Adding Media to your Online Course


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Adding Media to your Online Course

  1. 1. A-B Tech Online: Instructional Support Adding Media to your Online Course Videos and other media provide valuable learning resources for your students and can be easily added to your Blackboard course. There are three ways to accomplish this, depending on the origin and size of the media content. Linking directly to media on other Web sites The Web provides a rich resource for videos, interactive tutorials, audio files, etc. If you find something that you wish to incorporate into your course, you can simply provide a link in your course to the page that displays the media. This removes responsibility to obtain permission to copy media files to your own course. To add a link to a Web site, go to the Control Panel, then choose the appropriate Content Area (for example Assignments). Choose External Link. Provide a name for the link, the URL, and some explanatory text, make sure the link will be Available, then press Submit (you do not need to set any other options). For example: Name: John F Kennedy - Ich Bin Ein Berliner Speech URL: Text: Click this link to watch and listen to the speech. You can also add lists of links within content items in Blackboard. For more information on adding content to Blackboard courses see Creating and Grading Assignments and other useful tutorials at A-B Tech Streaming Services A-B Tech provides a streaming server to deliver videos that you have created yourself, or for which you have obtained clear permission to copy and use. The use of the streaming server allows students to
  2. 2. A-B Tech Online: Instructional Support view videos without long download times, and without excessive storage requirements on our Blackboard system. Your “instructor interface” to the streaming server is located at: The following sections explain how to use this interface for your purposes. Searching the Streaming Server for Existing Videos To search for a video already available on the server, choose the Search Videos option. You will see a search screen where you can type in search keywords or simply press the Submit button to see a list of all videos: This site allows you to search the videos already provided on the server, and to submit new videos that you would like to add to the server for use in your courses. Once you submit you will see a list of one or more video titles: 2
  3. 3. A-B Tech Online: Instructional Support You can now scroll through the titles, or click VIEW of any video in order to see the video and a detailed description: Note that you can scroll through the videos on this screen also, except now you are viewing them as a slide show. You can preview any video by pressing the Play button. You can also view the videos at full size by clicking the “Play at Published Settings” link. 3
  4. 4. A-B Tech Online: Instructional Support Some videos are restricted for use in specific courses while other are available for general use. If the video is available for general use, you will see a URL in the list on the right. You can copy this URL and paste it into your Blackboard course to link directly to the video from your course. Adding a Video to the Streaming Server To submit a request to add a video to the streaming server, click Submit a Video. You will see a form that must be completed to submit your request. Read the instructions carefully, with special attention to any notes concerning copyright permissions. Be sure to complete all required fields and note the choice of Access Restrictions. For example, the video provider may require you to restrict access to your course, or you wish to make the video generally available for use by other instructors. You may also need to indicate an expiration date if you only have permission to use the video for a limited time. Once you have submitted your request, you will receive a confirmation email. The request will be reviewed and if there are no problems you will be asked to submit a copy of the video which will then be 4
  5. 5. A-B Tech Online: Instructional Support added to the server. Once the video has been approved and added, you will receive a URL that you can use to access the video from your Blackboard course. 5