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  1. 1. By the person who made this, also known as Mad Molly
  2. 2. IntroductionIn this slideshow you will hopefully find out things you never knew:What is over fishingWhat causes itThe consequencesWhat is bycatchAnimals in dangerWhat we can do
  3. 3. What causes overfishing?PEOPLE LIKEEATING FISHTOOMUCH! Yeah I’m watching you!!!!!
  4. 4. What is overfishing?•Overfishing is when so many fish are caught that thepopulation cant reproduce fast enough to replace them.•Overfishing started in the early 1950’s. Since then fishnumbers have declined.•Most of the overfishing is done by big industrial trawlers.
  5. 5. Trawlers•Catch thousands of tons of fish•Bottom trawling is the most destructive fishing practice in theworld as it catches many species of seafood that are not meant tobe eaten. Trawls are pulled along the seabed by boats and alsodestroy the seabed and coral.•After a trawler has cleared an area, it may take years for theecosystem to even partially recover.•Undiscovered species living at the bottom of the ocean may bewiped out.
  6. 6. Fish stocks The UN estimates that 70% of the worlds fish stock have been wiped out. Stocks might collapse by 2050
  7. 7. Animals Being Overfished. Crabs . Hump head wrass. Chilean sea bass . Turtles. Eels . Dugongs / manatees. Flatfish . Seals. Rockfish . Salmon. Parrotfish . Vanquita. Surgeon fish . Southern sea otters. Tuna, especially Blue Fin Tuna .Black atbalone. All whales . Dolphins . Sharks
  8. 8. •There are billions of animals caught each year asbycatch by large trawler boats.•In 1994 scientists estimated that between 17.9-39.5million tonnes of marine animals were caught anddiscarded as bycatch.•Animals such as dolphins get stuck in nets, struggleand die.•If bycatch fish are too small they are either put backin the ocean or made into something else e.g.fertilizer.
  9. 9. Blue Fin Tuna. One of the top animals in danger is the blue finned tuna. Might be extinct by 2013. It is near extinction because :1 People are destroying its habitat2 We are overfishing it because people love to eat it especially in sushi
  10. 10. Sharks. Are on the brink of extinction because:1 People still like shark fin soup2 Overfishing is taking their main source of food away from them. Take the sharks away and the oceans don’t stand a chance. They control the populations of many fish. Sharks are at the top of the list of marine animals likely to become extinct. Shark numbers have declined by 90% in the past 30 years
  11. 11. Shark Finning. The sharks get captured in a huge net. The sharks are put on the deck to have their fins and tails sawn off while they are conscious. If they wriggle they are left to die a slow and painful death
  12. 12.  Depleted fish stocks Changes in marine food web Removal of species Destruction of habitat The ecosystem will crumble and the oceans will die.
  13. 13. What we can do. Ask for MSC-certified (marine stewardship council-certified) seafood.Don’t eat fish. Don’t go fishing. Buy dolphin safe tinned tuna. Sign any petitions against overfishing. DON’T EAT TUNA SUSHI.Tell others what to do. And anything else that you might think of
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  15. 15. Thank you for watching my slide show!
  16. 16. THE ENDA happy fish for now