Courtroom Connect Wants to Put YOU in the Streaming Business:


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Courtroom Connect Wants to Put YOU in the Streaming Business:

  1. 1. Courtroom Connect Wants to Put YOU in the Streaming Business: The company that pioneered video streaming for litigation events is now providing a comprehensive program for law firms and legal departments to stream their own content. Increasingly, law firms are looking for solutions to help them communicate more effectively within their firm, as well as externally to clients and other members of the legal community. After years of making use of video streaming for litigation events, law firms are now using the technology for internal communications, such as training programs, client updates, and firm-wide broadcasts. For all of these one-to-many communications, video streaming has emerged as the ideal technology. While there are dozens of generic streaming providers, Courtroom Connect (CC) is the only company that tailors its services to the legal industry – and has done so for years. CC provides a streaming platform that integrates the technology, services, and support law firms need to instantly put law firms and corporate counsel in “the streaming business.” The Experts on Video Streaming for the Legal Industry For several years, CC has been successfully providing video streaming for litigation events, including courtroom trials such as IBM Clean Room Litigation, Vioxx, (Humeston, McDarby/Cona, Doherty, and Grossberg), Modesto v Dow Chemical, Watson v Ford Motor Company, and Sempra Energy. They have provided services for appellate oral arguments such as Bebchuk v Computer Associates, Morgan Stanley v Coleman, Lorillard Tobacco v American Legacy Foundation, and Bowen v DuPont. Additionally, they have worked with court reporting firms to provide video streaming for critical depositions, such as those involving expert witnesses for Enron, Vioxx, IPO Securities Litigation, and Parmalat. Working with top firms, such as Clifford Chance, CC has also leveraged video streaming for jury focus groups and mock trials. Built upon years of experience providing video streaming services for litigation events, CC has created a streaming platform tailored to the internal communication needs of law firms and legal departments.
  2. 2. Why Bring Video Streaming In House? Whether you are looking to distribute internal trainings and presentations live to remote participants or you want to make them available on demand, there are many reasons to bring video streaming capabilities in house. Video Streaming for Your Mock Courtroom Equip your trial team for success. Thorough preparation is the key to winning the trial, and video streaming makes mock courtroom proceedings more effective than ever. Co-counsel, corporate counsel, or attorneys in remote locations can view all aspects of the mock trial at their desks, including synched audio, video, and evidence presentation—on one screen, allowing them to advise on strategy formulation and approach. The presentation can be recorded in its entirety and added to the firm’s video library for teaching and research purposes, or edited and compressed into a deliverable that is easy for the client or other key decision-maker to navigate through without having to watch the whole trial. CLE Presentations and Legal Training Law Connect- Video Streaming enables law firms to make customized legal training programs accessible to their attorneys at dispersed locations. Law firms can create proprietary training presentations given by senior partners or bring in outside experts, video tape them, and distribute over the Web to their attorneys. They can even arrange to provide CLE credit where applicable. Client Communications Clients expect you to keep them up to date on relevant new law and regulations. For example, when an important ruling changes precedent or a critical new law is passed, you may want to give a short presentation, explaining how this change impacts your clients. With Law Connect-Video Streaming you can capture these programs on video, instantly encode them and securely stream them out to your clients via the Web. Meetings On Demand Instantly digitize and disseminate any important meeting over the Web. Partner meetings can be streamed to participants who cannot attend and made available 2
  3. 3. later on demand. Members of Practice Teams can stay abreast of team meetings even when they are away from the office, and staff meetings can be made available on demand for staff members who were unable to attend. Firm-wide Broadcasts Now the Managing Partner, the Director of IT, or anyone else with a firm-wide message can easily reach all of the attorneys and support staff, no matter where they are located, as long as they have their laptop and an Internet connection. Human Resource Training Create your own HRT presentations to stream live or on demand. New hire orientations, presentations on new Medical Plans, updates on 401K options, or any other HR-related presentation can be videotaped, digitized, streamed to multiple law offices, and stored for on demand viewing. A Sales & Marketing Tool: Create an Online Video Library Now all of the important video content that is being created at your firm can be recorded, encoded, and stored in an online repository. Additionally, this proprietary content can be integrated with other content captured by CC for your litigation events. You can then stream this content, such as an impressive oral argument or opening statement, out to clients and prospective clients to update them on the great things your firm is doing. Furthermore, CC can work with you to integrate this content with your web site to use as a sales and marketing tool. Law Connect-Video Streaming Program CC has designed a program for law firms who want to maximize their investment in video streaming technology. The Law Connect-Video Streaming Program is comprised of six key components that can be mixed and matched in different ways. The flexible design of the program enables you to choose the right combination of services and support to meet your specific business needs. Each component is available as either an in house or hosted option. Some firms may prefer to bring the infrastructure and expertise in house for the capturing and encoding component, but 3
