Los malditos juegos olimpicos power point


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Power point about beijin olympics games.

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Los malditos juegos olimpicos power point

  1. 1. 2008 BEIJING.
  2. 2. The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games (officially known as Games of the XXIX Olympiad) were held in Beijing, capital of China, between 8 and 24 august, 2008. After its conclusion, the XIII Paralympics held from 6 to17ofseptember. These games became the most expensive event in Olympic history, reaching a cost that would have exceded the 44,000 million dollars, nearly tripling the final budget of his predecessor, the 2004 Athens Olympics.
  3. 3. SPORTS:Beijing Olympics 2008 included 302events in 28 sports, they exist in Athensin 2004,with a total of 37 disciplines,some10,902 athletes. Among thechanges were added newcompetitions The following listshows the 28 sports participating intheBeijing 2008 Olympic Games, wherehe played a total of 302 events:165 male, 127 female and 10mixed (indicated in parentheses)
  4. 4. Atletismo (24/23) Equitación (0/0/6) Piragüismo (12/4)Bádminton (2/2/1) Esgrima (5/5) Pentatlón moderno (1/1)Baloncesto (1/1) Fútbol (1/1) Remo (8/6)Balonmano (1/1) Gimnasia: Sóftbol (0/1)Béisbol (1/0) Gimnasiaartística (8/6) Gimnasiarítmica (0/2 Taekwondo (4/4)Boxeo (11/0) Trampolín (1/1) Tenis (2/2)Ciclismo: Halterofilia (8/7) BMX (1/1) Tenis de Montaña (1/1) Hockey mesa (2/2) Pista (7/3) sobrecésped (1/1) Ruta (2/2) Tiro con Judo (7/7) arco (2/2)Deportes acuáticos: Lucha: Tiro Natación (17/17 Lucha olímpico (9/6) ) grecorromana(7/4) Natación Lucha libre (7/0) Triatlón (1/1) sincronizada (0/2) Vela (4/4/3) Saltos (4/4) Voleibol (1/1)
  5. 5. PARTICIPANTS For the Beijing Olympics enrolled 204 athletes from national federations affiliated to the International Olympic Committee. This number represents more than 3 countries in the Athens 2004 Olympic Games, however, Brunei was excluded at the last moment of the Olympics after the respective National Olympic Committee not to register their athletes to the IOC. -ATHLETES: Regarding the number of athletes, 11,883 athletes initially enrolled (including the two athletes from Brunei) but only 10,902 athletes participated effectively in the Games, excluding injuries and descalificated. Of these, 6294 were males and 4608 were women.
  6. 6. ORGANIZATION The organization of these Games was in the hands of the Organizing Committee for the Beijing Olympics the Chinese governmente stablished by the Organizing Committee a total of 31 sports venues and facilities for carrying out the Games in the city of Beijing. Of these, 12 new facilities were constructed entirelybetween the protruding the National Stadium and National Aquatics Center.
  7. 7.  National  bádmiton Coliseum Swimming Center •CYCLING FIELD
  8. 8.  football field baseball field
  9. 9. MEDALS.# País Total 1 China (CHN) 51 21 28 100 2 Estados Unidos (USA) 36 38 36 110 3 Rusia (RUS) 23 21 28 72 4 Reino Unido (GBR) 19 13 15 47 5 Alemania(GER) 16 10 15 41 6 Australia(AUS) 14 15 17 46 7 Corea del Sur (KOR) 13 10 8 31 8 Japón (JPN) 9 6 10 25 9 Italia (ITA) 8 10 10 28 10 Francia (FRA) 7 16 17 40
  10. 10. CEREMONIESThe opening ceremony began on August 8 at 20:00 local, equivalent to 8 pm on 8/8/08, this sequence of number eight is due in part to the tradition of some Eastern countries who see it as a number of luck. Before the start of the ceremony, an event took place priorto 75- minute show in which their own ethnic folk dances and China, conducted by 28 groups. The Olympic torch made ​entry into the stadium to be delivered by a number of athletes gymnast Li Ning, who was elevated to the top of the stadium and began to walk as if you were running on it. As Li went on, the roof was projected on a scroll that is going to open showing images of the Olympic torch up to the cauldron, then turn the flame on it.
  12. 12. Criticism in general praised the event,considered as one of the mostmagnificent opening ceremonies performed inthe history of the Olympics, althoughsome considered it "cynical" compared to theconstant criticism that the countryreceives about human rights. Subsequently,a series of transcended public would come tolight casting doubt on some of thepresentations of the ceremony, at which theorganizing committee acknowledged the useof pre-recorded images in the presentation ofthe "fingerprint" pyrotechnical and the girl whosang Ode to the Motherland was not presentedduring the event.
  13. 13. The closing ceremony of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games was held in the National Stadium in Beijing on August 24, 2008 at 20:00local time following the idea used in the opening ceremony for the use of No. 8 . The event was directed by Chinese filmmaker Zhang Yimou and featured a series of artistic events. The ceremony began with a fireworks display, followed by the entry of the Chinese flag and the singing of the hymn. A choreographic art performances were held in the center of the stadium before giving way to the entrance of the 204 delegations and athletes. In the center, placed the flags of all delegations and between them made ​the award of the mens marathon, the last competition of the Games. Kenyan Samuel Wanjiru received the gold medal for his performance in that discipline, as the anthem of his country was run. Following the presentation of the flag of Greece and its national anthem, BOCOG President Liu Qi gave his closing speech in Mandarin Chinese by thanking the participants and the Athletes. All gave way to the final handover ceremony of the Olympic duties to the city of London, home of the next Olympic Games in 2012.
  14. 14. KENYAN SAMUEL WANJIRU The Chinese flag and fireworks
  15. 15. The British flag entered the stadium as they played GodSave the Queen. The Olympic flag was handed over bythe Peking MayorGuo Jinlong to Jacques Rogge,who handed it to Boris Johnson, Mayor of London. Afterthe handover ceremony was performed a small actof eight minutes of presentation of the new hostcity. After an introductory video, a traditional red double-decker busentered the stadium together with bicyclesand pedestrians, representing urban life inLondon. Finally, David Beckham went along with theartists and threw a football to the audience, asrepresenting the beginning of the new Olympic period.To conclude the event, a series of images wereprojected in the event the most memorable moments ofthe Games, while representing an airportterminal where the athletes returned to their countries,keeping their memories of Beijing as the Olympicflame is slowly extinguished.