REDSTAR Family Guide December 2013/ January 2014


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Qingdao’s NEW Family Guide.

REDSTAR Family Sections
• Parenting
• Community
• Food & Nutrition
• Health & Fitness
• Arts & Culture
• Education
• Family Events
• Travel
• Shopping
• Listings

Target Readership
• Families (Chinese & Western)
• International students & parents living/teaching/
studying in Shandong
• Chinese parents with interest in international
• Chinese students that wish to study abroad
• Chinese students that wish to enhance their
opportunities whilst studying in their home country

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REDSTAR Family Guide December 2013/ January 2014

  1. 1. Family DEC / JAN 十二月 / 一月 WHAT’S CHRISTMAS? FOOTBALL CLUBBING DENTAL DO’S & DON’TS ORGANIC LIVING + CHOCOLATE TREES + FINDING FOSSILS + THE ART OF GRATITUDE + CRAFTING CHRISTMAS 何为圣诞节 足球俱乐部 保护你的牙齿 有机生活 + 巧克力圣诞树 + 寻找化石 + 感恩的艺术 + 圣诞节手工 红星时代广告DM 青岛红星时代文化传播有限公司 8388-2269 青岛市南京路100号3-401 登记证号:青工商广固印登字2012-0014号
  2. 2. CONTENTS COMMUNITY DEC / JAN 十二月 / 一月 EDUCATION Mum’s the word 青岛妈妈联盟 06 The meaning of Christmas 圣诞节对你意味何物 08 HEALTH & FITNESS Hutong inspires young creative minds 胡同教育激发创意头脑 27 TRAVEL Sound the vuvuzela, kids football is coming! 哨子哔哔,足球少年请集合! 13 FOOD & NUTRITION Fossils upon fossils.... 恐龙化石堆 29 Volunteering in Thailand 泰国义工之旅 32 PARENTING A balanced family - finding your zen “育儿经”十招 Christmas tree, oh chocolate tree! 圣诞树,是巧克力树! 16 100% organic living 百分百有机生活 18 35 It’s the little things - the art of gratitude 举足轻重的艺术——感恩 37 ARTS & CULTURE EVENTS Crafty little fingers 手指动动做圣诞手工 40 LISTINGS Sights / 旅游景点 Shopping / 购物 Education / 教育 In the market for a Christmas Market 逛圣诞市场 22 00 Medical / 医疗 46 46 46 48
  3. 3. CREATIVE TEAM Jen Gallogly Photo © Rita Nielsen Laura Roark a mother of two, and came to China six years ago. Inspired by her love of cooking, she studied at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and started Jen Gallogly Wellness. Jen has over five years of experience in the personal growth and development industry, is a certified Health Coach and is a member of the American Association for Drugless Practitioners. A long-term China resident, a mother and currently Montessori Directress at Qingdao Amerasia International School. A certified Parent Effectiveness training instructor, she has also co-authored two children’s books and regularly gives training workshops to rural teachers in the mountainous regions of Yunnan Province. 六年前来到中国的Jen Gallogly现已是两个孩子的母 亲。受自己的厨艺爱好和对健康食物的追求所驱动,她曾 到全球最据权威的营养研究学院——美国的综合营养研究 所进修,之后创办了Jen Gallogly Wellness家庭身心健康 研习坊。在个人成长和发展的领域里,Jen在有超过五年 的实践经验。现在她是一位具备认证资格的健康教练,也 是美国非药物实践者联合会的成员。 Laura Roark旅居中国多年,已为人母的她现为青 岛美亚国际学校蒙特梭利幼儿园的园长。作为一名具备 认证资格的父母效能训练师,她曾参与编写两本儿童书 籍,并且定期地为云南山区的乡村教师提供专业培训。 Natasha Tapley Natasha hales from Australia, and has spent the last 12 years in China. Her and her husband have 3 boys. They love their international life here in Qingdao. Natasha is the Parent Teacher Organisation Co-President at ISQ, Moderator of the Qingdao Mamas Group, is a member of the Qingdao Expat Charity Group and runs the ISQ Bright Start Playgroup twice a week. Melissa Clifford A proud mother, middle school science and math teacher at Qingdao No. 1 International School of Shandong Province (QISS), and a fearless explorer of unusual places. As an active couch-surfer, she loves taking her son along in search of peculiar flora and fauna. Melissa Clifford是一位自豪的母亲、山东省青岛第 一国际学校的科学和数学老师,她还是一位无畏的探险 者。作为一名积极的沙发客,她和她的儿子Elijah无论 去哪儿,都喜欢寻找当地新奇的动植物。 Natasha来自澳大利亚,旅居中国已12年。她和她的 丈夫有3个孩子。他们很喜欢青岛的国际生活。Natasha 是青岛MTI国际学校家长教师协会的联席会长,青岛妈妈 联盟的策划人,还是青岛外籍慈善组织的成员。此外她 还每周两次主持青岛MTI国际学校的“启明星”幼教中心 的活动。 For a chance to be featured on the cover of next REDSTAR Family please submit your painting themed “Chinese New Year/Year of the Horse” before 30 December. JOIN OUR FAMILY 想让自己的作品登上红星《家庭指 南》的封面吗?快来投递你的绘画作品 吧!下期的主题将是“中国新年/生肖 Cover Art By 马年”,投递截止日为12月30日。 Jansen, G6, YCIS If you wish to contribute to the family guide email us at 有兴趣为我们的《家庭指南》撰稿?发送电邮至info@myredstar.com联系我们吧! Sign up for weekly events/promotions updates at ezine-subscription REDSTAR Creative Team 策划团队 Ian Burns, Aaron Bird, Liu Jieling, David Chen, Apple Tan, Peipei Zhu, Mika Wang, Zoe Zheng, Teodora Lazarova, Tomas Engle, Rosanne Goedhart, Monica Pizzato, Xueyi Wu, Preston Bu, Glenn Davie. Use your wechat QR scanner to scan this code and keep up to date with our Official WeChat Advertising Enquiries 广告征订 (+86 532) 8097-0521 / 8388-2269 Publication Enquiries 出版物咨询 Creative 100 Industry Park, Room 401 Building 3, 100 Nanjing Lu, Qingdao 266071 青岛市南京路100号 创意100产业园3-401
  4. 4. COMMUNITY COMMUNITY however they ask you to limit notices to once a month. They don’t want advertising! So if you are a Qingdao Mama looking to connect with other Qingdao Mamas have a look… Go to groups. and search for “qingdaomamas”. Or you can contact qingdaomamas-owner@yahoogroups. com. Attention All Qingdao Mamas! 青岛妈妈集结令 Q ingdao Mamas is a yahoo group for Mamas (and Babas) who live in Qingdao! It started in March this year with a few members and has grown to over 100. It is a helpful resource for expat parents to share information. Qingdao is a great place to live - and it helps if you have a community of friends to enjoy it with. On Qingdao Mamas you can get updates on playgroups, find out about Qingdao Mama Lunches, buy or sell things, suggest good Taobao links or get local information and recommendations. General living tips for a fun family life while living in Qingdao are appreciated. To join the group you need to provide descriptive information and you will need to be approved by the moderator. The group is private to protect all personal information. Local Qingdao businesses may join the group Hey Kids! 嗨! 小朋友 6 “Qingdao Mamas”是一个为岛城的妈 妈(和爸爸)们而设的雅虎交流群。这个交 流群成立于今年3月,成员从起初的十几人发 展到了现在的一百多人。外籍父母们可以通 过这个平台更好地相互交流。 相信你一定很享受在青岛的生活,那 么不妨和大家分享一下你的快乐吧。通过青 岛妈妈交流群,不仅可以实时了解最新的娱 乐活动动态,还可以获取一些诸如上哪儿吃 饭、去哪儿购物、哪家淘宝店铺信得过之类 的信息。还可以互相交流一下在青岛生活的 心得。 青岛妈妈是一个较注重隐私的群,你需 要提供自己的个人信息,通过申请后才能成 为会员。交流群的所有内容(包括群聊天记 录、活动地点、个人信息等)仅成员可见。 青岛本地的商业性组织也可以加入青岛妈妈 群,但每月只可发布一次公告。妈妈们可不 喜欢被太多广告骚扰哦! 如有意加入青岛妈妈群,不妨访问,搜索“qingdaomamas”了解更多信息,也可发送电邮至 咨询。 You can find me hidden throughout the magazine. Find all seven for a chance to win a prize from Dr. Linda: One coupon for free lessons worth 266RMB Use of the Indoor Playstation three times Borrow books from imported books library three times. Go to and tell me which pages I am on to enter the competition. Good luck! 这本杂志里共有7个我,翻遍杂志,找齐我的小伙伴,你就有机会赢的 琳达博士英语早教中心提供的大奖一份: 一次价值266元的免费试听课 三次免费使用Dr. Linda室内游乐场(提前预约) 三次免费在Dr. Linda进口原版绘本图书馆借阅图书 访问,把我的 小伙伴所在的页码告诉我,你就有可能赢得大奖 哦。祝你好运! Qingdao Expat Charity Group 青岛外籍 慈善组织 T he Qingdao Expat Charity Group is held together by a succession of volunteers in the foreign community. The main aim has been to assist a number of rural children, allowing them to attend school, along with improving school conditions and visiting each student twice a year. Providing vital financial assistance for medical treatment has also been a key concern, saving and improving young children’s lives. Qingdao Expat Charity Group maintains close contact with Qingdao’s children’s hospital; providing financial aid for life-threatening medical procedures. School Assistance: A yearly tradition, our charity supports school children of various ages and their necessary insurance. This aid ensures many are able to complete their education and bring hope to their families throughout rural Qingdao. Medical Support: The funds raised through many efforts and occassions within the Qingdao community have led to more financial aid being made available for medical care. The Expat Charity Committee reviews cases carefully and assists children facing life-threatening illnesses. Heart surgeries, brittle bone correction and leukemia have been some major cases where the funds have changed lives. Members of the committee visit the hospitals, meet the families and children. They take small gifts to the children and remain in contact with the hospital throughout the process. 青 岛外籍慈善组织由旅居青岛的外籍 人士于2001年自发创建。每年,他 们两次亲赴青岛周边的贫困地区, 看望当地的儿童,并致力帮助他们改善学习 环境以及学校的基础设施建设。此外,改善 贫困儿童的医疗条件,帮助挽救和补助患病 儿童,一直以来也都是该组织的重点运作项 目之一。 一直以来,青岛外籍慈善组织与青岛市 妇女儿童医院都有着紧密的合作与联系,为 有生命危险的患儿提供医疗财政援助。 学校援助: 依照传统,我们的慈善组织每年都会支 持不同年龄的失学儿童,并帮助他们购买必 要的保险。这项补助能够保证他们完成各自 的教育,从而为他们的家庭乃至整个青岛郊 区的农村带来希望。 医疗支持: 在不断努力下,加上社会各界善心人士 的帮助,青岛外籍慈善组织已经为穷困地区 的儿童募集到了越来越多的医疗保健援助资 金。在查看档案时,来自组织的委员会成员 们都会仔细阅读,重点帮助那些患有生命威 胁疾病的儿童。如需要进行心脏手术、骨骼 校正和患白血病的儿童等等。类似于这样的 手术,能否支付昂贵的手术费,对孩子的生 命健康起着关键性的作用。 委员会成员还会到访医院,看望那些受 疾病困扰的家庭和孩子们。给孩子们带去小 礼物,并在整个手术进展过程中与医院保持 联系。 Contact / 联系方式: 7
