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Take a selfie from your Self


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From the population of the Industrialized world is 3 to 10 % taking an antidepressant. Half of them show no relief of the complaints. Mental therapies offer some improvement for only 30 % of the patients.
Start to know yourself and your Self and see the world in the right prospect.

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Take a selfie from your Self

  1. 1. Take a selfie from your.. boost your mental health. Self
  2. 2. You take a selfie Click and what do you get? The nicest thing to achieve is to become Yourself.
  3. 3.  5% of the population of the Industrial World takes antidepressants  In the USA has this number risen to 10%.  For the age category 40-50 year is the number 23%.  Women take more antidepressants than men.  10% of het World child population has been diagnosed as mentally problematic. From professional therapy, 50 to 75 % cases fail to cure the mental sickness. The same 50 to 75 % is mentioned as the results of prescribed psycho pharmaceutical treatments. Ref. facts
  4. 4. Click ! What brings my selfie ? It is not a snapshot from myself or from my Self; but from my Ego me. I? Me? my Ego? my Self? My - Me Ego, my personality is nothing more than a bundle of perceptions. Ben Smith
  5. 5. Click ! What brings my selfie ? • Life is simply an exchange of signs. No more, no less. • To live your life is to learn to control the signs that make a life. What I sense, are signs. What I am, are signs.
  6. 6. Click ! What brings my selfie ? Making a selfie of my Self, means that I have to align my Ego with my Self. from
  7. 7. Who learns to see, will know. Who knows how to see, will learn. What happens when you look at something? I look at the object and the object looks at me. This is called the dialogue with the Unconscious. Mastering the process of observation is the beginning of the understanding of the language of Intuition
  8. 8. Who learns to see, will know. Who knows how to see, will learn. • To observe and to imagine are two sides of what is Thinking. Merleau-Ponty. • By trying to understand the Unconscious, we can free us from being dominated by the Unconscious. C.G. Jung. • To understand something will not heal you, but it will help you to handle dark situations or at least how to accept the dark sides of life . C.G. Jung.
  9. 9. To control your Life, you’ll have to understand it. • Put efforts to understand your society and its people. • Practise the cooperation between your Unconscious and the Conscious. • Create an own concept that you can master for yourself and your environment. • Unlearn. • Renew your Mind, with a glimpse on the world of the spirits: an introduction to Metanoia and Theosophy .
  10. 10. Practise your observation skills with bi-stable pictures. Exercising with bi-stable pictures is as valuable as the mental healing techniques promoted by mindfulness. Out of an academic paper by Jannis Wernery - 2013 .
  11. 11. Learn to see. WHAT ? Such as: • The Darwinian cycles in visual observations. • The Evolutionary principles in Life and Business cycles. First is to know ‘ where in the cycle ‘ you are.
  12. 12. The Darwinian cycles in your life. ? What fits? With who? experiment Strategic choices Work hard Create value Competition plays Doubt about yourself ?
  13. 13. Practise the cyclic life processes. Discover the different patterns by colouring.
  14. 14. Practise the cyclic life processes. Play games.
  15. 15. Learn and know how to interpret and avoid bias. from Friedrich Nietzsche: Everything is subject to interpretation. Every dominant interpretation will at a given moment be subject more by power than by truth. We pick out from a text, those messages which pleases us, or that what is in line with our own opinions. from:
  16. 16. Learn the Language of the Signs. Geometries, shapes, colours, compositions, backgrounds all carry a MEANING.
  17. 17. Learn about the Human Psyche. The Unconscious, Dreams, and Language belong to the same entities and processes what makes our psyche. They are gradations of dynamic ordered chaos which creates meaning.
  18. 18. Learn the role of the Unconscious. • The CONTENT from the Unconscious is a Chaos of signs and patterns which we can categorize in a collective intent of mankind together with and an individual intent which we have acquired by own experience. • The individual content can be split in before and after birth. • The before birth content has as a major collective component; which is a DESIRE acting as the catalyst of psychical development and mental balances. By trying to understand the Unconscious, we can free us from being dominated by the Unconscious. C.G.Jung.
  19. 19. About dreaming. Learn to Manage your dreams.
  20. 20. Learn about the role of the archetypes. • The archetype of the evolutionary cycles. • The yin –Yang. All about balances. • The Phallus and the father figure. • The Longing as the longing for the longing of the Other. Longing is the essence of Life. Spinosa.
  21. 21. Learn to read Language and how to dream. • What Language and dreams have in common, is that they do not occupy Space or Time. • Learn how to manage your dreams. Just practise daily the dream ritual before you sleep. In Buddhism you can practise daydreaming. • Learn to read the Language of the others… and look into your Unconscious.
  22. 22. discover who you are by taking a selfie from your Self and avoid a burnout. Read for free online: Order a printed copy via : hotmail/240641/take-a-selfie-from-your-self-to-boost-your- mental-health-
  23. 23. Read online for free. signs-of-life-and-life-of Order a print copy. nyverlet-hotmail/246090/signs-of-life- and-life-of-signs-1nov2016 Learn more about the power of signs.