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Action research plan


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Action research plan

  1. 1. Action Planning Template (Tool 7.1)<br />Goal: To determine if the implementation of Professional Learning Communities among professional teaching staff at Hurst Hills Elementary will positively affect student achievement on district and state assessments given.<br />Action Step(s)Person(s) ResponsibleTimeline: Start & EndNeeded ResourcesEvaluation1. Meet with and discuss proposed action research topics with site supervisor.-Myself -Site Supervisor & Principal Sheila Walker4/18/11 – 4/22/11*School Data*Intern Plan – updated with Action Research requirement*Formulated topic/question2. Disaggregate 2011 TAKS data for Hurst Hills Elementary and identify data trends or sub-groups in need of assistance.-Teaching Staff of Hurst Hills Elementary-Administrative staff of Hurst Hills Elementary5/31/11 – 6/1/11*2011 AEIS & AYP Data*Disaggregated TAKS Data*Identified sub-groups or curricular areas that did not meet district and/or state standards or need improvement3. Development of a Professional Learning Community binder for each teaching staff member of Hurst Hills Elementary.-Myself-Administrative staff of Hurst Hills Elementary6/2/11 – 6/23/11 &7/25/11 – 8/5/11*Binders with 5 plastic dividers for each teacher at Hurst Hills Elementary (approximately 40)*Professional Learning Community rationale, explanation, expectations, etc.*Development of PLC binder4. Conduct campus professional development over Professional Learning Communities (PLCs), and review for staff the rationale, expectations and format.-Myself-Administrative staff of Hurst Hills Elementary8/9/11 *PLC Teacher Binders*Disaggregated TAKS data*2011 AEIS & AYP data*Force Field Analysis Exercise-Drivers & Inhibitors of PLCs*Consensogram – Teacher understanding of PLCs5. Teachers develop a strategic goal, focused on increasing student achievement in an identified area of campus need, which they will work towards achieving throughout the 2011-2012 school year.-Teaching staff of Hurst Hills Elementary8/9/11 – 8/31/11*PLC Teacher Binders*2011-2012 Campus Improvement Plan*Disaggregated TAKS data*2011 AEIS & AYP data*Teacher written strategic goals*Completion of PDAS, Part I6. Teachers meet monthly in PLC settings, alternating between horizontal and vertical teams, to disseminate data, discuss progress towards teacher strategic goals and identify any assistance or training needed to further meet his/her goal.-Teaching staff of Hurst Hills Elementary-Administrative staff of Hurst Hills Elementary10/6/11, 11/3/11, 12/1/11, 1/12/12, 2/2/12, 3/1/12, 4/5/12 & 5/3/12*PLC Teacher Binders*PDAS Classroom Walk-Throughs & Observations*Monthly campus/district assessment data taken throughout the 2011-2012 school year*Comparative campus/district assessment data taken during the 2010-2011 school year*Plus/Delta poster offering feedback on each of the monthly PLC meetings*PLC “artifacts” and completion of PLC activities (blogs, written summaries, etc.)*Teacher surveys*PLC personal reflection sheet7. Evaluate the effectiveness of PLCs through final disaggregation of 2012 state, district and campus assessment data for Hurst Hills Elementary and compare to previous state, district and campus assessment data taken during the 2010-2011 school year.-Teaching Staff of Hurst Hills Elementary-Administrative staff of Hurst Hills Elementary5/1/12 – 5/30/12*Data from 2011-2012 school year*Comparative data from 2010-2011 school year*Achievement of teacher strategic goals*Teacher summative conferences*Attainment of state, district and campus goals with regards to improvement in student achievement*Teacher satisfaction surveysExamining What We Do to Improve Our Schools Sandra Harris, Stacey Edmonson, Julie Combs© Eye On Education<br />