Hedgehog story


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A family of hedgehogs are affected by a family tragedy and learn survival skills on the road. In turn they go on to help other hedgehogs of the world.

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Hedgehog story

  1. 1. Watch out M r. Hedgehog!!Written by Brian, Sharmaine, Kayla, Jannah & Brian.Illustrations by Sharmaine, Kayla & Brian & Jannah.
  2. 2. It was a starry night.All the nocturnal animals had just woken up, including Mr. andMrs. Hedgehog and their family of triplets - Rose, Pearl andCandy. “Iʼm hungry!” moaned Rose. “Iʼm thirsty!!” groaned Pearl.“Iʼm hungry and thirsty!!!” thundered Candy.“Oh dear!!” exclaimed Mrs. Hedgehog.
  3. 3. She frantically searched the cabinet for food.“Weʼve run out of food!” She exclaimed.“Please Mr. Hedgehog, can you go to Bugsvilleand get us some Crazy Caterpillars?”“Please daddy, get us some Super
too,”the triplets added. “I would really appreciate some WackyWobbly worms” Mrs. Hedgehog politely asked. “Well ... only ifyou share with me,” Mr. Hedgehog33 replied with a smile.
  4. 4. Mr. Hedgehog was just about to cross the street to Bugsvillewhen he saw an apple n full of wacky, wobbly worms.He decided to get the apple full of wacky, wobbly worms, BUT he forgot to LOOK and LISTEN before he stepped onto the road.All of a sudden a motorbike sped down the road!Mr. Hedgehog was not wearing bright clothes,(his spikes put holes in everything he wore), the driver didnʼtsee him and - Oh dear! Mr. Hedgehog became a statistic.
  5. 5. After two hours, which seemed like FOREVER, the tripletswere getting very hungry and Mrs Hedgehog wasreally worried about Mr Hedgehog.“Whereʼs daddy?” the triplets asked.The Hedgehog family started looking for Mr Hedgehog.
  6. 6. After half a hour of searching, they found spikes in the middle of theroad. When they got closer they found not just spikes but also the restof poor Mr. Hedgehog. Mrs. Hedgehog burst into tears. “Oh, no!Mr. Hedgehog! Why didnʼt you remember to LOOKand LISTEN before you crossed the road!?”Mrs. Hedgehog dried her tears. “I am not going to let you die on theroad!” Mrs. Hedgehog told the triplets, “I will teach you road safety!You will be able to cross any road safely.”
  7. 7. The next night the Hedgehog family got up really early.Mrs Hedgehog taught the little triplets the correct way toʻcross the road. “First you look left, then look right, look leftagain and listen to hear if any cars are coming. If it is safeyou cross the road as quickly as you can without running.When you cross keep looking both ways until you reach theother side,” instructed Mrs Hedgehog. “ Grab onto one of myspikes and follow me!” They started to crawl across the street,looking both ways, left and right. “Very good,”exclaimed Mrs. Hedgehog.
  8. 8. The next night was the triplets first night of school.On the way to their school, they saw three younghedgehogs about to cross the road just as a bus was drivingaround the corner. Candy shouted as loudly as possible to theboys telling them to ! The boys heard them andsaid...“Nah! We donʼt have to listen to YOU babyhedgehogs!”
  9. 9. i tOLd You soThey had already taken a few steps across the road when thebus came racing through and almost knocked them over.The triplets rushed up to help them. Candy said, “I told you to .ʼʼ The boys knew what a close call they had just had andwanted to learn road safety. They asked the triplets if they wouldteach them. The triplets agreed.
  10. 10. “ LOOK and LISTEN! before youcross the road. If it is safe then you can cross the road,”they said together. They walked down the street safely,in time for the school bell, chanting, LOOK ANDLISTEN, BEFORE YOU CROSS THE ROAD!!!!
  11. 11. The hedgehog boys were so grateful to the triplets.They became great friends and never forgot theLOOK! and LISTEN!, lesson the girls had taught them. A few years later the Hedgehog family were rolemodels for all hedgehogs. If you listen very carefullyon a calm, still night you might be able to hear thehedgehogs chant, , LOOK! AND LISTEN!BEFORE YOU CROSS THE ROAD!!!!!!!
  12. 12. Mrs Ayache closed the hedgehog book and said.“Remember kids: always cross the road safely, and... LOOK AND LISTEN!!!BEFORE YOU CROSS THE ROAD” T he End