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Anjo baby tutorial


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Published in: Education
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Anjo baby tutorial

  1. 1. Angel baby Materials Felt for skin. Felt for wings. Polyester fiberfill. Embroidery yarn for eyes. Woolen yarn for hair. Patterns. Please read the notes about page layout. There is also smaller pattern in the mini doll page. But the bigger is easier. Crawling or sleeping angel 1. Sew the head, body, and limbs. Cut out them with seam allowance of 0.1". 2. Turn inside out. Stuff with polyester fiberfill. 3. Close the opening except legs. 4. Make features on face. This example is thick embroidery yarn. You may draw the features or use beads. Put rouge on the cheeks. 5. Glue the bunch of yarn on the head. 6. Stitch the legs to the front of the body. 7. Stitch the head to the body. 8. Stitch the arms. 9. Cut felt cloth 2 parts of wings. Stitch the line of the ridge. 10. Stitch the wings to the back.