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  1. 1. Resume MICHAEL K. POOL Michael@MichaelPool.com 5086 Westview St. N. Charleston, SC 29418 843-303-2633 Relevant Experience Summary of experience: RMS Computer Corp http://www.rmscorp.com - New York, NY Present; Dell DCSE Consultant/ Roper St. Francis Hospital Charleston Mr. Pool was hired most recently by RMS Computer Corp. on a project in Charleston, SC and represents Dell Computers as a Deployment Specialist. His duties are to assist in the rollout of 1600+ computer systems throughout the Roper / St. Francis Hospital system over several months. He not only assists the onsite Dell Representatives with deployment of PC's, but coordinates with the Roper St. Francis Information Systems Department to provide logistics support and functions as a Lead Technician in supervision of a team of 6 technicians including himself. Deployment requirements involved application installation and troubleshooting of KBox, UltraVNC, TrendMicro, Office 2003 and Print Driver transfer within the Dell CDM environment. Mr. Pool's many years of deployment experience and his scripting abilities enabled the team to near triple their original deployment times. While acting as a Lead Technician on the project, Mr. Pool's leadership skills and technical abilities warranted Dell's choosing him to take over the project as their onsite Project Lead. In his new role, Mr. Pool was to manage every aspect of the deployment, from scheduling asset placement and overseeing logistics to time and resource management as well as discovery of deployment areas and liaison with the end user management team during pre-deployment. Mr. Pool's keen insight and experience in logistics and deploying PC's has rapidly decreased the project's expected scope from several months to just a few. Lowcountry Computers (LowcountryComputers.com) - Charleston, SC, Present; Self Employed, Owner / Computer Consultant Mr. Pool owns and runs Lowcountry Computers in Charleston and surrounding counties from 2004 to present. He provides troubleshooting, desktop and server maintenance, repair and support for small and large businesses in the Tri-County area. Primary contracting through ComputerRepair.com and Onforce.com with well known clients such as Hewlett Packard, Dell, IBM, CompUSA, Verizon, United Telecom, TOSCO, TechForce, TechSource, KForce, PomeroyIT, Eaton Aerospace, Sara Lee Inc. and many, many more. Lowcountry Computers currently has OnForce's highest 6 star rating with our clients, every one having different challenges, which Mr. Pool and Lowcountry Computers has never failed to conquer. Utilizing Michael's many years in the IT industry, this small company has done well to supplement Mr. Pool's income as a part time venture.
  2. 2. Charleston County School District (CCSD) / Technology Solutions of Charleston -, Charleston, SC, 2004; Electronic Technician Mr. Pool was employed as an Electronics Technician in support of the Charleston County School Districts over 7,000 desktop systems. He provided customer service and troubleshooting support to CCSD’s Dell, Gateway and IBM computer systems which varied widely, yet, all on the Novell platform. He interfaced heavily with the customer and provided break / fix support, software debugging, configuration and network troubleshooting / repair assistance to users in the schools and the county’s administrative buildings. Mr. Pool was dispatched and managed his customers through the HEAT system, an online trouble ticket and customer management program. Mr. Pool proved to be highly effective by utilizing his Windows 2000, XP skills and often fell back upon his experience with Windows 98 to ensure the county’s aging computers were still operable as they replaced them with new machines. Mr. Pool effectively deployed several hundred new Dell PC’s while on this project. Navy Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI Information Strike Force) / Electronic Data Systems - EDS / CSSI), Charleston, SC, 2004; Electronic Technician 2, Tier 3 Support Mr. Pool was employed as an Electronics Technician 2 in support of the Navy Marine Corps Intranet project under EDS. He provided customer service and troubleshooting support to the Navy’s NMCI project Dell computer systems. He interfaced heavily with the customer and provided break / fix support, software debugging, configuration and network troubleshooting / repair assistance to users at the Naval Weapons Station in Goose Creek, SC, Navy Hospital in North Charleston, SC and the Charleston Naval Base. Mr. Pool wrote technical documentation for distribution to the rest of the support team on the company Intranet Site and submitted technical recommendations for distribution and implementation enterprise wide. Mr. Pool utilized his 15 years in computer repair and troubleshooting to become one of the most counted upon technicians in the organization. His knowledge of Windows 2000, XP, NT, Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Photoshop and Acrobat, CiTrix