  5. 5. COMMUNITY COMMUNITY Christmas to you? What’s QISS 山东省第一国际学校 圣诞节对你来说意味着什么? ISQ 青岛MTI国际学校 Lydia, G1 (年级) I like Christmas because we get together with my family and friends. Most of the time Santa comes and gives us presents, I do not care. Christmas is about getting together with your family. Kevin, G1 (年级) It’s my mom’s birthday and it is fun. Esther, Age 4 (岁) God makes us. Santa Claus brings us presents. Baby Jesus! Angela, G10 (年级) I like Christmas because our dog likes to eat the red carpet under our Christmas tree. 那天是我妈妈的生日,所以是 很好玩的一天。 耶稣创造了我们。圣诞老人为 我们带来礼物。耶稣宝宝! 我喜欢圣诞节,因为我家的狗 喜欢吃圣诞树底下的红地毯。 Misato, G10 (年级) Since I can receive presents from family and friends, and we can just simply have a rest. 我会收到朋友和家人们送的礼 物,而且我们可以什么都不 做,只在家休息。 我喜欢圣诞节,因为我可以和 家人朋友待在一起。大多数时 候,圣诞老人都会给我们送来 礼物,不过我不怎么在乎。圣 诞节就是和家人待在一起。 Yuri, G2 (年级) Christmas is ‘curiosity’ for me because I never seen Santa Claus before, so I don’t know if Santa Claus is real or not. Also, how can he know our house and our wish? How can he travel all around the world in just on night? I don’t think Santa Claus is true because then he’ll be so tired. 圣诞节总是让我很好奇,因为我从来没有见 过圣诞老人,所以我不知道他到底是不是真 的存在。还有,他怎么知道我们家在哪里和 我们的愿望是什么?他怎么能在一个晚上跑 遍全世界?我不觉得圣诞老人真的存在,要 不然他会多累啊。 Adele, G3 (年级) The true meaning of Christmas is to celebrate family, friends, happiness and birth of the son of God (Jesus Christ). This is what Christmas means to me, and honestly also for my family. 圣诞的真正意义就是和家 人、朋友一起开心的庆祝 神的儿子(耶稣基督)的生 日。这就是圣诞对我的意 义,对我的家人也是一样。 Harry, G4 (年级) Christmas means I have nice break from school, enjoy opening presents, and I get to play snowball fight because in Korea always snow at Christmas time. 圣诞就是学校放假,拆 礼物,还有打雪仗。因 为在韩国,每到圣诞节 都会下雪。 YCIS 青岛耀中国际学校 Galaxy 青岛银河学校国际部学校 Jacob, Age 3 (岁) Christmas [Festival] is snowmen, round, and [Santa] old people singing. 圣诞节对我来说是最棒的日子了,因为 圣诞老人会来到我家。我很开心,因为 他会带给我我想要的礼物。我想跟他见 面。还有我想做一个圣诞老人。那样我 就可以让全世界的小孩都开心。 8 Kelly, G4 (年级) Christmas is my favorite holiday on the earth. In Christmas season I decorate the Christmas tree with my family. I ride a slide on the hill. At night Santa Clause will give children some present. When I’m sleeping, snow will come and on the next morning, I will make a snowman. Christmas is a fun holiday in the world. 圣诞节是我在地球上最喜欢的节日。每当圣诞节 的时候,我和家人会一起装饰圣诞树。我会到山 上玩滑雪。晚上的时候,圣诞老人会为孩子们带 来礼物。当我晚上睡觉的时候会下雪,第二天我 就可以堆雪人。圣诞节是全世界都欢乐的节日。 James, Age 4 (岁) Santa bring presents and you open them with your family. 圣诞 (节) 是雪人, 圆圆的, 还有(圣诞)老人 唱歌。 Yuri, G1 (年级) Christmas is the most wonderful day for me because Santa Clause will come to my house. I am very happy that he will give me a wishful gift. I want to see him. Also I want to become a Santa Claus. So I will make the children around the world happy. Lilah, Age 4 (岁) I like presents, and chocolate cakes, because there are strawberries [have] on them. 我喜欢礼物, 还有巧克力蛋糕, 因为上面 (有 )草莓。 圣诞老人会带来礼物,然后你和家人一起拆 礼物。 Rain, G4 (年级) My Christmas is my favorite festival. We put up the Christmas tree and sing the Christmas songs. I enjoy singing Christmas songs at home. My Christmas is when I sleep and Santa Clause gives the presents. My Christmas is playing in the snow outside and having fun activities at school. 我的圣诞节是我最喜欢的节日。我们架 起圣诞树,唱圣诞歌。我喜欢在家唱圣诞 歌。我的圣诞节就是在我睡着的时候圣 诞老人送来礼物。我的圣诞节是在雪地里 玩,还有在学校里参加活动。 Anton, Age 4 (岁) Mommy, daddy, tree, Santa and president [presents]. 圣诞 (节) 是雪人, 圆圆的, 还有(圣诞)老人 唱歌。 Eugene, Age 7 (岁) It is Jesus birthday but you can get presents too. 那天是耶稣的生日,不过你也可以得到礼物。 Edo, Age 7 (岁) Christmas is a time where you receive a lot of presents and you have lots of fun playing in the snow. 圣诞节就是有很多礼物收,还可以在雪堆里尽 情玩的日子。 9
  6. 6. COMMUNITY COMMUNITY Family Spotlight The Peeks Peek一家 Chris (31), Sarah (29), Jonathan (3 1/2) and Nora (almost 2) USA Chris(31岁) Sarah (29岁), , Jonathan(3岁半) Nora(快 , 满2岁) 来自美国 Chris is in his first year teaching MUN at ISQ and Sarah is taking care of Jonathan and Nora at home. We hope to learn a lot about our new host country, make friends among the national and expat communities and grow in our faith while in Qingdao. When we think of “family” we think of bonds of love that may or may not be tied to blood. Family means commitment and care despite differences of opinion, and when we’re in a family, we’re committed to one another for the long haul. Chirs是第一年来到青岛MTI 国际学校任职,教授模拟联合国 课程,Sarah在家照顾Jonathan 和Nora。我们希望能够更深入地 了解中国,结识当地或者同样旅 居国外的朋友,在青岛信心满满 地生活下去。“家庭”对于我们 来说,指的是一种爱的交织,它 无需建立在血缘基础上。家庭对 我们而言,意味着信守承诺,相 互扶持,求同存异和不离不弃。 The Hunters Hunter一家 Ross & Sue, Boarding school teachers Great Britain 寄宿学校老师 来自英国 ‘Family’ are two customers of the Bank of Dad, in Europe (Nice and Newcastle) plus scores and scores of teenage students at school, home & boardinghouse 24/7; it is all one word, one idea. “Wonderful children” is alternately a tautology and an oxymoron. Never a dull moment. Qingdao for its class and diversity. We hope to keep contributing to both local and expat communities. We enjoy our life amidst the beaches, ocean, mountains and parks here. The Mouketes Yulia (33), Patricev Njoume (29) and Sasha (2 3/4) Cameroon & Russia We are both teachers here who came to Qingdao – as they say in Russia – to “see the world, show ourselves and see others.” We love 10 We started our family here too, and at the moment, we are expecting our second baby to introduce to the excitement of Qingdao. ‘Family’, to us, is sharing what you have and dream of with your loved ones, it’s when you have a backup in any situation and live for seeing each other everyday or knowing that there is someone special waiting for you at homes. The Chens Chenjian, Amber and Violet (15 months) USA/CHINA Chenjian and Violet are “CBA”s-Chinese born Americans. Chenjian and I met in 2004 in Beijing and got married 7 months later in 2005. We moved to the US in 2007. Chenjian became a US citizen in July of 2011 and we moved back to China in August, 2011. Violet was born in Qingdao in 2012. We both work with The Chinese Montessori Society in Qingdao. Our goal is to stay here in Qingdao as long as possible and continue establishing our life here. We love China, especially Qingdao. We want Violet to grow up and be happy and full of purposeful experiences. To us, family consists of not only the three of us, but the community we have here as well. We have so many wonderful friends that we love here. And it’s so special because our closest friends are from all over. If it wasn’t for us all being in Qingdao, we’d never have known them, and we’ve become so close we can’t imagine not knowing them. Family to us are those we hold most dear! 陈建一家 陈建(音译)、Amber和15个月大的Violet 陈建和Violet父女俩都是在华出生的美 国人。2004年我和陈建在北京认识,7个月 之后,也就是2005年,我们结婚了。2007 年我们搬到了美国。在2011年7月份,陈 建成为了美国公民,当年的8月份我们就一 起回到了中国。2012年,Violet在青岛出生 了。 我们夫妻俩都在青岛的中国蒙台梭利协 会任职。我们的计划是尽可能地留在青岛生 活。我们很喜欢中国,对青岛情有独钟。我 们希望Violet能在这里,快乐地、充满理想 地长大。 对于我们来说,家庭不只我们3个人, 还有周围的社区。在这里,我们有很多爱 我们的朋友。更难得的是,我们最要好的朋 友都来自世界各地。如果不是因为大家都在 青岛,我们可能根本就不会认识他们,更加 不会变成如此亲近的朋友。很难想象,如果 没有他们这群朋友,我们的生活会是怎么样 的。对我们来说,家庭就是那些我们最亲爱 的人们! “家庭”的关系就像是银行跟顾 客(父母和孩子)一样。我们有两个 家,一个在法国尼斯,一个在英国纽卡 斯尔,(家庭里)还有我们任教的全日 寄宿学校里的一群孩子。家庭,就是一 个词,一种涵义。让父母省心的孩子似 乎从来就是可遇不可求的,他们让生活 从不乏味,总是那么丰富多彩。 Moukete一家 Yulia(33岁) Patrice Njoume(29岁), , Sasha(2岁零9个月) 来自喀麦隆和俄罗斯 “我们都是老师,来青岛的初衷正如俄 罗斯人常说的那样:开阔眼界,展示自己, 借鉴他人。我们之所以喜欢青岛,是因为其 高层次和多元化的城市氛围。我们也希望能 为青岛的多国籍社区发展出上自己的一份 力,并享受这里的生活,去沙滩吹吹风,下 海游游泳,爬爬山,逛逛公园。 我们如今已在青岛安家落户,第二个孩 子也快降生,期待着能和小家伙一起感受青 岛的美好生活。家庭,在我们眼中就是同甘 共苦,和挚爱的人一同憧憬未来,不管任何 时候都作对方坚实的后盾。当你知道有人在 家翘首期盼的时候,那种感觉就是家庭。 11
