Career enhancement workshop3


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Career enhancement workshop3

  1. 1. Rosa MartinezMar 22, 2012
  2. 2.  Identify soft skills areas for improvement Be aware of the importance of soft skills in their career advancement
  3. 3. Character traits Interpersonal traits optimistic  empathy adaptable  teamwork responsible  leadership honest  communication respectful  good manners dependable  negotiation conscientious  sociability creative
  4. 4. Character traits Soft Skills Interpersonal traits
  5. 5.  Enhance interpersonal interactions, job performance & career prospects Complement your hard skills Get you the job & help you keep it Describe your Emotional Intelligence Quotient (EQ) Applicable both in and out the workplace
  6. 6.  Complete this quiz to find out how sharp your soft skills are
  7. 7.  1. d; 2. b; 3. a; 4. c; 5. d; 6. a; 7. d 7 correct: Your soft skills are razor sharp! You consistently display maturity when it comes to coping with the inevitable conflicts and disappointments that arise at work 5-6 correct: Most of the time your soft skills are sharp, but there are times you fall short of behaving professionally. Watch your tendencies to retaliate or take things personally 4 or less correct: You have significant deficiencies in your soft skills. To realize maximum success, raise your awareness in areas of emotional intelligence
  8. 8. Self- awareness Self- Self-regulation motivation Social Relationship Awareness Management
  9. 9. Ability to recognize: your own emotions how they affect your thoughts and behavior know your strengths and weaknesses have self-confidence
  10. 10. Ability to: control impulsive feelings & behaviors manage your emotions in healthy ways take initiative follow through on commitments adapt to changing circumstances
  11. 11. Ability to: to take positive action to pursue goals and deal with adversity or difficulty to defer immediate results for long-term success to start a task & complete it
  12. 12. Ability to understand: emotions, needs, and concerns of other people pick up on emotional cues feel comfortable socially recognize the power dynamics in a group/ organization.
  13. 13. Ability to: develop & maintain good relationships with others communicate clearly inspire and influence others work well in a team manage conflict
  14. 14. EI Skills Workplace success Self-awareness  Conscientiousness Self-regulation  Adaptability  Optimism Self-motivation  Initiative Social awareness  Commitment Relationship  Customer orientation management  Effective communication  Team capabilities  Leadership  Conflict resolution
  15. 15.  Look at the soft skills interview questions handout and discuss what are the soft skills implications of the examples given in the worksheet
  16. 16.  What soft skills do you need for your workplace? How can you get the soft skills you need?
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