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oVirt Introduction


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Open virtualization overview based on oVirt

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oVirt Introduction

  1. 1. oVirt Introduction
  2. 2. Personal Profile: ● Roozbeh Shafiee ● Cloud and Virtualization Architect ● Technical Manager at innfinision Cloud Solutions ● ●
  3. 3. innfinision Cloud Solutions: ● Providing Cloud, Virtualization and Data Center Solutions ● Developing Software for Cloud Environments ● Providing Services to Telecom, Education, Broadcasting & Health Fields ● Supporting OpenStack Foundation as the First Iranian Company ● First Supporter of IRAN OpenStack Community
  4. 4. ● Live Snapshot ● Power Saving ● Monitoring and Reporting ● Standard Import and Export ● Any to Any Converting ● Virtual Desktop Infrastructure ● User Access and Authentications ● oVirt CLI Agenda: ● KVM as a Hypervisor ● oVirt Engine Tools ● oVirt Node ● Virtual Machine Viewer ● Storage Server ● DataCenter, Cluster & Host Categorizes ● Scalability of Virtual Ecosystem ● Live Migration ● High Availability oVirt Introduction
  5. 5. KVM as a Hypervisor oVirt Introduction
  6. 6. KVM as a Hypervisor: ● oVirt is a virtualization solution like VMware vSphere ● oVirt is using KVM as hypervisor to manage virtual machines in backend. oVirt Introduction
  7. 7. oVirt Engine Tools oVirt Introduction
  8. 8. oVirt Engine Tools: ● oVirt Engine is an open source web management tool same as VMware vSphere and vCenter oVirt Introduction
  9. 9. oVirt Engine Tools: oVirt Introduction
  10. 10. oVirt Node oVirt Introduction
  11. 11. oVirt Node: ● oVirt Node is a minimal and lightweight operating system which contains KVM hypervisor and some packages to run VMs. This OS works look like ESXi in VMware vSphere. oVirt Introduction
  12. 12. oVirt Node: oVirt Introduction
  13. 13. oVirt View oVirt Introduction
  14. 14. Virt Viewer: ● Virtual Machine Viewer (Virt-Viewer) from Virtual Machine Manager tools collection for working with VMs remotely and also uses in VDI projects. oVirt Introduction
  15. 15. Storage Server oVirt Introduction
  16. 16. Storage Server: ● oVirt supports variants of storage servers and NAS based on NFS, FiberChannel and iSCSI protocols. oVirt Introduction
  17. 17. DataCenter, Cluster & Host Categorizes oVirt Introduction
  18. 18. Data Center, Cluster and Hosts: ● oVirt Engine is an equivalent option for VMware vCenter admins to manage multiple data centers, clusters and hosts. oVirt Introduction
  19. 19. Scalability of Virtual Ecosystem oVirt Introduction
  20. 20. Scalability of Virtual Ecosystem: ● Extend your virtualization environment by adding more host nodes easily by oVirt Engine management tools. oVirt Introduction
  21. 21. Live Migration oVirt Introduction
  22. 22. Live Migration: ● Move running VM between storage domains and hosts machines with zero downtime. oVirt Introduction
  23. 23. High Availability oVirt Introduction
  24. 24. High Availability: ● Restart guest VMs from failed hosts automatically on other hosts. oVirt Introduction
  25. 25. Live Snapshot oVirt Introduction
  26. 26. Live Snapshot: ● Take snapshot of a running virtual machine with minimum downtime. oVirt Introduction
  27. 27. Power Saving oVirt Introduction
  28. 28. Power Saving: ● Concentrate virtual machines on fewer servers during off-peak hours to save power and make a cost effective virtual environment. oVirt Introduction
  29. 29. Monitoring and Reporting oVirt Introduction
  30. 30. Monitoring and Reporting: ● With oVirt Engine management tool all objects in system such as VM guests, hosts, networking, storage and etc are monitorable easily. oVirt Introduction
  31. 31. Standard Import and Export oVirt Introduction
  32. 32. Standard Import and Export: ● Import and export VMs and templates using OVF files format. oVirt Introduction
  33. 33. Any to Any Converting oVirt Introduction
  34. 34. Any to Ant Converting: ● V2V - Easily convert to KVM from VMware, Citrix, Hyper-V and etc ● P2V – Easily convert physical machines to virtual machine ● With this feature migrating from any virtualization solutions is easy oVirt Introduction
  35. 35. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure oVirt Introduction
  36. 36. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure: ● Virtual Desktop Infrastructure – VDI can be provide by oVirt via web management and virt-viewer tools based on web browser and SPICE protocol. oVirt Introduction
  37. 37. User Access and Authentications oVirt Introduction
  38. 38. User Access and Authentications: ● Authentications and access to oVirt for manage of environment and access to VDI made easy by Active Directory, IPA, Red Hat Directory Server and OpenLDAP. oVirt Introduction
  39. 39. oVirt CLI oVirt Introduction
  40. 40. User Access and Authentications: ● All management of oVirt are accessible via Command Line for power users and for sometimes that Web management tool not available. oVirt Introduction
  41. 41. Thank you Roozbeh Shafiee