Client and Server systems, Autocad, Xerox, HP and Lexmark Printers, Blackberry and other PDAs gave EDS a distinct advantage when it came to ensuring the customer’s satisfaction was speedily and effectively won. Navy Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI Information Strike Force) / Electronic Data Systems - EDS / CSSI), Charleston, SC, 2002 -2004; Information Systems Data Analyst / Printers Mr. Pool was employed as a Data Analyst and Printer Specialist in support of the Navy Marine Corps Intranet project under EDS. He provided data analysis of Command structure requirements, scrutinized and configured data for transport to the Norfolk Network Operations Control Center. He interfaced heavily with the customer as a member of the Transition Team and provided needs assessment and procurement assistance, logistics support and data quality assurance to support their orders of computer systems and network medium. Mr. Pool also utilized his CAD, Visio, MS Excel, MS Access, Powerpoint, SQL, IIS, Dreamweaver, ASP & ColdFusion skills in support of the Deployment Team and integrated technical documents and data into maps through physical surveying for distribution via Web and other electronic means throughout the teams involved in rolling out systems and networks in all commands in the Charleston Area. His other duties include creation
  3. 3. of a user database matching users to particular Line Item Numbers to ensure accurate delivery of systems to the customer. This database was used in the creation and maintaining of a schedule for the Deployment Team and associated numerics to locations on the aforementioned maps. Mr. Pool also worked with the Site Transition Manager on SIPRNET / NIPRNET agendas and meetings in order to bring a clear understanding to the customer of the processes and procedures required in order to satisfy Service Level Agreements set at contract signing. Mr. Pool brings over ten years of database, design, logistics and IT support expertise and experience to CSSI and EDS. Mr. Pool transitioned laterally into a CSR position after the majority of deployment logistics was complete and assisted with the remaining logistics while in his CSR position. Navy Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI Information Strike Force) / Electronic Data Systems (EDS / CSSI), Charleston, SC, 2002 (6 months); NMCI Charleston Intranet Web Portal Developer Mr. Pool was the Web Development Specialist assigned to support an order for the NMCI-ISF Transition Management Team’s Intranet Portal. He was responsible for creation, design, implementation and administration of a portal style document and personnel management intranet web in order to assist the NMCI Transition Team in data management. Mr. Pool utilized MS Access, Cold Fusion, SQL Html, Dhtml and JavaScript to allow security controlled access to authoring, browsing and uploading new process documents, statistical and analysis data. Mr. Pool integrated GIS and AutoCAD building blueprint image browsing system allowing technical personnel to rapidly troubleshoot any of the commands under Assumption of Responsibility (AOR) by the Strike Force Team. Mr. Pool utilized his graphic design skills with Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Fireworks, Dreamweaver and Flash in creation of icons, graphics and Flash elements to bring appealing form to the skeletal function. Mr. Pool was also tasked with creation and administration of web servers and software required by the portal site. Mr. Pool brought over fifteen years of graphic design and Web development experience to CSSI and EDS. Navy Marine Corps Intranet Project (NMCI) - Dell Computer Corp / Apex Systems - , Charleston, SC, 2002 (6 months) NMCI Senior Deployment Lead Technician Mr. Pool was Project Management's Senior Lead Technician for the NMCI-ISF Deployment Team. He had heavy customer interaction and assured ultimate satisfaction assurance and Service Level Agreement adherence. Mr. Pool coordinated EDS, Wam!Net and Dell team members on installation and deployment procedures for the rollout of computers in SPAWAR and the NAVCON BRIG. Mr. Pool supervised and trained employees on desktop deployment and staging process. Mr. Pool also assisted legacy users with transition issues, created installation documentation and coordinated break/fix process. Mr. Pool supervised and coordinated installation and configuration of application, network, desktop and assorted peripherals. Mr. Pool ensured data migration, Q.A., customer orientation and deployment team metrics were maintained. Mr. Pool also supervised and configured Windows2000, WindowsPE, Outlook, Active Directory, Novell, WindowsNT4, FormFlow, Accellio, DPVS, EPSQ, Network & Local Printers, Legacy Peripherals such as; label printers, Palm Pilots, Blackberries, CDRWs, ZIP drives, cameras and scanners. Mr. Pool brought his over fifteen years of computer software and hardware configuration and troubleshooting, personnel management and networking experience to Apex Systems and EDS.
