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Ride with me Zuidas #rwmamsterdam


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Riding your bike through Zuidas is like cycling through a new world. A world in transit, open, dynamic, full of contrasts, exciting and also a little bit unsettling. Ride with me Zuidas was made in assignment for the municipality of Amsterdam. Concept and creative content by Roos Stallinga, graphic design by Rémi Bouwer.

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Ride with me Zuidas #rwmamsterdam

  1. 1. Roos Stallinga English Edition
  2. 2. Riding your bike through Zuidas is like cycling through a new world. A world in transit, open, dynamic, full of contrasts, exciting and also a little bit unsettling. High buildings of glass against urban gardens and roaming chickens. An international atmosphere, with therein a quintessential Dutch man on a bicycle, in a suit. In- between the A10 highway and a park, an impressive art collection within a high profile company space. A city beach right next to a huge convention center. In Zuidas there is much to be discovered behind the facades. Everything is in development and everywhere youseeconstructionsites.Thisisonebikeroutethatyoucanride multipletimes,eachtimediscoveringnewplacesandstories.Enjoy!
  3. 3. Botanical garden Zuidas (2) Nieuwe Meer area (3) VU Campus (2) Ravel Residence (8) Zuidas Kindercampus RAI Amsterdam (7) Beatrixpark (6) AkzoNobel art space (6) Sla Market 33 Restaurant As Old School WTC / Zuidplein (5) Stadionplein Schinkel buurt Motel 1 Kunstkapel Stravinskylaan Trattoria Corso Como De Boelelaan Gustav Mahlerlaan A 10 De Boelelaan JollenpadHet Bosch IJsbaanpad PietKranenbergpad AntonioVivaldistraat George Gershwinplein Crown Plaza Hotel Barbara Strozzilaan Rai Station Strand Zuid Begraafplaats Buitenveldert Laan der Hesperiden Jan Wilsbrug Fred. Roeskestraat Voetbalclub AFC Parnassusweg Hubertus & Berkhoff Graafschapstr. Europaboulevard Buitenveldertselaan Meerzicht Jachthaven/scheepswerf Tjotterspad Jachthaven De Klaver Blauwe Engel Gustav Mahlerplein/square (1) KPN Toren Infinity Beethovenstraat Gerrit Rietveld Academie (4) The Edge Olympisch Stadion Havenstraat Gelderlandplein The Valley PresidentKennedylaan Buitenveldertselaan 2020 Amstelveenseweg IJsbaanpad VU Mc VanderBoechorststraat by MVRDV architects HelloBikeis an innovative bike share system which will be launched in the spring of 2017 in Zuidas. With an app and digital lock it is possible to share a Hello Bike using a smartphone. 2019 RAI Hotel Nuon switching station
  4. 4. 1   GUSTAV MAHLERPLEIN/SQUARE Gustav Mahlerplein/square is transforming into a new green heart of Zuidas. With a new high tech under- ground bike parking, ABN AMRO pavilion (opening summer 2017), shops, restaurants and residential areas. There will also be a CycleSpace pavillion (opening Spring 2017). Tip: Enjoy lunch at the salad loving restaurant SLA or the new food court Market 33. When sunny, you can bring it outside. SLA • Claude Debussylaan 35, open Mon-Thurs 8.00- 21.00, Fri 8.00-15.00 Market 33 • Claude Debussylaan 33, open Mon-Fri 8.00-22.00, Sat 9.00-18.00 2   VU CAMPUS / Botanical Garden Zuidas If you don’t study or work here, it is easy to pass by. But behind the old front of the VU (Vrije Universiteit/Free University), you will find a public campus area with cafes, shops, a volleyball court and ping pong tables. It is a place to wander around, and think up a storm - the air is trembling from it. When you ride your bike a bit further, you the recently expanded Botanical Garden Zuidas, a beauti- ful and hidden place in Amsterdam. To continue your wanderings in. * Zuidas-note: This hortus has a very special collection of cactuses. A shop with seeds and plants. And you can get also get married here! Botanical Garden Zuidas • Van der Boechorststraat, Open Mon-Fri 9.00-17.00 (entrance free) 3   NIEUWE MEER AREA Zuidas borders on - and is starting to flow over in - the area of the Nieuwe Meer, a kind of ancient landscape surrounding the Nieuwe Meer, with lush green, water, birds, and boats. If you are so close, it is tempting - and very satisfying - to make a detour through this green area. It is also very nice to cruise on your bike through the Amsterdamse Bos and along the little marinas called Klaver or Meerzicht. Lunch/Dinner