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Telematics Munich 2011


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Enjoy the brochure from our show last year, and keep your eyes peeled for Telematics Munich 2012!

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Telematics Munich 2011

  1. 1. SAVE €400 Organised by: Europe’s largest B2B Telematics Conference and Exhibition when you register before August 12th. Priority code inside. Munich 2011November 9th-10th, 2011 Hilton Munich Park Hotel, Munich, GermanyTelematics Proves Indispensable: Embrace New Demands asthe Car Transforms into a Mobile Services Platform Telematics 3.0 - An Essential Tool for the Automotive Expert Speakers Include: Industry: Understand the updated value proposition of the telematics services package which includes options such as on-board advertising and location-based analytics to reposition offerings The Next Wave of Navigation and Infotainment Innovation: Discuss how real-time over IP navigation apps provide the ability to optimise data payloads for delivering richer real-time and predictive traffic flow and incident information for improved traffic management Embracing Open Innovation in the Automotive Space: Learn how automakers plan to manage 3rd party relationships to restrict branding damage through methods such as API guides to crystalise app development strategies ECall Implementation in Europe and other Regions: The latest from EU headquarters regarding eCall status and an update on the HeERO pan European eCall pilot tests to understand what’s required to support the European infrastructure The Power of Telematics in the Electric Vehicle Market: Explore systems that provide charge level data, routing information and the nearest charge source to beat consumer ‘range anxiety’ and increase adoption Telematics’ Usage within ‘Car as a SerVICe’ (CAAS) Concept: Understand the future model of mobility services and hear how automakers will harness new schemes such as insurance telematics, vehicle-to-vehicle services and car-sharing to capitalise on changing consumer attitudes FACT! Telematics Munich is a great “ 500+ Executive Delegates 4 Focussed Tracks place to network.The event gives 50+ Expert Speakers 20+ Hours of Supreme Networking your company a visibility hardly 30+ Business Focussed Sessions New Speakers, New Intelligence, seen elsewhere. Ford ” New Case Studies Platinum Sponsors Gold Sponsors Badge Sponsor Lanyard Sponsor Digital Location Sponsor Folder Sponsor Workshop Sponsor Bag Sponsor Co-Sponsor For the full speaker line-up and the most up to date Telematics Munich information visit
  2. 2. Organized by:Welcome to the 9th Annual Telematics MunichConference and ExhibitionTelematics Proves IndispensiblePrepare for a new wave of innovation and demand as the ‘connected vehicle’ reaches new heightsDear Industry Colleagues, Telematics Munich 2011 brings you essential topics These include: Ford, SAAB, Fiat, Audi, Toyota, such as: BMW, Volvo, Zurich, Nokia, Harman, SonyThis year has allowed the industry to recognisea certain crucial fact: A brand new IT device is  mbracing Open Innovation in the Automotive E Ericsson, The Linux Foundation, The Europeanemerging; and it’s called the automobile. Despite Space Commission and more…being predicted for some time, the automakers  Addressing Solutions for Smartphone-Vehicle Integration “Telematics Munich 2010 again was the ‘not tohave now recognised this; leading to some vital miss’ conference to meet the telematics industry’schanges for the market.  Cloud Services and Connected Infotainment for key stakeholders” – Audi AGIn the next 5 years the number of new cars being the Carshipped with factory-installed telematics is set to  Enhancing an Infotainment System’s Consumer The paramount networking opportunities thatgrow by 52%. Therefore, the question that stands Usability Telematics Munich offers set it apart from any otheris, ‘Is your business ready to embrace the new,  A New Era for Insurance: Profit from the Rapidly event. The conference and exhibition provides youdynamic revenue streams that are opening up?’ Expanding Sector with the chance to hear from and network with the automakers who are continually striving to buildInitiatives such as the open-source infotainment  elematics Application and Usage within ‘Car as a T new partnerships.platforms are creating high expectations resulting Service’ Secure your place on the front row of Europe’sin necessary industry-wide cooperation. Forming  eCall Implementation in Europe and Other largest telematics conference.these critical partnerships early will be vital to Regionsproduct survival in the industry.  