  7. 7. HEALTH & FITNESS HEALTH & FITNESS 冬季 Dr. Olive’s 护牙 Teeth Care Tips 冬季 Tips for protecting 护牙 your teeth in winter W inter brings with it not just chilly days, but also, according to our outpatients’ log book, visits caused by toothaches. There are two main reasons for this. First, our teeth are very sensitive to temperature. You will suddenly feel a stabbing pain or sustained pain on the offending tooth when approaching cold air or water, and alternatively, if going between hot and cold. Second of all, it's easier for people to catch colds during winter because of a decrease in their resistance. Chronic diseases tend to flare up in such conditions, for example: inflammation of wisdom teeth and periodontal tissue (gums). Don’t panic if there’s a stabbing pain when you drink cold water every once in a while. Frankly speaking, it’s an alert from your body that there may be a crack (or some decay) on one of your teeth. Besides seeing your dentist to avoid acute pain or tooth trauma, Dr. Olive Liao provides you with some tips: 寒 风来袭后,看牙痛急诊的朋友也突然增多 起来,主要原因有两个:牙齿对温差敏 感,遇冷空气、凉水或冷热突然交替会引 起瞬间刺激痛或引起本来有问题的牙疼痛持续发作; 冬季易感冒引起抵抗力下降,也会引起本来有慢性病 症的牙齿急性发作,如智齿或牙周炎症。 偶尔喝冷水有刺痛不必恐慌,其实他是个警告信 号提醒你某处有缺损了。除了看牙医外,为防止急性 疼痛或牙齿外伤带来的麻烦,以下的温馨提示或许对 您有帮助哦: 12 1. Wear a face mask when you go out. The gum tissue will die if teeth are exposed to temperatures under -30℃ on a regular basis. 出门要带口罩,牙齿在-30℃下暴露时,牙髓会被冷冻 坏死。 2. Brush the junction of your teeth and gums more carefully when you catch a cold. 感冒时更应仔细刷牙齿、牙龈交界处。 3. Wear a mouth protector when playing outdoor sports, like ice skating. 户外运动,如滑冰时应带护牙套。 4. Don’t eat nuts when the weather’s cold, your teeth could get cracked. 低温空气中不要嗑瓜子,冷冻下的牙容易发生隐裂(裂 纹)。 5. Don’t drink anything hot too fast, especially if you just came in from the cold. 从户外进屋后,不要猛喝热饮。 6. Don’t put your hands in your pockets when you are walking. If you can’t support yourself when you slip on the ground, you could hurt your teeth. 走路时双手不要插裤兜,防止滑倒时手不能及时扶地, 磕伤牙齿。 A Kick Start Opportunity 机会就在 “脚” 下 Jieling Liu and Rosanne Goedhart sit down and chat with Sandor Nagy, a Hungarian footballer (and once a Budapest restaurant owner in Beijing) who’s aiming to improve the football education scene in the community in Qingdao. 最近,Jieling和Rosanne跟资深足球运动员纳吉·桑德进行了一次交流,聊了一些有关足球的内容。 桑德来自匈牙利,与足球打了几十年交道,他还曾经是北京一家匈牙利餐馆的老板,现致力于发展青岛 的足球教育。 A Longstanding Enthusiasm for Football Growing up in north-east Hungary, this 198 cm tall, 39 year old East European footballer has been engaged in a long-standing association with football - more accurately - he’s led a professional career in football for more than 16 years. He made his name as a striker in the top divisions in Hungary and Israel (Hapoel Hadera), winning the Hungarian National Championship and reaching the finals in the National Cup in 1999/2000. In 2004, Sandor came to China to play for teams in Nanjing, and later in Qingdao. On retiring from the professional field in 2008, Sandor completed his UEFA B Coaching License, and then came to China to coach and to work in professional player management and sports tourism. Sandor Nagy established his own professional sports management company, Nakasa (Beijing) Man- agement Ltd. in 2009. The company aims to bring sports, shows and entertainment to the world, as well as to show football (soccer) and other sports from a different angle and raise awareness for lesser known sports in China. In March 2013, Sandor set out to build a football community and football academy for schools in Qingdao through the FIFA Grassroot Programme. The new football community is called Great Football United. Sandor says their main objective is to allow football to be discovered by as many people as possible. He thinks the best way of attracting new players to the sport is to give them access to football in their own environment - whatever their age, sex, physical condition, skin colour, religion or ethnic origin. Junior Coaching The Junior Coaching Programme is conducted in English by Great Football’s professional FA/UEFA-qualified 与足球的不解之缘 现今39岁、1米98大高个的纳吉·桑德 出生于匈牙利东北部的一个家庭。他曾是一 名职业足球运动员(确切的说踢了超过16 年),作为一名优秀的前锋,他曾先后效力 于匈牙利的顶尖球队以及以色列的哈迪拉工 人队,并分别于2000年和1999年夺得全国冠 军和亚军。2004年,桑德来到了中国,先后 效力于南京和青岛的市官方球队。 桑德于2008年退役,并拿到了欧足联认 证的B级足球教练证,之后他仍回到中国,当 起了足球教练,并开始参与职业足球运动员 经纪和体育表演赛事方面的工作。 一年以后,也就是2009年,桑德成立了 自己的职业体育发展公司,纳卡沙(北京) 体育文化发展有限公司。该公司旨在将体育 赛事、体育精神以及乐趣传递给众人,让中 国的普通人对足球和其他运动有一个全新的 认识,并推广一些在中国尚未普及开来的运 动。 今年3月,通过国际足联的“草根足球” 计划,桑德为青岛的适龄儿童成立了欧亚大 众足球俱乐部,并开办了足球训练班。在谈 及其创办初衷时,桑德说道,他希望能让更 多的人了解足球并参与足球,不论年龄、性 13
  8. 8. HEALTH & FITNESS HEALTH & FITNESS fruits, water, football equipments, referee and awards. Autumn Season There were 60 kids in two leagues divided into 10 teams - 4 teams in the 6-8 years old league and 6 teams in the 8-11 years old league. coaches from Europe, such as Sandor, sometimes also with a Chinese assistant coach where required. This Programme is aimed to teaching fundamental skills and building a passion for football. “We believe that a child must have fun and truly enjoy what he or she is doing to learn successfully.” said Sandor. For those kids that have no experiences in football, they will need to attend first in the practice sessions. After they have obtained (or for those that have already obtained) a basic skill to play match, they can join the GFU Junior League Team, in which they practice once a week and play on weekends. Junior League GFU organises the the junior league Programme, but schools / clubs can join in the league as well. The league was held in the ISQ football field in the autumn season (finished by the end of November). The admission fee for the Junior League in the autumn season was 75 yuan for 6 weekends. The winter season will be bit more expensive, as there will be extra costs for renting indoor places etc, but will still be very affordable. Price includes: 14 It’s seems obvious when it comes to the benefits of football practice. “The league is designed to allow players to develop their game in a friendly but competitive environment, sportsmanship and teamwork are emphasized throughout.” Sandor explained. Winter Season The winter season of the Qingdao International Junior Football League will start at 12 January, during which there will be a 3rd league (12-14 years old kids). The winter season will be held at the gym of ISQ and finished at the end of March (23rd). every Monday evening in ISQ’s Baishan Campus in Laoshan. The main purpose, said Sandor, is to get them together, play some fun games, and to relax. There are 12 women involved regularly now. And don’t worry about financial crisis because it’s only 25 yuan for per class! Scholarship Programme for True Talents A US sports management company called Upper 90 is reaching a hand to Qingdao through Sandor. They offer an exciting scholarship to those kids that have real talents, or dreams of being good footballers. Yet the scholarship has some requirements that, you will get it only if you’re truly qualified to a certain level. This is an absolutely amazing good news for a lot of kids and parents who are planing for bright future in the professional football field. With a The Women’s Recreation Programme is another Programme that Sandor is offering as an opportunity for all the women in Qingdao to experience football and exercise, wether you’re experienced or not. The Programme is hold between 5-6pm 青少年足球训练 青少年足球训练计划主要 采用英文教学,由桑德等来自 欧洲的FA/UEFA专业执照教练 执教,视需要可加入中方助理 教练。该训练计划旨在培养孩 子们的基本足球技能,并提起 他们对足球的兴趣。 “只有当孩子对这项活动 真正感兴趣时,他们才能取得 进步。”桑德说。 零基础的儿童需要先参 加初级训练班。初级训练班结 业后(或已经掌握基本技术的 儿童)可以加入欧亚大众青少 年足球队,参加每周一次的集 训,周末踢联赛。 青少年足球联赛 Different programmes running in the Great Football United Club. The 5 main Programmes: 欧亚大众足球俱乐部共设有5个主要项目,如下所示: QINGDAO INTERNATIONAL JUNIOR FOOTBALL LEAGUE Great Football United Qingdao International Football Community 青岛国际青少年足球联赛 由欧亚大众足球俱乐部组织,其他学 校或俱乐部均可加入 GFU JUNIOR LEAGUE TEAM For kids who have a basic skill to play match. They practice once a week and play on weekends in the Junior League 青岛国际足球社区 奖学金项目 高中生足球训练 JUNIOR COACHING WOMEN’S COACHING Recreational training After school sessions and weekend sessions 女子足球训练 业余休闲型训练 青少年足球训练 放学后训练和周末训练 GREAT FOOTBALL LEAGUE PRACTICE SESSIONS 欧亚大众青少年足球队 For kids who want to practice once a week 针对掌握基本技术能参加比赛的儿 童,每周训练一次,周末参加青少年 足球联赛 针对需要进行初级训练的儿童, 每周一次 青少年足球联赛是一项由 欧亚大众足球俱乐部组织的赛 事,同时也欢迎其他学校或俱 乐部加入。联赛在青岛MTI国际学校足球场内 进行,今年的秋季联赛安排至11月底结束。 秋季赛的参赛费用为75元(共六周),考虑 到室内场地租赁等额外支出,冬季赛的费用 会有适当提高。费用包括水果、饮用水、比 赛用品、裁判费和奖杯或奖状。 SCHOLARSHIP Programme High school students coaching 欧亚大众足球俱乐部 GFU organizes it but any school/club can join the league 秋季联赛 共有60个孩子参赛,他们被分为10支球 队,6-8岁年龄组有4支球队,8-11岁年龄组 则有6支球队。 初级训练班 GFU organizes 5-a-side and 11-a-side league for amateur adult teams 欧亚大众足球联赛 由欧亚大众足球俱乐部组织的5人制和 11人制足球联赛,针对业余成人球队 性设计的课程,不论是否接触过足球,都可 以来体验一下。训练时间为每周一下午五点 到六点,地点位于青岛MTI国际学校(白珊 校区内,崂山)。训练主要以参与为主,踢 一些小比赛,放松一下。该训练班现已有12 名常规学员,欢迎广大女性爱好者们踊跃报 名,费用才25元每课时。 梦。不过该奖学金需要满足一些硬性要求, 只有真正天赋过人的孩子才可获得。 针对天赋球童的奖学金项目 号外:桑德正在筹备一项沙滩足球赛 事,计划于明年6月中旬开赛。想知道懒散 的冬天过后自己还能跑多快?那就赶紧报名 吧! 一家名为“Upper 90”的美国体育经 纪公司联系到了桑德,他们打算为岛城的足 球小天才们提供奖学金,以圆孩子们的足球 对于想成为职业足球运动员的孩子及 其家庭来说,这无疑是一个天大的喜讯。有 了专业教练的执导,再加上自己对足球的热 爱,成为职业球员将不再是梦。 孩子们可以通过足球比赛培养多方面的 品质。“我们为孩子们创造了一个友好的比 赛环境,让孩子们能从中磨炼意志并培养自 己的团队合作精神。”桑德强调说。 “It will be great exercise for the winter because kids get to go out more,” smiled Sandor. . Women’s Recreation 别、身体条件、肤色、宗教信 仰和种族。 qualified coaching license, Sandor is capable to train kids if they long for such an opportunity. P.S. In addition, Sandor is also planing to run a Beach football event, which is expected to happened in the middle of June. What to see how fast you can run after a whole cold winter? sign up now. 冬季联赛 青少年足球的冬季联赛将在1月12日正式 开始举行,并且将增加12-14岁的年龄组。 联赛将持续至明年3月底(23号),在青岛国 际MTI学校的运动场馆内进行。 “对于孩子来说,这是一项不错的冬季 运动,出去活动活动要比宅在家里好得多” 。桑德笑着说。 女子业余足球训练 女子业余足球训练是一项专门为岛城女 15
