ppt - Metavid - Open Video Archive of the US Congress


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ppt - Metavid - Open Video Archive of the US Congress

  1. 1. A OPEN VIDEO WIKI PLATFORM Michael Dale, Abram Stern & Professor Warren Sack University of California at Santa Cruz
  2. 2. A OPEN VIDEO WIKI PLATFORM Presentation Overview  Metavid Openness  Metavid Demo  Up-and-Coming Tech new skin/interface enhancements oggPusher flash support open source collaborative in-browser video editor.
  3. 3. A OPEN VIDEO WIKI PLATFORM Metavid is an Archive • Contents: January 2006 – now, over a thousand hours of U.S. Senate and House floor proceedings • Organization: All contents are indexed according to who said what when. Every second of the proceedings can have an unique address (URL). • Accessible: open for multiple [re]use contexts
  4. 4. A OPEN VIDEO WIKI PLATFORM Open for Citizens  open for citizens; web access to congressional footage  search for who said what when + bills & categories  open for citizen enhancement (its all in a wiki)
  5. 5. A OPEN VIDEO WIKI PLATFORM Open for Bloggers  Clips can be embed, discussed and annotated  Embed clips links back to the full day. I can re- contextualize, re-segment & re-post.  Embedded sound byte becomes a reference to full context rather than only produced content for consumption.
  6. 6. A OPEN VIDEO WIKI PLATFORM Open for Media Producers  In-browser video editors  With archive.org we provide footage for desktop editors. (not just encapsulated flash video)  MPEG2, MPEG4, flash, ogg HQ, & web streams available anywhere the clip is embedded
  7. 7. A OPEN VIDEO WIKI PLATFORM Open for Developers  Entire site data open for reuse via database dumps, extensive mediaWiki & semantic mediaWiki api's and Metavid media specific apis  Enables mashups with a wide network of congress data  Open standards enables easy integration into other video applications: etc.
  8. 8. A OPEN VIDEO WIKI PLATFORM Open Platform  All metavid code is reusable under free software license (GPL2)  No licensing fees for unlimited reuse since we use patent unencumbered free software  Enables platform reuse ie: metavid for city council meetings
  9. 9. A OPEN VIDEO WIKI PLATFORM Open for “Your Wiki”  Dependencies: MediaWiki (svn), Semantic MediaWiki (oggz-chop or mod_annodex) for dynamic ogg segmentation and streaming. ffmpeg for jpeg thumbnails ffmpeg2theora to generate ogg files. (also works with flash video)  code hosted on wikimedia svn  growing community, check #metavid on irc.freenode.net, email list etc.
  11. 11. A OPEN VIDEO WIKI PLATFORM Metavid Tech: Mv_embed  stand alone JavaScript library to standardize support of open media formats in contemporary browsers.  re-writes <video> tag & simulates html5 video element across multiple plugins  Supports Rich Open multi-track media Encapsulation format (ROE) allows selection of video sources and inline display of transcripts  Auto selects plugin and video source based on client availability  sample usage: <script type=”text/javascript” src=”mv_embed.js”> <video src=”myclip.ogg”>
  12. 12. A OPEN VIDEO WIKI PLATFORM mv_embed supported plugins VLC (win,linux,mac) (firefox & IE) Oggplay (win,linux,mac) (firefox only) Java cortado (java based win, linux, mac) Mplayer, Totem/gstreamer (linux firefox only) Native html5 Opera and firefox Native Safari, with xiph quicktime component Flash Plugin (win, linux, mac)
  13. 13. A OPEN VIDEO WIKI PLATFORM Up-and-Coming  New Skin and Interface Enhancements Unified Search System, with simple/advanced search switching “Semantic Searches” Simplified access to relevant video content with relevance, temporal and popularity search modifiers Better integration with rss video feed readers (like miro) data hooks for in-wiki display of site statics and other clip data.
  14. 14. A OPEN VIDEO WIKI PLATFORM Up-and-Coming  OggPusher Client side Firefox extension for easy transcode to free media formats at point of upload. Rewrites html4 upload forms that “accept” ogg media content types.  <input type="file" accept="video/ogg"/> web service javascript based bitrate & resolution controls Avoids server side re-transcoding of compressed media uploaded by limited bandwidth contributors. Very simple to integrate with CMSs (ie mediaWiki) xiph.org SOC student: Nithin Dara
  15. 15. A OPEN VIDEO WIKI PLATFORM Up-and-Coming  Flash Support in mv_embed fall back for clients without free codec support. implemented as “thin player” for flash video  enables gstreamer, vlc to easily act as “flash” player  html5 based video control interface (no proprietary software needed to update control interface skin) adds html5 js hooks for flash video embedding supports html5 multi source syntax  <video> <source type="video/ogg" src="myvid.ogg"/> <source type=”video/flash” src="myvid.flv"/> </video> Wikimedia SOC student: Stjepan Rajko
  16. 16. A OPEN VIDEO WIKI PLATFORM Up-and-Coming  Open Source Video Sequencing: See talk “Open-sourcing Online Video” Day 3, 11:45 Room C
  17. 17. A OPEN VIDEO WIKI PLATFORM Supported By A Grant From The http://www.sunlightfoundation.com/
  18. 18. A OPEN VIDEO WIKI PLATFORM Questions? check out http://metavid.org and send feedback to metavid@ucsc.edu thanks