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Rosanna Watson -2015 RESUME-EPRO


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Rosanna Watson -2015 RESUME-EPRO

  1. 1. Rosanna Watson 0419 220 239 Job application-00004T5-Educational Planning and Retention Officer Page 1 of 4 SKILLS Customerfocused Well developedand confidentcustomer complainthandlingskills A friendlyandpositive attitude Constantlystrive to improve myskills I welcome constructive workplace feedback I learnand adaptquickly Well-developedproblem solvingskills Educational systems knowledge Knowledgeof ASQA requirements ActivelyUnderstand TAFENSWpolicies, proceduresandprocesses Creative andpassionate aboutlearningand helpingothers. Able toworkeffectively as a team or independently Accurate and dedicated record keepingskills Competentandwilling firstaidofficer EMPLOYMENT HISTORY 09.07.2010 – Current Section Clerical and Teaching and Learning Services Officer-Campus (as required) Primary Industries; Building & Construction; TAFENOW; Administration Wauchope TAFE campus. VariousrolesfromGeneral scale clerk 1/2to Clerkgrade 3/4. Performingadministrationandclerical dutiestoensure the teachingstaff have everythingnecessarytomeetourcustomer needsandmeetall ASQA requirements. Managing andmaintainingEquine Onlinestudentsandmail outsincludinguploadingflashdriveswithresource files. I helpteachingstaff withroll bookproceduresanddataentry on our EBS program. Editand printlearningresourcesandstudentletters. Contactingstudentsandemployerswithcourse information updatesandmakingnotesinstudent’sfilesof all contactdetails for future records. Trainingplancreationsandmodificationsasrequired. MonitoringsectionApprenticesandTraineestoensure all progresspaymentsare able tobe claimed. Updating/editingandmonitoringourDairywebsite,and answeringall enquiriesreceivedfromoursite. EBS and CRM data entryas requiredandprintingnecessary reportsto ensure errorsare amendedorcustomersare processedandaddressedinatimelymanner. SAPfinance processingforall sectionorders. Vendorcreation and updates.Sectioninvoice paymentsforteacher accommodation. BESS data entryand updatingasrequestedbyHeadTeacher. Studentfile creationandinformation updatesbothphysicaland on TAFE share site. Liaisingwithemployers,students,businesspartners,teachers and staff ina professional andcheerful manner. ParticipatingwithenthusiasminDeadlydayevents,Career Exposand all otherpublicityevents. Answerphone callsandtake messages clearly. Accurate minute taker.Transferringnotestakenontoour meetingtemplate,distributingtostaff anduploadingtosection share pointfor auditingpurposesorreferencing. Properarchivingof studentfilesand roll books,maintaining recordsof locationandbox itemsforquickretrieval if required.
  2. 2. Rosanna Watson 0419 220 239 Job application-00004T5-Educational Planning and Retention Officer Page 2 of 4 EDUCATION 30.9.2015-Provide First Aid. 4.7.2012- Apply First Aid. 17.12.2012- S.O.A in Rural production studies. 20.12.2010- TAFE PLUS Statements in-Support Services, Reporting and commercial business sales processing. 21.12.2009- S.O.A in Rural production studies. 16.6.2009- Apply First Aid. 31.12.2005- Graduate Certificate in management Communication. 31.12.2004-BSZ in Certificate IV in Assessment and Training. 21.11.2003- S.O.A in Responsible Service of Alcohol. 5.9.2003- S.O.A in Senior First Aid. 19.12.2002- S.O.A in MYOB. 19.9.2000- S.O.A in Senior First Aid. 4.12.1998- TAFE Statement in Hygiene for food handlers. 31.12.1992- certificate in Occupational Studies. 1.7.1992- Certificate in Business catering Assisting. 21.07.2008 - 08.07.2010 Store Attendant Hairdressing and Beauty; Administration Clerk Port Macquarie and Kempsey TAFE campus.  Substantive positionasStore AttendantinHairdressingand Beautysection. With21 weeksperformingClerk3/4dutiesin the Administrationofficeon amonthlybasisduringthisperiod at Port Macquarie and KempseyCampus’.  Main dutieswere toassistall studentswiththeirdaily requirementsforeducationalneeds.  Organisinglive modelsforstudentstoutilise theirlearnedskills on.  Collectingand processingmoniesreceivedfromclients.  Placing,receivingandstocktakingall ordersrequiredforthe section’sneeds.  Meetingandnegotiatingwithcompanyrepresentativestoview newand improvedproductsand discussdiscountsorspecial offers.  Organise cateringandadvertisingforindustrynights.  Cleanandsanitise beautyandhairdressingequipment,using an autoclave forspecialistitems.  Dealingwithanyclientorstudentcomplaintsorissues. Continuouslylookingforwaystoimprove studentand client experiencesandimplementingthose processes.  Performallergytestsandcompletionof clientindemnityforms. 22.08.2005 - 01.07.2008 Customer Service Officer -Port Macquarie Campus.  Clerk3/4 in the CustomerService Centre.Collectingand checkinginformationreceivedfromteachingsectionsfor accuracy before uploadingandeditingontothe TAFENSW website.Updatingandeditingall course brochuresbefore linkingthemtothe website forcustomerstoaccess.  Answeringphone enquiriesreceivedduringthe day,averaging 60 callsa day,and ensuringthe customer’sdetailsare captured and theirenquirydetails.Iendeavouredtoutilisethe online informationandall myTAFE experience andknowledge to correctlyaddressandanswermy customers’questions,andif I coulddo thiswithinapromptand timelymanner,wouldbe able to escalate theirenquirytothe appropriate supervisor, specialistorHeadTeacher.  Performedcourse paymentprocessesviaCredit/debitcardor organisedAuthoritytoinvoicepaperworkforthirdparty payments.Ensuredcustomerprivacyatall times.  Processedreconciliationreportsformoniesreceivedatendof each day.Maintainedapositive andfriendlymanneratall times,andwelcomed all feedbackandanyadditionaltraining on how I could improve my processes.
