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Youssef in Belgium


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Published in: Education
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Youssef in Belgium

  1. 1. BELGIUM 28/04/2014- 02/05/2014
  2. 2. On Monday 28th of April we went to Malaga’s Airport.
  3. 3. We took a plane to Brussels.
  4. 4. Then I went to my host family's house I had a lot of fun. I also went by tractor
  5. 5. On Tuesday we did activities at school.
  6. 6. In the afternoon we had a show cooking and we ate lasagne. Then we played in the playground.
  7. 7. On Wednesday we went to Brussels and we visited: ● The Atomium ● Mannekenpis ● Mini-Europe
  8. 8. On Thursday I went to Forestia. It was very fun!!! .  
  9. 9. On Friday we went to the airport and we came back to Spain
  10. 10. We arrived at Malaga’s airport at 12,40. Our bus was there. At a round 14:30 we arrived to La Linea. I was very happy to see my family!!!! It was an unforgetable experience!!!
  11. 11. Youssef Dakkoun Zillaf 6ºA Ceip Inmaculada. La Línea. SPAIN