  4. 4. Bank of America / eLearn, Charlotte, NC, 2001-2002 (1 year), Web Designer / Client Side Developer / Flash Specialist Mr. Pool created Learning Management Systems with interactive online / intranet instructional video streams for software programs using Macromedia Flash5, Photoshop 6 & Dreamweaver 4 with Coursebuilder utilizing HTML/ASP/JavaScript. He created a process for capturing live computer program interactions with instructor led narrarations and conversion to streaming online content and CD Rom. Mr. Pool drew upon his multimedia background when he utilized video capture (Camtasia) and digital video editing programs (Adobe Premier), sound editing (Sound Forge) to edit and convert files and enable streaming over low bandwidth connections enterprise wide. Within these projects he also created program actions enabling viewer to interact with the movie for remote computer based training. Mr. Pool also maintained WinNT / Win2000 Server administration and configuration. Programs created by Mr. Pool would utilize a Windows2000 Professional, Office2000, Lotus Notes desktop environment and complied to browser standards within the enterprise. Mr. Pool’s contract was extended and reconfigured to become the Bank of America / Knowledge Channel Website Developer and Webmaster where he redesigned the Knowledge Channel's (a closed circuit broadcast station running throughout the worldwide enterprise) Website to allow clients easy interaction with Knowledge Channel team to set appointments and receive tapes of broadcasts, provide location, equipment, documents, templates, calendar and other information. The site was developed using Flash, ASP, JavaScript, Photoshop & Dreamweaver. SChomeSales.com, Charleston, SC, 2000 / 2003 (3 years), http://www.schomesales.com , Webmaster / Designer / Business Development & Marketing Mr. Pool created an interactive online Website using HTML & Cold Fusion allowing Real Estate agents to maintain properties online for viewing by the public. Mr. Pool marketed site through Real- World media and E-mail ad campaigns. Mr. Pool created an interactive CD for clients to hand out which linked to their site. He successfully attained top 10 search engine ranking for terms pertaining to homes for sale in South Carolina. Mr. Pool utilized Photoshop, Corel Draw, Macromedia Flash, and many other programs to create and edit all graphics on site. Mr. Pool also created mini-CBT’s (Computer Based Training tools) for training use that allowed the most common computer user to intuitively navigate and maintain their own Website using a form based system interfacing with an SQL driven database. BlackTree Records, Charleston, SC, 1999 / 2002 (4 years), Audio Engineer / Webmaster / Graphic Designer Mr. Pool was the Audio Engineer for several bands involved in this Lowcountry Enterprise. He also provided Web design, hosting and server management to support their online media campaigns. Mr. Pool created posters, T-shirts, logos utilized digital photography and created album covers and assorted graphics for use in promotional materials. Mr. Pool toured the Southern region with one of the bands providing sound engineering and technical support while on the road. Mr. Pool assisted band with image creation and provided
  5. 5. marketing assistance through multi-city media distribution to upcoming venues and booking agents. Mr. Pool also taught staff to use MS FrontPage 2000 and Photoshop to administer their sites. Mr. Pool also created Real Audio & Video streams and Flash animation promos. Mr. Pool brought several years of Audio Engineering experience to Blacktree as well as his numerous years experience with “New Media”. CKI, Charlotte, NC, 1998 to Present (5 years), Web Developer, IT Consultant, Karaoke Network - http://www.karaokenetwork.com Mr. Pool was the Webmaster & Graphics Designer for this music industry portal. As Web Designer/ Hosting Provider for KaraokeNetwork.com, a