2V – Enhancing the ADAS (Advanced Driver V 93% of 2010 delegates said the conferenceTelematics Update has kept up with the latest Assistance Systems) Landscape exceeded their expectationsannouncements, partnerships deals and market Plus many more – open the brochure to find out Register today, by making use of the early bookingtrends, providing you with the answers you need. more! discounts (either using the booking form enclosed in this brochure or via our secure website “The Munich 2010 conference was invaluable – it delivered relevant content through knowledgeable speakers and presented excellent networking See you in Munich! opportunities” – Jaguar Land Rover Telematics Munich is the only place to receive the very latest telematics business intelligence. We have Emily Savage recruited speakers from across the value chain to Conference Director, Telematics Update divulge their expertise and strategies. munich@teleamticsupdate.comExpert Speakers Include:Niclas Lindmark, Program Rudolf Streif, Director of Werner Hamberger, Per Adamsson, Candido Peterlini, Troed Sångberg,Manager - IQon open infotainment Embedded Solutions, Department Manager of HMI Director, Volvo Group Director of Product Concept Director - Research,system, SAAB The Linux Foundation RD, Audi Telematics - Infotainment, Fiat Sony EricssonHarald Trautsch, CMO, Derek Williams, Dr.-Ing. Joachim Kolling, Floris van de Klashorst, Hakan Kostephen, Herbert Halamek, Key ProjectOcto Telematics General Manager of PPMD Head of Development, Director of Nokia Director - Strategy Manager eMobility Solutions, Toyota Mobility Services, BMW Group Automotive, Nokia Innovation, Panasonic ContinentalMikael Gustavsson, Pierpaolo Tona, Ecall Project Reinhard Jurk, Head of Andrew Price, Dr.-Ing. Johannes Springer Martin Wiecker, Global DriverDirector Connectivity HUB, Officer, DG INFSO - Business Development, Practice Leader-Motor Fleet, Vice President Technology, Assistance Active Safety,Volvo Cars European Commission BMW Zurich Deutsche Telekom Ford For the full speaker line-up and the most up to date Telematics Munich information visit
  3. 3. Organized by:Telematics Munich 2011 at a Glance Unrivalled NetworkingFacts Stats for Know who you’ll be rubbing shoulders with in November 2011Telematics Munich View this breakdown of past attendeesTelematics Munich is attended by Solution Developers 26% to see who’ll be attending Telematics Munich 2011:over 500 of the telematics industry’sleading decision makers. This Auto OEM 20%is Europe’s biggest gathering oftelematics executives, and the forum Hardware/ Device Manufacturers 16% Key Stats:is growing in scope, reputation and TSP 11% 93% of 2010 delegates said the conference exceededimpact year on year! Tier 1 10% or far exceeded their Consultants (auto, govt, press) 8% expectations 7% 84% recommend the show to Wireless providers of 2010 delegates would conference Other 2% a friend Telematics Munich Conference, November 9th-10th, 2011, Hilton Munich Park Hotel, Germany Day One – November 9 Day Two – November 10 Keynotes and Plenary Sessions Keynotes Plenary Sessions Essential update on the European telematics market. Find out how to Analyse key services, government initiatives and global requirements to create winning partnerships to carve your niche in today’s market position your solution at the front of automaker and consumer demand Workshop Networking Lunch Break Networking Lunch break Track 1: Content and Connectivity Discuss with Europe’s leading Wireless Operators how the industry is changing Track 1: Content and Connectivity to accommodate telematics Discern automaker and Tier 1 attitudes and requirements for content integration to build successful partnerships that captivate consumers and explore the emerging ‘open platform’ territory Track 4: Advanced Telematics Applications and Services Look at some of the emerging large scale applications of telematics systems Track 2: Insurance and Commercial Telematics such as Electric Vehicle and Community Car Projects Hear how automakers, Insurers, Fleet managers and TSPs work in unison for enhanced business offerings Track 3: Aftermarket and Navigation End of Conference Discuss advanced mapping features and aftermarket propositions that are driving consumer buy-in and re-subscriptions Networking Cocktail Reception exhibition Top Reasons To Claim Your Prime Telematics Munich Exhibition Space Today Sign up now to secure the best booth on the Sign up early to capitalise on pre-event visibility Do the right thing for Expo floor and give your products and services via our network of key industry players to guarantee your company and book the competitive edge. that the industry and press talk about YOU! your space at Meet directly with your best prospects Don’t forget that the Telematics Munich Exhibition www.telematicsmunich. and clients as Telematics Munich is the one Floor is the place where all the deals are com/expo before the event where industry leaders make informed made; products are launched, showcased and floor sells-out! procurement decisions. demonstrated. Connect with Telematics Update on and become a part of the global buzz surrounding Telematics Munich 2011 today!
