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Position Description

  1. 1. Director of Informational & Instructional Technology Administrative Program Specialist UW-Marinette Reporting to the Campus Executive Officer/Dean, the Director of Informational & Instructional Technology is responsible for the development, implementation, and oversight of all campus information and instructional technology. The Director of IIT supervises classified and student staff; sets and determines departmental priorities; establishes departmental policies; consults and represents departmental and campus perspectives to campus committees, other campuses within the UWC, UWC department committees, and the UW System, as requested. Through vision and leadership, the Director of IIT helps to develop and execute the campus IT plan and supports the campus mission. Additional assignments and responsibilities are at the discretion of the Campus Dean. The IIT Department provides expertise in technology in service to the campus and off- campus clients. The functional areas falling within the IIT department include the following:  Campus Network (LAN, wireless, connections to WAN, campus servers)  Laboratory/Classroom Audio Visual support  Distance Education (compressed video technologies, streaming media, Wisline Web, Internet/Online Learning, podcasting, audio teleconferencing, etc.)  Campus Website  Video and audio production  Campus Computers (classroom, laboratories, offices)  Laptops and Mobile Devices  IIT User Support Typical Functions: Supervise and manage full-time classified staff and part-time student employees in the department. Develop, justify, expend and monitor department budgets. Develop and enforce campus policies related to information and instructional technology. Advise policy-making bodies at campus, institutional, and system level about the impact of policies on the campus and department. Consult with and advise faculty, staff, and students about improvements to campus facilities, infrastructure, information and instructional technology, software, and services, paying particular attention to developing a plan encompassing the role technology will play in the facility. Evaluate, specify, acquire, install and maintain IIT equipment and software as necessary.
  2. 2. Operate, maintain, and schedule use of complex equipment. Advocate new uses of technology and related services to improve instruction and efficient administration of the campus. Be a creative voice in the development of instructional materials (audio, video, images/graphics, software, etc.) as appropriate. Be an active participant in campus governance including membership in the Collegium, standing committees, and ad hoc committees of the campus, institution or system as needed. Represent the campus by serving as a community spokesperson in IIT matters as needed. Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science/MIS. Could consider other degrees with considerable IT experience. Master’s degree preferred. Excellent written and interpersonal skills essential. Extensive hands-on experience with network systems (LAN infrastructure, Microsoft servers), PC hardware and a wide variety of application software programs. Previous supervisory experience and work in a university environment preferred. Salary: The full time starting salary is $48,311 or $51,632 with Masters Degree. Application: Send letter of interest, resume, and contact information (names, addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses) of three references electronically (subject line: MNT-IT Search) to pamela.dollard@uwc.edu . Review of applications will begin on February 12, 2010, and applications will be accepted until the position is filled. Application must be accompanied by a statement of whether the applicant wishes to have the applications held in confidence or made available to the public upon request. If requested, confidentiality of an applicant can be maintained until an applicant is deemed a finalist in the search. UW-Marinette is an AA/EOE employer and encourages women, members of minority groups and veterans to apply. A DETAILED POSITION DESCRIPTION FOLLOWS:
  3. 3. Administrative Program Specialist Director of Informational & Instructional Technology UW-Marinette This position is responsible for the direction of all aspects of the campus information and instructional technology environment and services, under limited supervision of the Campus Dean. Responsibilities: 1. Supervision of IT Staff/Network Administration Duties a. Supervise the Network administrator, whose duties include managing the LAN and servers, the campus telephone and telecommunications systems, and the student computer labs; providing hardware and software installation & desktop support; and supervising student IT workers. b. Supervise staff and/or cover duties including handling connectivity, facilitating document transfer, and providing general IT support to students and faculty engaged in distance education programming. c. Cross-train on campus network and distance education duties (1a. and b. above) to ensure continuity and coverage of campus IT services. d. Supervise student IT workers when Network Administrator is unavailable. 2. Management of Distance Education Program a. Provide technical and academic support for students enrolled in and faculty teaching distance education classes. b. Train faculty, student workers, and students in the use of distance education technology. c. Implement and provide support for the introduction of Streaming Media technology. d. Maintain, support and troubleshoot compressed video, Wisline Web, streaming media, podcasting, and internet/online learning (D2L) technology in conjunction with vendors and ICS. e. Support off-site faculty and DE students by arranging tutorials and student services support as needed. f. Design, program, update and support hardware in distance education classrooms. g. Implement and support cross-institutional/cross-system collaborative programs utilizing instructional technology. h. Provide technology support for Continuing Education instruction, events and programming. i. Coordinate use of distance education resources by outside organizations.
  4. 4. 3. Management of Instructional Technology a. In consultation with Campus IITC Committee and outside vendors, and through direction provided to the Network Administrator, coordinate planning and implementing of new developments in instructional technology; coordinate grant applications (i.e. Classroom/Laboratory Modernizations and General Computer Access, and grant applications to outside funding sources). b. Provide software training and support for campus employees. c. Provide software workshops, one-on-one assistance, and help desk services for students, faculty and staff. d. Provide direction to Network Administrator assisting faculty in the acquisition and installation of computer hardware and software for teaching, research, and professional development. e. Provide training in instructional design and development, specifically with the Desire2Learn course management system, streaming media, podcasting, and compressed videos technologies. f. Design, install and maintain “smart” classooms, streaming media and other equipment; prepare instructions for use of equipment. g. Coordinate campus non-DE compressed video/Wisline Web equipment use for institutional meetings and trainings and other non UW events. h. Promote and manage campus LTDC equipment. 4. Management of Campus Website for administrative, educational, professional development and research purposes a. In consultation with campus governance and administration, develop and implement policies for faculty, staff and student use of campus website resources. b. Develop and maintain working knowledge of the hardware and software required for campus website operations. c. Provide hardware and software training and support for faculty, staff and student use of website resources. d. Operate and maintain a security system for faculty, staff, student and public access to campus web server. 5. Management of Administrative Aspects of IIT a. Develop and administer IIT budgets. b. Provide direction to the Network Administrator to assure development and maintenance of all system documentation. c. Provide direction to the Network Administrator to ensure accurate inventories and licensing of hardware and software. d. Provide direction to the Network Administrator in the management of the campus telephone system.
  5. 5. e. Inventory, schedule, set-up and maintain distance education and multimedia equipment for the campus. f. Manage media, lights and sound systems for theatre and coordinate their use in conjunction with campus Theatre and Music faculty and Director of Continuing Education. Oversee training and approval of all other light & sound board operators. g. Develop and maintain outside vendor relationships. 6. Active participation in campus, UW Colleges & UW System governance a. Provide input into campus strategic planning on such matters as technological trends and UW system IIT direction. b. Serve on campus IIT committee, leading IIT strategic planning. c. Participate in campus collegium, including providing progress/status reports on IIT. d. Serve on campus committees (as elected) and Dean’s Committees (as appointed). e. Participate in senior administrative staff meetings. f. Participate in UWC Instructional Technology Support Staff group. g. Work with UW Extension ICS personnel to help troubleshoot equipment or transmission problems and keep them apprised of class cancellation. h. Assist in the coordination of cross-institution/cross system collaborations.