  3. 3. Rosanna Watson 0419 220 239 Job application-00004T5-Educational Planning and Retention Officer Page 3 of 4 Staff Developments 19.6.2015-CRM enquiry management and enrolment status training. 1.6.2015- End of day banking process. 12.6.2015- Enquiry to enrolment process training. 22.5.15- credit transfer, national recognition and RPL enrolment process. 4.8.15- Time tables and registers. 20.10.14- EBS training for head teachers and section clerical. 4.11.14- using the new assessment templates. 8.7.14- SAP finance upgrade, finance, shopping carts and receipting. 13.5.14- Keeping customers at the centre of all we do. 16.9.14- TASS training. 02.04.2005 - 19.09.2005-Stores Attendant Hairdressing and Beauty- Port Macquarie Campus.  Returnto Substantive positioninHairdressingandbeauty. 27.10.2003 - 24.03.2005 Operations Controller Tourismand Hospitality Port Macquarie Campus.  OperationsControllerinTourismandHospitality.Managing all the section’s needs,requirementsandstaff.  Liaisingwithstaff tocreate workrostersto ensure student’s needs are met.  Orderingfreshproduce andnegotiatingcostsanddeliveries.  Menu data entryischeckedforaccuracy to guarantee sufficientstockamountsare ordered.  Ensuringsanitationprocessesare followedandorganising trainingof staff if required.  Processingpayroll dataforstaff.  Receivingandbankingof all moniesreceivedfromfoodsales and restaurantproceeds.  Dealingwithstaff performance issuesandworkingwith themto ensure an improvedoutcome,byorganising counsellingortrainingif required.  Ensure compliance with the provisionsof the foodandliquor act.  Monitoringall sectionOH&Spoliciesandguidelinesare followedandupdatingstaff aboutanychanges.  Organisingsectionequipmentrepairsorreplacements.  Encouragingmy teamto attendstaff developments. 26.10.2003 - 10.05.1999 Stores Attendant Hairdressing-Seasonal to permanent. Port Macquarie TAFE Campus Dutiesasmentionedabove. Hours were droppedduring upgradingof section,soIwas askedto applyforthe OperationscontrollerinTourismandHospitalityand was successful.
  4. 4. Rosanna Watson 0419 220 239 Job application-00004T5-Educational Planning and Retention Officer Page 4 of 4 REFEREES GregStuart Head Teacher in Primary Industries and Horticulture. Equine Online. Animal Sciences. Meat processing. 0438 820 802 Julie Johnson Cluster Manager | Bankstown, Lidcombe, Padstow, Chullora TAFE NSW – South WesternSydney Institute | BuildingE, 500 Chapel Road, Bankstown NSW2200 T 02 9780 5604 | VOIP 35604 | E | W Ian Skaines Head Teacher of Building Trades Southern Area. 0437 779 400 Steve Pearson A/Head Teacher of Building Trades Southern Area. 02 6586 5926 16.03.1996 - 09.05.1999 Class preparation assistant-Hospitality Port Macquarie TAFE Campus.  FoodSchool AssistanttoClasspreparationAssistant. Preparingall foodandbeverage commoditiesasrequiredfor each classoperatingonthe day.  Weighingandmeasuringeachingredientperstudent’s requirementsforthatday’smenu.  Ensuringall equipmentandutensilsare cleanedand sanitisedaftereachuse.Cleaningof ovensandfryersare performedsafelyandtoproperprocedures.  Liaisingwithall staff andstudentsinafriendlyandefficient manner.  Attendinganytrainingrequirementstoimprove myskills and Knowledgeatwork. La Roma Italian Restaurant-Waitress and kitchen hand. Murray Street Port Macquarie. I worked with 3 owner/operators.  Owner-AntonioIccarino- fromDecember1986 to 1987. Thensoldbusiness.  New Owners- VictorandMerlene Clarke- workedfrom December1987 to December1990. Theysolddue to ill health.  New owners- Mel andGloriaDavis- Workedwiththemfrom December1990 to December1991.