  4. 4. Day 1 Nov 9th, 2011Keynote SessionsTelematics 3.0: An Essential Tool Embracing Open Innovation in Insurance Telematics – Thefor the Automotive Industry the Automotive Space Customer Takes Centre-StageTelematics is compelling the auto industry to In-car content offers the potential for continuous Myriad opportunities exist as to how driverrevolutionise their baseline offering. Understand revenue generation. Understand how to manage behaviour data will be used, with differingthe strategies of leading European automakers to this market whilst maintaining maximum benefits for all parties. Hear which factorsdetermine future trends. customer interaction. are endearing customers towards insurance Assess the updated value proposition of the Hear how automakers plan to maintain brand telematics programs. telematics services package though services credibility when working with 3rd party app Learn which LBS features such as safety, such as on-board advertising, upselling developers through methods such as API security and personal convenience will attract premium content and location-based guides to increase the uptake of in-car apps customers to engage with next generation of analytics Discover how an open yet competitive insurance telematics schemes Understand how to develop solutions to applications and UI framework will incentivise Hear which vital processes, such as predictive capture the lucrative entry-level and mid- the developer ecosystems to design apps that analytics will help deliver effective insurance range vehicle market with cost-effective LBS revolutionize the driving experience telematics programs such as YCar-Mapfre to solutions Assess how partner relationships with enable insurers to be competitive Get an update on how different value chain app developers and the telecoms can be Examine how new regulations and members will manage safety and security maximised to create the most consumer- legislations, such as the EU gender equality concerns such as driver distraction and friendly model and ensure a positive ruling, will impact insurance companies and data protection to develop resilient product application reception related service offerings portfolio Niclas Lindmark, Program Manager - IQon, SAAB Harald Trautsch, CTO, Octo TelematicsRoger Lanctot, Director of Business Development, Helen Falkas, Head of Content Acquisition andGlobal Automotive Practice, Strategy Analytics Partner Management – IQon, SAAB Day 2 Nov 10th, 2011Using Telematics to Reinvent Monetising the Telematics Keynote SessionsCustomer Relationship Ecosystem for the Mass-MarketOpportunities As telematics reaches further into the general International Telematicscs services and solutions offer the auto industry consumer space, monetisation becomes Consumers Speak Up – Take Notethe chance to reinvent their customer relationship increasingly important to allow the industry to survive. With so much focus on the technical developmentmanagement (CRM) model. Recognise what the of telematics, it can be easy to forget to listenindustry wants to achieve. Analyse the ROI of core services such as to the ’voice of the customer’. Understand howDiscuss the flourishing after-sales market and safety, concierge etc., and new models such global customer desires differ. the services being offered to customers post- as auto loyalty programs and preventative sales such as vehicle diagnostics and software maintenance to redefine the telematics Listen to results from a recent global survey of upgrades to drive brand loyalty business-case EU, US, Chinese, Russian and Brazilian markets Discover how different industry players such to understand how tech. demands vary toQuantify the opportunities that surround as TSPs and wireless carriers will diversify redefine future product strategies the automakers’ desire to build private personalised social media to launch bespoke offerings and strike transparent alliances to Analyse if the recent avalanche of new concepts for the post-sales environment bring solutions in line with market dynamics telematics systems from Asia’s domestic Discuss the use of 3rd party developers to automakers will meet requirements in termsExplore the potential for automakers to up subsidise the telematics services model of services that consumers want and are and cross-sell options, applications, content, through in-car consumer interaction such willing to pay for and services to understand which value chain members will facilitate the business-model as intelligent advertising and remote Gauge how country specific mandates such shift smartphone car control as the Brazilian Contran 245 are transforming Martin Rosell, Managing Director, WirelessCar consumers’ reaction to telematics to benefitMikael Gustavsson, Connectivity HUB Leader, from the most receptive marketsVolvo CarsHarald Trautsch, CTO, Octo Telematics David McClure, Director, SDBSusan Heystee, Executive VP, Worldwide Sales,TelogisMartin Rosell, Managing Director, WirelessCarPanel Moderator: Dominique Bonte, Senior I appreciated the quality “Practice Director, ABI and the diversity of the different sessions. Sagemcom ” Follow Telematics Update on @TelematicsUpdte For the latest ‘Telematics Munich’ announcements use #TUMUNICH