  9. 9. FOOD & NUTRITION FOOD & NUTRITION Melt-in-Your-Mouth 4. Prepare the royal icing by beating the egg whites and icing sugar together, followed by the lemon juice. Beat until mixture is fluffy and firm. Christmas Tree 准备蛋白糖霜,步骤是将蛋清和糖粉倒在一起,然后加入柠 檬汁,搅打至其变得蓬松坚挺起来。 入口即化的 圣诞树 Talented ISQ student Aria Padgaonkar made her Christmas tree this year extra sweet – with chocolate! Let her creative recipe – made with the help of her loving dad, one of the executive chefs at Hyatt Regency Qingdao – warm your heart this year. 资质聪颖的青岛MTI国际学校学生Aria Padgaonkar在她 慈祥的爸爸——青岛鲁商凯悦酒店的行政总厨的悉心指导 下,做了一棵特别甜蜜的圣诞树,用巧克力做的!今年圣 诞节,就让她的创意菜谱来温暖你的心房吧。 INGREDIENTS Chocolate Christmas Tree Dark Chocolate: 320gm Chocolate M&M’s: 40gm Sugar Paste Icing: 40gm 巧克力圣诞树 Royal Icing Egg Whites: 50gm Icing Sugar: 250gm Lemon Juice: 10gm 蛋白糖霜 蛋清:50克 糖粉:250克 柠檬汁:10克 黑巧克力:320克 M&M巧克力豆:40克 糖霜:40克 1. First, prepare 320gm of tempered dark couverture at 310C, pour the chocolate into the silicon mold and flatten it with a spatula. Keep in fridge for 5 minutes. When the chocolate has set, take out from fridge and carefully remove from mold. 首先准备320克已融化的黑巧克力,将黑巧克力浆导入圣诞树模具 中,用锅铲压平,然后放置于冰箱里5分钟。当巧克力变硬时,从冰箱 取出并从模具中倒出来。 3. Assemble the tree and decorate it with snowflakes and chocolate M&M’s. 用轧制出来的雪花和M&M巧克力豆来装饰巧克力树。 5. Divided the icing into three other portions, so you can add food colouring to these portions and have four different colours to use as trimmings. 将糖霜分成三份,加入几种自己最喜爱的颜色,混合均匀,即 可用来继续装饰圣诞树。 2. Hyatt Regency Qingdao: Anish Padgaonkar 青岛鲁商凯悦酒店: 博凯 在一个“雪花”形 状的模板中,用糖霜轧制 出厚度为3毫米的一片片 雪花。 Mr. Anish Padgaonkar has been appointed as Executive Chef at Hyatt Regency Qingdao. With 19 years of culinary experience, Mr. Padgaonkar has worked with a wide array of international hotel groups. He first joined Hyatt Hotels and Resorts in 2004. Prior to joining Hyatt Regency Qingdao, Mr. Padgaonkar was Executive Sous-Chef at Grand Hyatt Shenzhen. 博凯先生为青岛鲁商 凯悦酒店的行政总厨。他 曾效力于不同的国际酒店 管理集团,并在2004年正 式加入凯悦酒店集团。19 年的职业生涯,造就了他 精湛的烹饪技艺以及丰富 的管理经验。在加入青岛 鲁商凯悦酒店之前,博凯 先生担任深圳君悦酒店行 政副总厨一职。 Roll out the sugar paste icing at 3mm thickness, cutting out “snowflake” shapes by stencil. Photo © Steven Hsiu 16 17
  10. 10. FOOD & NUTRITION FOOD & NUTRITION Why It’s Important to Buy Organic 购买有机食品的重要性 You may have heard reports that there is no significant difference nutritionally between organic and conventionally grown produce. And these reports are factual, the purpose of organic produce isn’t to provide more nutritional value. Its purpose is to provide consumers a safer product in terms of exposure to toxins and to provide the planet a more sustainable and ecologically responsible method of farming. Organic Food: What, Why, Where and How? 有机食品面面观 Jen Gallogly peels back the label on what organic can mean in different parts of the world, how to find it locally and how to grow some yourself. “有机食品”这一标签代表着什么?这里头有什么学问?Jen Gallogy将为大家解读此标签,并分享一些如何选购以及自己种 植的建议。 What The Label “Organic” Means 什么是“有机”? Different countries have slightly different regulations, but in general a certified organic label verifies that no chemical pesticides, petroleum-based fertilizers, nor genetically-modified seeds have been used to produce the food. Regulations differ regarding farming practices and inputs such as soil quality, pollution control methods, living conditions of livestock, feed and exposure to 18 growth hormones and antibiotics. Likewise, the percentage of ingredients that need to be organic for a processed food item, like breakfast cereal or bread to be certified organi c differs from country to country. For example, in the US at least 95% of a product’s ingredients must be certified organic in order for the entire product to be certified. 在对有机食品的认证方面上,不同国 家略有差别。总体上讲,“有机”是指不使 用化学农药、不施化肥、不使用经基因技术 改造过的种子。考虑到耕作方式、土质、污 染控制以及牲畜的饲养环境、饲料和接触 Photo © Jen Gallogly 生长激素和抗生素程度方面的不同,各国在 认证机制上均进行了相应的调整。加工食品 也不例外,在有机原料含量方面亦有不同的 标准,同样品质的早餐谷物麦片或者面包在 一国符合有机食品标准,在另一国也许无法 被认证。举个例子,在美国,只有有机原料 含量在95%以上的产品,才可称之为有机产 品。 Look for these labels 请认准如下标志 Exposure to toxic chemicals and pollution is already a concern for most people living in China. Just by virtue of living in China, we are probably increasing our exposure to toxins compared to our native countries. There are many aspects of this over which we have little control, but purchasing organic foods is one way to minimize our exposure. Pesticides have been linked to various health problems including cancer, hormonal imbalances, skin, eye and lung irritations, as well as impairment of brain and nervous system functions. Organic produce is frequently more expensive than that which is conventionally grown, so many might want to prioritise purchases. The US-based Environmental Working Group (EWG) annually publishes two guides listing the dirtiest (Dirty Dozen Plus™) and cleanest (Clean Fifteen™) foods available in the US. These lists are based on US conditions and growing methods, however characteristics of the foods themselves (such as skin/peel permeability) is an important factor so the lists should still be relevant to Chinese consumers. 或许你已从一些报道中了解到,有机产 品和传统产品在营养成分上并没有太明显的 区别。这些报道也并非空穴来风。有机食品 的真正卖点并非在于提高营养价值,而是在 于食品的安全性(考虑到生产环节中所接触 到的有害物质),同时也有利于构建可持续 和生态化的耕作模式。 如今,有害化学物质和污染已经引起了 大多数中国人的关注。不过,中国的生态环 境相对国外来说较差,因此,接触有害物质 的几率也有所增加。虽然我们或多或少总会 接触到有害物质,但是食用有机食品能将接 触几率降到最低。多种疾病都与化学农药的 使用有关,包括癌症、荷尔蒙紊乱、皮肤过 敏、眼睛和肺部发炎,以及大脑和神经系统 的损伤。 有机产品的价格通常要比传统产品高一 些,因此有必要知道哪些应该买有机的,哪 些则不必。美国环境工作组(EWG)公布 了两张年度红黑榜,榜单列了出美国境内14 种受污染程度最严重的食品和15种最干净的 食品。虽然榜单依据的是美国的生态环境和 种植方法,但并没有忽略食物自身的特点( 比如果皮渗透性等),所以对中国消费者来 说,也具有一定的参考价值。 Dirty Dozen Plus™ Clean Fifteen™ 14种受污染最严重的食品 15种最干净的食品 Apples 苹果 Celery芹菜 Cherry tomatoes 小番茄 Cucumbers 黄瓜 Grapes 葡萄 Hot Peppers 辣椒 Nectarines (imported) 油桃(进口) Peaches 桃子 Potatoes 土豆 Spinach 菠菜 Strawberries 草莓 Sweet bell peppers 甜椒 Kale/Collard greens 羽衣甘蓝 Summer squash/Zucchini 西葫芦 Asparagus 芦笋 Avocados 鳄梨 Cabbage 白菜 Cantaloupe 甜瓜 Sweet Corn 甜玉米 Eggplant 茄子 Grapefruit 柚子 Kiwi 猕猴桃 Mangos 芒果 Mushrooms 蘑菇 Onions 洋葱 Papaya 木瓜 Pineapple 菠萝 Sweet peas (frozen) 豌豆(冷冻) Sweet potatoes 红薯 Where to Buy Organic in Qingdao 青岛何处可购买有机食品 Several supermarkets such as Hisense Plaza, Marina City, Xin Kuai Comprehensive Foods Supermarket on Chenghai Yi Lu, the imported goods supermarket at the Sunshine City Plaza, the newly-opened Cookbase Organic Shop on Haikou Lu in Laoshan District, Aeon (Jusco) and Metro offer organic foods. In addition, since Shandong is primarily an agricultural province, 19
  11. 11. FOOD & NUTRITION FOOD & NUTRITION totaling 10 jin will be delivered to each customer. 110元 a week is a low price to pay for organic produce. Items will depend on the season. Currently they have potatoes, radishes, green peppers, apples, eggplant, mushrooms, broccoli, garlic greens, bean sprouts and salad greens. The customer service number is 4006589968 and although the girl I spoke to didn’t use any English, she was willing to simplify her Chinese into terms I could understand and was willing to repeat the numbers several times to make sure I got the correct information. organic spinach is than the conventionally grown varieties, nor are you going to know the impact on your body of that difference because it’s likely only to manifest itself over many years. As a Qingdao resident, though you are used to that uncertainty: you don’t know how important the difference is, but you appreciate that Qingdao’s environment is a bit better than other parts of China. 在青岛本地,你可以在以下这些地方 买到有机食品:海信广场和百丽广场内的超 市、澄海一路的“新快”综合食品超市、阳 光百货的进口食品超市,还有海口路新开的 康泊庄园有机健康生活馆,永旺(佳世客) 以及麦德龙等。 还有一种办法可以让生活 更加有机,那就是自己种植。不 少蔬菜或者香草都比较容易成 活,也不占地方,自家的阳台就 可以。您可以从淘宝或者亚马逊 网站购买种子或幼苗,也可以从 自己家乡带。如果您不知道怎么 种,网上有很多关于如何种植水 Photo © Jen Gallogly 果、蔬菜、香草的英语文章可供 参考。我为大家搜罗了一些网站,希望能对 For those who are more adventurous 您有所帮助。 you can also check out The Learning 除此以外,山东作为农业大省,遍地都 是有机农场。您还可以从大地农场(日资有 机农场)和青岛华盛绿能农业科技有限公司 所属农场直接采购。 