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  1. 1. Capture & Streaming / V-Tizer Series DATA SHEET Capture & Streaming V-Tizer Turns your PC into an Internet TV station! Capture Titling PlayOut Streaming Easy Live Streaming & Capturing Prof. Multiformat Capture MultiLayer Titling PlayOut Automation Darim’s V-Tizer hardware and software kit provides a comprehensive solution for both Live and Scheduled content playout over the Internet. It bridges the technology previously available only to TV broadcasters within the reach of any PC user. With V-Tizer, you can blow away all the limitations and quality problems of webcam-based broadcasting because this technology is entirely broadcast-level hardware and software. Now, you can have your own Internet broadcasting channel, so everybody in the world can watch what you want to televise. Live or Scheduled Broadcasting over the Internet! internet WM9 / Flash Media Server V-Tizer PC Live & Scheduled Internet Broadcasting Internet PC Clients The application software, OnAir, designed for Automated playout supports multi-format video and image files plus automatic control of titles and live video insertion. Several pre-designed templates are ready for immediate use so you can start broadcasting over the Internet in minutes! Inventing a New Global Culture
  2. 2. Capture & Streaming / V-Tizer Series DATA SHEET Capture & Streaming V-Tizer series is a line of affordable professional cards designed for IPTV applications. VT210 VT300 VT500 VT600 ASI Titling Solution IPTV Solution VGA/DVI Capture Professional USB Capture The V-Tizer Kit consists of the following: • V-Tizer card for multichannel capture, graphics overlay and chroma keying • V-Tizer Software for easy WM9 Streaming and capturing • VT-OnAir Automatic playlist and live broadcasting software (Optional) • Additional video capturing and graphic titles designing programs (Optional) The V-Tizer Kit empowers you to perform easy Professional Broadcasting over the Internet. V-Tizer Series Broadcasting Play Out Streaming Software Step 1: Choose Boards Step 2: Live Broadcasting Step 3: Choose a method to stream VT210 Live Broadcasting ASI Ad. insertion solution V-Tizer Software / WM9 VT300 or Multi channel Scheduled Broadcasting input and titling playout system or VT500 Flash Media Encoder / H.264 High performance VGA/DVI or capture card Titling / CG Insertion VT600 USB video capture board Inventing a New Global Culture
  3. 3. Capture & Streaming / V-Tizer Series DATA SHEET V-Tizer Realize broadcast channels immediately To realize 24/7 broadcasting Darim Vision empowers you with V-Tizer boards to make scheduling, multilayer titling and logo insertion while continuously playing out and switching live/recorded video. Just plug the V-Tizer board in your PC and realize professional broadcasting immediately! The minimum software package includes OS-specific hardware drivers and configuration/preview utility. V-Tizer series boards are compatible with any existing video capture/editing software supporting Direct Show or Video for Windows standard capture and codec drivers. Application Darim Software Video Encoder Software The V-Tizer application is the basic software The widely popular Adobe® Flash® Media bundled with all capture cards of V-Tizer series Live Encoder/Server, Microsoft® Windows® which provides a convenient and intuitive way Media Encoder/Server, Microsoft® to record and stream multimedia files into Expression® Encoder technologies are also Windows Media 9 format. V-Tizer. Adobe® Flash® Media Live Encoder allows Use the Advanced multi-format capture each user to make long lasting streaming (V-TizerCapture) application to capture with the highest quality and easy to use. audio and video data using DV, DVCPRO, V-Tizer cards and Adobe® Flash® Media M-JPEG, I-frame MPEG2 codec into .AVI file applications discover a new era of streaming or several .AVI files. Later these files can easily for everyone and can help you broadcast live be modified using various real time editing events and around-the-clock broadcasting! engines for broadcast and video professional markets (Matrox, Canopus, Pinnacle). It also Use V-Tizer capture boards and Windows® provides scheduled capture and recording Media® Encoder for creating and capturing capability. versatile audio and video content using Encoder the various infinite features and options in The Multilayer titling and CG insertion Windows Media, including high-quality (VTTitleDesigner) application provides with multichannel sound, high-definition video complex broadcast overlays. Various