  5. 5. Track 1 Nov 9th/10th, 2011 Content ConnectivityTelematics Goes Green Telematics Services Providers: Streamlining Consumer ConnectivityImpending carbon regulations, taxes and Expanding Opportunities through Data Managementlegislations can no longer be ignored. Find The average European consumer is about to lead a truly TSPs have an unprecedented opportunityout how green telematics solutions are key connected lifestyle. Refocus consumer spending on to not only partner with, but also manageto winning a new set of consumers to boost devices and connectivity by simplifying offerings. customer-relations and drive revenueyour bottom-line. opportunities for automakers. ``Understand the business case for embedded in-car dataUnderstand which analytical methods Learn about the changing role of TSPs as plans vs. user-centric billing through external SIM cards such as data scrubbing will help they begin to act as middleware platforms to prepare for imminent market conditions transform driver behavioural data into to deal with the burgeoning services ``Grasp whether we are looking at a 3G (UMTS) or 4G (LTE tangible information to design customer- or WiMax) dominated future to enable both traditional market and see how this will benefit the focused eco solutions and emerging telematics services third party communityHear how an eco-driving product ``Discuss data plan synchronisation, varied billing systems Understand how TSPs will nurture can fulfil govt. directives regulatory and the associated risks for different stakeholder groups partnerships throughout the value requirements through continued and establish a viable model to increase user adoption chain, from data warehouses through till feedback analysis in order to add Mathias Elsner, Vice President Data Solutions Wholesale, hardware and software providers in order credibility and longevity to your product Deutsche Telekom to foster relationshipsAssess how to develop an interactive Per Lindberg, Global Business Development Executive, Comprehend TSPs’ latest techniques such Telenor customer feedback system which will as combined web based stakeholder Martin Rosell, Managing Director, WirelessCar utilise both cloud-based and USB- systems, to effectively handle data enabled data to build easily accessible Panel Moderator: Oliver Bourhis, Partner, Ptolemus processing to deliver useful metrics and cost-friendly solutions Alex Weiss Von Trostprugg, Director forCandido Peterlini, Director of Product Tackling Telecom Expenditure across Business Development, AlteaConcept – Infotainment, Fiat EuropePanel: eCall Implementation in Personalised and Connected Catering for a pan-European driving force requires equality through the continent. Explore how the industry is Navigation for Today’s UserEurope and other Regions changing to accommodate telematics. Understand how navigation software can ``Discuss the future of roaming charges and how they willUnderstand how the eCall regulation will utilise the connected environment to be managed by the wireless community to deploy cost-impact the entire value chain and will spurthem to adapt their offerings to minimise leverage personal content for navigation- efficient solutions and servicescosts and maximise interoperability. led services ``Learn how to incorporate wireless carriers’ knowledgeExamine the roadmap and implications of Discuss how to scale navigation products such as successful deployment of subscription models to suit all users from entry-level to high- and M2M into your business to provide a unified the eCall regulation in Europe and Russia end cars to maximise your product’s reach experience to end-users (ERA GLONASS) to work-out the ideal ``Understand the feasibility of offloading connectivity time for launching devices and services Hear how to achieve a seamless navigation via WLAN or Wi-Fi across cities to connect the car andDiscuss the outcomes of the HeERO pan experience through automated software learn how the telecoms will play an emerging role in this European eCall pilot tests and specify updates to enhance the overall car and market exactly what is required to support the driver environment Per Lindberg, Global Business Development Executive, European infrastructure Dr. Axel Fuchs, Director of Business TelenorAchieve back office interoperability and Development, TeleNav seamless communications between private call centres and PSAPs to develop Touchless Technology for a Safer and KEYNOTE SPEAKERS INCLUDE: the ultimate eCall infrastructure Slicker HMI ExperienceJean-francois Huere, Public Affairs Road Understand the cutting edge HMI (human machineSafety and ITS, PSA Peugeot Citroën interface) technologies that are available to replaceDerek William, General Manager of PPMD, capacitive and resistive screens.Toyota ``Learn which new technologies, tools and processesPierpaolo Tona, Ecall project Officer, DG such as proximity and gesture interaction will solveINFSO - European Commission user ergonomic issues and be compliant with autoSession Moderator: Rasmus Lindholm, Head requirementsof Partnership Services, ERTICO ``Use existing in-vehicle components such as infra-red based technology to diversify your HMI offerings and solve driver distraction concerns ``Grasp how to make the most of natural human motion for intuitive systems control at a competitive price-point Gilles Cavallucci, CEO Founder, H2i technologies Contact the Telematics Update team at or (Global) +44 (0) 207 375 7585 or (US tf ) 1 800 814 3459 x 7585