there are numerous organic farms in the surrounding area. Two that sell directly to consumers are the Japanese venture, Dai Chi Farm, and Qingdao Huasheng Green Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Dai Chi Farm is located in Weifang and welcomes groups to visit the farm and pick their own vegetables. My family and I went there in June 2013. We picked lettuces, eggplants, peppers and tomatoes. The price is more expensive than going to your local outdoor market, but you know exactly where your food came from. In addition to fresh produce, they also offer organic rice, meats and imported fish, such as Chilean salmon. You can visit their storefront 20 (Monday – Sunday 8:00 to 18:00) on Qingda San Lu; it’s a short walk north toward Fu Shan from the Impulse Gym on Hong Kong East Road. Their produce can also be found in some of the local supermarkets such as at the Hisense Plaza. Home delivery can be arranged by calling 88015151. Qingdao Huasheng Green Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Jimo. One of the interesting things about their farm is that they utilise solar panels in their greenhouses, so they not only grow organic produce but also capture energy. Customers purchase a year-long membership for 5,680元 and then every week about 10 items 大地农场位于潍坊,你可以实地参观 并亲自采摘蔬菜。今年六月我就带着家人去 那儿感受了一番。我们割生菜,摘茄子和辣 椒,还挖了土豆。虽然价格要比本地农贸市 场的贵一些,但至少吃得放心。除了蔬菜以 外,农场还提供有机大米、有机肉类和进口 海产,比如智利的三文鱼。他们在青大三路 设有门店(营业时间:周一到周日,早上8点 至下午6点),您不妨可以去看一下,沿着香 港东路的英派斯健身馆,往北(浮山方向) 走一小段路就到了。您也可以去海信广场附 设的超市购买,或者要求送货上门,订购电 话是88015151。 青岛华盛绿能农业科技有限公司的农场 位于即墨。该农场最大的特点是温室内装有 太阳能电池板,即节能又环保。只需要5680 元,你就可以成为农场的会员,每周都会有 专人为您送上10件总重量达10斤左右的有机 食品。算一下每星期才110元,真的很划算。 食品种类视季节而定,现在他们有土豆、萝 卜、青椒、苹果、茄子、西兰花、蒜苔、豆 芽和沙拉用蔬菜供你选择。虽然我咨询的那 位客服不懂英语,但她十分耐心,尽可能地 用简单的汉语与我沟通,直到我明白为止。 How to Grow Your Own 如何自己种植 Another option is to take organic into your own hands. There are several vegetables and herbs that are easy to grow even in a small apartment space, especially if you utilise your yangtai (that enclosed balcony-like area, where you probably dry clothes). Seeds and starter plants are available on Taobao and Amazon (with either good Chinese skills or the help of a Chinese friend) or you can bring your own. The internet offers plenty of English language information for learning the best fruits, vegetables, and herbs to grow as well as plenty of tips for growing them. Some sites that I found to get you started are: Google “best plants to grow indoors.” These links even have tips for growing what they call garlic greens, but are commonly known here in China as suantai. This site gives you information for 16 plants. Channel’s website which will give you sixty-six things you can grow at home in a container. Google “sixty six things grow home containers without garden” and you’ll find it. If you want to be a little less hands on, but still have home-grown produce, you can lease land from a farmer in Laoshan and they will do the work for you (except for harvesting). An advantage according to one lessee is that they charge extra for pesticides, so you know they aren’t using them if you don’t pay. Harvesting the food your family will eat may also be a spiritually satisfying activity for you and the kids. Unfortunately, in some ways, spiritual satisfaction may be the most obvious health benefit from eating organic produce. Studies on the chemicals present in food are limited compared to the vast number of toxins present at differing levels in the environment. You are not going to know for sure how much cleaner your 用谷歌搜索“最适宜室内种植的植物”, 你就可以找到关于16种作物的种植指南,甚 至包括蒜苔。 如果16种还不能满足你的话,可以在谷 歌中搜索“66种可供盆栽的作物”,你就可 以找到相关信息并施展自己的栽培才华了。 如果你怕动手的话,还可以去崂山, 从当地的农民那儿租一小块地,把种子给他 们,替你代种,然后自己去采摘。这种方 法相比直接从农场购买更好,你要是不额外 付费的话,他们才懒得为你洒农药。当家人 吃着自己种植的食品时,那种精神上的满足 感,是单纯购买所无法比拟的。 精神满足感大概是吃有机食品最直接的 收益了。研究表明,食物中的化学毒素相对 环境中的有害物质而言,基本上不值一提。 有机食品到底比传统食品干净多少?那部分 被减少的有害物质究竟对身体有多大影响? 这些你又从何而知?对于本地居民来说,他 们大概早已习惯了这种“事物的未知性”。 你可能不知道这些问题的答案,不过会庆幸 青岛的自然环境比中国的其他地方略微好一 点儿。 21
  12. 12. EVENTS Xmas Market 圣诞市场 C hristmas is on the way. Trees are veiled in snowflakes and Jingle Bells is already looping in your head. Children fall asleep, safe and sound, dreams populated by the presents Santa’s laying out for them in the dead of night. Perhaps childhood is already a distant memory, yet we still fondly recall those early memories of Christmas morning. This year there are many charity Christmas markets opening in Qingdao. Why not get involved and play the part of Santa? Spread Christmas cheer and move others with Christmas spirit. 圣诞节还未到,满大街便已被铺着雪 花的圣诞树、温馨的音乐和轻快的铃铛声 铺满了。孩子们在平安夜乖乖睡下,期待 梦里圣诞老人送给他梦寐以求的礼物。或 许你早已告别童年时代,但是,你可能依 然记得,拆开圣诞老人送来的礼物的那份 惊喜。那么,这个圣诞节,在城里诸多的 圣诞市场,让我们把惊喜和感动一起传递 给亲朋好友们吧。 2013 Qingdao International Christmas Market 2013青岛国际圣诞市场 Settled down in Intercontinental Qingdao in 2010, Qingdao International Christmas Market is the first public Christmas Market in Qingdao. Building on the success of the past two years, the 2013 Christmas Market will see Christmas-themed enter- 22 EVENTS International School of Qingdao Christmas Bazaar 青岛MTI国际学校圣诞义卖 Over 2000 people participated in last year’s ISQ Christmas Bazaar. Just think how fantastic it’s going to be this year! The bazaar includes 60 stalls, covering a variety of Christmas-themed activities. There are performances prepared by students and locals, and exquisite hand crafts offered by parents. Coffee lovers will have the chance to sample amazing coffees from all over the world. On top of all this, there’s a raffle to be held in the coffee shop, made possible through the generous donations of business partners. There are even two iPad minis up for grabs. Maybe this time it’ll be you that wins the grand prize! tainment, food and beverages inside the hotel, while tents dot the leeward patio outside Wildfire Grill. The event, hosted by Qingdao International Business Association, will see a great variety of European and international products, with German, French, and American tents, among others. There are activities for all ages - Dr. Linda’s English Academy and YCIS will offer areas for kids to play. Opening Dates: 5-8th, December Thursday: 5-8pm Friday: 3-8pm Saturday & Sunday: 12-8pm Location: Intercontinental Qingdao Wildfire Restaurant & Terrace Items: Retail products Christmas decorations Handcrafts, paintings, toys, shoes, scarfs, gloves, hats, candles. 青岛国际圣诞市场于2010年首次在青岛 海尔洲际酒店举办,是岛城第一家对公众开 放的圣诞市场。今年的圣诞市场由青岛国际 Items: 1. Approximately 60 stalls: jewelry, silk items, children’s toys, Christmas ornaments, artwork from Qingdao artists and many unique christmas gift ideas. 2. Huge second hand sale 3. Parent / Teacher Organisation store selling hand made crafts 4. Christmas baked goodies 5. Student club store – cards, calendars, hand made crafts, toys (all proceeds go to charity) 6. Photos with Santa, Mrs. Claus and some elves. 7. World café featuring: Western, Philippine, Indian, Japanese and Korean restaurants 8. Amazing raffle sponsored by many Qingdao businesses Electronic items (including 2 iPad minis), international airline tickets, vouchers from 5 star hotels, restaurants, cafes and other local businesses. 商务俱乐部、青岛海尔洲际酒店以及 青岛外籍慈善组织合办。和往年不同 的是,今年主要以室内活动区为主, 活动和展台主要集中青岛海尔洲际酒 店的明焰西餐厅,户外露台则有帐 篷。 今年,青岛国际商务俱乐部将德 国,法国等众多欧洲企业引进圣诞市 场,为圣诞市场增添了多样性主题。 除了种类繁多的精美商品外,青岛耀 中国际学校的师生也将为大家呈上各 种娱乐。此外,此次还开辟了"童趣 之家",由琳达博士英语早教中心为 家长孩子们准备了特别活动。 Date & Time: 7th December, 10am2pm Location: Baishan Campus, Shazikou 时间:12月7日 中午12点-下午2点 地点:沙子口,白珊校园内 去年超过2000人参加的圣诞义卖活动, 今年想必也不会逊色。此次大约有60个摊位 承办各种圣诞主题的活动,除了义卖之外, 还有学生和本地居民共同准备的演出,家长 们精心准备的手工工艺品,咖啡爱好者们将 会品尝到世界各国的咖啡,而在咖啡馆里, 商业伙伴们的惊喜大抽奖不容错过,今年还 有两台ipad mini哦!别看了,幸运儿可能就 是你! 1. 大约60个摊位:珠宝,丝绸制品,儿童 2. 3. 4. 5. 玩具,圣诞装饰品,青岛艺术家们的作 品,以及其他圣诞主题的独特活动。 大型圣诞二手市场,闲置变惊喜。 家长教师联合会:手工制品 烘培坊:圣诞烘培西点 学生商店:卡片,日历,手工制品,玩 具(一切收益将交赠给慈善机构) 6. 和圣诞老人,圣诞奶奶及精灵们合影。 7. 世界各国咖啡:西式,菲律宾,印度, 日本,韩国 酒店优惠券,餐饮,咖啡,美发,美 体,高尔夫,跆拳道,葡萄酒,滑雪运 动,游乐设施,厨房用品等。 8. 青岛商业伙伴们提供的惊喜大抽奖,包 括:电子产品,国际航空机票,5星级 Qingdao International Community Centre 青岛国际社区中心 The QICC Monthly Market will take on a Christmas theme this December! Contact them if you would like to rent a table for 20RMB and sell items at the market. a cheap price. But in Qingdao International Community Center Christmas Market, he will give free professional hairdressing advice. Date/Time: 14 December, 12am-2pm 时间:12月14日,中午12点-下午4点 Location: Kinder Club 时间:2013.12.5 - 2013.12.8 周四:下午5点-晚上8点 周五:下午3点-晚上8点 周末:中午12点-晚上8点 地点:青岛海尔洲际酒店明焰西餐厅 及户外露台 商品种类:零售产品,圣诞装饰,工 艺品、绘画、玩具、鞋、围巾、手 套、帽子蜡烛 12月的青岛国际社区中心的每月市 场将以圣诞为主题。如果您想参加,可 以联系我们,以20元的价格租下一个摊 位,销售您的货品。 Items: subway sandwiches, indian food, dumplings, children’s toys, breads, cupcakes, etc. 地点: Kinder Club 物品: 赛百味三明治,印度美食,饺子, 儿童玩具,面包,纸杯蛋糕等。 Special surprise:free hair consultations hair doctor Steve. Steve is a British stylist with over 28 years of experience in all aspects of hairstyling. Depends on customers demand, he designs hairstyle based on the uniqueness of his customers, so it’s not 特别期待:造型师Steve的免费造型建 议。英国造型师Steve是一个有着超 过28年经验的全方位发型造型师。平 时,Steve根据客户需求,针对客户的特 点进行发型设计,因此收费也不便宜。 而此次青岛国际社区中心的圣诞市场活 动中,他将提供免费的造型建议。 23
