Board Room


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Board Room

  1. 1. ATTACHMENT “B” Board Room & Meeting Room Audio/Visual System Design Guidelines Date: (Updated) September 18, 2009   A. Background The Board room and Meeting room audio system was upgraded in the summer of 2009 to include the following features: 1. New JBL 8” coaxial speakers in the upper ceiling areas 2. New 4” Altec-Lansing in the soffit areas of the board room 3. New Crestron Control system in both rooms 4. New Polycom microphone processors (3 - 16x16 units). 5. New Extron audio/video switcher 6. New CD/DVD player 7. New digital audio recorder 8. Computer interfaces, audio interfaces, video interfaces 9. New microphones for board tables and podiums 10. Board room AV system was integrated with the meeting room AV system for overflow audiences. The existing legacy projectors and screens were reused. The rear projection screens in both the meeting room and board room have been permanently damaged through an improper attempt at cleaning . The screens were also installed backwards with the projection surface facing out instead of facing the projector. B. Expectations The new Board room architecture and system design should include the following features: 1. New rear projection screens in both rooms 2. New rear screen DLP high definition projectors in both rooms with sufficient lumens for viewing in all lighting conditions. 3. Display wall processing equipment in the board room to enable on demand simultaneous viewing of any combination of voting results, program video and teleconference video 4. PTZ Camera in board room with integration to broadcast live video from the board room to the meeting room rear projection screen, video recorder and WEB streaming system. Manual camera controls to reside in the control booth. Automated camera controls should also be addressed. Page 1 of 2
  2. 2. 5. Upgrade of the existing WEB streaming equipment to include video streaming. 6. A new control surface (mixer console) in a portable control stand on wheels with concealed docking station at the back corner of the board room to allow manual operation of the AV system during special events. 7. New audio control board in the meeting room rear projector room for manual use of the audio system during special events 8. New 12 channel audio snake with single multi-pin connector interface to the new audio mixer console in the board room. Shake shall also function in the meeting room 9. Relocation of the existing digital audio recorder and DVD/VCR player and preview monitor in the board room to an accessible location in accordance with the new architectural design 10. New digital video recorder in both rooms 11. New debate timer with master controls on the podium, at the board secretary’s position and in the sound booth 12. New voting system for each position at the new board table 13. New display monitors to view program material at each position of the new board table 14. Replace 4” ceiling speakers and back cans in the soffit areas with new 8” speakers to match the existing 8” speakers in the high ceiling. 15. New video conferencing codec in both rooms with minimum 4 simultaneous conversation connections. 16. New PTZ camera in meeting room for video conferencing and event recording. 17. New digital recorder in the meeting room 18. Integration of the existing Crestron control system with the lighting and room divider 19. New Crestron control station at each entrance to control lighting in both rooms. 20. New wireless hearing for the disabled system in the board room with 12 headphone receivers 21. Extend the building EST3 access control system to each door and install pin/prox readers and strikes to allow card access through any door including projector rooms. 22. Replace dimmers and lighting controls in both rooms with new dimmers that can be controlled an monitored using the Crestron system. 23. Integrate the Crestron control system with the building EST3 fire alarm system so an active fire alarm will increase room lighting levels during presentations in the board room and meeting room for safe evacuation. 24. Rehabilitate the electrically operated projection screen doors and front projection screen in both rooms. Integrate controls into the Crestron control system Page 2 of 2