  4. 4. choose to use CC’s hosted storage and management services. The company works with each firm to find the right balance for them. As an example, a large, legal-focused cable television network hired CC to provide the entire streaming solution for its high-profile cases, such as Vioxx and Merck, and then had CC brand the solution with the network’s name. In another case, CC worked with Courtroom 21, a joint initiative of the William and Mary Law School and the National Center for State courts. CC provided all the streaming components of the solution on a hosted basis, and Courtroom 21 chose to bring the webcasting technology in house. Capturing and Encoding Courtrooom Connect’s Video Streaming Capture and Encoding Component captures legal events on video as they occur and digitally encodes the content in real time. CC uses best in class, high quality audio and video encoders. Industrial strength encoders take the video and audio sources, digitize and compress the signals, and deliver them over an IP network. Law firms need at least one audio/video encoder and may need additional equipment depending upon the event. Additionally, companies with video archives can send them to CC to add to the firm’s video library. While variable bit rate digital recorders are available, firms can also have CC convert the video to digital if needed. The end result is that whatever format trainings and presentations are currently in, CC can seamlessly add them to an online video repository that will be easy for attorneys to access and search as needed. Finally, another benefit of the Capture and Encoding Component is the ability to capture presentation materials (e.g. presentations or other documents) in real time along with audio and video. Capturing the presentation materials along with the live presentation means no one has to go back and add these materials after the fact. This saves a great deal of time and aggravation. Real-Time Streaming Services Once the event is captured and encoded, it can be streamed in real time or stored for on-demand viewing. If it is going to be streamed in real time, law firms will need 4
  5. 5. a video and audio decoder, which is a device that receives the compressed audio and video stream, decompresses the signals, and converts them to a format that can be viewed on a television, projector, or plasma display. Special dual encoder/decoder devices can be pre-configured to automatically send the content directly to authorized computers. CC can pre-configure the devices before shipping them out to the firm. They will also provide as much training and support as is needed. In addition, CC provides streaming software that enables the participants to view the video stream on their laptop and play, fast forward, rewind, as needed. There are also Specialized Services available for live streaming. CC offers a Burst Option, which provides extra bandwidth capabilities for large events. The company also provides other specialized services, such as videoconferencing with video streaming available right from the videoconferencing unit. Storing and Streaming Content On-Demand If a firm chooses to capture, encode, and store content for on-demand viewing, there are two options available to them. They can set up their own server on site to store and manage the content locally, or they can make use of CC’s hosting services. If they choose the former, CC provides hands-on support and training for the firm’s IT staff. Many firms choose to start with the hosted option and move to storing the data in house when the size of the data justifies the added expense. Post-production and Editing Needs Once the presentation or training session has been captured, encoded, and stored, there may also be post-production or editing needs. The CC Professional Services team is a staff of video technology experts who are also available for video editing services. If the firm needs graphics added, sections shortened, or shots spliced together, the CC Professional Services Team is ready to help. Premium User Support Because CC has been providing video services to the legal industry for over five years, they have become the experts on video technology for the legal field. Their Customer Support, Professional Services, and Product Teams are all experienced and highly-trained in the video applications relevant to the legal industry. They have deployed video streaming services for depositions, trials, jury research, CLE 5
  6. 6. presentations, employee training sessions, and more. They have seen a multitude of video applications for legal events and they are there to make the transition to video streaming as easy as possible. Whether it’s customizing the interface to the encoder or providing custom Web site or A/V integration, CC Professional Services provides premium user support. About Courtroom Connect Courtroom Connect is the leading provider of advanced communication services to the legal industry, including law firms, court reporters, bar associations, litigation support firms, courts, and jurors. Their product offering includes Internet, video conferencing, and streaming products for the office on a permanent basis as well as on a temporary basis for legal events, such as trials, jury research, war rooms, and presentations. Courtroom Connect also has three videoconference networks - over 200 public rooms around the world available for rent, a law school network for recruiting, and a bar association network for CLE events and speakers. For more information about Courtroom Connect and its product offerings, please call 877.838.9067 or access the company online at 6