National Karaoke Show Directory, Mr. Pool developed sites in HTML using Dreamweaver, FrontPage2000 and ColdFusion. He administered online and offline databases and Local Area Networks (LAN). Mr. Pool also designed posters, T- shirts, Logos, utilizing digital photography, digital video. Mr. Pool duplicated and remixed analog audio to digital on CD. He also provided assistance with marketing and all IT / production areas. Mr. Pool consulted and still is a consultant for this and other ventures of this International Corporation now based in Cancun, Mexico. Jobsontheweb.com, Mt. Pleasant, SC, 1999/2000 (2 years), Webmaster / CTO Mr. Pool’s role as Internet Coordinator / CTO required his re-design of the company’s Website in HTML and creation of new graphics for the user interface. Mr. Pool utilized Photoshop, Corel Draw & Flash to create and edit all graphics on site. He coordinated with a Perl programmer whom he hired to achieve an interactive job posting and lookup MySQL database web. Mr. Pool automated many in-house operations to increase productivity using the Web. He purchased and installed new server and LAN equipment for the site and maintained it as well as all Intranet activity. Mr. Pool created designs for magazine ads and devised ad campaigns using Photoshop, MS Publisher and QuarkExpress to maintain a high profile offline for the business. Mr. Pool assisted the CEO with business development. He also provided help desk support needs when needed. Mr. Pool instructed in-house staff to use MS Word, Excel, Outlook and FrontPage2000. He adapted existing FilemakerPro database system to create automated filing and mailing system for candidate’s resumes. Mr. Pool’s thousands of hours of research and previous web development skills launched this company into a highly profitable status. Tyner Associates, San Angelo, TX, 1997/1998 (1 year), http://www.tyner.com, Webmaster As Webmaster for Tyner Associates, a small drop-ship barcode scanner, label printer and credit card swipe reader distributor in San Angelo, Texas, he re-designed their MS Word created website to increase functionality, ease of use and ultimately increase the marketability of products. Mr. Pool maintained a catalog of over 2000 products in a remote database. Mr. Pool also worked with VB developers to create an automated in-house sales team's graphical user interface with customer tracking and shipping confirmation. This small company increased sales to 1M+ in the years after Mr. Pool completed his design and marketed the site using search engine placement techniques.
  6. 6. WebStop Internet Services, Charleston, SC 1997 / Present- http://www.webstop.net Webmaster / Owner Mr. Pool creates and maintains websites for diverse clients. Mr. Pool has mastered many graphics design programs and programming languages since his starting this company in 1997. Mr. Pool has installed and currently maintains several LAN's and has trained several companies’ staff on Microsoft products to assist in automation of tasks. Mr. Pool has trained his own employees on html, Photoshop, Flash, Database, LAN and server administration to support the contracts he has won. Mr. Pool is currently working on a neighborhood portal system for Prudential Carolinas Realty. He owns over 30 domain names and administers their hosting. Mr. Pool is also Web Administrator for Senator William Mescherhttp://www.billmescher.com, http://www.themeschers.com and the South Carolina Association of Taxpayers http://www.scatonline.org . EDUCATION 4yrs. Graphic Communications @ Oakley Technical Ctr. Oakley, SC TRAINING Self trained in HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, ColdFusion, ASP, Windows2000 Server administration, TCP/IP networking, streaming & broadcast media development , digital video postproduction, digital imaging and 3D/2D computer graphics. CERTIFICATIONS Certificate in Graphic Communications CLEARANCES Interim Secret