Josh bilby report


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Josh bilby report

  1. 1. Bilbies are an endangered animal .It is also a marsupial. Image: 'A sweet little bilby. Macrotis lagotis' Found on
  2. 2. It has soft grey fur and big ears for hearing. It also has a long tail for balance. 62 Found on
  3. 3. A bilby hunts for worms, spiders and insects.At night it lives in sandy deserts. 62 Found on
  4. 4. They hunt at night to get food and sleep in their burrow in the day. 62 Found on
  5. 5. It is a soft animal that hides from his prey so he can be safe. 87 Found
  6. 6. She digs burrows that can help her feed her baby. 87 Found
  7. 7. A bilby is a small mammal that lives in Australia. 87 Found