  6. 6. An Operator’s Perspective: Open Cloud Services and Connected The Advantages of Open InnovationServices for Connected Cars Infotainment for the Car for the Operating SystemWith increasing discussion on automakers The cloud services model is widely used for Open OS offers the industry the ability to deliverhosting open platforms for the industry, navigation applications and is gaining acceptance additional content and updates more efficiently.understand how the wireless carriers envisage within the entertainment services segment in the Hear from the Linux foundation on how to build andthe new flexible business model. US. Hear how to increase penetration in EU. develop for the automotive industry.``Explore the best-in-class cloud-based ``Evaluate how cloud hosted systems will ``Understand how open innovation and technology services such as energy management and combine dynamic content with in-car will help reduce price-related pressures and time- routing applications to enable customers to operations to deliver the ultimate driver to-market to accelerate product development determine their own services portfolio experience via a pure off-board model ``Develop how to leverage cross-industry knowledge``Build an integrated backend system for ``Discuss how to minimise down-time in and expertise by looking over the fence and enabling services such as identity, security, connection black-spots by harnessing ‘soft learning from others to design winning products payment, and billing to maintain ultimate failure’ designs to increase automaker uptake of ``Learn how to build an advanced ecosystem by product differentiation for automakers cloud based infrastructure standardising software stack and APIs to attract 3rd``Ascertain which services can be offered via ``Understand the potential for connected party developers to enhance user experience the operator ecosystem and which can be infotainment e.g. radio streaming in Europe Rudolf Streif, Director of Embedded Solutions, offered by the automakers as a brand-specific compared to auto-integrated digital radio and The Linux Foundation set of applications to establish a competitive HD radio to provide a scenario for integrated advantage functionalityDr. Johannes Springer, Vice President Larry Haddad, GM Cross Carline Product Strategy Augmented Reality – The LatestTechnology, Strategic Area Connected Car, Planning Nissan Europe, Nissan Automobile DevelopmentDeutsche Telekom Rick Kreifeldt, Vice President Global Automotive Research Innovation, HARMAN With ever more available information around us, creating user technology that can safely add Hakan Kostephen, Director - Strategy The Latest Solutions for Innovation, Panasonic to our existing experience becomes a necessity. Understand how this technology will be applied.Smartphone-Vehicle Integration Michael Becker, Senior Director Global Business ``Discuss what types of information displays such asIntegration is the key to accommodate various Development, ATX Group windscreens; other user owned displays as well aslifecycles of apps, devices and vehicles. Joseph D’Angelo , SVP, Domestic Broadcast and auditory cues will be available for industry usageUnderstand how platforms will impact the Advanced Services– Ibiquity ``Understand how to present information to theecosystem of companies and consumers alike. Panel Moderator: Frederic Bruneteau, Managing driver and passenger in a non-intrusive yet``Hear how to seamlessly integrate Director, Ptolemus content-relevant manner via motion sensors etc. to smartphones with in-car HMI whilst retaining satisfy Govt. and consumer requirements the automakers’ brand-specific control unit ``Discover how the automotive augmentation to strike a balance between proprietary and Enhancing In-Car Consumer use-cases differ from other use-cases, esp. from open solutions Usability the mobile domain to prepare a suitable product``Explore how emerging platforms that roll-out strategy A compelling and easy to use HMI is the key to leverage standards like Flash, HTML 5, and Troed Sångberg, Director – Research, Sony Ericsson attaining brand success. Putting the ergonomics Java will help cars eclipse the most advanced at the heart of the design is crucial to its usability. consumer devices both in capability and ``Learn how to design a functional yet complex connectivity HMI solution through standardisations and Multimodal Solutions for a Safer``Compare platform solutions such as Linux (e.g. Android), GENIVI, Terminal Mode, Proxy tech. developments in touchless tech and voice Connected Driving Experience recognition to minimise driver distraction Mode, with regards to connectivity, cost, The connected lifestyle is increasing the demand ``Hear how to fulfil consumers’ multi-screen for innovative services and device options. Address usability, lifecycle, safety and automaker demands and UI options to establish on-board the challenge of enabling the driver to use relevant popularity connectivity and inter-platform communications services whilst driving.Floris van de Klashorst, Director of Nokia ``Overcome the communication gap between ``Discuss how to provide users with multimodalAutomotive, Nokia suppliers and automakers during cross-process access to apps across platforms such as the car,Reinhard Jurk, Head of Business Development, HMI development by harnessing standards such the smartphone and the cloud to increase userBMW as domain-specific modelling language satisfactionThorsten Kueper, Manager or Concept Werner Hamberger, Department Manager of HMI ``Learn how you can blend user experiences andDevelopment, Alpine RD, Audi safety, by including great graphics, speech andTeleca (For speaker details go to: www. Thomas Nickl, Senior Manager: New Business connected features to deliver the next-gen Development, Harman Automotive, HARMAN devicePanel Moderator: Egil Juliussen, Principal Silvio Nasi, Sales Director for the Embedded and ``Understand how automakers can enrich brandAnalyst Fellow, Automotive Research , Automotive, Loquendo experience during the entire lifecycle of the vehicleIHS iSuppli Gilles Cavallucci, CEO Founder, by enabling retrofit features to cope with changing H2i technologies consumer expectations Panel Moderator: Luca De Ambroggi, Senior Arnd Weil, VP General Manager, Automotive Analyst Infotainment, IHS iSuppli Consumer Electronics, Nuance Connect with Telematics Update on and become a part of the global buzz surrounding Telematics Munich 2011 today!