  13. 13. EDUCATION EDUCATION Another example is “hospitality,” which is illustrated by cheerfully sharing food, shelter and friendship with others. The bighorn sheep is the most mature female, leading the flock to find all that they need. Her vigilance and unselfish qualities allow others to eat first whilst she stands guard. The children learn more of her behaviour and can be reminded to: • • • • • Leading to the fully balanced young person is vital, and a child who perhaps does not excel academically can feel rewarded in other ways, boosting their confidence as a person.” —— 造就全面均衡发展的个体 A day in the life of a Yew Chung (YCIS) student holds an array of subjects and opportunities. One unique subject that is part of the curriculum is Character First, a comprehensive programme delivered by age appropriate methods, which enlightens the young person and promotes good character. We live in a society where actions count, the style and manner in which 24 we behave is important. Lessons in character formation are fully integrated with the weekly schedule of the students’ timetable. “The Thought of the Day” is a short daily focus pulling on the meaning of one chosen quality, such as patience, forgiveness, attentiveness, tolerance etc. Activities to portray and explain the value of the word can take the form of role-play, discussion or artwork. The focus word may be reflected upon throughout that day and of course at any time when needed later on. Students are encouraged to practice these qualities when interacting at school, at home and within the community. “We believe that the classroom activities are fundamental to allow the children to learn about these qualities,” says a YCIS Primary teacher. “Positive praise and encouragement ‘Expect nothing in return’ is at the heart of charitable efforts. “Love and Charity” features in a line of the YCIS School Motto; staff are always keen to explore channels to reach those worse off than ourselves. We are always so impressed with the response shown by our students (with the tremendous support of parents) when we initiate a new drive to give to others. Previous charitable efforts have included: We live in a society where actions count, the style and manner in which we behave is important. Character Formation 品格道德教育 Welcome visitors Make others feel special Prepare for guests Gladly share Expect nothing in return 在 青岛国际耀中学校,学生的一天 全沉浸在一系列科目和学习的机 遇中。其中一个特色课程是品格 道德教育。在这个课程中,老师会采用适 合不同年龄段的方法教导孩子,在循序渐 进中,培养良好的品德。 我们每个人的行为准则和礼仪,在 当今社会都起着重要作用和影响。品格教 育的课程,在这里被适当地整合在学生每 星期的课程表中。早晨的“今日启发”小 项目,可以将每月的品格特质很好地诠释 渗透给学生,比如:耐心、原谅、专注以 及容忍。为了让学生更好地理解含义,我 们会通过角色扮演、讨论或者手工制作的 方式进行互动教课。而孩子学到的品格特 质,将会贯穿在当天学校生活的点滴细微 之处,同时,我们也鼓励学生在学校、家 庭和社区时刻提醒并对自己学到的品格进 行实践。 The Character Formation Programme allows a weekly reflection of the typical behaviour of well-known animals, helping the children to understand the true meaning of the gesture and character. “Diligence,” for example, is explained through the story of a beaver that keeps working hard, finishing his task, concentrating and not being lazy. A song, a story, lesson activities and discussions of how to display this personality trait all contribute to it being embraced by the children. 我们每个人的行为准则和 礼仪,在当今社会都起着 重要作用和影响 Pancake Breakfast – prepared at 6am on campus by Secondary students, served and sold to all our families between 7:30-8:30am. The funds raised here were taken on an Experiencing China Trip to Xi’an; where the students visited an orphanage and made the donation. 24-hour Fast – the Secondary students managed to keep going only on water; they camped out at school to support each other. By asking 一位小学部的老 师说:“我们相信, 孩子在教室体验到的 活动,是学习品格教 育的基础。正面的肯 定和鼓励是至关重要 的,也许有些孩子在 学术成绩上并不是特 别突出,但是通过对 其他方面的赞许,同 样可以提升孩子的自 信。” 为了帮助孩子形 象化地正确理解每一 个举止及品格的真正 意义,我们会让他们 反思一些熟知动物的典型行为。比如,在 学习“勤勉”这个品格特质时,学生通过 对海狸的研究,发现它认真地完成每一项 任务、特别集中注意力、勤奋且一点也不 懒散。孩子更亲力亲为,通过一首歌、一 个故事、课堂活动和讨论等丰富的手段, 呈现该品格特质。 还有一个例子是“热情好客”——通 过愉快地分享食物、住所和友谊来诠释。 代表动物是成熟的大角羊妈妈,她带领着 羊群寻找所需要的东西。她的警觉和无 私,总是让其他羊先填饱肚子,并保护照 顾其他羊群。孩子学习到了更多有关她的 行为表现,并时刻提醒自己: • • 欢迎访客 让他人感到受重视 25
  14. 14. EDUCATION EDUCATION 制作薄饼,并在早上7点半至8点半期间售卖 给家长和学生。所得善款在随后的体验中华 之旅(西安站)捐赠给了孩子们拜访过的孤 儿院。 Reaching Out to the Past, Reaching Out to Others 24小时杜绝食物——中学部的学生在相互 鼓励支持中,24小时之内只喝饮用水。通 过家庭和朋友的赞助,学生们将所得善款捐 赠给了他们拜访过的内蒙古的一所福利院。 慈善义卖——孩子们将二手衣物、书籍和玩 具通过义卖的形式筹集款项,捐赠给耀中四 川地震基金。 爱心树——在当地部门的协助下,耀中每一 位学生都为平度偏远地区一所学校的学生捐 赠过冬的必需品,包括:煤、大米、面粉以 及取暖衣物。耀中学生会成员代表学校,将 饱含爱心沉甸甸地包裹传递给需要资助的欠 发达地区学生。 family and friends to sponsor them, they raised an impressive amount for an orphanage in Inner Mongolia during a student trip. Charity Bazaar – children donated unwanted books and toys and sold them to raise funds to contribute to the Yew Chung Sichuan Earthquake Fund. The Giving Tree – each student took home a large travel bag with details of a student in rural Pingdu City. YCIS liaised with Pingdu City Government to identify families who would be in great need of winter fuel, rice, flour and warm clothing. The Student Council members represented the whole school and carefully delivered each bag to the correct family. Non-Uniform Day – YCIS students wear a uniform, but occasionally one day will be declared “non-uniform day” with the invitation to make a small cash contribution to a cause. Bravery and boldness, sensitivity and discernment are other traits that the students learn more about, wherever possible they practice and support each other to grow and develop. Our parents witness the inner transformation and are delighted to see this is an automatic part of the day in the life of a YCIS student. 26 • • • By Kirstin Lum 为客人做好一切准备 愉快地分享 不求回报 “不求回报”是一切善举之源。耀中校 训其中一方面关注“与仁爱结盟”,学校老 师总是尽可能寻求渠道,帮助那些需要帮助 的人们。而每一次(在家长的大力支持下) ,学生们的积极响应让我们尤为感动和欣 慰。学校组织过的慈善活动包括: 薄饼早餐——中学部的学生在早晨6点亲手 便装日——在上课日,耀中的学生们通常会 身穿校服来到校区,但每年的偶尔几天,我 们会指定为便装日,作为便装日的传统,每 位学生会捐赠几块钱用于慈善用途。 勇敢、敏锐和明辨是学生学习过的其他 特质,他们在任何可能的时候彼此提醒、支 持,共同成长发展。我们的家长见证了孩子 内在的转变,亦很高兴看到品格教育能自然 地融入耀中学生每一天的学习生活中。 The Hutong Education recently welcomed another class of students to check out some of Beijing’s most art- and design-focused creative hubs as part of their Mosaic Interim “Creative Arts, Theatre & Design” program. F or the second consecutive year running, The Hutong brought together some of Beijing’s most creative workshops with students from Concordia International School Shanghai. With over a dozen cultural and outreach activities on their itineraries, here are a couple highlights from their trip. 798 Art District Born from the hollow hulks of decommissioned military factory structures in northeast Beijing, today 798 Art District stands as one of the best places in the city to see the contrast between old and new Beijing and how far the city has come by visiting contemporary art galleries and studios housed in former communist-era factory zone. Aside from a tour of 798’s popular galleries like UCCA, Long March and 798 Art Space, The Hutong facilitated a photography challenge on 798’s lesser-known Sky Walk, where students sought out to find and capture contrasts like modern vs. ancient, growth vs. decay, man-made vs. natural and order vs. disorder. Migrant Children’s Foundation While personal creative development is always key to a well-rounded education, helping others in need reach their goals as well is the key to being human. Saving the best for last, the Mosaic Interim program was finished with a day out in Huairou in conjunction with Migrant Children’s Foundation, who arranged for a day of activities at a local migrant children’s school. The students paired up with migrant students to paint canvases to brighten up the bare walls of their classrooms and they also re-painted the walls of their playground into beautiful landscapes from the desert to the ocean and rainforest. The artistic result of their cooperation was fresh and imaginative, and important to breaking down any remaining cultural barriers between the students. The Mosaic Interim Program will be introducing a wide range of activities with the aim of imparting a new perspective on what it means to be creative. Through the composition of their own Vine videos, participation in an improv workshop, and by learning the art of traditional Chinese shadow puppetry, students will experience first-hand how creativity transcends mediums. They’ll find themselves revelling in the prospect of meeting new people and experiencing unfamiliar cultures. Ultimately, we hope that students will truly surprise themselves after seeing the inspiring things they create. 27