titling quality, and support for mixed-mode voice elements: static and dynamic logo, crawl line, and music content. banners, caption, flash, video, and others can be used for simple overlaying of TV channel Microsoft® Expression® Encoder 2 bundled logo and crawl line playback, as well as for with V-Tizer capture cards provides users creating complex projects such as information with high quality audio and video for VC-1 channels with SMS-chat and voting. and H.264 for devices (in SP1) encoded video. VC-1 is a SMTPE standard codec The OnAir Scheduling (VTOnAir) that is part of the Blu-Ray high definition application provides with maximum optical disc specification. H.264 is a popular possibilities for on-air broadcast and MPEG format for video, used extensively retransmission automation including playback on devices. of video and audio files of various formats, multi-layer titling, precise video and audio synchronization by hardware and genlock capability, flexible handling of consecutive tasks (manual advance, by GPI, on schedule), dynamic schedule verification control and false task skip, real-time monitoring of all schedule components. Inventing a New Global Culture
  4. 4. Capture & Streaming / V-Tizer Series DATA SHEET Specification VT210 VT300 VT500 VT600 Video Inputs On-board: Break-out cable,box: On-board: On-board: SDI(SMPTE 259M-C, 270 Mbps) Dual CVBS (BNC): (1.0 Vp-p, 75 Digital DVI or analog RGB 1Vp-p SDI (SMPTE 259M-C, 270 Mbps) ASI Ohm) (DVI-I connector) CVBS (1.0 Vp-p, 75 Ohm) Dual S-Video (4-pin mini-DIN): S-Video (Y/C BNC) (Y: 1.0 Vp-p, 75 Ohm; C: 0.286 or 0.3 YUV (Y: 1.0 Vp-p, 75 Ohm; Vp-p at burst level, 75 Ohm) U/V: 0.7 Vp-p, 75 Ohm) Dual RGB (BNC): (R/G/B: 1.0 Vp-p, 75 Ohm) with Int. or Ext. sync Dual YUV (BNC): (Y: 1.0 Vp-p, 75 Ohm; U/V: 0.7 Vp-p, 75 Ohm) with Int. or Ext. sync SDI (BNC): (SMPTE 259M-C, 270 Mbps) optional via add-on module. Video Yes Yes No Yes De-interlacing Video Output On-board: Break-out cable,box: No output On-board: ASI loopback (BNC) Possible combinations SDI Y/C+CVBS, YUV+CVBS, YUVS/ CVBS ASI (via add-on module) RGBS, YUV+Key/Alpha channel; S-Video SDI Fill/Key optional via add-on YUV loopback module (BNC) Resolution 720x480i, 720x480p, 29.97 fps 720x480, 29.97 fps (NTSC), SVGA (800x600), 720x480, 29.97 fps (NTSC), (NTSC), 720X576i, 720X576p, 720x576 25 fps (PAL/SECAM). XGA (1024x768), 720x576 25 fps (PAL/SECAM). 25 fps (PAL). All in Full (D1), Half All in Full (D1), Half (half-D1) SXGA (1280x1024) All in Full (D1), Half (half-D1) (half-D1) and CIF and CIF WXGA+ (1280x960) and CIF Frame rates: 1-30, depends on PC speed and PCI bus (130 Mbps) and video resolution Audio Input On-board: Break-out cable,box: No Audio On-board: SDI embedded stereo 2 channels Analog stereo 2 channels (XLR SDI embedded stereo 2 channels Break-out cable,box: balanced or unbalanced) mic level Analog stereo 2 channels (XLR Analog stereo 2 channels (XLR or line level; up to 6 mono / 3 stereo balanced or unbalanced) balanced or unbalanced) channels AES/EBU stereo 1 channel (XLR) AES/EBU stereo 1 channel (XLR) AES/EBU stereo 1 channel (XLR) Audio Formats Uncompressed PCM 16 bit Uncompressed PCM 16 bit No Audio Uncompressed PCM 16 bit from 8 to 48 kHz from 8 to 48 kHz 48 kHz Physical / Power requirements: Power requirements: Power requirements: +/-12V/0.1A Power requirements: 12V DC 1.5A Electrical 12V/0.3A, 5V/1.1A or 3.3V/1.8A 12V/0.3A, 5V/1.1A or 3.3V/1.8A DC, +3.3 V/0.7A DC,-3.3V/0.15A DC, +5V/0.07A DC Dimensions: (480x75x45 mm) Dimensions: 100x165x18 mm Dimensions: 104x210x18 mm USB standalone device PCI 2.2 card (32-bit, 5V/3.3V PCI 2.2 card (32-bit, 5V/3.3V Dimensions: 95x165x18 mm universal)D-Sub DB-44 High universal) D-Sub DB-62 High PCI 2.2 card (32-bit, 5V/3.3V Density connector for for break-out Density connector for break-out universal) cable, box connection cable, box connection Supported OS Windows 2000 / XP / Vista Windows 2000 / XP / Vista Windows 2000 / XP / Vista Windows XP / Vista APPLICATION SOFTWARE Windows Media Yes Yes Yes Yes Encoder / Flash Media Encoder Compatibility V-Tizer Yes Yes Yes Yes VTCapture Yes Yes Yes TBD VTTitleDesigner Yes Yes TBD TBD VTOnAir Yes Yes TBD TBD Darim USA 3110 Constitution Drive, Livermore, CA 94551 USA Phone 925-251-0178, FAX (925)-606-5925 Darim Korea #609 SJ Technoville, 60-19 Gasan-Dong,Geumcheon-Gu, Seoul, 153-769 Phone +82 2 3397 0370, FAX +82 2 3397 0389 Darim Canada 8672 Commerce Court Burnaby, B.C. V5A 4N7 Canada Phone 604-303-1085, FAX 604 303 1096 Darim Europe 101 Cleveland Street, London W1T 6PL, UK Phone +44 750 614 2203, FAX +44 20 7908 7299