PBS Digital: Multiplatform Distribution


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  • This week, iTunes has ranked the program as the most popular nonfiction show available by season, topping its season pass subscriptions to NBC’s “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” and “Late Night with Conan O’Brien” and A&E’s “Biography.”
  • PBS Digital: Multiplatform Distribution

    1. 1. DIGITAL Multi-Platform Distribution What are we doing now? What’s next? What’s in it for stations?
    2. 2. What are we doing today? Content (FREE) Video Podcasts: DragonflyTV, NOW, NerdTV Streaming Video Clips: Curious George, P.O.V, Between the Lions, Ind Lens Streaming Video Collections: SAF, Nature, Newshour Blogs: PBS MediaShift and learning.now Full-Length Program Streams: Frontline, NewsHour NOVA Science Now Content (PAY) Download to Own: iTunes, OMN, Google Video, Amazon Unbox Educational VOD subsription services: Discovery’s United Streaming, Library Video’s SAFARI Montage Promotion: (Leverages sites large audiences to drive tune-in) Video Podcasts: iTunes, YouTube, pbs.org Streaming Video Clips: YouTube, IFILM, Google Video Handout: Online Video ―Dashboard‖
    3. 3. Digital Rights Critical Success Factors • Multi-platform approach to content decisions – Which content is appropriate for which platform – Seek relevant rights and balance level of investment • Content windowing strategy – As PTV expands even further onto these new platforms, it is critical that we develop a content windowing strategy. • Pilot and Experiment
    4. 4. Station Broadband Video Player • A turnkey, customizable solution that can significantly boost your station’s ability to offer broadband video— including NPS content— on local Web sites. • Currently conducting a needs assessment with stations and with NPS producers whose video would be featured. • Expected launch date: early 2007 (February target) • Questions? Mary Kadera, mkadera@pbs.org.
    5. 5. PBS.org Redesign • Includes improvements to the top-level pages of PBS.org (including homepage) that will provide additional exposure for local station content and promotion. • More flexibility in ―Support‖ area • Dedicated station real estate in 3 areas of homepage for local content/event features • Target launch date: March 2007 • Questions? Mary Kadera (mkadera@pbs.org) or Dan Willis (dswillis@pbs.org).
    6. 6. PBS New Media Newsletter • Monthly new media e-mail newsletter for stations, launching in December • Includes news and resources from PBS (PBS distribution deals with groups like iTunes; new tools for station Web sites; etc.) • Showcases new media experiments and successes by local stations • Includes a roundup of most relevant industry announcements/analysis • Questions? Kevin Dando at kdando@pbs.org.
    7. 7. PBS KIDS GO! Cable VOD, Broadband Delivery, Direct Broadcast Satellite Guiding Principles • Reach early elementary audience with PBS branded educational content in all relevant platforms. • Promotional support model that allows stations to benefit in as many ways as possible: – Support messages that credit local stations – PBS branding and co-branding – Cross promotion opportunities – Financial benefits (direct or indirect) in funding new GO! content • Maintain highest standards of quality for the service in all platforms and non-commercial brand equity. Questions? Lesli Rotenberg at lrotenberg@pbs.org or Andrea Downing at adowning@pbs.org.
    8. 8. PBS KIDS Premium Online Games • Pursuing three premium online business lines: – Create iTV games for launch in 2007. (Fetch and Kratts) – Create an online subscription service featuring games and videos for launch in Summer 2007 on pbskids.org. – Develop downloadable games for launch in 2008. – Questions? Ben Grimley at bgrimley@pbs.org
    9. 9. Primetime Broadband Channel Overview • A broadband video experience that allows visitors to pbs.org and station websites to watch national primetime programming online in an on-demand environment. Station Benefits • Will allow member stations to feature the video on their local websites in a turnkey manner while being hosted by pbs.org Next Steps • Adopt content windowing strategy • Develop support plan Questions? Andrea Downing at adowning@pbs.org or John Suydam at jrsuydam@pbs.org.