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Johnnylane toilets (1)


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Johnnylane toilets (1)

  1. 1. A New Product for Progressive Toilet Rental Companies J ohnnyLaneWireless Pay Toilets for Customer Convenience and Enhanced Revenue
  2. 2. Customer Wishes● The event organizers you serve dont want tohave to worry about sanitation, but they doworry about the costs.● When event attendees really have to go, theyhate to see lines.You can ADD VALUE with JohnnyLane●wireless pay toilets.
  3. 3. Fulfilling Customer Needs● Specially equipped JohnnyLane pay toiletsaccept payment via a wireless needfor cash to handle.● You can provide event organizers with acombination of free toilets andJohnnyLane...some attendees will be contentto stand in line...others will use JohnnyLane.● Payment will be processed automatically, andcan include a rebate to your customer.
  4. 4. How It Works● When you are at an event, you do not want to wait in line and miss out on the incredible experience you paid for.● When nature is calling, you load the JohnnyLane app and select Gotta Go Now and it will find the nearest available port-a-potty for you and reserve it until you get there.● However, if all the port-a-potties are occupied, it will place you in the shortest queue and notify you when you are next.● Once you transaction is completed, your previously
  5. 5. Cost Analysis● JohnnyLane toilets offer wireless paymentand security at no extra charge...they cost thesame as popular porta-potty alternatives.● You can offer your customers a 40% rebatewhile boosting your margins by 20% (undernormal usage).
  6. 6. Strengths and Advantages● With JohnnyLane event attendees who needto go can go, without fumbling with coins.● The event organizers get a nice rebate.● You get a nice margin boost.● We take care of wireless transactions andpayment.