time Management• Why managing time important (limited study period)• Is it important to finish early?• General guideline (ideal case): – 6-12 months: research direction (proposal) – 12-18 months: initial results – 18-24 months: data collection and analysis – 24-30 months: research extension and analysis – 30-36 months: thesis writing
  6. 6. Time Management• What happened was: – 1st year: Motivation, new environment and adaptation process – 2nd year: same routine, troubleshooting/ problem with research leads to disappointment – 3rd year: under pressure to complete study (financial constraint), wake up call (ToC) – time is moving so fast!• Critical phase: the final 6 months!
  7. 7. Prioritizing Commitments• Supervisor(s) vs. Family• Family: Wife vs. Children• Part-time work vs. Study• ‘Cuti Belajar’ – the literal meaning!
  8. 8. Family Issues• Let the supervisors know you have a family to look after• What happens at lab stay at lab!• Away from the country – death or sickness within the family• Community activity and help