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  1. 1. CUSTOM SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT SERVICES Selected Projects  2002-9 ITC Software All rights reserved. Click or press any key to continue….
  2. 2. About us ITC Software is an advanced technology solutions provider, focused on the global commercial and scientific markets.  The company has resources of over 1100 IT professionals and scientists, located in the Americas, Europe, Russia and India and can provide virtual non-stop 24 hour project development and support.  ITC Software provides custom state-of-the-art software development outsourcing solutions, using best practices including ISO 9001 procedures Click or press any key to continue….
  3. 3. We specialize in development of state-of-the-art custom software  Multimedia, streaming and audio/video compression applications  Multimedia web sites  Wireless applications and location based applications  Mobile games  Scientific visualization  Bioinformatics Click or press any key to continue….
  4. 4. Multimedia, streaming and audio/video compression software Moonlight DVD player Moonlight DVD Player is full fledged software player for streaming media, DVD, audio and video files designed to promote Elecard MPEG1/MPEG2 software codec Click or press any key to continue….
  5. 5. Multimedia, streaming and audio/video compression software Blurt! technology Blurt is a voice technology for web sites designed to make interaction easier. By allowing users to immediately ask their questions, Blurt enables impulse contact like no other technology available today. Unlike voice over web today, Blurt does not establish lengthy and expensive connections to service agents. Instead, it allows users to fire off voice messages to agents as ideas occur to them, and continue browsing while service agents field the requests. Click or press any key to continue….
  6. 6. Multimedia, streaming and audio/video compression software Example of Blurt! enhancing an auction site with voice messaging Click or press any key to continue….
  7. 7. Multimedia web sites Karin Models Karin Models is a sophisticated multimedia web site with extensive usage of animation, dynamic HTML and JavaScript tricks Click or press any key to continue….
  8. 8. Value added software for wireless technologies MagC Platform for Wireless Billing The underlying technology for MagC is Padcom TotalRoam Ellipse for seamless switching between available wireless ISPs on the move. MagC provides intelligent billing for this telematics platform by leveraging cost/performance savvy routing for an application Click or press any key to continue….
  9. 9. Location based software “Dove” project This is auto-pilot software controls vehicle movement. It utilizes a network of predefined stationary locations. Location information is calculated with GPS. Click or press any key to continue….
  10. 10. Mobile games We leverage Java™ technology to develop mobile applications for PalmOS and J2ME environments rapidly. Code reuse allows us to produce mobile games and other applications swiftly. Click or press any key to continue….
  11. 11. Rapid development with BeanExplorer Our development projects are very often based on BeanExplorer™ – this software tool allows developers to generate rich set of User Interfaces (UIs) at run time from proper data definitions. BeanExplorer generally speeds up our development process significantly. Coding time is reduced by up to 50% and more. Click or press any key to continue….
  12. 12. Managing enterprise data with BeanExplorer BeanExplorer’s ability to generate User Interfaces (UIs) from data definitions makes it an invaluable tool to meet requirements of many business applications. One typical examples is making enterprise data available to mobile environments Click or press any key to continue….
  13. 13. Scientific visualization BeanExplorer technology is peerless in the realm of scientific applications where the highest degree of parameterization is required. BeanExplorer allows developers to concentrate on modeling and experimentation rather than on the mundane task of developing UIs. These are automatically generated. Click or press any key to continue….
  14. 14. Bioinformatics software TRANSPLORER TRANSPLORER was developed for our German partner Biobase GmbH (www.biobase.de). TRANSPLORER is a software package to analyse genomic sequences and to discover gene regulation mechanisms. It is based on a sophisticated Match algorithm for the recognition of transcription factor binding sites in DNA sequences which are then visualized using our MGL3 library Click or press any key to continue….
  15. 15. Methodologies  XP – eXtreme Programming XP is our development methodology of choice allowing us to elegantly manage requirements of custom development projects. XP helps us prioritize our development process along the priorities of our customers. This minimizes their development costs.  FDD – Feature Driven Development  RUP – Rational Unified Process Click or press any key to continue….
  16. 16. What others say "Working with ITC's offshore development partner in Russia has been one of the best decisions I've made as a technology manager. They worked quickly, did excellent work, were very responsive to feedback, understood abstract concepts freeing me to manage at a higher level, and were amazingly inexpensive -- by comparison, similar quality US developer consultants cost 10 - 15 times as much." Bob Hazy (President) Telemeister Strategic Services, LLC Click or press any key to continue….
  17. 17. Please contact: ITC Software Tel.: +1 978 287 4855 info@itcsoftware.com www.itcsoftware.com