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Measurement reflection week 8


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Published in: Education
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Measurement reflection week 8

  1. 1. 1IIisi<: iny:14‘fiivi'; 'y I’I; 'lI"S-' I am. pl/ .a_r; ‘zs: <:: ;QI IIv: If| :nI1 Iiiliiiiirlrig-lg , —-m(_ , l.; _imf: ._ """‘“§i_I~‘vr : |II gal, {[11
  2. 2. e hypotenuse 20x20—l 4X I6+5OX20x2+24x50=3584 ‘"TT_-? ~TuT-73TFv mun vnmgm-urn-M } I ounna-n'un 2 x 12 = 256 square rool of 256 is 16.
  3. 3. :j'ulru1.'-Ile rpm <u-mm area 0! Inangmar ; .v: ~.n~ [n_. |¢_. ‘. I.‘ v I I'M ~n"1'-‘
  4. 4. ‘V$. '1‘r; e ILEI. °1m1n. ‘I . “'= I': IhI: z’i VIE)‘: -E Vmg Ltggyrfir F: ‘(r I: .P&m§ur& rm: rd Lax ‘ mrffirgfifi {ham I 2. ‘*~I‘! }*m; vmere ymJ1E I I E0E”mTg. I-m II“: ~j; -'nc. t1I‘I? *.. ‘o(§rI m I.5'm II~: s1hb.1m r1:. .-"m'! .uur Lexznfirgrsmkl 11-:11