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Nz airforce


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Nz airforce

  1. 1. The New Zealand Air Force<br />Contents<br />Aircraft <br />Training <br />History <br />
  2. 2. Their Aircraft<br />The air force has many different planes for fighting. Here are some of them.<br />This is the p3k Orion it is a big plane with 4 engines.<br />This plane is 36m long and it’s wingspan is 30.4m. <br />This is the C-13OH Hercules it is also a big 4 engine <br />plane but is shorter than the P3k Orion. <br />It is 29.8m long and its wingspan is 40.5m.<br />The uh-1h Iroquois is a helicopter as you can <br />See it is 17.27m and its width is 2.8m.<br />This is a training plane so people can learn to fly <br /> big one planes like the ones above. Its name is the CT-4E<br /> air trainer. <br />
  3. 3. Training <br />They used pilot training in 1922 and they still use it to help people learn.<br />The CT-4E Airtrainer also helps with learning to fly in big planes like the Hercules and the Orion. After 1 year of 10-12 hour flying solo (by yourself but with other people in the plane with you) you will finally become an air force pilot/fighter pilot. <br />
  4. 4. History <br />The air force have had many Big times in fighting. In the war the RNZAF helped out in protecting the air around New Zealand and the other countries did the same. Some of the NZ army officers went across to the UK to learn the science of flying.<br />
  5. 5. Maritime Patrol Force<br />This patrol force is operated by the number 5 squadron at the Auckland base.<br />This patrol is to fly over the ocean and see if anything is wrong such as illegal fishing is going on somewhere and sometimes whalers will get in trouble. If someone gets caught the pilot will radio the boat and the seamen will get in trouble and will get charged or fined. Some people might go to court and maybe jail.<br />
  6. 6. Bibliography <br /><br />
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  8. 8. The type of power <br />This type of power is petrol power or fuel because if the plane does not have fuel it will not be able to take of. If it lands and takes of again without refueling it may run out of fuel and it may fall down into the water and people may not be able to survive. That is why planes need fuel to fly<br />Planes also use another type of power that is wind power because they take off into the wind to make the wind blow into the propeller and make it spin around or else if it is a jet engine it will blow into that.<br />
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