  15. 15. TRAVEL EDUCATION 感受过去, 关怀他人 马赛克“创意艺术、戏剧和设计”体验营迎来了又一批新 生,该项目由北京胡同教育集团策划。作为整个项目的一部 分,学生们参观了一些北京的创意中心,也参与了一些以艺 术和设计为主题的活动。 这 是胡同教育集团连续第二年举办的 活动,来自上海协和国际学校的学 生们幸得机会一睹了北京最具创意 的工作室的风采。这次北京之行,学生们参 加了许多文化活动和拓展活动,以下便是这 次活动的几个精彩瞬间。 798艺术区 798艺术区位于北京东北片区,原是电子 工业部所属“718联合厂”的所在地,现已成 为北京都市文化的新地标。漫步在建国初期 的厂房中,徘徊于一间间现代艺术画廊和工 作室之间,你可以真切地感受到老北京与新 北京的那种文化碰撞。 除了参观像尤伦斯当代艺术中心、长 征空间和时态空间这样的知名文化艺术画廊 外,学生们还在798艺术区接受了一项摄影挑 战任务:用镜头将人行天桥最具冲突感的画 面捕捉下来,例如现代 与古代、生长与衰退、 人工与自然以及有序和 零乱的冲突等等。 农民工子女基金会 创造力的培养能够促进学生的全面发 展,学会帮助他人可以提高学生的个人品 质。作为整个项目的压轴活动,学生们来到 了位于北京怀柔的一所农民工子弟学校,参 加了多项由“ 农民工子女基 金会”组织的 活动。 操场的围墙上画了各种美丽的自然景观,有 沙漠、海洋、还有雨林。这次的艺术合作十 分成功,既新鲜又富有想象力,学生们其乐 融融,没有任何文化障碍。 马赛克体验营以培养学生用全新的视 角诠释创意为目标,通过一系列的课外体验 活动,比如尝试制作自己的Vine短视频,参 与一个即兴工作坊,并学习中国传统的皮影 戏艺术等,学生们会亲身体验到创意是如何 在不同介质中交错而生的。他们将会发现自 己是有多么沉浸于这种结识新朋友和体验陌 生文化的过程中。最后,我们希望学生能真 正地为自己所创作出来的作品而惊喜赞叹。 学 生 们 进行了两两配 对,互相合 作,在教室的 墙上自由创 作,暗淡的墙 面顿时焕发出 了生机。此 外,他们还在 Digging Up Interest “挖掘”兴趣 Middle school science and math teacher Melissa Clifford discovers a real-life dinosaur dig site in Shandong province, giving students of all ages a trip back into time. 中学数理老师Melissa Clifford在山东找到了一个逼真的恐龙公园,让不同年级的学生都体验了一 把回归恐龙时代的旅行。 28 29
  16. 16. TRAVEL W ho hasn’t wanted to be a paleontologist? When I accepted my current position at QISS in the spring of 2012, I immediately searched for things my five-year-old son would enjoy doing and seeing in our new home in northeast China. Elijah possessed a not-so-unusual interest in dinosaurs (and still does). Knowing a bit about the growing field of paleontology in China and the fossil discoveries regularly reported from there, I soon found articles about Qingdao’s neighboring city, Zhucheng: the largest find of dinosaur fossils in the world! My discovery definitely warmed Elijah’s interest in our new home. On a cold Christmas Eve in 2012 we finally got to tour the dig-site at Zhucheng – found only due to my dogged persistence. Most non-Mandarin speaking visitors to Zhucheng will be brought to the city museum of dinosaurs, which is pathetic, at best. Armed with my drawing of a dinosaur, I finally found a taxi driver willing and able to take the road less travelled. Definitely out of the way, the dig site and museum are a distance from the city centre, but so worth the trip! Visitors will see fossilised bones – femurs, scapula, vertebrae, ribs, skulls – of dinosaurs embedded in rock in a covered dig - site the length of a football field. Multiple species (hadrosaurs and Sinoceratops zhuchengensis, for example) are identified. And the accompanying museum – clearly showing a significant investment of time, thought and money – displays species from the site. I’ve visited, with Elijah, museums in Colorado and Washington, D.C. that featured impressive exhibits of dinosaur fossils, but neither compared to what we saw in Zhucheng. Seeing the real fossils (most museums use replicas of fossils), in the ground and others on display in the museum is 30 TRAVEL incredible. And yes, the creators of the exhibits used postures that are now believed realistic – no upright tyrannosaurs here. After our trip, I was eager to learn more and began to investigate on the internet. What I found was really interesting. For example, London’s Guardian reported in 2008 that the fossils at the site were found by workers who were digging there. Previous fossil finds were discovered in Zhucheng (in 1964) by “. . . oil prospectors working for the state geological bureau.” David Stanway, in this article also mentions that the Visitors will see fossilised bones – femurs, scapula, vertebrae, ribs, skulls – of dinosaurs embedded in rock in a covered dig - site the length of a football field. 参观者可以看到恐龙的股 骨、肩胛骨、脊椎骨、肋 骨以及头骨等等。 area has a long history of residents grinding up the calcium - rich fossils to use in traditional medicines. The Washington Post in 2010 also reported that it has been speculated that the large collection of fossils at the site is the result of numerous bodies being left there after a catastrophic event that dates back to the end of the Mesozoic era, when dinosaurs became extinct. Ariana Eunjung Cha in her article also speaks of the paleontologist now most closely associated with the site: Dr. Xu Xing. Wikipedia lists thirty different species described by Xu (most often as a 谁 没幻想过做一个考古学家 呢?2012年春天,我来到了山 东青岛第一国际学校任教。我五 岁大的儿子Elijah一直对恐龙非常痴迷。 于是,我马上开始在山东寻找他可能会喜 欢的东西,并查看了一些关于化石的报 告。在对中国的考古事业发展有了一些基 本了解之后,我很快就看到了一篇关于青 岛周边城市——诸城的文章,说那里发现 了世界上最大的恐龙化石!我的发现马上 激起了Elijah对新家的浓厚兴趣。 去年平安夜那天,天气很冷,在我的 再三坚持下,我们终于来到了诸城的恐龙 化石挖掘现场。很多不会说普通话的游客 去诸城时,都会被当地的司机带到恐龙博 物馆去,挺可怜的。我带着自己画的一张 恐龙图画,多次向路过的司机询问,终于 找到了一个肯带我们去这个没什么游客光 顾的恐龙化石挖掘现场的司机。 挖掘现场和博物馆离市中心都很远, 但都很值得一去!挖掘现场足足有一整个 足球场那么大,各种各样的骨骼化石镶嵌 于岩石表面上。参观者可以看到恐龙的 股骨、肩胛骨、脊椎骨、肋骨以及头骨等 等。鸭嘴龙和诸城中国角龙等多个恐龙物 种都发现在这里生存过。挖掘现场旁边的 博物馆陈列这不同的物种,其规模和设备 之庞大,明显反映出这里为展示考古成就 和恐龙文化而投入的时间、心思和金钱成 本。 儿子Elijah跟我曾去过科罗拉多州和 华盛顿特区的博物馆,那里的恐龙化石展 览也挺令人印象深刻的,不过,跟我们 在诸城看到的这些展览,完全不能相提并 论。在这里能看到真正的恐龙化石,而不 是像大多数其他博物馆那样的化石复制 品,这种震撼感和真实感实在太棒了。对 了,这里展览的恐龙,其动作都被科学认 为是真实存在过的。这里不存在直立的霸 王龙! 旅程结束之后,我很想了解更多信 息,便开始在网上展开调查。其中一些搜 索结果真的很有意思。例如,2008年《伦 敦卫报》发表了一篇David Stanway的文 章,报道说那里的化石是当地的工人挖地 时无意中发现的。而更早前在诸城发现化 石,是在1964年由国家地质局的石油勘探 工人发现的。文中还提到,当地居民将含 钙量丰富的化石磨碎并加入中药里服用的 做法由来已久。 co-author with other Chinese paleontologists), nine of which are from the Zhucheng site. 《华盛顿邮报》在2010年 也推测:之所以会在诸城发现 规模如此庞大的恐龙化石,是 因为在中生代结束时,一次灾 难性的自然变化发生了,在灭 绝前的最后时刻,数以百计的 恐龙群集于此。在文章中,记 者查恩俊也提及到了一个跟诸 城恐龙现场紧密相关的古脊椎 动物学专家:徐星博士。维基 百科列举了徐博士(常与其他 中国古生物学家合著)描述的 30种不同的恐龙物种。其中有 9种是在诸城恐龙化石挖掘现场 发现的。 I brought my seventh grade students – being introduced to evolution – to Zhucheng in the spring of 2013. For them, it was all about homologous structures – similarities between varied species that indicate a common ancestor. Recently, in October, I brought my sixth graders who were studying the geological time scale – how Earth has changed over the past 4.6 billion years. Additionally, seventh and second grade students attended, with the second graders studying – more broadly – time and how things change. Unfortunately, China has suffered from some significant smuggling of fossils, including those from Zhucheng. Australia’s Brisbane Times reported in 2008 that Australian authorities returned hundreds of kilogrammes of stolen fossils from China. Such reports make me further appreciate what I can still see at the site. I can only hope that the remaining unearthed fossils at Zhucheng are now being safely guarded. I absolutely love taking students to visit this site. Who wouldn’t be excited by the sight of thousands of large and identifiable bones found in rock? (In truth, the dig-site does resemble an unearthed mass grave.) We leave, by bus, when school starts in the morning and return in time for students to catch their buses home. I have felt guilty, knowing that (for good reason) such access would never be possible at a dig-site in the United States (Zhucheng has experienced significant theft in the past decade). But if my visits, with supervised students, can inspire them to study the sciences – zoology, paleontology, biology, geology, taxonomy, herpetology, to name a few – I will continue to bring them to this amazing place. Zhucheng undoubtedly enables Qingdao teachers the fieldtrip opportunity of a lifetime. There are four dinosaur museums in Zhucheng altogether: the Cretaceous Dinosaur Geopark, Zhucheng Dinosaur Museum, Huanglong Valley Dinosaur Footprint Museum and the Dinosaur Egg Museum. You can also check out the sites at 诸城共有4个恐龙博物馆,分 别是:诸城恐龙国家地质公 园、诸城恐龙博物馆、皇龙 谷恐龙足迹博物馆以及诸城 中国暴龙馆。你也可以访问 cnkonglong.com了解更多信 息。 Zhucheng Cretaceous Dinosaur Geopark Address: Kugou Village, Longdu Street, Zhucheng Entrance fee: 100元 Tel: 0536 6166-609 山东诸城恐龙国家地质公园 地址:诸城市龙都街道库沟 村北 门票:100元 电话: 0536 6166-609 2013年春天,我带着我的 六年级学生(他们都学过进化 论)去诸城。对他们来说,这 些不同的物种,其实都是一个 同源结构的原因,即不同物种 由于来自共同祖先而具有的相 似性结构。最近,十月份的时 候,我又带着六年级学生,加上七年级和 二年级的学生去了诸城。六年级学生正在 学地质时间尺度,是关于地球在过去46亿 年是如何发生改变的。而二年级的学生学 的更广泛,是关于时间和事物是如何改变 的。 不幸的是,中国的许多恐龙化石都遭 到了偷运和贩卖,诸城也不例外。2008 年,澳大利亚的《布里斯班时报》撰文报 道澳洲当局将当年从中国偷走的数百公斤 化石悉数归还回来。这样的报道让我更加 心怀感恩,因为现在我们仍然可以进去参 观化石。我只希望诸城剩下的化石可以得 到安全的保护。 我很喜欢带学生去诸城参观恐龙化石 挖掘现场。能亲眼看到成千上万镶嵌在岩 石中的巨大恐龙化石,谁不兴奋呢(事实 上,那里也确实像一个出土的万人墓)? 我们乘汽车离开,赶回去上早课,下午及 时回去,确保学生还可以搭校车回家。 我曾经感到内疚,因为我知道,像 诸城这样的巨大恐龙化石挖掘现场,换成 了在美国,肯定是可闻而不可及的。但如 果我和学生有这样的机会,能够一起去 参观并且激发他们去学习自然科学——生 态学、古生物学、地质学、生物学、分类 学、爬虫学等等的话,我将会继续把他们 带到这个神奇的地方。毫无疑问,诸城给 岛城的师生们提供了一个仅此一次的户外 参观学习机会。 31
