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Robot automatic plug in


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This a robot use in SMT /PCB board insert.

Published in: Devices & Hardware
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Robot automatic plug in

  1. 1. Robot automatic plug-in PCB board auto insertion
  2. 2. Product
  3. 3. Project A • Plan A • Seeing the picture: • Chief insert three kinds of parts • Insert figure(A)1,(B) 2,(C)1 • Four parts in total • A and B is packed in tubes,C is glue in tray,It would be better the area is within • 200mmx200mm
  4. 4. Project B • Project B. • Seeing the picture Insert two kinds of parts. • Attachment figure (D)2 .(E)1 • Three patrs in total. • Packing with tubes.(D),(E)Packing with plastic plate.200mmX 200mm.
  5. 5. Project C • Insert a big RJ 45 (1X3) • Use a big claw to take and insert. • Packing with a rubber plate. • Packaging depends on the goods.
  6. 6. General assembly drawing
  7. 7. Lifting platform device • rack shelf stack automatic rising- lowering
  8. 8. Automatic feed
  9. 9. • Cylinder push-off plate after rise a layer ,return the empty plate after fetched 。 cylinder push pedal
  10. 10. Reclaiming device counterpoint shot gas finger
  11. 11. emptying CCD shot
  12. 12. Material rack Keep-off rod , pull up after on key
  13. 13. 2 to 2.5 seconds for each part to plugin
  14. 14. content: •It is a four axis manipulator.(move X,Y, Z, R).The route is 550MM x 270 degree. •On the machine There is one to two sets of feed system.It feeds by gas. Another watching the part bottom by CCD 1. •CCD1 is to check whether the parts is normal and correct position center. •If the material is bad it will stop to plugged, the computer will amend automatic,if the location is not on center . •CCD to check whether the PCB place need to revise.If needed,the computer will correct automatic.
  15. 15. Plug-in process • 1 .PCB comes to the front of the machine. • 2. location • 3.manipulator take material from the feeder . • 4.Then come to CCD 1.take photo to correct and check whether the parts is workable. • 5.Then to PCB board,use CCD 2. to take photo and correct position. • 6.Insert parts normally. • 7.Insert another part. • 8.After repeat insert the same patrs, • up PCB location down.PCB comes to next position. • up and put another PCB board and locate.
  16. 16. Thanks for watching!