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Romanian Sales Conference 2014


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Romanian Sales Conference 2014

  1. 1. Don’t Compete with Rivals, Make them Irrelevant. Despre Vanzari & Blue Ocean Strategy Romanian Sales Conference Radisson Blu 25.09.2014 Daniel Rosca
  2. 2. Cat cantareste un elefant? African Elephant by RobtheDoodler on deviantART
  3. 3. Cat te costa transportul unui elefant? * iti place imaginea?
  4. 4. Dar in acest caz? + veterinar, alimentatie, personal auxiliar, perioada "dresaj"... ?
  5. 5. "... trying to secure more famous clowns and lion tamers, a strategy that raised circuses’ cost structure without substantially altering the circus experience." Recenzie Blue Ocean Strategy |
  6. 6. "Cirque du Soleil gained a new understanding not only of circus customers... ...but also of circus noncustomers, adult theater customers.” Recenzie Blue Ocean Strategy
  7. 7. Care este primul cuvant la care te gandesti acum?
  8. 8. * extras din manualul de identitate al Romaniei...
  9. 9. "... no promotional campaign, mass media, or consumer advertising. It didn’t simply steal sales from competitors... "
  10. 10. Yellow Tail brought nonwine drinkers, beer and ready-to-drink cocktail consumers into the wine market.
  11. 11. Generare nevoie de cumparare? * industrii complementare, teatru & bere “Chapter 5 shows how to maximize the size of a blue ocean. To create greatest market of new demand, this chapter challenges the conventional practice… helps to get managers thinking from a demand-side perspective.”
  12. 12. ... Its why Head of Marketing for Cirque du Soleil, Mario D'Amico said, "If we had asked our audience what they wanted, we would end up doing Swan Lake every year." Cum functioneaza o clepsidra?
  13. 13. Generare nevoie de cumparare? De ce Apple nu are vanzatori? 3 Directori Generali, o singura provocare! Metodologie Lead Generation 2015 Interviu Adrian Garmacea, Emanuel Popa & Florin Plesca
  14. 14. Cine este "elefantul" din industria in care activezi? * game de produse • 80% of / servicii vs competitie? sales require 5 follow-up calls after the meeting • 44% of salespeople give up after 1 follow-up Daca reusim sa eliminam aceste etape?
  15. 15. ... primul cuvant?
  16. 16. Soborul de la Isaiia / Cultura & Civilizatie Cucuteni 7000 BC * +37bnUSD / year... !
  17. 17. Te invit pe sa analizezi: • metodologie Lead Generation 2015 / De ce Apple nu are vanzatori? • pozitionare Blue Ocean Strategy / Cultura & Civilizatia Cucuteni • optimizare buget 2015, Marketing & Vanzari: • pozitionare Blue Ocean Strategy
  18. 18. Cum arata competitia noastra vs competitia companiei pe care o reprezinti? * pozitionare Blue Ocean Strategy holding de companii Green Future
  19. 19. … a strategy that raised circuses’ cost structure without substantially altering the circus experience! Va multumesc pentru timpul acordat! “Stop benchmarking the competition. The more you benchmark your competitors, the more you tend to look like them.” . Daniel Rosca | | +4(0) 744 33 66 43