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Alfresco day pv 2016


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Our presentation with P&V for the Alfresco user day, Thank you to Bart van Bouwel.

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Alfresco day pv 2016

  1. 1. Digitalisation @ P&V Alfresco Day Brussels 04/02/2016 Bart Van Bouwel (P&V) - Ronny Timmermans, Thijs Lemmens
  2. 2. • P&V – leading Belgian cooperative insurance company with over a century of history – focused on the Belgian market ranking 6th and 7th depending of business lines – is active in most lines of business, both for retail and for corporates • Products are mainly distributed through a network of – tied agents ( under P&V brand) – insurance brokers (under Vivium brand) – directly (via Actel / P&V and Actel Affinity)
  3. 3. • Operational since summer of 2008 Remember: first release of Alfresco November 2005! • Acquisition of ING Insurance • Transfer of existing archive – 3 Million Documents – Single page Tiff – 500 Gb • Post Scanning – Average 8.000 pages/day – Peak 15.000 pages/day
  4. 4. Context >35Mio documents in Alfresco PAPERLESS ! 700,000Documents “post- scanned” per Year 300,000Claims Documents “pre- scanned” per Year > 2,000,000 new incoming documents per Year e-mails> 1 mio documents per Year
  5. 5. Context PAPERLESS ? 250 MFP’s >20Mio Pages printed each Year >20Mio pages printed each Year >80,000 Boxes or 400 palettes
  6. 6. Inbound Distribute incoming documents to the right agent as quickly as possible in a digital form
  7. 7. User benefits Improve client satisfaction  Faster response rate to incoming documents  Improved traceability of documents Reduce operational Cost  Digital distribution of documents - Less physical archiving  Improved business processes Employee satisfaction  Employees not bound to physical location (homework)  Office space more open (less filing cabinets) Control  More control of the data flows  Improved reporting
  8. 8. Challenges Inbound: a key process High available Performance User Friendly Integrated
  9. 9. High Available Alfresco High Availability Architecture Application Server Clustering Solr Index Clustering (3 minute SLA) Move2Alf (stand-by) SWARM = Object Storage replication
  10. 10. Performance Target: 3 seconds rule Browsing & searching All levels of the architecture (Angular, DB & Solr) Document ingestion (ad-hoc and Bulk) Upload Speed (15 doc/ sec) with Move2Af writing to SWARM content store
  11. 11. User Friendly Custom Search Web interface Designed to fit for purpose Exploits meta-data and facets Attention to Performance (Angular ..) Supports role based actions …Demo Time…
  12. 12. Integrated Integration points Process integration with Guidewire Bulk Upload via Move2Alf - source: Captiva scanning - source: Mainframe output Metadata synchronisation via ESB / Mainframe Ad-hoc document upload via DocFeeder++
  13. 13. Solution overview Reception + Scanning Indexation and validation Claims documents Contracts Other documents Back Office Applications
  14. 14. Technical Architecture