  7. 7. Track 2 Nov 9th, 2011 Track 3 Nov 9th, 2011Insurance and Commercial Telematics Advanced Telematics Applications A New Era for Insurance: Profit Integrating Fleet Systems to Manage Servicesfrom the Rapidly Expanding Workflow from Conception toSector Completion Telematics’ Usage within ‘Car as aThe insurance telematics segment is Seamlessly integrate job creation and planning with Service’ (CAAS) Conceptexpanding, and fast. Get insights into the telematics solutions to manage projects, resources and The way in which consumers interact and owncurrent movements from Europe’s 3rd largest employees with the most accurate, understandable their vehicle in the future is shifting. Keep up-to-insurer and place your company accordingly. and actionable data possible. speed with CAAS trends to prepare solutions for``Learn how to achieve product ``Understand how to integrate job creation with the market. differentiation by comparing current project routing and fleet management solutions to give an ``Gain insight into telematics services that results to gain consumer behavioural accurate appraisal of plan vs. actual performance in a community car offerings require e.g. remote insights and assist insurance companies single platform unlocking, billing for usage, fuel etc. to hear``Discuss the continually evolving role played ``Explore how to enhance dispatch capabilities and which relevant data-sets should be relayed by insurance carriers to reduce fraudulent response times alongside tracking resource utilisation over-IP claims and increase profit potential. and workforce productivity to expand your product’s ``Learn about the importance of having a unified Re-align your products and solutions to capabilities and flexible interface to provide various features advance this process ``Learn the newest data configuration technology such for different users``Evaluate next-gen data analytics and as dead reckoning techniques to aid fleet reporting ``Understand the future model of mobility underwriting processes that will aid accuracy to achieve the greatest benefit for the services within BMW and how their car sharing telematics-led pricing structures, to get industry program ‘DriveNow’ plans to capitalise on maximum business from insurers Newth Morris, President, Teleogis GeoBase Group, changing consumer attitudesAndrea Jurkic, Innovation Strategic TelogisProgramme Coordinator, Generali Dr.-Ing. Joachim Kolling, Head of Development, Mobility Services, BMW Group Fleet Telematics: Harness and UtiliseDecipher Consumer Desires Data Effectively The eCall Module – Creating theto Take Insurance Telematics The use of telematics in the fleet sector is gaining Perfect OfferingMainstream momentum. Understand the potential the data holds in terms of modifying driver behaviour. With many automakers looking into creatingBoosting profit margins is essential to and harnessing a proprietary eCall system, it isencourage the mass adoption of insurance ``Investigate the full range of benefits that fleets can achieve when the core focus is on driver safety e.g. important to understand what exactly the moduletelematics. Alter your business landscape needs to encapsulate.dramatically by creating tangible value for eco driving, fuel savings to expand your services package ``Debate features that are critical to the long termthe consumer. survival of the eCall module e.g. crashproof,``Discuss which customer portfolios will be ``Understand the wider use of the resulting data such as identifying driver behaviour interventions longevity, compatibility amongst others, to attracted by a telematics solution in order provide the industry with the winning solution to build targeted solutions and manage and risk mitigation strategies to increase your value proposition ``Understand how a product can be built to customer portfolios accordingly encompass the EC requirements as well as``Identify how to design the right value- ``Discuss the role of the end-user to achieve successful implementation of in-vehicle technologies to create offering product differentiation through added services combination e.g. vehicle combined services platform, or by using a TPS diagnostics, SVR (stolen vehicle recovery) or driver and therefore employer satisfaction solution other online incentives to optimally suit the Andrew Price, Practice Leader-Motor Fleet, Zurich ``Investigate the key features for delivering MSD customer (minimum set of data) safely and efficiently.``Understand how to harness the technology involved in eCall and VAS to launch Deploying Solutions to Drive Fuel We evaluate channels that are used for DPMS (Digital Performance Management System) next-gen, standardised auto-grade open Efficiency Arnaud de Meulelester, Managing Director of platforms for wider usage The surge in the price of fuel has proved to be a tipping Europe, ATX GroupAndrea Jurkic, Innovation Strategic point for telematics. Position your solutions to winProgramme Coordinator, Generali market-share.Mike Brockman, Joint CEO, insurethebox ``Analyse how to deploy a comprehensive multi-sensorHarald Trautsch, CMO, Octo Telematics led solution to monitor fuel usage and modify driverKevin Link, Vice President – Marketing, behaviour to provide operators with savingsHughes Telematics Inc. ``How to deploy integrated technology to monitorPanel Moderator: Roger Lanctot, Director of fuel usage. Explore the concept of assigning fuel toBusiness Development, Global Automotive, vehicles amongst other methods to eradicate fuel theftStrategy Analytics ``Understand how to combine fuel, engine and driver data to help reduce fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions Dr. Philipp v. Witzendorff, Head of Vehicle Management and Sales Europe, Daimler Fleet Board Contact the Telematics Update team at or (Global) +44 (0) 207 375 7585 or (US tf ) 1 800 814 3459 x 7585
