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A tale of 2 communities - Social Business and Social Media and how they are becoming symbiotic. Also a take on the Future of the Shop Window

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Future of shop window

  1. 1. Future of the Shop Window Marketing Week Live Show – June 27 & 28, 2012 London - Olympia Exhibition Centre Show Attendance - 12,000
  2. 2. The Concept – Interactive Shop Window• Plasma screens with twitter feeds • Brand fans tweet their shoe choices for face outwards to the public the models to wear #socatwalk• Mannequins replaced by models • Consumer participation and co-creation• Window is alive as it becomes a social • Live data creation for rapid analysis catwalk and response
  3. 3. The Shop draws a crowdPeople are We’ve gotintrigued their attention!
  4. 4. The busy businessman who needs to buy a pair of shoes for his wife’s birthday• He enters store and meets a fashion consultant• Uses the store Wi-Fi to share ideas with his daughter who loves this store• They exchange ideas via the brand community• The manager gets the store models to try the shoes• Businessman sends photos to daughter• Together they arrive at a purchase• The Store Manager tweets her thanks to the daughter and sends her a social catwalk voucher(NB: for the businessman this interactive experience which blends physical and digital improves the odds of gettingthe right present for his wife) The show revolves around interactive consumer journeys
  5. 5. The brand fan who has saved for a pair of shoes to wear to the summer ball• She sees a pair of shoes in the window and asks a model to show them• She tweets her friends and sends them pictures• Her friends who cannot make it to the store offer advice• The brand picks up the conversation and invites her into the store• A model shows her how to wear the shoes and walk the catwalk• Other people at the store also tweet their advice• It’s a collaborative decision that helps her make the purchase with confidence The show revolves around consumer journeys
  6. 6. People get the concept and begin tweeting their thoughts and ideas to the brand A genuine conversation between the retailer, third parties and consumers emergesDisplaying this live, fast movingconversation in the shop windowaccelerates engagement andinnovation - people are empowered
  7. 7. Visitors to the IBM stand get into it Very quickly a public community around the #socatwalk tag is formed
  8. 8. Benefits to Retailer• Deep consumer interaction• Customer co-creation• Brand focus and dialogue• Live data generation for analysis
  9. 9. Life imitates ArtSomeone from the audience choses a pair of shoes, takes to the catwalk, tweets about it and the brand lets her keep the shoes
  10. 10. The Designers arrive and decide to join in And tweet back to people at the store
  11. 11. A fashion photographer and a film crew turn upAnd they join in the twitter stream
  12. 12. Store staff of all levels can share insights in real time with other offices • Paul Reynolds the humble shoe assistant shares a customer insight and innovates a new idea which gathers strong support from senior managers • Great ideas can come from anywhere and the IBM technology captures and shares that instantly • We can also reward employees directly in the system for peer approved contributions
  13. 13. Live Data Generated and CapturedFor use by the Brand Community to respond to the Public Community in real time
  14. 14. Captured data shared with internal CommunityTo facilitate rapid collaborative decision making
  15. 15. The internal business communityFollow the Social stream and receive insights from the store staff
  16. 16. The results – a tale of 2 Communities1. The social catwalk shows the way in which 2 communities - Social Media (Public) and Social Business (Private) can and should work together in a networked economy2. A sustained conversation with consumers in a Social Media community leads to innovation and co- creation (nb: a recent IBM CEO study confirmed that 78% of consumers want to co-create)3. Real time analysis of the consumer conversation shared in a Business community provides the ability for the retailer to share insights across the group and make decisions on a collaborative basis
  17. 17. What’s next – #1Presenting to a UK shoe retailer who is looking for an interactivemarketing concept around a shop window
  18. 18. What’s next – #2In discussion with Shopping Centres & London Fashion Weekto deliver customer co-creation event with top Americandesigner Corrie Nielsen
  19. 19. What’s next – #3From the Future of the shop window we havenow begun discussion with 6 creative agencieswho are interested in working with IBM andtaking our 2 communities approach to theirenterprise client base.
  20. 20. Vision IBM an essential businessImagine a situation where going to the shoppingmall on a Saturday to participate in an interactiveexperience both physical and on-line is the place tobe.The Future of Shop Window has shown that thisvision is both appealing to consumers and candeliver huge benefits to retailers in terms ofcustomer insights, brand loyalty and productchampioning.