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Preparing the interviews 2


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Published in: Education
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Preparing the interviews 2

  1. 1. This is our school Mas Casanovas
  2. 2. Preparing the interviews Here is a summary of your ideas.
  3. 3. First of all be polite and nice. Use: - Excuse me, please. -Hello/ Good morning/ Good afternoon. -Thank you very much. -Good bye. -Have a nice day! Thank you for your time. -Enjoy yhe rest of your stay!
  4. 4. Now, practice with your group… Two can be interviewers and the other tourists. • • • • • Do you speak English? Can we ask you some questions? It’s not going to take you much time. We are students of Mas Casanovas school. We are doing a project about “Visiting Barcelona”. • We are doing some interviews.
  5. 5. Think about possible answers. We have to do a grid. • Where are you from? • How many days are you going to stay ? • What’s your favourite place/monument in Barcelona? • What has been your favourite dish so far? • What’s your favourite food that you tasted here?
  6. 6. • Have you visited any other places/towns in Spain? • Are you here for holidays, for business or you are visiting friends ? • Do you mind if we take a picture? • That’s all. Thanks for answering our questions