tip: Het Bosch • Jollenpad 10, lunch Mon- Fri 12.00-15.00, Dinner 18.00-22.00, Fri-Sat 19.00-22.00 (Sundays closed). Belgian expats Bart Busschaert and his wife Kathleen live with their children in Zuidas. Before, they lived in New York City, and now - quite appropriately - in a building called ‘New Amsterdam’. Bart: ‘We have everything that we need here, and can get to places very quickly either by bike, car, train or even plane (Schiphol Airport is only 10 min by train). Every day Bart rides his two daughters in a cargo bike to the French school in the Pijp neighbourhood. Tip van Bart: (just over the edge of Zuidas…): On weekends we get our bread and croissants at the deli- cious french bakery Le Fournil. Next door is also one of the best cheese shops in Amsterdam. Le Fournil • Olympiaplein 119, open Mon-Sat 7.00-19.00 L’Amuse • Olympiaplein 111, open Mon-Fri 10.00-19.00, Sat 9.00-17.00 Bart with daughters Lenke (6) and Yente (4) ‘We have everything we need here, and can get to places very quickly.’ gerrit rietveld academie 4   GERRIT RIETVELD ACADEMIE At the famous Amsterdam art school The Gerrit Rietveld Academie there is always something to see. Students who are preparing for an art show, doing research for an installation, or discussing and contem- plating their next idea sitting on a wall. The building itself, that was designed by the late Mr. Rietveld, is an artwork in itself, as well as the neighbouring Sandberg Institute (a postgraduate department of the Rietveld Academie) by architect Benthem Crouwel. At this time the Rietveld Academy is being expanded (see illustra- tion). At the end of 2017 the new building is planned to be finished. Fred. Roeskestraat 96 Havenstraat, schinkel neighbourhood As I am approaching Hansje and Josje are busy putting flower bulbs in the ground. Hansje laughing: ‘I was just saying to Josje ‘It is turning into a miniature Keuken- hof here!’ She has been working for over 18 years as a volunteer at Botanical Garden Zuidas. ‘This is a great place to work outside. And it is fun too’. Josje, 14 years a volunteer, has a formal education in gardening. ‘This is a little paradise. It is a true joy to work here, and together bring the garden to a higher level.’ Increasingly, people are discovering this garden as an oasis in the neighbour- ‘People find comfort in this garden’ hood. And we also get many regular visitors - patients, caregivers, doctors - from the nearby VU Mc. ‘People find comfort in this garden .’ Hansje and Josje at the new Botanical Garden Zuidas Claude Debussylaan with on the left Veñoly building
  5. 5. Old School, restaurant and creative hub
  6. 6. Akzo nobel art space Ravel ResidenceBeethovenstraatBeethovenstraat 5   WORLD TRADE CENTER / ZUIDPLEIN WTC is the commercial heart of Zuidas, both international and locally oriented. It is a collection of businesses, shops, cafe’s and restaurants. It also houses Hello Zuidas and the Leef Zuidas Program of the Municipality of Amsterdam, two mayor drivers of the livability of this area.. Here you also find an impressive scale model of Zuidas, and there is the opportunity to see and hear about the latest updates and plans. 6   BEATRIXPARK / AKZONOBEL The Beatrix Park connects Zuidas to Amsterdam Zuid (South). There is much activity here, like cycling, playing, learning, and you can also eat very well (at the restaurant As). In 2017 there will be five group exhibitions at the Kunst- kapel called: Art Chapel Amsterdam. At the edge of the park you find the international headquarters of AkzoNobel (big Dutch producer of paints), with their art collection at the ground floor. Conservator Hester Alberdingk Thijm is put- ting together impressive expositions here. There is also a cafe where you can drink coffee - in style. Essential Art Space • Akzo Nobel Center • Christiaan Neefestraat 2, Mon-Fri 10.00-17.00 (entrance free). Art Chapel Amsterdam • Prinses Irenstraat 19-1st floor, Open Wed-Sun 12.00-17.00 (entrance free). Whenever he is not traveling, Frederik ten Veen, rides his bike from Amsterdam West to his work in Zuidas. Since 16 years he is working for ABN AMRO Bank, right now as ‘Chief Risk Officer Europe’, end responsible for the risk management of ABN AMRO Clearing Bank. During his studies at the VU (Free University) he already came to Zuidas: ‘It was a complete waste land here, one big par- king lot and just grass. Now almost everything is planned out.’ Frederik: ‘Many of my colleagues take the train or car to their work, but I really enjoy commuting by bicycle. It gives me time to shift between home and work, and helps me to clear my head.’ During his commute Frederik tries to take as many green cycling paths, avoiding the busy car streets. He especially loves going through Von- delpark. ‘I would like to see even more separated, green cycling routes in Amsterdam’. Tip van frederik: The Crown Plaza Hotel is always booked with international business people, which brings life to the neighbourhood. And from the bar (open 24/7) you have a great view over the city. Crown Plaza - Amsterdam South - George Gershwinlaan 101 ‘Cycling gives me time to shift, and helps me clear my head.’ restaurant AS Frederik ten Veen in front of the ABN AMRO Headquarters Ruth Jansen, who is originally from Indonesia, lives and works in Zuidas, where she has a beauty salon called ‘Phisage’ at the WTC-building. She has created an oasis of rest and inspiration within the daily business. During our conversation she often waves at customers and friends ‘There was nothing here, for a cup of coffee you had to cycle for 10 minutes.’ 7   RAI Amsterdam The RAI is a collection of conference and exposition spaces at the Europaplein (square) in Amsterdam. Quite a strange place, beautiful and ugly at the same time, with always one event or another going on. And it is possible to cycle right through, which is quite fun and convenient. In summertime, there is also an urban beach called Strand Zuid, to sip some champagne and mingle with an international and Amsterdam Zuid(as) crowd. The six sculptures of extravagant and colourful characters at the square are by artist Guillaume Bijl. * Zuidas-note: By 2019 a huge hotel (the biggest in the Benelux) will be located here, designed by the famous Dutch architecture firm of Rem Koolhaas OMA, with a bar and restaurant on the top floor! passing by her door. Here in Zuidas she is home, and she never wants to leave. Ruth loves the international vibe in Zuidas: ‘But at the same time this is also really a blue print of the Netherlands’. As one of the first residents, Ruth is a real Zuidas pioneer. ‘There was nothing here, for a cup of coffee you had to cycle for 10 minutes. Now this has changed completely!’ Ruth organises cooking 8   RAVEL Residence Even though at the first glance this building may look like some high tech office building, it is actually student housing containers (for 800 students) covered by a soundproof but light permeating layer. On the roof there is a basket ball court and urban farming, and the Ibiza-style patio garden is free accessible. Inside, there is a cafe- restaurant called Mason Street and a Bagels & Beans. Next to the Ravel Residence is another striking architecture building called Kindercampus Zuidas (children’s campus), with a day care and after school program, and nature playground. Bagels and Beans • Antonio Vivaldistraat 1, Open Mon-Fri 7.30-18.00, Sat-Sun 9.00-18.00 Mason Street • Antonio Vivaldistraat 3, Open Mon- Sun 10.00-1.00 workshops in the studio of restaurant Nine. ‘It is great to organise things with and for the neighbourhood, there is a real need for this’. Tip van ruth: Trattoria Corso Como at WTC • Strawinksylaan 77, Open Mon-Fri 12.00-22.00 PS: This res- taurant will be here until the end of July 2017. In September, the Vietnamese Restaurant Bo Nam will take its place.
  7. 7. Second Edition: Februari 2017 Concept, photos, words & illustrations: Roos Stallinga Design: Rémi Bouwer This guide has been made for the Municipality of Amsterdam, Zuidas. RoosStallinga(1978)ispsycholo- gist, artist, and co-founder of CycleSpace, an organisation of bicycle futurists based in Amsterdam, working to accelerate the shift from car- centric to human-centric cities around the world. Roos also made Ride with me NYC, the first bicycle guide for New York, and Rij met me mee ZLD, a bicycle guide for Zeeland. Ride with me Amsterdam is next! Zuidas is the new Amsterdam: in transit, full of contrasts, and hiddentreasures.AsIwasexploringthearea,Ikeptdiscoveringnew placesandstories,andhadtocontinuouslyadjustmyperception ofZuidas.NowIwanttogoback,andwanderaround,wondering aboutwhatis,andwhatwillbe.Wouldyouliketoridewithme?