WWB promo autumn winter , LC Dnipro


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a promotional slid for WWB project in AIESEC Dnipropetrovsk

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WWB promo autumn winter , LC Dnipro

  1. 1. World without borders Winter 2011-2012 program LC DniproAIESEC in Ukraine projects
  2. 2. 5 facts you should know about WWB project1) WWB is one of the biggest exchange programs within AIESEC network2) More then 30 countries have already took part in the project3) More then 200 development internships in frames of ‘World without borders’ this summer & around 400 internships every year
  3. 3. 5 facts you should know about WWB project4) 15 Ukrainian LCs that constantly providing unique exchange opportunities for students all over the world5) In 2009 project was recognized for its impact and got AB InBev ‘Better World ‘ award on AIESEC International Congress in Malaysia
  4. 4. Project description‘World without borders’ is a national social project thataims activating leadership among Ukrainian youth by:• giving them an opportunity to interact with students from allaround the world;• giving knowledge about leadership, youth activities in othercountries, cultural education;• giving an opportunity to create their own projects to makepositive impact on their local society.
  5. 5. Job description• Project is based on work with children from summer camps &schools. Usually there are few age groups of children in summercamps (mostly 7-10 years, 11-13 year & 14-17 years)• To show the foreign country through presenting nationaltraditions, food, history, national clothes. The main goals ofcountry presentation are to show the variety of worlds culturesand to share the idea of cultural, religious tolerance
  6. 6. Job description• To run trainings on the relevant global and local topics(CSR, Ecology, Energy, Citizenship) in order to raise theawareness of young Ukrainians about positive impact they canmake• To run trainings, working groups, brainstorming to help pupilsand students to identify their values, strengths andweaknesses, personal and professional goals. Develop pupilspotential with the help of different psychological tools, which helpto make the choice of future profession
  7. 7. Job description• To organize trainings, brainstorming, learning circles withstudents the main idea of these events is to share the notion ofleadership, proactive behaviors• To participate in the cultural events organized by host localcommittee (for example Global village)
  8. 8. Requirements • Excellent English • Good presentation skills • Cultural tolerance & flexibility • Teamwork experience• Training/facilitation skills preferred
  9. 9. Internship conditions Duration : 6-9 weeksRealization: Middle of December- end of January End of January – March Working days: Monday-Friday , Saturday working sometimesAccommodations & food (2 times per day) are covered
  10. 10. Possible accommodation types Hosting familiesIn this case accommodation is provided by Ukrainian family.Intern shares room with the person of the same gender as intern.Main advantage of the host family is opportunity to explore & seeeveryday life of Ukrainians, Ukrainian culture. But from the otherside intern should be flexible & adopt to internal family rules (forexample letting know family about coming back time etc.)
  11. 11. Possible accommodation types Students’ dormitoriesPlace were live students of Ukrainian universities & collages, thatlocated mostly in the city. Intern shares room with around 3 otherinterns. Toilet & bathroom sometimes are common for a fewrooms. Dormitories have some living regulations. Usually they areclosed from 10 p.m. till 6 a.m.
  12. 12. Possible accommodation types Interns’ flatSometimes LC rents a flat for interns. It size depends on numberof interns. Mostly 4 people live in one room.
  13. 13. Choose Ukraine this Autumn!
  14. 14. Questions please contact:Svitlana Udovenko, VP ICX of LC Dnipro udovenko.sveta@gmail.com skype: sveta.udovenkoFB: http://www.facebook.com/sveta.udovenko