  8. 8. Track 4 Nov 10th, 2011 Aftermarket and NavigationV2V – Enhancing the ADAS Connected Services: Unique Intuitive Navigation for Increased(Advanced Driver Assistance Approaches to ‘Auto-Mobile’ Customer SatisfactionSystems) Landscape Integration Penetration rates for GPS navigation is well over 30%. Navigation adopters are expressingV2V (vehicle-to-vehicle) has the potential As the automotive industry races to connect their interest in new content that can enhance the userto significantly improve driver assistance cars, understand how internet-based services Learn about the advanced OEM-led address daily driver needs such as traffic, routing, parking, refueling and weather information. ``Explore how friendlier driving experiencesdevelopments that are taking place. provide significant opportunity for increased``Understand the latest technology progressions ``Analyse the ‘voice of the consumer’ to qualify adoption and market gains in Europe such as ‘smart intersections’ and the daily driver use case and discuss the latest advances in traffic information and traffic- ``Fresh data on different types of new content gauge EU-led strategic movements to bring influenced routing consumers are looking for such as concierge technology to the forefront services, city guides, POIs etc. to help build a car-``Hear feedback from Europe’s biggest field tests ``Evaluate the value of industry delivered in-car focussed services package of V2V connected cars namely ‘Drive C2X’ and connected driving service applications vs. innovation led by mobile app developers with ``Hear how enhanced features, including easily ‘simTD’ to understand the path ahead brand awareness in mind visible elements along a driver’s route translate``Understand how ad-hoc Wi-Fi and mobile to increased customer satisfaction network connectivity can be combined to ``Address the challenges surrounding auto- mobile integration. How to provide better and NAVTEQ (For speaker details, go to www. produce the best overall vehicle connectivity safer consumer-oriented, human-machine option in this emerging areaMartin Wiecker, Global Driver Assistance Active interface to achieve a key industry milestoneSafety, Ford Panel Moderator: Dr. Hans-Hendrik Puvogel, Unlock the Secret to Achieving General Manager, INRIX Europe Aftermarket-AutomakerThe Power of Telematics in the Synchronisation Prepare for the Next Wave ofElectric Vehicle Market With a new emphasis on open platforms, the Navigation Innovation aftermarket proposition is changing. Learn how toTelematics will play a vital role in addressingmany of the concerns that consumers and Enhanced navigation has the ability to provide nurture a long term relationship with automakersvehicle manufacturers have towards EV the value behind the whole telematics as an aftermarket supplier.technologies. proposition. Understand the future of connected ``Investigate the business composition between in-dash offerings and community sourced aftermarket service providers and automakers``Explore systems that provide charge level data, mapping. to manage service-quality and enhance routing information, nearest charge source etc. to beat consumer ‘range anxiety’ and increase ``Hear how enhanced mapping features such relationships adoption as 3D Mapping and eco mapping will bring ``Evaluate the differences in B2C apps vs. B2B your customer in-line with the next wave of propositions to compare revenue percentage``Debate how to work with the service providers consumer telematics splits and hone your entry-to-market strategy in this space to supply bundled location- based-services (LBS) with EV led solutions such ``Discuss how real-time over IP navigation ``Understand how to conquer the aftermarket as ‘battery charge’ to open up new revenue application provides the ability to optimise data segment and its customer base through an streams payloads and connectivity for delivering richer auto specific app store to ensure your strategy traffic flow and incident information through matches expectations``Discuss methods that will be used to ease data TPEG Per Adamsson, Director - Volvo Group Telematics, integration issues between multiple parties, in particular the opportunities offered by the ``Compare and contrast the business model, Volvo reliability, and data power of community cloud to maintain integration mapping e.g. Open Street Map with traditionalHerbert Halamek, Key Project Manager eMobility map providers Excusive WorkshopSolutions, Continental Henk Hoff, Boardmember, ERA-GLONASS and its integrationDr. Axel Fuchs, Director, Business Development, OpenStreetMap FoundationTeleNav Massimiliano Kisvarday, Director Business Dr. Axel Fuchs, Director, Business Development,Panel Moderator: Eric Hannon, Manager, PRTM TeleNav Development, Cesar Satellite Speaker TBC, NAVTEQ Alexander Ivanov, Cesar Satellite Panel Moderator: Mike Sena, President, Michael L Sena Consulting Europe’s Most Focussed Telematics Exhibition Why not meet directly with your best prospects There is no other telematics “ and clients at Telematics Munich? conference where you can meet Sign up now to secure the best booth to give your so many market players. ” products and services the competitive edge. Cirquent Contact Asif: T : +44 (0) 207 375 7585 E : Follow Telematics Update on @TelematicsUpdte For the latest ‘Telematics Munich’ announcements use #TUMUNICH