  17. 17. TRAVEL TRAVEL Fire Ants & Ice Cream Cones: The world is so big and the problems so vast, that we as individuals can’t possibly shoulder the weight of every wrong, but each of us can pick up a piece and hold it, bleed for it, hope for it. A Family Trip to the Thai-Burmese Border 火蚁与冰淇淋甜筒: 一个家庭的泰缅边境之旅 世界如此之大,问题也纷 繁复杂,仅凭个人之力何 以能承受每次失误所造成 的后果,但如果我们能一 起分担,一起努力,一起 奋斗,很多问题都能迎刃 而解。 Sara Harvel travels off the tourist-beaten path in Thailand to teach her children the importance of volunteering. 带着自己的孩子,Sara Harvel参加了一次泰国志愿者之旅, 她希望通过这次活动,让孩子们学会帮助他人。 W e landed at Suvarnabhumi International airport in the wee hours of the morning with two, deep sleeping little people slung over our shoulders, and a handful of friends and high schoolers behind us in tow. The airport in Bangkok was buzzing, but I felt my stomach knot and sink when I saw a seemingly endless immigration line wrapping itself around me like a boa constrictor. It was 2 am, my back hurt and I was carrying my still sleeping two year old son, when my four year old daughter woke up and insisted that my already-occupied arms comfort her too. I was sick, not simply from sore muscles or tiredness, but a looming sort of fear began to envelope me. Yet as we picked up our bags, stepped into the wet, clinging humidity of the night and boarded a bus for a nine-hour trek north, I was beginning to question myself: Was it really a good idea 32 to take my kids on this trip? My kids were born in China; I’m all for travel with small ones when time and funds can afford. Most of us have boarded planes that soar over half of the world or more just so that our children can spend some time with their grandparents. So it’s not that travel in itself was being questioned at that moment in Thailand, it was the sort of travel we were doing this time. There’s a small, quirky city about six hours west of Chiang Mai called Mae Sot. They have some decent pad Thai wrapped in newspaper for a dollar a pop, and some pretty rocking cha yen – a sweet, fluorescent orange Thai tea, but the real puller for us was a group of people called the Karen. A few years earlier, a good friend had tipped me off about an organi- sation on the Thai-Burmese border. Raped, chased, villages burned, the Karen have been targeted for decades since the end of the Second World War primarily because of their support for British forces and their religious preference. My heart broke as I read about a minority people who were hunted down like animals and had their churches booby-trapped with landmines. Hard, sad stuff. Despite difficulty, there are people who have decided to love and assist the Karen, helping them fight for hope. They provide underground networks of secret hide-outs with radios and rice rations for safe-keeping when being attacked. There are heroic people, called Free Burma Rangers, who sneak into Burma and perform on-site surgeries for people who have been maimed by landmines and are then carried into Thailand for further medical attention. There are the steadfast who establish schools for the illegal immigrants who do not have the correct paper trail to earn refugee status and have to find a way to make life work as displaced foreigners without rights. The world is so big and the problems so vast, that we as individuals can’t possibly shoulder the weight of every wrong, but each of us can pick up a piece and hold it, bleed for it, hope for it. I wanted to simply show them that I cared for them by showing up and lending a hand. I was determined to take my children with me, but my mom thought I was insane. 在 So we went. We painted a house, we ran a sort of activities camp, we played games. 我的两个孩子都在中国出生。如果时间 和资金允许的话,我会带上他们四处周游。 我曾带着孩子跨越大半个地球,只为祖孙相 聚。因此,使我质问自己的并不是旅行本 身,而是这次在泰国的志愿活动。 尽管困难重重,但克伦族族人并不是孤 军奋战,很多人都愿意伸出援助之手,帮助 克伦族族人度过难关,为希望而战。在克伦 族族人受到袭击时,他们用无线电为其组建 了地下网络,便于各个避难点之间的交流, 同时还提供了一定量的大米以备不时之需。 还有一支英勇的队伍,叫作自由缅甸游击 队,他们潜入缅甸,为被地雷炸伤的人进行 战地手术,然后把他们送回泰国接受进一步 治疗。 离清迈大概6小时车程的地方,有一个 叫美索的小城。他们有相当好吃的泰式炒河 粉,才一美元一份;还有口味超赞的泰式奶 一些当地组织为非法移民设立了学校, 这些移民无法提供有效避难文件,不能享受 任何权利。世界如此之大,问题也纷繁复 I want my kids to care about people. While it is not really appropriate for me to lay out the whole sad story of the Karen to my two- and four-yearold, I want to teach them how to love 昏昏沉沉的凌晨中,我们到达了曼 谷素万那普国际机场,两个熟睡的 孩子靠在我的肩膀上,几个好友和 高中生走在我们的后面。机场里十分嘈杂, 入境边检窗口的队伍黑压压的都是人,望不 到头,我能感到自己的胃在打结,除了无奈 还是无奈。时间是凌晨两点,两岁大的儿子 还在熟睡,而我疼痛的背也快承受不住这个 小家伙了,四岁的女儿还不时地添乱,女儿 啊,妈妈不是超人,哪腾得出手再来抱你。 我累垮了,身心疲惫的我不禁打起了 退堂鼓。托着行李,在潮湿的夜色中踏上巴 士,面对紧接着9个小时北上的长途跋涉, 我开始质问自己:带着两个孩子来这儿,真 的是个好主意吗? 茶,一种香气浓郁、橙色的甜甜的泰国茶。 不过,我们这次泰国,主要是为了一个叫做 克伦族的族群。 多年前,一位好友曾跟我提及过这个族 群,他们游走于泰国和缅甸边界。克伦族族 人因为支持同盟国部队、在二战期间给英国 军队的援助,还有不同的信仰,一直饱受痛 苦——被强暴、被追捕、村庄被毁,教堂周 围也埋有地雷。当我了解到他们被他们的政 府当做猎物一样追杀时,我的心都碎了。 33
  18. 18. TRAVEL with their hands and how to be compassionate and empathetic. I’m not going to say it was cake to go; I mean the transportation alone was beastly. My son battled fire ants. My daughter swelled up into a puff as she reacted to bites from who-knows-what sort of bug. Their poor little stomachs were tested, but they played “Tumbling Monkeys” with orphans and learned that there are some kids that don’t have Mommys and Daddys. They saw it’s our responsibility to lend a hand in small and big ways. PARENTING 杂,仅凭个 人之力何以 能承受每次 失误所造成 的后果,但 如果我们能 一起分担, 一起努力, 一起奋斗, 很多问题都 能 迎 刃 而 解。于是我 带着孩子加 入了志愿者 队伍,哪怕 只是让他们 知 道 我 在 乎,而母亲却不能理解我的做法。 因此,我们如期前往那里,粉刷了房 子,在野外露营,一起做游戏。 我想让孩子们懂得关心别人。虽然把 克伦族族的故事讲给这么小的孩子听,可能 不太实际,但是我希望他们能从中学会如 何帮助别人,做一个有同情心的人。不过, 整个旅程也插曲不断,儿子被火蚁折腾得不 行,女儿也被不知名的虫子咬的浑身是包。 此外,当地的饮食对他们也是不小的考验, 不过通过和孤儿们玩“翻斗猴子”游戏以 后,他们知道了并非所有孩子都有爸爸妈妈 的关爱。孩子们也明白了应该给他人施以援 助,不论大小。 之前,我没有想过可以带上孩子踏上 这次泰国之旅,不过热心的队友们使我打消 了顾虑。好朋友Roby Taw就主动提出帮我 带孩子。能与这么多充满爱心、乐于助人的 队员们共事,我感到无比幸福,也不再那么 担心两个孩子了。还有零食和冰激凌也帮了 不小的忙。 有许多方法可以拓展您的家庭旅行。 当您确定好目的地以后,不妨联系青岛的国 际社区,他们可以为您提供一些交通方面的 建议。然后再通过网络,很容易就能与当地 的孤儿院或非政府组织取得联系,商量有关 义工事宜,哪怕只是半天的志愿工作也好。 W hen we first hold our newborn child and look into their eyes we see only pure love looking back at us. It’s that pure love that inspires us to be better people and good parents. We want nothing more than to deserve that love and do it justice. It changes our world and everything we have known until that moment. Then reality sets in. Work, relationships, family, pressure, poop, tantrums, all build up to rain on our beautiful ideas of being the perfect parent of the perfect children. There are tons of ways you can incorporate outreach into your family’s vacation. Start by asking the international community here in Qingdao for connections to whatever place you’re going. 34 Check out these websites for more volunteering oppotunities 推荐以下几个网站,您可以在上面找到更多的 义工机会 When your child asks for help, instead of doing it for them, show them how to be successful in doing it for themselves. to Finding Your Zen in Parenting Laura Roark has some tips to keep you centred as a loving, caring – and sane – parent. What made it even possible to imagine taking my children is that we were part of a team working together. A friend of mine, Roby Taw, came along with the intention of helping with my children. Being with other crazy people who are willing to help you out is a great blessing and enabling. Snacks also help, and so does ice cream. After that, it’s pretty easy to find stuff on the internet and contact orphanages or NGOs about volunteering for even as small of an amount of time as half a day. 10 Steps Here are ten simple, practical ways that can help you keep the joy in raising children even on the most trying of days. •• •• •• 当孩子寻求帮助的时候, 不能帮他们做完就草草了 事了,而应该教他们怎么 做,并让他们自己完成。 Smile and hug your child when they wake up in the morning. Nothing says good morning better than a nice cuddle and there is no better way to get a good start to the day than with a warm smile. •• Let your child make meaningful choices during the day. Would you like some banana or dragon fruit for a snack today? Do you want to wear the blue jacket or the green jacket today? Giving your child the chance to make her own choices builds confidence and reduces the child’s need to exert power in other ways. Do you want your child to learn piano or English/Chinese? Learn yourself too! When your child sees that you are also still learning new things it can help get them through the frustrating stages of learning something new and create a special bond too. •• Take an interest in their interests. Build a super cool pillow fort in the living room, dress up as a pirate, have a tea party. There is a reason that children like to play, it’s fun! •• Share your interests with your child. Do you like to read? Knit? Build websites? Underwater basket weaving? Let your child take part in the things that you find fun and interesting too. Cook and bake with your child. I have never met a child who didn’t love to help with the cooking. Even a small child can help wash the vegetables and peel fruit. By four years old a child can measure, pour and mix as well as do the washing up. 35