  9. 9. Agenda Cont. All Passes Include:Telematics Munich 2011 Opening Keynote Plenary Sessions 4 Focused Conference Tracks Full Access to Exhibition FloorNovember 9th-10th, 2011 Hilton Munich Park Hotel, Munich, Germany Structured, Topic Specific Networking Networking Cocktail Party, LunchesREGISTER NOW IN 3 EASY STEPS Coffee Breaks Access to Online Networking Suite for 4 months 1. Select Your Registration Package Post-Conference Presentation Slides Pass Type PLATINUM PASS GOLD PASS SILVER PASS *AUTO OEM PASS  An exclusive 2011 Telematics Update ‘Smartphone Integration’ Report   Post-conference media package: includes full audio material    ost-event access to presentation slides P      2 day conference pass      Super Early Bird Price - Save €400 Expires August 12th €2440 €1495 €1395 €795  Early Bird Price - Save €200 Expires September 16th €2640 €1695 €1595 €995  Last Chance Price - Save €100 Expires October 14th €2740 €1795 €1695 €1095  Full price €2840 €1895 €1795 €1195* N.B. Reserved for bona fide Automotive OEMs only. We hand process registrations so all non-Automotive OEMs should opt for a silver pass and above.Group Discounts In-Car Smartphone ReportContact the Telematics Update team on Exclusive 2011 Telematics Update Market Report(global) +44 (0) 207 375 7585 (UStf) 1 800 8143 459 x 7585 or Receive a brand new business intelligence We’re working with telematics experts to researchmunich@ report with your platinum pass! and publish reports assessing the strategic • Inside track on opportunities of integration solutions importance of creating a seamless connectedSponsorship and Exhibition Opportunities • Pinpoint OEM supplier strategies vehicle ‘experience’.We have a number of different options available to suit your business. • Regulatory and legislative perspectives on driver Find out moreFind out more from Asif Naqvi: email: distraction and data security +44 (0) 207 375 7585 • 100% independent peer-reviewed in-depth analysis or email Charlotte at 2. Enter Attendee details Discount Code:Mr/Mrs/Ms/Dr: First name: Last name: Company: This is your unique discount code, use it Position/Title: online or via this form to get an extra €50 offTelephone: Fax: Email: Address: Postcode: Country: 3. Payment Options I enclose a cheque/draft for: Credit card number: (Payable to FC Business Intelligence Ltd) Expiry date: Security number: Please invoice my company: Name on card: Purchase Order Number: Signature: Please charge my credit card: Amex Visa Mastercard CALL (global) +44 (0) 207 375 7585 or MORE (US tf ) 1 800 814 3459 x 7585 FAX THIS FORM BACK TO WAYS TO FAX: +44 (0) 207 375 7576 +44 (0) 207 375 7576 REGISTER EMAIL: ONLINE: www.telematicsmunich.comTERMS CONDITIONS Places are transferable without any charge. Cancellations before September 29th, 2011 incur obliged to charge the full fee. The organisers reserve the right to make changes to the programme without administrative charge of 25%. If you cancel your registration after September 29th, 2011 we will be obliged NB: FULL PAYMENT MUST BE RECEIVED BEFORE THE charge the full fee. Please note – you must notify Telematics Update in writing of a cancellation, or we will be Visit for more event information Contact the Telematics Munich team at or (Global) +44 (0) 207 375 7585 or (US tf ) 1 800 814 3459 x 7585
  10. 10. SAVE €400Organized by: Europe’s largest B2B Telematics Conference and Exhibition when you register before August 12th. Priority code inside. Munich 2011November 9th-10th, 2011 Hilton Munich Park Hotel, Munich, GermanyTelematics Proves Indispensable: Embrace New Demands asthe Car Transforms into a Mobile Services PlatformPowerful Reasons To Attend Telematics Munich 2011 Industry Reviews about Telematics Munich1 G ET THE LATEST INFORMATION AND ANALYSIS AT YOUR FINGERTIPS. With access to exclusive keynote sessions and 4 focused Conference tracks. You’ll gain more in just 2 days than from weeks of market research. Your business will SAVE money and see Telematics Update 2010 again immediate results by involving you in a forum where the future of telematics is discussed and finalized. “ was the “not-to-miss” conference to meet the Telematics industry2 EXPERT SPEAKERS. The leading minds from all telematics specialities are hand-picked to share their vision and insight at Telematics Munich. Profit from this knowledge and create powerful new strategies to overcome your business challenges. key stakeholders. “ The conference3 U NRIVALLED NETWORKING. Claim your seat at the table with all the key industry decision-makers to ensure you leave Munich with your briefcase full of valuable contacts. Plus benefit from 4 months use of our online networking center to ensure you “ was invaluable - extremely professionally run, delivered secure one-to-one meetings with hard-to-reach executives! relevant content through4 S ENIOR LEVEL DECISION MAKERS IN ATTENDANCE. Rub shoulders with 500+ leading telematics executives from pan-Europe and abroad to give your commercial enterprise a truly global perspective. knowledgeable speakers and presented excellent networking opportunities.5 N O SALES PITCHES! Telematics Munich is an independently researched forum committed to equipping you with the tools and expertise to drive your business forward. Every single presentation is rigorously reviewed to ensure an unrivalled high quality. TU Munich is “ NEW IMPROVED FOR 2011! “ a great physical portal for us to meet colleagues face to face 500+ attendees 30+ vital industry projects 20+ hours of unrivalled struggling with the same issues 3 Focussed tracks 50+ of the most knowledgeable networking and opportunities on how to Our biggest expo yet telematics speakers implement the best services. conference Exhibition “ 500+ senior level executives come together Europe’s most focussed exhibition boasts of SCAN NOW for exclusive keynote sessions, 4 focussed 35+ exclusive booths, multiple demos and brand new TO REGISTER tracks, and unrivalled networking to engage product launches. Connect, network and learn at the in high level business discussions that will set floor. the pace for telematics in the future!Knowledge Partners: Open Now to view the full conference program visit